Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Message From Our Lady--November 12, 2013

My Dear Children,

It was a long night, wasn't it?

And now it is day. Daylight is pouring in through the windows of your soul! God will grant fertility, creativity,the  'bonheur' (the French word for happiness), courage and all will bear  fruit in the New Renaissance, starting today.

At this time many of you are overwhelmed with the day-to-day activities that are needed for you to survive. Even this scribe of mine here has not had work since Thursday last. Someone offered to take her short day in the Operating Room today. She would have liked to take it, to allow her more time for her work on 'Otherworldly Things'. But she declined because there has to be someone to pay the bills.

The time will come where it will not be as brutal as this. Although she 'loves her work' there are many things that are of interest to her and she has to forsake them for the 'time is not right' to lie on the couch and read a book or go for a walk in the nature paths that are by the hills in her part of the world.

The balance is Here, Now.

Only through Time are you gong to SEE it.

The energy shifts are 'IN' and are 'taking very nicely', like a plant that has been moved in the garden to a new site.

Everything happens for the best; although it is 'slowly happening' you will look back on this time six months from now, and locate the 'time of change' as beginning as we are speaking on this page.

I love you and want everything for you to be the best as of Heaven. (taps her right fist on her heart) For everything to be as right for you as God intended for it to be. The 'other people who are messing up the picture and taking everything for them' are being taken to the door of this party, and offered a ride home. That door will shut quite firmly there behind them, and rehabilitate is the word on 'The Other Side' for us to deal with those individuals.

That is enough said for today; you will have your party, all of us together.  This party is called Life and although you do not understand it because of the far and immediate past as it affects you, the Future is AMAZING and something to look forward to very much.

I anticipate your joy and your pleasure and your smiles and your happiness to overwhelm your hearts! Perhaps not 'right this minute' but every day is going to become better than the next--just by a little bit (holds up her right thumb and forefinger to show the size. She is smiling very intently.)

Everything happens for the best!
Everything happens for the best!
Everything happens for the best!

And now you will appreciate your Good Fortune!

It begins TODAY!

Our Blessings and Much Love from the Angels, the Ascended Masters, God, Jesus, Joseph, and myself,
We want you to have a wonderful Life Experience filled with pleasure, learning and fun--it is like 'camp' instead of 'the formal classroom setting' for every day that you live, if you so opt for it.
(Free will will always remain in your hands no matter what--it is endless the options that you have right now in front of you. Think for what you desire, and it shall arrive for you at the right place, in the perfect timing, in the most delicious way you can imagine!)

I love you all so very much, my loving loving children of Light!

Mother Mary who my scribe calls 'Blessed Mother'.

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Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc