Sunday, November 10, 2013

How Do I Know You're My Twin Flame?

I was asked this question recently on Private Message on Twitter.

It began with 'does this work?'

With those three words, I immediately knew the motivation and vibration behind the person who wrote it.

If I had been 'edgy', I would have chosen not to reply. But I am kind, and always helpful when asked.

This individual ultimately asked the question, 'How Do I know I have found my Twin?'

Again, I felt the flirtation and 'searching'. Although this is a 'high energy' Lightworker, and never even said, 'I am male', I knew this was a 'hitting on me' on many, many levels.

He wanted to 'see my eyes' and 'know'.

Inwardly, I laughed to myself. If you have to see my eyes when you have access to my Vibration Here and Now then certainly I cannot answer your question, and neither can you, in a way you would 'understand it'. 

That 'hitting on me' was definitely 'duality motivated'!

How do I know? Because he 'stopped following me' after I said, 'I am not interested although I appreciate your affection. I have to focus on what is expected of me right Now. Plus, this is Duality, and we are on the internet--for all I know you could be married and have children!'

In response, abruptly, he said, 'You're not the One.'


This reminds me of a story from writer Jeff Brown, the lawyer who followed his Truth and wrote the book 'Soulshaping'.

He finds a woman Rachel, with whom he shares an immediate close bond. His 'armor' or 'emotional protection' holds him back. They have intense lovemaking and connection, and then they fight like awful in between.

She leaves.

He grieves.

He goes to see a Naturopath who refuses to touch him because His Guides tell him not to. Instead, he says, "You had a truly great love and you have to let it go. The woman you were with was from the angelic realms. She was here to show you what lives beyond the practical world. She was here to bring you to what you are here to do. You will not marry her. She will never marry. She is here to show people the beauty that is possible. Learn the lesson, and move on."

Jeff later heard the following advice from his guide he calls 'Little Missy':

  • You are distracting yourself again. Your adventure isn't over when your pleasure ends or when your expectations are not met. Your soul expands when you see each adventure through. All the way through. 
  • Seeing it through means descending into the feelings, no matter how painful. Then the experience will reveal its true meaning. Empty yourself, and what waits in the wings will fill the space.

When it is your Twin, you just know.  You don't need anyone to explain it to you. You BOTH know, on some level. One may have 'the emotional armor' like Jeff Brown, and hold back. The other, who knows the Twin better than anyone else, and is the only one who can heal the pain that lies deep beneath the surface of the 'armor', can only accept and 'hold the space' for their Beloved.

Often times, on the astral plane, the Twin souls 'communicate' to each other, soul-to-soul, with direct 'connection' of feelings, words, images, and Love.

When you meet someone who feels like a brother or sister, someone you 'already knew for FOREVER', chances are you are close.

Then listen to your intuition, your inner guidance. 


And let Spirit take care of the rest.

When it's right, it will definitely happen!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Other 'clues' about Twin Flames:

  • there is usually a twenty-year age difference
  • they are your complete opposite--for example if you are a 'saver' , they are a 'spender'
  • others might mistake you for them and vice versa--because your aura is very similar--when you are near and they aren't looking at your directly
  • Jeanette Mac Donald and Nelson Eddy were Twin Flames
  • Their life's work might be something you once considered to do.
  • There is incredible chemistry that is intense and neither of you can deny
  • The attraction doesn't go away, even though you try your best to 'move on'