Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Feeling Annoyed

You can imagine my surprise when I saw the following post by one of my former medical students on Facebook; I have to change a few words so you 'get the gist' but not copy it exact.

Why are a huge amount of people saying that vaccinations are a government conspiracy? I couldn't believe it was not a joke, when I first heard that story that the evil government is behind the vaccination policy being told by licensed medical professionals. Did I not learn something important in my training? Apparently my public school has me 'brain washed'. I am concerned because if the public stops being vaccinated, individual immunity and herd immunity will be lost. What do you think?
"Feeling Annoyed"

Here are the responses:

  • I am afraid people who are unvaccinated will hurt my little babies with something contagious. I'm terrified of going anywhere.
  • This happened with a huge outbreak in my town. I am vaccinating my whole family, even pets.
  • My precious time in primary care is WASTED on this 'crap' because there are so many other things to cover during the annual physicals. 
  • My patient challenged me when I offered the vaccine--I was just doing my job and they asked who was making me offer the vaccines to them (Illuminati reference)
  • People are stupid
  • People are crazy
  • I agree with the crazies--I've had the flu twice, and have natural immunity. I've never gotten it since grade school. The flu has so many 'strains' that last year's shot was ineffective. I trust my body--I don't trust a shot being forced on me. Some with compromised immunity can actually DIE from the shot. I don't like that we have to turn each other in for not getting the shot. 
  • I am afraid if we hadn't gotten the shot the flu we had would have been worse.
  • I am afraid of having to wear a mask and be segregated from the rest of the population if I don't get my shot.
  • I am afraid that the ridiculous idea that the government is banning certain exotic fruits that cure cancer but are kept secret so Big Pharma can make millions is true.
  • Flu shot is useless!
  • I don't care about an exchange of ideas let's just agree to disagree on this subject
  • I am afraid the information from non-medical people who get it off the internet is better than what I studied in medical school textbooks.

These are from DOCTORS. People I know. And they are starting to notice!

So How Do You CONVINCE them?

You can't.

You just live in your Heart Center. You believe in your own Truth.

You awaken yourself to the Light. And your aura will transmit the Light of Truth directly to them.

For what if, the 'truth' taught in medical school was a 'half truth', and everyone was laughing all the way to the bank?

We'll never know. Because the studies and tests and textbooks are all 'logical' and 'make a consistent story' that is convincing in Duality, the reality of 3D, where eyes, ears, smell, touch and reason are the only way to 'know' something is TRUE.

Where as in 5D, the hunch, the 'feeling', the 'sudden idea that makes a connection', the inspiration, the artistry, the finer part of our humanity, our soul,  our HEART knows when someone is telling the Truth, and when they are not.

If it were True that most infectious diseases and other ailments including cancer were made in the lab as a means to cull the population, and if you had Proof of it, would you buy into the vaccination story then?

How well can you critically think? 

That depends on your Vibration.

It's kind of like the Easter Bunny. One day you will find out what 'really is real'. The doctors here, most of them, believe what was taught to them. The others, disagree. But no one is 'convincing' the other, and these are brilliant, well-educated minds 'battling' this point!

Note the fear, note the 'calling someone crazy and stupid', classic tactics to 'divide and conquer' large groups of people. These tactics have been successfully used by the one percent to keep the ninety-nine percent 'in line' for millennia.

Just saying' ; )

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. You think there is clean and wholesome forces behind the entertainment industry and family entertainment? If you are open-minded, take a few moments to watch this:

and then if you are still wanting to be convinced, try this:http://youtu.be/euOKBjMkk6I