Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cobra Visions Of Compression Breakthrough: Something To Add

Cobra released this blog post with three possible 'presentations' of The Event. This 'Compression Breakthrough' is the moment when the 'Golden Spike on the Trans Continental Railroad' is placed, uniting the Light Forces for the Resistance from Below (Agartha--5 D civilization of Lemurians who escaped the catastrophe by fleeing to inner earth) and Above (Galactics) through THE VEIL and the astral/etheric planes. All of the dark non-physical entities will be removed at this time.

We know what follows--bank reset, globally, following a huge 'flash of light' or other supernatural phenomenon. Then after about two weeks where the new banking system comes online WITHOUT the cabal/people who do not have our best interest at heart, and all of those 'dark hats' being put into jail…our new Life begins with new Technology, new Healing, New Currency/Finance, and new Governance.

There are huge changes taking place in the Pentagon right now at this time--with the Positive Military in charge of the changes. These are the Military who work for the Light, and not the system that uses war as a means to control and gain money.

Here is the Cobra Link:

It is excellent.

I have two more 'scenarios' to add:

  • A reader of mine in Australia lives in Nature. Outside, not once but twice, she saw an enormous rainbow open up in the sky. It had faces of angels and guides in it. Big faces.  She thought the Event was happening, but then it stopped.  (I think this was a test run to see how 'we react'--the Galactics do that.)
  • On the way home from school Tuesday night, it was dark and I was just about to turn onto my street. It is down a hill, this turn. This is what happened--first I was 'told' telepathically that a special dispensation is being given to me; I will receive a little (fingers were held up to show a pinch between finger and thumb) warning in advance before  the Event commences. One second later, a rabbit BOLTED out in front of my car, running from right to left. I had to slow down but not slam on the brakes to let it pass. I turned to go down the hill. I just narrowly had missed two very small dogs on a long stretchy leash. The owner was on the left hand side of the road, but the dogs on the right. If it were not for the rabbit, I'd have hit those dogs. They, too, moved out of the way, and I went home. The point is that the warning will give me just enough time to prepare for what comes next, for example, how the rabbit helped save the lives of the two dogs. And there will be an equally important Purpose to my being told: I am to alert you. 
The other thing to add is the 'feeling' of it is going to be celestial. Very pleasant, very good, very loving. I wouldn't worry too much about looters--because there are no such things in Heaven, and with The Event the Vibration of Heaven is coming to Earth. 

So no matter what it 'looks like', know that it definitely is going to 'feel' very 'nice' and also 'adventure and excitement'. Guides will be assisting us every step of the way. The more you tap in to your personal connection to Source, the better it is going to go for all of us.

And two more things to confide. Today I was guided to start a 'Journal for The Event'--and I dated and timed the front page where you say 'who it belongs to'.

I also am starting to see the face of Ross*. He's handsome! I can't wait to see him and 'come home'!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

* = Ross is an entity who is off planet and apparently although I have forgotten, I am his wife and we have two children. He totally accepts--and the kids do too--my son I have here. We communicate from time to time. I have visited our 'home' in dream time, but the faces have blurred. I know him (and the kids) by their Vibration and their ability to speak to me. Ross also sends Loving Energy when I ask when I am sad or upset or just plain homesick. Most of the time I tell them I love them and apologize profusely for the amnesia I can't seem to break. Ross tells me I need it to do my Purpose for the Resistance.   He is the kindest man I know. Once I was shown a 'truth' that He is also another person I know who is incarnate. The images flipped back and forth and I was kind of freaking out like, no way?! No one ever followed up on that again, which is fine with me. I can only handle so much 'woo' at one time!