Saturday, November 23, 2013

What The Aion Portal Means To Me 11.23.2013

In eight hours and thirty-three minutes from now, an important energy connection in the Universe is going to open with Gaia and her people.

A pair of Twin Flames, Aion and Iona, are coming to assist all of us in our awakening.

They are 11D.

This is the first time 11D anything is going to reach 3D--a physical planet.

There are some things I can't exactly explain--since Gaia and most of her life forms aside from Human are 5D at present…and all of Agartha including the Agarthans inside of Her are 5D…then then only 3D that is actually alive is in the hearts of some of the humans.

My heart, for better or worse, is decidedly 5D.

What do I mean by all of these 'Dimensions'?

It has to do with the Vibrational Frequency or 'Awareness' of the Consciousness and how it 'connects' to your physical, mental, emotional, astral and etheric bodies.

Therefore, we can expect a big 'step up' in connection to Source, to our Higher Selves, and to Each Other as a result of this portal opening.

Who is Cobra? Cobra is a code-name for an individual who has spent thirty or more years working for the Liberation of the Planet. Although Earth is beautiful from space, there is a quarantine on the planet and her inhabitants. It is a long story, but it has to do with the Galactic 'caretakers' or 'the Anunaki' who were given a contract to watch over Her people and guide them. The Anunaki exploited both Gaia and her inhabitants--not just the people but the plant life and the animal life too. The organizations the Anunaki established are being rendered ineffective, harmless, and their 'team' of 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' are being escorted out of the place! (Some Anunaki changed heart and now are working for the Light, so if you ever see one, make sure you know what kind it is.)

Cobra is Pleiadian. That's right, his spirit comes from another place where life is in the Universe. A planet of advanced technology who cares about our situation here in quarantine on Gaia.

There are many beings from other places who offer us their Love and Assistance at this time. In fact, all the eyes of the Galaxy and Universe are on our planet--this is the first time a planet and everything on it has made a significant jump up in energy level (Vibration) at the same time without a massive dying off of Life!

Cobra, like many others who are here to assist (there are 144,000 to be exact), has Galactic origin but still is human in body. He eats, he sleeps, he uses the restroom, he has emotions just like me and you. However, he speaks many different languages, including Pleiadian, which I have heard him talk, is telepathic, and has access to the best Intel both on and off the planet about the Resistance Movement.

Today, Cobra is assisting Gaia by doing Lightwork with a small group of people from the Resistance movement in Firenze (Florence), Italy. This location was the birthplace of the Renaissance that happened after the Dark Ages.

What can you do about the energies of the planet?

You can join in with the worldwide meditation for peace. You can do this with others or alone, just watching a YouTube video. Your mental energy will add to the welcoming of Aion and Iona's energy; since you are connected to others energetically around you, this meditation will help to 'step down' the incoming High Vibrational Energy to one that is more 'easy to digest' for those in your life around you.

Even the barista at your local coffee shop will benefit from your having connected to these energies--all you have to do is be the same, but your Heart and Consciousness will touch everyone you meet in ways only their Heart and Consciousness 'understand', and will make the 'waking up' process easier for them, too.

Although this is not Florence, but Venice, in the picture, I am a water-based soul who, like this gondolier, 'takes people' back and forth through the energies. I make it as pleasant and gentle as a gondolier 'drives the boat'.

For me, the portal opening is another way to help you through the Ascension Process.

And many of you are actually strong healers and guides who are 'sleepers', who have powerful assignments in the task of assisting Gaia and Her people and animals and plants through this transition--only you don't know it yet!

I am a Healer for the Healers.

And here are the links for you:

Well, now it opens in eight hours. I'd better stop now. Be sure to relax, to connect to Gaia and to Source, to ground your energy, to drink plenty of cool, fresh water, and to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

This is NOT the Event, only a 'sneak preview'. 

And many changes will happen, after this portal, on an energy level what will grow over time, just like the first Renaissance spread across the globe…so long ago…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc