Monday, November 18, 2013

What I Just Saw With My Third Eye

Please excuse the format. It is iPad, not keyboard writing.

About forty minutes ago I felt the tingling of the presence of Spirit. It felt just like when Spirit would arrive for psychic development circle. The meetings would being at seven, and I could feel 'electricity' arrive a little early. Not everyone could feel it, but at nine when Spirit (angels, guides, deceased loved ones) left everybody noticed that.

Earlier I had seen an angel standing just to the left of the bathroom in nana's room. He waved, and I waved back in Spirit. I then could see Nana's guardian angel close to her head, embracing her and working to help her.

Now I saw the white tunnel opening up with nana starting to go in it. She looked about fifty, and gestured forme to come with her. She was excited. I held her left hand and we walked.

Common sense overcame me. I stopped and whispered, do you know what it is we are going to do? Her answer made me realize she didn't . But I kept walking together toward the light.

Jesus came, and started talking to her. She was very excited! He took her right hand and invited me to walk too.  She practically ignored me, but it was a happy thing for her to talk with Jesus. She told him everything she did that she thought had earned her a place in Heaven. He smiled politely and listened but He already knew.

We walked ahead, and my grandfather nannu Filippo was with Blessed Mother, were waiting for us.

Jesus paused and explained to her why He was there. I took off my appearance and showed my true form. I glowed. (I don't know what it is, but I do know that I glow.)  She was shocked. I changed back, and she was like, 'is this you?' I changed to light, and back again. Then I fell to my knees in appreciation of her kindness to me in this life.

Jesus said it was because she had taken good care of me on Earth that He came. (He doesn't always do this, and this was the first I'd ever seen him for a spirit going to the Light).

She turned to me and said she'd come back any time, and watch me. We all understood. She turned to go with Nannu. I smiled and said I would be strong through my tears. As they turned to go, I ran and cried, Nana! I hugged her her neck tight and pressed my face next to hers. I gave her a lei flowers and one the same to nannu.

And they left.

Blessed Mother told me she was 'gone', but 'her body had to take some time to catch up'.

She also told me to remember to tell Nana I appreciate her every day.

I looked at Nana, breathing peacefully, and wanted to make sure I remember all of this. I kept listening with my anesthesiologists' ear for her breathing, and in the folding chair next to the bed where I have been spending the time, took out my iPad to write.

I am a fast typist (I won the trophy for best in the school in the ninth grade) the time I got to the paragraph about them getting ready to 'go' and the 'lei'...

...'And she passed right next to me right now, right as I wrote most of it.'


Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

P.S. Death is a beautiful process. I discovered so much about both of us--I stroked her hair, I wet her mouth with the swabs and suctioned, I sang to her, I held her hand, I sponged her with water to cool the fever, I rubbed beautiful organic pumpkin-scented moisture lotion on her arms and legs and face, gently. Most special of all was when I took my vial of Ito's High Vibration Oil I wear around my neck with an angel wing holder on a black cord...and placed one drop on Nana's third eye.
I also placed one drop on the inside of my left wrist. There was an intention I thought to myself, one that goes into every one of his oils, 'to help let things go'. I thought, 'Here nana, this is going to help you let go and make it easier.' There was a profound Peace that entered the room, and we both relaxed. Then as I sat, the tunnel came open and nana was ready to go...