Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gay Reiki: A Message Of Acceptance

Spirit is guiding this message to you right now.

My Reiki teacher is gay. She and her partner own a Center for Healing in the area. I am straight, but I never think anything about their being gay. It just is.

One of my classmates who made it to Karuna Reiki Master with me, is also lesbian. We are friends, and I appreciate her raising my awareness throughout all our classes and psychic development circles together. She is so compassionate! She is from Peru, and a fiery Latina and healing friend.

This morning, this blog post came through from George Lizos, someone I follow on Facebook and repost often. He has a lot of good thoughts and is very spiritual.

It was so subtle, I didn't think to have it be anything more than a 'what I learned from depression' topic.

But now I look again:

  • At 15 years old I discovered I was gay. At the time, gay people were considered to be pedophiles and criminals in Cyprus – labels that would completely destroy my grand plan of sameness and conformity. To safeguard any chance I had for a “normal” life, I decided to change myself. That was when I entered the two most depressing and debilitating years of my life. In two years, I tried to modify every aspect of myself that could betray my sexuality. When I couldn’t achieve that to a satisfying extent, I rendered myself a human abomination and decided to commit suicide.

Fortunately for us, George had a sudden change of perception, and decided not to go through with it. He decided to love himself just the way he is, and carry on. From this experience he helps a lot of people.

Then I saw Rachel and Jun post their tremendous piece of ethnographic study on being Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender in Japan. Over sixty-six Japanese people submitted comments on the subject. It is fascinating, because before Western Influence, homosexuality, at least, among men, was completely accepted. Many Samurai had gay lovers. Their contribution to history and to society was accepted and admired for itself, and their personal life had no connection to their work.

Then, I still didn't think anything of it. Until Spirit nudged me, gently…

My friend Linda, from childhood, is a devout Christian who has become a Gay Activist due to the way things turned out with her son, Ryan. I strongly feel together, this story, combined with the ones above, will help with the acceptance and healing of those who are only discovering their truth about their sexuality, those who are considering 'coming out', and those who are close to loved ones who have just learned the truth about their being homosexual and would like to know more…

I have blogged about Ryan before:
You see, us psychics are the next ones to start 'coming out of hiding' in society! We have been singled out and ridiculed too.

On the record, if you are fortunate enough to experience Love and Partnership on the Physical Plane, I wish you all happiness…

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc