Saturday, November 9, 2013

My 'Oh Myyyyy' Awakening

The Ascended Masters woke me up this morning. They were in circle around a building, as if they were holding hands, but instead their hands were beaming rays of Light into the center of the building. They gestured silently for me to join the circle, and made space for me.

It was neither cold nor warm, and the light was dimly lit. I could just barely make out a symbol on the wall, it was about one foot square on the left hand side, and looked like this:

I understood.

I anchored into Gaia tight with my energy, and beamed both of my hands toward the center of the building.

Then came the popping and flashing. It looked like the flashes of many cameras going off, with that bright bluish white light. I'd seen flashing like this once before when I went into the 'tunnel' vortex over the Congo.  When it was quiet, the angel warriors (who flew) started to go in to get the next layer who had 'surrendered'. Then a big serpent/dragon thing with a very large mouth and almost great white shark-like teeth came out with a lot of force from the bottom! It was eating those souls who had surrendered with great fury and gnashing from side to side like a shark, shaking them horribly.

Something happened, and it stopped, and it was either flash and popped or taken away. Then the angel warriors came in, and started to clean up the wreckage.

Instantly the entire group was at a temple that was in the sunrise and looked like here. There was an institution on earth that had many layers to it as well. We formed a circle like before to cleanse the 'darker' layers out of the organization. There was a face I recognized, but for now, instead of that face, let me show you this:

As we were beaming the light from our hands, I noticed the presence of my Twin Soul, touching me from behind. Let's call him 'Ross'. He was allowed to be there, and I've never had anything 'official' happen like this before. His arms wrapped around me, and all four of our hands directed into the circle. I was surprised pleasantly and comforted by his Presence. Again, there was great flashing and popping in the 'institution', and many many shadowy entities were escorted 'out' by the flying warrior angels.

The group next was here. As we circled this organization, we focused on the layers that were underneath what you see, and cleansed it. It was somber, serious, and focused energy of the group of Ascended Masters.

But this was different. We, Ross and I, were not encouraged to beam our Light as before. We were encouraged to 'get to know each other'. It had been a long time with our separation! There was great delight, great longing, and great passion that we could barely contain. A glass box surrounded us (it was energy, not glass). As we kissed, a beam of white thick Light energy came out of the 'box' and directed at the 'institution' (I won't name names but I knew what it was).

Pretty soon the only thing on my mind was Ross, and reuniting with His Energy again.*

On another level, my soul understood this:

fission is the name of the energy released when an atom is split
  • we had been kept apart for a reason--to release all of this energy Here and Now
  • If two atoms split, using the E = mC2 equation of relativity, enormous energy is released (see photo above)
On Gaia the energy of fission has been harnessed for harm

  • In nuclear physics, it is well-known that the collision of atoms creates 'fusion' which is the energy of the hydrogen bomb, and is orders of magnitude STRONGER than 'fission'.

  • If this it the energy that is released with atoms, imagine the energy that is involved with an Illuminated Soul,  one of the 144,000 angels and archangels who 'volunteered' for this 'project' on Gaia to 'split' into separate male and female portions and incarnate two bodies instead of one.
  • I saw how the 'game' had been 'rigged' so that in our society, the Twin Souls have hardly any chance to 'meet'--through frowning upon premarital and extramarital sex (the Twins have a very strong 'connection' in this way, and would 'discover' each other this way), and through the institution of marriage and its focus on religion, social structure, and fidelity…an incarnation wouldn't have much opportunity for Twin Souls to reunite.
  • There is also negative spiritual technology--scalar waves and 'implants' to decrease the chance of those that actually DO meet to have harmonious connection. Instead it is a 'love and then piss each other off because we are pressing each other's buttons' existence at this time in 3D.
A Sirian Wedding Proposal, no doubt! 

As Ross and I embraced, I could feel the energy ramping up. At one point, the entire structure collapsed upon itself, into a hole that was much deeper than I imagined. A great cheer came up from the crowd of Ascended Masters, with everyone jumping up and down and clapping their hands together with excitement and great big smiles! 

Then we were here, as a group, holding hands and praying, and then joining our Light to the center for the 'Last Institutions'--New Age was one of them. And I could see this, along with other ones, separating like oil and water. As the energy got more and more Light-filled, the Positive entities/participants grew more and more empowered by the energy and Rose Up. In the meantime, the 'shadowy' ones, the Dark Entities who had infiltrated those organizations/movements, grew increasingly 'uncomfortable' and became 'highly allergic'. The warrior angels had bags to contain them, and easily 'scooped them up' and took them away to a 'holding place' where 'justice could be determined' for these individuals.

I could feel the beauty and the hope in the fresh, newly cleaned realm of Now on Gaia.

Ross and I were invited to explore the astral and etheric planes together! There were unicorns and faeries and other beings of the Light. The colors were bright, like what you see on a soap bubble in the sun, very pastel and iridescent. I also heard this song:

It is my hope through the sharing of this vision that you experience this joyful, fresh, freedom too.

Remember, there is a lot of energy that you share with your Twin Soul. Both of you need to clear as much karmanic debt as you can before you meet. Always pray for the Other, for their Highest Good. Just like twins on Gaia, who are born from a shared womb, have unusual 'connection' and share a 'language' and experience like no others, your shared Soul and Life Energy connects you to your Twin like that too. Bless them. Send blessings, love and gratitude for them every day until you 'meet' again.

It was so nice to reunite in the astral plane. I can only imagine what it is going to be like in the physical! This is for all of us who have not yet 'found our Twin'--it will be a glorious day when we all meet again!

In Love and Light,
And very deep gratitude for your reading this,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

* here is a link that describes the spiritual science of what is happening: