Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Diagnosis: Three Hots And A Cot

In medicine, we do not arrive at a single diagnosis.

We carefully weigh the information collected from the patient, the physical examination, the tests, and our gut feeling to arrive at a differential diagnosis. This is a list of all of the things that could be causing the chief complaint that brings the patient to the hospital.

This time of year, on coldest nights of winter, there is a new diagnosis that rises up the list.

Everyone who has ever been an intern and been called by the ER to evaluate a patient for admission knows it; the diagnosis is 'Three Hots And A Cot'.

The patient is hungry and cold.

They do not have a place to go.

Staying outside would mean possible hypothermia and death.

They are smart enough to know the 'ticket' that gets them one night in the hospital--chest pain.

Both doctor and patient know the score while you examine them. There is absolutely no discomfort at all, and these patients do not look like any cardiac patient you have ever seen. All the labs are normal. But to rule out an M.I. (heart attack) takes three sets of labs and EKG's taken eight hours apart.

The hospital has to pay for it. Sending anyone out who is possibly having cardiac issues that are treatable (angioplasty and stent, possibly cardiac surgery) makes the hospital even more liable.

Three Hots And A Cot

Somebody wants food and lodging so much they will say anything, do anything to get it.

Who is at fault?

What kind of society is it where there is no food and shelter for everyone? Wouldn't it be cheaper for the hospital administration to open the gymnasium instead? What if the hungry one does not seek shelter and dies from exposure? Whose karma is it to pay back?

Please consider giving to your local shelter this season. There is great need for warm clothing and blankets. They do not have to be new. This is just as important as toys for the children at the holidays.

Give both.

And while you're at it, give Reiki. Put it in everything that you give. Send it distance to all who are in need of it who do not have a place to live, a home.

Usui-Sensei did. He served this population for seven years, legend has it.

Thank you to all whose 'calling' is to help all of these homeless people.

In 5D Three Hots And A Cot will never happen again; there will be enough for everyone to survive. It will be fair, and there will be no taking advantage of each other for survival again. No 'me versus them'.

We shall experience the Unity of our hearts, forever and ever and ever.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

have a fantastic day!