Monday, November 4, 2013

Saying Goodbye

this is the throat chakra

No worries--I'm not going anywhere--you guys are STUCK with me!

But one of my discoveries when I had brain surgery at twenty-five, is that there are two kinds of things in life--things that pertain to Life, Death, and Forever….and then there's everything else. Life is so short, who really has time to care about 'everything else'?

In fact, the most important two things in the world are 'Hello' and 'Goodbye', and saying them well. How can anyone notice your Presence if you do not announce it through a warm greeting that makes the Other feel like the Most Important Person in the world, the Only Person In The Room who has your Full Attention? And when the time comes to take this Wonderful gift of Being Fully Present and Mindful someplace else, is it not kindness itself to announce the 'departure' in a warm and caring manner?

I think, absolutely!

But there are times when saying 'goodbye' needs a little extra help from Archangel Michael.

He has a big sword to help cut all the 'energetic connections' to the past hurts, to present conflicts where someone is 'sucking your energy', or even to things that are not good for you, like cigarettes.

Archangel Michael will cut the 'attraction' or 'connection' between you and the thing from which you wish to 'move on'. Simply ask, out loud or in your Heart, and He Will Do It.

It is So.

But what about 'the Big Goodbye', Death?

That one is a different story. The preparation for, or adjustment to, the time when the heart will not beat and the voice will never be heard again from your Loved One.

Many times it is difficult for both parties, the one who is set to Transition, and the ones who are Left Behind.  Even though it is the will of the Divine and All Parties Involved (in Spirit, on a Higher Level), saying goodbye is terribly difficult, and often, physical with gut-wrenching experience of grief and loss that lasts for some time after the passing.

Even for me, a psychic medium who guides others back and forth through the 'tunnel of Light' like other people ride an escalator, I get all sad and devastated, too, at my own experience of Loss. For example, the loss of my beloved grandfather, Nannu Filippo, hurt the most, and even though it has been twenty years, I feel it in an instant when I have a reminder of his love for me. (He was both my grandfather and my godfather)

Is there anything that can help?

The answer is a big, enthusiastic YES!

There are 'death doulas' or 'death midwives' or 'anam caras' who will empower you and your family throughout the entire process! Here is a beautiful story I think you will appreciate very much, from someone who pioneered the field: The Reverend Olivia Rose Bareham (

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc