Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cherish Life: An Open Letter Of Gratitude To The Resistance Movement

Life is the force of the Goddess Energy. It is a gift of the Creator, of Source.

Life is so much more than the presence of a pulse and respirations and an intact neuro examination! It is more than the birds that fly, the flowers that bloom, and the fish in the ocean!

Life is the Consciousness that we keep after we transition from this world to the next! Life is the energy, our Vibration, our gift we are allowed to keep and manage personally thoughout all of our life experiences.

Right now there is a beautiful red and green baby hummingbird taking a bath in the fountain on the balcony. It is clearly enjoying its bath. This morning I filled the fountain, it was empty. Now the hummingbird is done, takes a sip, and flies off to do its tiny hummingbird things.

This is Life: the interaction of consciousness, kindness, opportunity, enjoyment, gratitude, and the ability to enjoy the moment and move on.

Life exists as this throughout the Universe!

We are living in a Golden Age where we are going to explore what this 'Life' really is, with all of our abilities--both those that were hidden and those we have always enjoyed in our walk on Gaia's surface.

It is exciting!

It is a Gift from Creator to be enjoyed and savored with delight!

It is also a gift to us from those who have worked long and hard for us to reach this present time:
the angelic men and women who have spent their lives, and possibly lost them, as part of the Resistance Movement to Liberate The Planet.

I know of one who has 'worked 24/7, 365 days a year since 1990' and just got their first vacation 'From The Universe' this week. 'The First Part Is Done', is the reason why the vacation was permitted.

Yesterday I spoke with my best friend over bento box lunch (after my biopsy for my thyroid) at a local asian food court. She was concerned about my interest in healing with light and sound and energy. Growing up in Singapore, she knew of old 'masters' who could cure disease with 'the old ways' that were now 'lost'. Her great grandmother used to sprout rice! But in her mother's generation, this tradition was 'lost' and it is only through the internet she is able to rediscover it again. She confided that 'those who come up with cure for disease are standing in the way between the patient dollar and the big pharmaceutical industry' and wanted to make sure I did not 'disappear' or 'die suddenly' like them.

It got me thinking about the martyrs who have died at the hands of Illuminati.  The man who invented the car that runs on water showed up on T.V., announced his discovery, and then fled with fear of death (telling others he was being hunted) and died of a 'heart attack' suddenly. Nobody even heard much about this again.

I also think of the poor souls who had their mind 'reprogrammed' through the systematic terror of Monarch Mind Control and MK Ultra methodology. What if one of them might have discovered the cure for cancer, or other incredible technology to make hunger obsolete?

So as we stand at the gate to The New Energies of Gaia that are Fair and Prosperous for all of humanity, let us pause in a moment of silent respect and gratitude for the sacrifice and dedication of those who made it possible for us to experience this day.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc