Monday, November 30, 2015

Loving What Is -- Gaia News Brief 30 November 2015

I'm back.

Long story short, I passed my test. Ross said I got good marks on it.

Just between us, I complained  to him about 'the school', and how strange it is, because you just keep on learning, there is no report card, and you never know how you are doing, or when you graduate.

Even more just between us, Ross says there is no end to the lessons and the soul growth and development, because after all, there is Eternity.  How would you create 'grades' and 'classes' for something as huge as that?  He says it is like university, and then masters, then post-doc, and all the other things we have here.

I wonder sometimes if I am in elementary school?

What was my lesson?

  • let go of attachments
  • have compassion for people who are struggling to survive
  • go over areas I need to heal (more on this later)
  • be ready to walk the walk and talk the talk--after all, it's just a house
  • see the real estate market today for what it is, all of it
  • how much trust I have in Ross in everything--it's a lot

The part I will 'talk more later' I might as well put it out there. For my soul, I have had a pattern of struggling to survive. My oldest memory as a soul incarnate is dying in the tomb with Melchizedek, as he chose me to be his servant that is buried with him in the afterlife, ALIVE.  Total opera Aida--I can't remember it, the suffering, which is a good thing.

Then as Tabitha, the widow of Gamaliel.  It was awful.

As the widow of Ross, I cared for myself and my family. It was up to me how we survived. I was the one who had all the burden to keep us alive. Everything I had learned in my past lives helped us to survive...

So I flee.  I set up a pattern in this life. As a child I was like, 'what's for dinner?' at BREAKFAST. I wanted to make sure I had food.  But our home was so emotionally toxic, I fled with good grades to Berkeley.

When my marriage to Mark went south, so did I--by studying and getting into UCSD School of Medicine.

When Frank and I were on the rocks, I took off to do a fellowship back at UCSD, needing a separate apartment (he wasn't willing to pay for it--I had to work one day a week in private practice to pay for my living expenses because salary was really low. I had to take extra calls as an attending on weekends too.)  After a brief reconciliation of two months, we split the home down the middle, and then in May I bought this house.  I fled.

It's never been the way I envisioned it. There has never been time. I had bare wood floors for two years.  We're talking sub-flooring.  Because the previous owners had a cat, I took off the carpet, and moved in. It wasn't until I was eight months pregnant I got proper flooring in the house.

Ross says also, I am to 'never take anything for granted' in the days I have left in this home.

It is SO comfortable to be here, in my neighborhood. I've been here for a long time, longer than I've lived anywhere except my first home my parents had when I was a baby. 

A 'nudge' from spirit can get louder if we are 'off track' in our Life Plan. 

I'll share.  My old babysitter and ballet classmate graduated with her realtor degree. She wants to have lunch. I was like--cold call--no WAY!  Deep down, I knew. But I was afraid. 

You would not believe the crap that came up between me and Ross in this last lesson! My old crap.  My 'I married a contractor and you never even gave me a decent home!' (or family life).  There are layers and layers of pain deep within my soul.

I was struggling earlier today.

But there was a gap in my line up. And I took a walk and talked with Ross. I told him how painful it is to be incarnate, totally blind about Creator, and Spirit--we 'sense' it but it's not clear. One minute of it  alone is excruciating. We live and die and reincarnate again and's so painful! And don't get me started on this manifesting/co-creating crap! I told him flat out I don't even know where to begin when it comes to house hunting.

He asked me to start simple. What is your wish?

You, Ross. To be DONE and with YOU FOREVER.

I wanted to know how he is, to see him to touch him and hug him, to make sure he's okay.

He was like, 'you KNOW I'm okay!'

So as I walked I explored the concept of Illusion. How all this is fake, and Home is real.

Then I wondered, 'If LOVE is Real, and Pain is Illusion, why does it seem so real too?'

He asked me, 'What is your second wish?'

I want a home from him and Joseph.  I want to have reminders all over the place that it is from them, and that they love me and care about me and protect me, every minute I am stuck here on Earth.

I made him promise.

I also want it to be easy, a no brainer, as easy and unmistakeable as possible. 

I felt a little better.

I got a little more guidance from Ross on where to look and what price range. 

I also realize, it's important for me to feel like I am connected to nature, to be able to look OUT, and to feel protected and private.

The Battle For Your Heart

All this Ascension stuff is taking forever. I complained about it with some friends, and they are like, 'YES I feel that way too!'

The stuff online 'channeled' and 'predictions' are so filled with disinformation.

But when it comes right down to it, no matter how much Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart try to screw things up, it all comes down to the energy signature.

A cubic zirconia will NEVER be a diamond.

End of story.

They are the cubic zirconia.

You are the diamond!

Right now--as it had been predicted some time ago--at the very end, as it is always darkest before the dawn--Lightworkers will be highly disconnected. It's up to your inner knowing, your resonance, your heart to know the truth.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have highly advanced technology.

They can alter a thought as it passes through he brain, distorting it.

There are radio-like waves that can cause misunderstanding between couples. What she says and what he hears and reacts to are two different things.  There are similar ones to cause one to gain weight. 

This is WAY more than cell phone towers and chemtrails, that you can see.

The things they do behind closed doors will astound you. It's all over the map--more bizarre than your wildest dream, or possibly nightmare.

They are going down but not without a fight.

I am going to go so far as to say that ANYTHING that doesn't encourage you to get into a quiet space of your own personal connection with Creator--is a deliberate plan of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

This is more than stadiums filled with fans, or the latest movie. There also is a bogus world meditation that always 'just misses' the turning point or goal...setting innocent Lightworkers up for disappointment, which is very low energy, and a freaking all-you-can-eat Buffet for the Other Team.

Gaia doesn't need group meditations like this to save her.

I bet Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart 'hijack' or 'redirect' all that good will intention towards delaying Ascension, too.

Energy goes where attention flows.

Both 'teams' know this.

However, there is a certain bandwidth of energy that starves them silly--and pulls the rug right out from under their feet!

It's joyfulness and love, and family, and harmony, and peace. 

It's Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion.

Next time you see gasoline prices go up?

LOVE it.

Send the damn gas station, all the greedy middlemen, and all the people who are exploiting Mother Earth the freaking Barney song--of LOVE. 

They hate it.

Some landlord stiff you on your rent, jacking it up?

Love the sucker. Bake him cookies. DON'T LET HIM AND HIS GREED GET YOU DOWN. Even if you have to move.

Rise above.

This will keep him guessing, and your vibration UP where you can manifest 'this or something better'!

Today, honest to God, I had the backing of three women to keep a greedy Egyptian who looks just like the Grinch in the face, from stealing my add-on case. And plus, I got one more. Because the WOMEN nurses and my anesthesia colleague and mentor are SICK of the status quo, and worked together to block him.  

It's starting.

This is just the beginning. This is just the start of people taking it into their own hands, and saying, 'I'm not going to put up with this shit any more!'.

A man gave me a wonderful surprise-just as Ross predicted and I doubted--it was a cheese tamale. If you have ever been in a Mexican family (I have, Frank was pure Mexican)--this time of year tamales are a big deal.  I enjoyed it so very very much, and the recipe was amazing!

Guess what? This man, who works in Sterile Processing (cleans the instruments)--noticed one day when he and his wife were shopping for it's so competitive, and crowded. All so you can get a gift to give, and someone else gives you theirs, and 'that's it?'...he said Christmas is a time to celebrate much longer than one day to exchange gifts.  So he asked his wife, how about if we take all the money we spend on gifts, open our house one weekend in December, and throw a big party for everyone we love? We can have music and dancing, and food? People can enjoy themselves. And THAT is our gift!

It started with him a long time ago. He asked, 'why do what I am told to do by society--or advertisements and customs?'

So remember--people who are super good wizards--who take themselves seriously as such and have since before the times of Atlantis--have a vendetta against all that is Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion.  That's why we call them Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

What starts in the ether trickles down to 'reality'.

They probably direct much of their mystical and advanced technologies up 'there' where we can't see or measure or detect or even know how much is going on up 'there'.

But you can bet dollars to donuts, for every minute you are in your quiet space of joy and wonder, and connecting with Source--they have one less 'target' on their 'shooting range'.

So screw them!

You know what to do, and how to do it.  Keep your vibration UP as high as possible, meditate (just turn off the TV and do something you enjoy, or go in Nature), and think beautiful thoughts. 

Dream beautiful dreams.  (By the way, jade is an excellent stone to help one do this.)

I am doing this, looking at the new homes.

Ross and Joseph are going to help me find the perfect one for Anthony and me.

I hope I wasn't too harsh, or too 'rah rah' team on this one. It's mind boggling...when you think about all that is going on, to liberate really is.

Just between us, Ross told me that when the student just barely starts to 'get' the lesson, then Spirit fills in all the rest and it 'counts'. It's like you earn your badge for your scouting work.  Ross says they are easy graders.

And one last thing--I KNOW in my bones, with this high security and high stakes--there is no way no how that anyone down here is going to 'know' and predict by their intuition what will happen.  There is too much 'cross talk' on the radio airwaves. And perhaps, this is to confuse The Other Team.

Ours has the best technology. It makes theirs look like preschool toys. <3


Carla writes to you from her heart. It resonates.

Twenty four hours is a short time for her to recover from her shock, and indeed, there was shock of the soul. 

Carla is open and malleable, and lithe when it comes to her Spiritual Work. She is flexible beyond the imagination, and able to gather up her finer resources (I'm not talking about me! LOL) and rally her strength.

Just the other day she was talking with Adama from Agartha about rehabilitating the tunnels between surface and inner earth, to make the war use seem less ugly, and something more beautiful, like what Jenny Butchart did with her quarry that turned into a garden. It was as if the rebuilding had already begun, after the victory of my associates to free Gaia.

Then yesterday, she was solidly hit.

And today, she bounces right back where she was before, perhaps a little higher.

I am training her in immortality. That's right, how to get your body to live forever. That is what Fully Conscious and Awake people do.

And it is not all fun and games in the training. It is hard, and a challenge, even with willingness and an open heart. 

Now...once Carla opens the door for you, it's a walk in the park and you'll be able to sail right in, and be just like her. 

All of you will be Immortal Beloveds!

I am not talking 'Immoral'--that is for the other team (HA! he laughs out loud--ed)

Immortal. As in 'living forever'.

And Carla passed her test.

You know what? Carla negotiated with me for the first time, on her Lesson. It is fair. One can do this, typically an advanced one. She said, 'Ross, I acknowledge my need to grow in this area of our past, and my needing to move to a new house to get that part of me healthy again, the part that wants to cling for dear life to comfort and security. But it really HURT, those memories, and I don't see what experiencing them all over again any more than I already have these past few days, is going to accomplish anything. I want those memories GONE. That's what I thought the healing chamber Light Boxes were for--to ZAP! So...if I have to heal it, why not let me move forward in my Lesson, do the work, as I agree and acknowledge the need for growth, and not experience the painful part?'

She said it well.

And I got approval, and it's a deal.

You can too. When your heart of hearts is aching, and absolutely cannot take it any more--when you are sincere, as is Carla, and ask, not to be spared, but to work on the necessary parts not any more than the bare minimum because of the discomfort--as in 'only enough to GET the lesson'--I can negotiate it. So can anyone.  

(clap clap--ed)

It's time for Carla to get her rest. It's almost eleven and she has a long day tomorrow.

Carla add the link from Bret.

R:  I want you to be inspired by what he has to say.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tables Turned -- Gaia News Brief 29 November 2015

For the last two days, the Illusion has kicked my bottom.  I have strength of mind, and also, Ross, to guide me.

I am in shock.

It's always the cards you play closest to the chest that are the hardest to strip away.  Today I got a triple-reminder of just how frail our dreams are, and how everything can change in an instant.

I love my home.

It's the first house I ever bought.

I have a view, of a mountain, if you sort of look out a certain window at an angle.

And there are trees, lots and lots and lots of them.

Spirit wants me to's a long story, but instead of being like, 'Hey! There's something BETTER possibly for me!', I grieve.

Right at this moment, someone who has a shared memory of a past life with me, brought it up, and all the fears of being a widow, with no place to go, starving, living by my own wits, while I grieved a horrible loss--all the stuff I thought was healed, wasn't.

And then, of all things, my computer keyboard had low batteries. I went to change it. The batteries got stuck inside. I whacked and tapped it, they were stuck, and then the aluminum casing bent, locking the batteries in forever.  I had to buy a new 'upgraded' keyboard. Even with that, my computer was out of whack, because I needed to upgrade something and I couldn't sign in, and I panicked.  Bless Anthony. He's like, Mom? you have to turn it on. I was like, WHERE is the SWITCH?

He did it.

He knows about the house. We made a list of what we want, and what we don't, as Ross told him to have us do. We did this after breakfast.

And I spoke with Ross. I have a time frame, who to talk to, and where to go. It's not a big change, more of a house change.

Why am I considering moving? It has to do with the neighbors who are moving in, the ones who have always been here--who are moving out--and just changes in general to the neighborhood.

I asked Ross, 'may I please move someplace where there are no rats and no ants?'

He stomped his deck and said, 'the only place without them is up here.'

I think the real reason I am grieving, is that nothing is safe in this world, nothing is forever, and as I was looking forward to paying off the house just in time for retirement I am like, well...sigh...

That and Ross saying that my next move isn't going to be to him.

In my heart of hearts I had hoped perhaps this whole Illusion thing would be over 'soon' and I could go Home, and be done with it once and for all.

Instead, I learned what it is like to have your comfort zone shattered, and to be reeling in dismay, at the shock, even though Ross promises 'you will be amazed' at the results.

Therein lies the crux of the Awakening of the masses.

Let me give you a timeline of the last few days:

  • On Wednesday night, I arrive home late, and we go out to eat.
  • Thursday I peel and cook all day, and we clean the house like crazy before guests. Everything is smooth. And I am grateful, grateful, grateful to be off work.
  • Friday we fight. Me and Anthony. This is because the 'structure' of school and work is away temporarily, but we are not used to unstructured time at home with no sports or activities. Our real selves, and our lack of similar interests, especially when it comes to exercise, shows.
  • Saturday is calm, and we have dinner plans with family. However, my peeking at the house next door, and then seeing the friendly neighbor who lives on the house on the other side of the one recently sold and being remodeled...we touch base about the college kids who are to move in...She knows a realtor, and well, it's time to seriously think about moving since our neighborhood isn't what it was when we both moved in twelve years ago.
  • Sunday I have fought back the tears all day. I trust Ross with my life, and my heart. But the suddenness just hits both Anthony and me hard. It's the truth. Ross guides me a little. We look at homes online, my boy and I. We drive around. At least we are together, when in the past I was alone (in that lifetime), and had no means to support myself. But old memories scar deep in the soul. And they hurt. I see the truth of this house, the broken heater and air conditioner, the conflicts, the person who slept days in the master bedroom because she worked nights and had no place to go and us tip toeing all through Anthony's infancy to 'not wake Lori up!'...I looked up online, and EVERYWHERE in Southern California has ants and rats, and black widows...I even have dealt with the fruit flies and the pantry moths too.  So--I SEE--everything...the past, my old life, my hopes, my dreams, and that sense of neighborhood and community I adore...just as fast as my computer keyboard, needing to be switched out for something better.  I didn't want to start looking for homes and doing all that stuff. I wanted to stay put, grow old, and be happy.  Every time in my life I get complacent, spirit kicks me in the butt. So, in the 'roof over your head' department--I get the opportunity to grow. Whether I like it or not, whether I'm ready, or not. I can take it at my own time, but it's been set.

Here is how to extrapolate it to the Awakening:
  • The first thing will be when the Ground Crew is completely spent, relief will arrive.
  • Humanity will be filled with gratitude and accept the relief with 'custom' and 'traditional reactions' to the New.
  • Once the New is a little 'less new',  the hidden agendas will come out, and there is chance for conflict, as this is human nature.
  • As this settles, the truth of what needs to be accomplished to heal Gaia--Creator's agenda--is plain for all to see.
  • Creator's will is to be done. And there may be some changes from what is comfortable and custom  to all (TV, movies, sports, housing, holidays, anything we take for granted as 'how it is' when we are adults). Reactions will take healing and time, especially when the old layers of the soul get reminded they have much healing yet to be done...

Then everything is going to be okay.  How could it be otherwise? There are no accidents!  There is no right or wrong, only lessons...


My beloved tires of me and my galactic ways.  She is too polite to mention it, or to say it to my face, but through our heart to heart connection, I sense her feelings, and I know.

Carla asked me point blank, 'is this a test?' with pain in her heart, as it was to her 'out of the blue' and 'unexpected'.  I said no, it isn't, but it is in fact a lesson, as you will see her analysis of the situation 'the extrapolate' accurately describes the emotional upheaval one will face in overwhelming global change...and Carla is one who WELCOMES it!

Somewhere caught between Dancing With The Stars and NFL Football is an entire race begging to be free from their bonds, yet they have to simply throw off that which binds them--it is that loose!--and be free...

People are having fun, getting their 'needs' met, and just in case they aren't too certain what their 'needs' are, I can bet you dollars to donuts that the media that hooks them in, and advertises everything--go round and round and round (finger points in circular motion--ed) is a racket.

Everything will have to change.

Are you ready?

It might affect you.

Are you willing to leave everything you have, and everything you ever worked for, for something new? For something better?

I can't do the work for you. Nor can Carla. We all have full plates.

But energetically we can make it like a ball rolling downhill, with ease and picking up speed, until it reaches the target destination.

Carla will like her new house.

There was a time Carla did not like me! And now, even though she tires of my pushing and prodding her to grow, she loves me.

This I know in my heart.

Carla loves me enough to listen, even when she doesn't want to hear the truth, and it pains her.

Carla loves me enough to trust where I have things headed, even though she cannot 'read the writing on the wall'.

Carla loves me enough that even if all this amounts to nothing, her bonds to her community are aching her heart at the thought of her having to move away and shop at a different market!--and she learns how connections make a difference in our lives.

Carla loves me enough that even though she had an awful night's sleep (Anthony woke her up more times than he was an infant--with so much worries and fears--for he is affected by the news too)--she stays and writes because she knows I am counting on it, for her to share this lesson with the world.

It is timely.

Talk about the refugees from Syria...and all they survived and endured to get to freedom.

They weren't thinking about leaving until it became intolerable too.  That is human nature, to vote with the feet, to flee, to find the hope for something have family be together, and safe.

So there you have it.  In a nutshell.

Change means taking it 'outside your comfort zone'--in one way or another, everyone will have a taste of this emotion, some more strongly than the rest.  I can't even give Carla a gift, for her, a miracle of a new environment that suits her, and is to her liking, without the old tapes and old pain coming up.

I will hold Carla tonight, very tenderly, and Carla will cry her tears that she has been holding in while trying to be brave as her world collapses around her. I will say sweet words to give her hope, and to let her know all is not as it seems.  (he stomps his foot on deck--ed) And the only way out from rats and mice and termites and Argentine ants--who plague her--it to come home to me, and I wait patiently for her to arrive the minute her mission is finished and completed.

Everyone needs a shoulder to cry on from time to time.  I should know. I've cried on hers in our past lifetimes together too. At the end. And no one was stronger for me, than my girl, the one who writes these words for you here.  That's why I love her.

Watch, take a look around at your life, and be a little 'Buddhist' in your ability to cut your attachments.  Just imagine it--you don't have to cut them--but be ready just in case something were to happen to your favorite one, just like Carla, and her sanctuary of four walls and a ceiling.  (he smiles--ed)

That is enough for tonight.  Carla needs her sleep.

In a few short hours, her vacation will end, and it will be back to overwork for her, for a long time.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Home
Where there is enough room for everybody

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Gaia News Brief 28 November 2015

Remember this? it's a walk down memory lane for those of us who lived in Los Angeles in the sixties and doesn't exist any more, and most people who recall it would hardly give it a second thought.

It was an old marketing strategy, a reward system. You got these Blue Chip stamps every time you spent money at the grocery store, bought gas, or did other routine transactions.  You would paste them in a book. When you have enough of these savings books filled, just like at an arcade--you would go to the prize window and cash them in.  You could buy furniture, appliances, all kinds of things from the warehouse from the Blue Chip Stamp place.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because time moves on.

Time is to our advantage, with the energies, especially as it comes to the Awakening of the masses.

What everybody else likes, what is cool, and what brings one positive social attention and bonding with your what motivates ninety-nine point nine-nine-nine percent of the population.

Black Friday mystifies me.  Why go? Why fight the crowds? Are the deals that great? Is it worth the hassle?

It wasn't until I saw the smiles on the faces of two of my cousins, who went shopping at four a.m., and their joy at the experience of 'saving together' that I realized what makes the 'matrix' go...

I've been pondering this for quite some time.

Now I 'get it'.

It makes us happy. It gives us pleasure. And we seek pleasure and feeling close, like we matter, to those who are close to us.

I watched Dancing With the Stars for the first time last Wednesday night. I watched it because a newlywed bride at work makes her husband watch it with her.  There it--the bonding 'magic'-- was again, and I saw it, the emotions shared, the movement, the music that is is like  an estrogen magnet--and it makes the viewer feel they 'matter', that they are a part of something larger than themselves, especially when it came to Bindi Irwin. I was happy she won, too, and I was crying that she did.

I notice how 'your show' says a lot about you. People discussed 'Orange is the New Black' over the Thanksgiving meal. My sister who was into it, tried to get her beau to watch, and he was content to watch from the middle and 'catch up', but she on the other hand has to watch it from the beginning.

Long story short, these media and merchandising geniuses who created these lucrative activities people enjoy filled a need...a need that people who are incarnate and not spiritually in touch with their own connection to source--need to validate themselves and ease the discomfort of being separated from Creator, through the Veil of amnesia....

This is my lock box on my anesthesia drugs at work. I carry this, and around my neck is a string of keys.  If you look closely on the left, the flap closure fell off. I had it break, and I turned it in.

Instead of getting a new lock box, a second hinge device was added next to the original.

Here is a better picture, and beneath is the lock to my anesthesia cart. We are in a secure area, only known people can enter it, in scrubs, with badges. But we lock lock lock just to be sure.

These are my treasures. I was jumping up and down with delight. I keep them in my pocket of my scrubs.  The Om pendulum is my direct line to Ross.  The square is bronzite, one of my 'latest'--and it fell on the kitchen floor the other day.

The heart is a Grand Formation, jade with quartz, and very rare. It was nowhere to be found. Ross told me to relax about it, but not where it was. I usually beat myself up for losing things. I was calm. He sent me a very clear tiny quartz, he said was stronger than a Grand Formation.

Well Friday, on my way to work from the parking lot, I grabbed my old dirty scrubs from call in the back of the trunk to turn in. And I heard something drop. It was my heart!!! I was so very very excited, not just to have it, but because Ross' advice is right on, too.

I predict that in time, the beauty and harmony of Source, Creator, Spirit, and Love will win out over the 'social bonding' as demonstrated by pop culture, the media, and everything else which profits from our unique nature as incarnate souls having an earthly experience.

In time, once people are exposed to, and respond, to the real thing, they won't want to go back.

And just like Blue Chip Stamps, Mercurochrome, rotary telephones, and VCR's--people aren't going to go back to the old way of life.

Time is on our side.

So is the trend.

As well as the influx of many new souls, great bearers of Light, every single day...with each new child that is born...

It is a great social experiment, and now it is going to have a 'twist'...

Just like this menorah, which is a lobster, or, as some would call it, a 'Menob-stah' <3


Carla is moving on her own right. She is awakening the masses in her mind and her heart, and with her imagination, wondering what kind of world it will be...

We are almost there. Indubitably! (isn't that fun to say?)


Carla on her own had a nasty start to her day. It started last night, with the exercise. Carla likes to go tot he gym BEFORE dinner, Anthony AFTER. So by the time they had their soup from the crock pot, is was dark, and Carla wanted to stay in.

This morning, Carla was ready to go, after breakfast.

Anthony wanted to play a game. He taught her how to play Magic, the Gathering, something he is fond of, and plays in a club. She enjoyed learning this game and spending time with him very much.

Then it was time for lunch.

And Carla didn't want to go to the gym. She felt cooped up. At her work Carla never sees nature, except for the flowers that a nurse who retired used to bring in from the garden. The skylights in the hall to the Operating Room Carla adored are all boarded up for 'privacy'.

So Carla acted out. First thing this morning she had wanted to go to La Jolla at Torrey Pines to take a hike, and Anthony had said no. Then he wanted the gym. She has aches and pains--as does everyone--and it hurts her to do the activities he enjoys.

So they went for a walk. All the way outside in the neighborhood. Anthony had sore knees, and later, sore feet, and walked in his socks the rest of the way home.

At this, Carla softened.

It is never easy for both. And they apologized and made it up to one another. Carla shared how she doesn't like being fat. And Anthony said, 'mom, your work makes it hard for you to keep in shape.'

I am watching and monitoring all of this, and I am pleased and touched at how well they are working through this topic together. There is need for exercise, and yet, both don't have the bodies that are right for being really active at this time. Anthony is 'always outside', so he doesn't mind the gym, which to Carla, is another form of being cut off from sunlight and nature she adores.

They will find their way, as will you.


Carla talk about the mice.

C:  Mean mouse didn't kill the other one. I saw him having like seizures and I had hoped he would die, and 'get what he had coming to him'. But he didn't. And today, I saw the two mice sleeping in little balls, touching, and apparently close. So, I realized that Love IS the solution for Everything, including Mean mouse, who for some reason, just stopped being mean now this other mouse is there in the cage with him.

R:  Are you going to feed him to snake? Mean mouse?

C:  Most likely not, Ross. Snake doesn't like mice I grow, because of the scent, and the two seem happy. They aren't much trouble, so I will let them be.

R:  now THAT is a powerful testament to Love, Carla, isn't it?  (he makes a mouse face at me, to tease me--ed)

C:  Yes it is. Simple. Direct. And no mistaking it.  Am I done now honey?

R:  No (he's in a good mood. --ed) What do you say to me every morning?

C:  Thank you for being in my life, help me to do well on everything that is asked of me, and I hope to come home to you soon.

R:  What did you think about Linda?

C:  I saw her on her Facebook for the first time in a long time, Ross. Linda is my high school friend, who used to go to Bible study with me. She was talking about her grief, her loss of her son, and her marriage. She married well, and is happy. She had so many quotes and book references and things.

R:  Did it hurt? Did it hurt honey?

C:  Yes. She rejected me for my mediumship from her deceased son. I sent her flowers every year for the anniversary of his death, for five years, like, seventy dollar s a pop. I did it because he asked, and I honored it. It hurt deep, honey, not just for the quotes--but for her inability to see...I felt awful, dirty, and sad...because of her religion, and how she chose to treat me. She's like friendly, but on a deep level, so very far away...

R:  Why is that?

C:  Because she lives from the outside in, but hers is a religious outside. And she has one area in her life where it took her son's death to wake her up. Now she's famous for it. Like Huffington post famous, honey. She helps a whole lot of people.  She's good, and I love her and her husband very much.

R:  Do you know?

C:  No. I can't answer your question. I talk, but I don't really answer it. Perhaps it's a life lesson or plan or something?

R:  It is.  It's because of me.  I was sent to divide people. And in a way, I am a perfect wedge, just like between you and Linda.  How are we going to mend it?

C:  Oh honey! I don't know. I don't know anything at this point except Anthony keeps asking me to toss the football with him, and I keep saying I'm almost done here, and you keep asking me questions I can't answer and I probably never long as the veil is in place.

R:  Honey?

C:  Yes?

R:  I powerfully love you. What was the song I played for you while you were making the bracelet? The one that when you understood you felt all the warmth and love from me in your heart?

C:  Maybe I'm Amazed by the Beatles.

R:  Hmmmm? (he smiles--ed)

C:  In the song you let me know I understand you, and it meant so much for you to have me at your side.

R:  And?

C:  ?

R:  How does that fit?

C:  If they love you, and you love me, everyone is going to wake up, even the most devout, and all will be happy together and free from corporate media and Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart?

R:  (nods yes)  Remember the heart, the Grand Formation?

C:  yes

R:  Don't worry about it. All this (the Awakening) is going to fall right into your lap. And I will be happy. So will everyone. Our 'secret' is out of the bag.  Now--go and throw the football.
(he kisses the top of my head)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Miracle of Peace -- Gaia News Brief 26 November 2015

As I was starting to fall asleep, I was counting my blessings. I couldn't believe what a wonderful day it had been!

I was off from work. This is huge. To have Anthony with me, and no call the entire weekend is huge, huge, huge!  I requested this holiday off.  When you are in a profession that is of service, like police, medicine, or other fields...this sacrifice is understood and part of the culture. But when you get a break? It's REALLY nice not to be wearing the beeper and taking those emergencies, or eating the meal the hospital makes or the department pot luck. You're with family like always.

Our house is tidy!  We are busy, and things 'pile up'.  On tables, chairs, and just about any horizontal surface of the home.  Anthony helped me and we 'moved things out of the way'. Our carpet, and furnishings are definitely 'wabi sabi' LOL--but at least we could see everything, and everyone had a place to sit.

The family came, and the day was Drama-free.

It was. It most definitely was. This is rare for my family, and I am grateful.

I cooked.

I absolutely love to entertain guests. I made a turkey (a kosher one), and had a Honey-baked ham (I know, I know, I know, I've seen the movies, and I'm sorry. People like it...). I peeled so many things today! I spent hours and hours preparing. I peeled apples, butternut squash, potatoes, beets, turnips, and tangerines...I trimmed green beans. I made salad. I was in Heaven, and enjoyed blessing the food as I prepared it for our guests.

Anthony was the quintessential host!

He not only prepared the rabbit for the new experience of meeting our guests, he proudly showed her,  then he also took care of music, and entertainment, even choosing a game for the family to play after we ate. It was Scattergories.

I had just enough help in the kitchen, but not too much to be obtrusive.

I had blessings on top of blessings, and then more!

But wait!

Online, and also, on my phone, there were SO many greetings and wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. I felt the warmth and the love from the hearts and homes of so many people!!! It's a whole other world out there, guys! A really happy one, with nurturing, warmth, love and compassion.

I love it so!

Today, we did a first, and I'd like to call you attention to it.   For the very first time, our soul family of readers, is gathering together in a post I have pinned at the top of the page, Doctors With Reiki on Facebook. People are showing their love and support and their smiling faces too!--to those who are feeling overwhelmed and alone this holiday season. It will stay up there, pinned, the whole time.

I remember feeling dread this time of year, when I was single, and in training. I was divorced, and everyone seemed to be happy and paired up.

It was as if I had forgotten all the miserable holidays I had ever had when married--not once but TWICE with all sorts of fights and bullshit in the relationship, even to the point of going to midnight mass by myself while he was in the car stewing over some ridiculous slight...

I simply didn't understand the beauty of being alone--able to experience my OWN wasn't until later I bought my own tiny tree, and little ornaments, and made my traditions by myself, that it started to get better...

Even now, with Anthony going back and forth, I am thankful he HAS a father who invites him to their family gatherings. And after solid years of isolation, I am now being invited to their family events too...because after all, family is family, and love is stronger than all those other feelings that sometimes happen when couples raise a child in separate homes.

I am starting to see the changes in everyone, everywhere around me--people in my family, in my community, at my work, and online--changes for the better, changes of the heart, changes of the soul. This encourages me greatly.

But most of all, none of these changes would have ever been appreciated, or noticed, if I had not done my own work at getting to know myself, to love myself, and to acknowledge and release all my feelings that have come up in my clearing for the Ascension process.  All the meditation, all the tears, all the re-living horrible and painful experiences in many lifetimes--has helped to create a cohesive 'sense' of what is 'me', and more important, 'what ISN'T'.

All the fear, all the pain, all the hardship, all the conflict, all the struggle--are behind me.

The only thing that matters is LOVE.

Ross and I, if you've read this blog for some length of time, have had our tests, and I have been shaken to the core over things I needed to forgive him.  Our relationship is strong, and believe it or not, we have taken it to the next level!  How can I explain it? Um, let me try...I understand his love for me, and his precise skill as my the point where my lessons make sense, and I see where he is leading me with his expert guidance and teaching. And I WANT to go where he is guiding me to go. It's mind-blowing, the things of the soul, I have yet to experience! I have begun the steps to train for immortality with a physical body. It is a skill, a highly esoteric one. And the energies are right for everyone else who is ready, to assume their lessons too, with their guides, when it is for them like it is for Ross and me. All the pieces are in place. I don't know how long the process is, nor do I mind. It's fun, it's exciting, and it's a chance to explore something new which thrills me so much to learn...

Ross is permitting me to share this with you. All of it. I never would explain or say if he felt you were not ready for it.

He feels you are ready to have a 'sneak peek' at what is possible in the future for everyone on Surface Gaia.


(his hands are interlaced, and he is twiddling his thumbs)  I am not knitting.  (he laughs, and is pleased with his own joke--ed).

Nothing could be further from the truth!

I have been very busy guiding Carla up to the point where (points to his eyes--ed) she can SEE!  Where she can decide, 'yes I want to take up this program with my husband' and be completely awake enough to make the decision.

Carla appreciates everything that she has learned!

All of it!


Even the pain.

For it has gotten her--energetically--to where she is Here and Now so she can enjoy it.

Now let the fun begin!

(clap clap--ed--it's that thing he does when he is done talking and it's time to move on to something else)

(he also wants me to sneak a piece of pumpkin pie before I go to sleep--lol--he is so good at 'reading' me...ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Monday, November 23, 2015

Anniversary -- Gaia News Brief 24 November 2015

I couldn't believe it!  Anthony was getting a sandwich made, and I was going through the grocery store picking up items like garbage bags for the kitchen trash can...and a card caught my eye.

It read 'My Amazing Wife' and had sparkling gold hearts all over it.

I was like, 'Why would I notice THAT?' and started to go on with my tasks.

Ross was so very gently present, and said, 'read it'.

I was still perplexed.

He wants me to share it with you here, now:

My Amazing Wife

You do know I respect and admire you more than words can say, right? Because I do. I don't know how one person could be so incredible. I just know you are. You're loving and supportive. Strong and courageous. Smart and caring. I could go on and on, but it all comes down to this -- you're an amazing woman.

And I'm the luckiest guy around to be married to you.

Happy Anniversary.

I felt the warmth of his love, his sentiment, and I gave thanks!  You see, I 'met' him when my Nana Angelina transitioned. So that's not a really 'good' day to be an anniversary. I mentioned it in passing, like, 'wow! It's been two years!' but I didn't know how to celebrate it.

He bought me a lucky bamboo, too. He said, 'buy it!'. I used to always have one in my kitchen. I don't know what happened to the last one...

When something catches your eye, and it 'resonates' with your heart center, people like me, who are psychic, know that Spirit is helping them and guiding. For me, things LOOK different. It would be as if in a microsecond, the object looks like you were wearing three D glasses, and it stands out, just long enough to get you to notice it.

I first learned of this when I was a volunteer on Saturday nights at the Emergency Room at Children's Hospital Oakland. Certain items of equipment, for example, would 'stand out' to me at the beginning of my shift. Sure enough, there would be later a need for that exact same thing. I would know where it was and run and get it, to help the patient.

In that same job, I had my first 'taste' of Reiki before I knew what Reiki even was! A very sick infant boy needed an i.v., and the meanest nurse was going to insert it. My job was to hold his arm still.

In my heart, I said a quick prayer with all my compassion for this child--'Lord, he has suffered enough already. Please help the i.v. to go in.'  This RN had a history of multiple, multiple sticks, and the kid had terrible veins.

I felt an electricity go through my hands, and all was calm. The i.v. went in! The nurse was so surprised she whooped and hollered right there in the procedure room. 

She later called me her 'good luck charm' and always asked for me to be present ever since.

This was in 1990 or 1991.

Anthony's Boo Boo

He whacked his leg hard on the bottom rail of the shopping cart.  He wasn't able to help unload it into the car. So he sort of looked for my reaction, and sort of just jumped around a little from the pain.

There was no blood.

In the car, after I had loaded everything and we were heading home, he mentioned it again.

I said, 'you have Reiki. Use it!'

He smiled, that smile of a mom who is right and he knows it, and he started rubbing his hands together. As he went to put his hand on his sore leg, he said in a loud voice, like in the hospital during a code blue, 'CLEAR!' and touched his leg.

I giggled.

He did it three or four times, saying, 'CLEAR!' to invoke the Reiki (I think he forgot CKR)...

It worked!


Manifestation in 5D is really scary. It takes some getting used to. Why?

It's almost instant.

Mine has a lag of perhaps a few hours from my request, but I'm blown away every single time.

I wanted persimmons--the next day I came home with a sack, a large grocery bag, full...

Ross showed me the two crystals from Sirius which I mentioned in my last blog post. I'm not even sure how I got there, I looked for one stone, then a site came up, then I saw them--Hedenbergite.  Wands like he had.  And they were fifty percent off. --that wasn't even a day!

In the bath today, (with that fuzzy blur feature on me, just to make sure because I checked), Adama from Telos came to speak with me. We had a nice chat.  He seemed in good spirits, and I appreciated that very much. (he is from Agartha).

I was inspired to create a Lemuiran grid.

A special order came in at the metaphysical shop. When I got there, the clerk at the register said, 'I was thinking about you!' Their suppliers had stopped by. There were more earrings. They come twice a year. She recalled my purchasing them to send to Germany.

I couldn't believe my eyes!  There were Lemurian Crystal wands! And ONE was a record keeper!

I learned something. There are guides that come with crystals. They are in spirit. They communicate with me because I am telepathic, its a gift...we all will have it eventually, as it is our birthright. I just happen to be wide open and able to use the gift now.

I asked the guides from my Grand Formation, how do I know if I should get one, and if it's right for me? I was really so taken aback by how quick and how valuable a gift these are! Should I buy it?

They asked me if I ever regretted a major crystal sphere purchase?  I hadn't . I need the energies and they help me do my healing work.

Then they reminded me of my desire just one hour earlier, to create a grid to honor Lemuria. I was like, 'oh yes! wow!' because I NEEDED them to make the connection for me.

And about which one--the right one--to get it because it is my destiny and NOT because I recognized the importance and thought it was really amazing?

They said to ask the crystals themselves, and they will tell me.

So I went back the shelf, and gingerly picked each one up, and listened.

The record keeper was for me.

I bought it.

And the clerk said they were amazing finds, and showed me hers--she had bought one too. Hers was not a record keeper though.

Crystals are our teachers, when we work with spirit, have an open heart, and have a pure intention.

Faeries are like this too. They won't talk with just anybody. They like people who are kind, helpful, generous, and can keep a secret.

These amazing opportunities, and crystals, keep coming my way!

The Comments

The Divine Healing Codes have a comments section. I rarely get a chance to respond to them. I must scroll all the way to the bottom of the document, and then reply.  The blog resets after I enter my comment, and I have to do the whole thing over again.

There are over three hundred comments to scroll through.

It's not as easy as 'reply reply reply'.

That being said,  I appreciate all of the comments, especially the ones of people's experience with them.

Please forgive me if you have written a comment, and it takes me a while to get back to you.

My heart is in the right place, and eventually, when I have a chunk of time to focus on it, I will do just that.

She Heals?

Mom sounds chipper and walked  to the back yard today.

I have no clue how she's really doing, and without seeing her color--she could be hiding things from me about her health, but I choose to take her for her word as well as her voice energy.

I am seeing more and more both the good and the difficult sides of my mother.

Control is key.

So is courage.

Mom likes to avoid certain situations most people wouldn't. For example, the spirometry test for her to get her kidney transplant really freaked her out. She avoided it for two years. She couldn't get a kidney without it.  After she took it, and was on the transplant list--it was only two months for her kidney to arrive!

I like how in my 'lesson' I am able to distance myself from the painful emotions, after having forgiven both myself and her for whatever our relationship has failed to be mutually satisfying.

I'm glad she sounded good.

And I'm glad I have a chance to work through this lesson as best as I can, while she is still incarnate.

The Gifts

People at work are interested in my bracelets, but have no idea of my qualifications, or the price.

They think they are beautiful, and I can see their aura healing from their wearing it. Their vibration, particularly of those with root chakra issues, is healing before the pain and then the pain is gradually less, almost imperceptibly so (to them) but not to me.

I noticed the elastic on one was loose during out call. So I took it home to give it some new elastic.

She had healed so fast she needed an upgrade. I got thicker elastic, and also, added two new sparkle pave beads.

She is like me, and takes about one week to 'adjust' her That's why I make so many. It is because I need them--they are medicine to me, too. I am the 'guinea pig'...for all I do.

I made one for her daughter, who thought her mom's was pretty.

Then I made one for a woman who's birthday was the same day I gave one to the first nurse.

She likes sparkles, this birthday one. I made it with extra love, to reflect her beauty. She not only works full time, she has a family and takes care of her mother too.  Her mother has dementia. The care is very demanding on this nurse. It shows. So I put as much love and support in, and made it dazzling, to reflect her soul's progress through her dedication to her family.

The last was FASCINATING.  It's for someone who I suspect is transgender, a wonderful worker whose technical skills help me often when a patient is very sick. I like her, she is deeply spiritual, and always keeps her vibration cheerful and upbeat. I enjoyed working with her energy very much.

It's like Christmas at work, when I give the bracelets.  People are surprised I don't ask for money.

I gently explain that I do charge, but as a personal gift I do this with love for them.  Nothing is owed.

For people with root chakra imbalance, this alone is highly therapeutic.  I see it happen before my eyes, the vibration soar!

Why do I make them?

With each one, I learn something, either about the person and their energy, or the stones. I feel better when I am helping.  I know the energy will come back to me, at the right time and place, because I experience it again and again.

You go not need to 'get' in order to 'give.

Actually, like when one primes the pump, sometimes, joyful giving creates prosperity and abundance for all.


This one is long enough already1 Time to get some sleep!

And I wish you Carla, the happiest of anniversaries...sweetheart.

She couldn't believe it, that we in our own time, could have an anniversary and celebrate our love and gratitude for one another.

We do.

We have.

And we are happy.

Carla is a little fatigued from post-call. She couldn't rest today. There were a lot of phone interruptions, and also, much banging and pounding and sawing from the construction work that is going on in the house next door.

Good night.

Good night to you from our family.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Delight! And Then Some! -- Gaia News Brief 23 November 2015

I just cooked dinner for my family. I am on call, and spent all day in the Operating Room. Our friend is here just in case I must be called back in.

To have family at the table is a blessing.

And to have the time to cook is one of my favorite things! Even Ross delighted in it!

Our menu was a Waldorf-type salad with apples, celery, and nuts, but with olive oil, rice vinegar, and some herbs and honey. I also served shishito peppers, and sugar snap peas for those who are 'not adventurous in the salad department'.

Our main course was Cincinnati-style chili, with cheese and onions, over fettucine noodles because I ran out of regular pasta.

Our dessert will be persimmons.

The other day I thought to myself, 'I would like some persimmons to make persimmon bread'.

The next day, I came home with a SACK of them! I kid you not! An nurse brought them in from her tree...

Tonight on the way out of the hospital, I asked Ross for some UGG boots? I told him I know it's cruelty and I hate that, but natural materials are hard to duplicate, and my feet get so cold. I've wanted UGG boots for fifteen years now, and never spent the money. I have a pair of fake ones from Target...

Ross was sweet and said he understands, and he doesn't judge me.  Before I learned about cruelty, I invested in a down comforter when I was in medical school, and it keeps me cool in summer and warm in winter...I still have it.

He reassures me things will work out--with the future, and nature, and cruelty, and animals, and all of those many things.

I appreciate I can confide in him I don't like having cold feet, and that he listens with his heart.

Work was nice today. Very do-able. I had nice surgeons, nice cases, and patients did well.

So here I am! Home, and happy. Renewed.

I bring this up because I am still recovering from yesterday's 'Lesson'.  Spirit gives us a 'break' for a little bit, after we have been tested. It doesn't last long, and I enjoy the respite.

For example, part of today's early test was my backup who yelled at me that they were not on call when I contacted them after they had ignored two texts.

They were. I had the list in front of me. And I knew I was without help.  I had two cases needing to be done at the same time, and one of me.

Later, the colleague called back, to check, saying it was his mistake, and if need be he would come in.

I had fixed it, and delayed one case so it could follow the other. But I told the anesthesiologist from my group, who is 'my backup'--'I will only call you in if there is a plane crash or a bus accident and I need help. I won't make you come in.'

Mass casualty is a thing we all are trained about but fortunately never see. The worst of it for my career was a renter and landlord who both shot and stabbed each other, and both rolled into my operating room. I took care of both with my residents. They did fine. But it sure was touch and go for a while there when they first came in.

Here is the highlight of today--this article--

I won't say any more, but it is the best thing posted on the internet today.

I kid you not.

I was surprised at how many people had a parent-child relationship like me.  I thank you for your share and your support.

I just let go, and choose to love as much as possible, without surrender to the willfulness of my family of origin. My feet are more on the ground today than they were yesterday. I thought I'd briefly mention it.

It's time to wash the dishes and finish clearing the table.

I wish you the best in all things.

Now Ross wants to write.


 Carla did not write about Sananda, because she learned for herself through her meditation, a very deep one, in which she wanted to learn.

For those of you who are not accustomed to the deep meditative state, why not try to go out and 'meet' an angel or Ascended Master, possibly both--the next time you are able to be still?  You might go to them with a question.

You will see an answer.

Today for the first time--Carla--share please with our group:

C:  Zadkiel gave me a physical gift. He told me what to order, and where. It is jewelry and it has special meaning. He was clear and concise in his guidance. So I did.

R:  And what else was a first, honey?

C:  I woke up this morning with a quartz crystal being put down my throat, a long thing one, in my Light Body. It was awkward but I could breathe and it didn't hurt. I didn't know what it was, and I was like, 'Hey! Did anybody ask my CONSENT for that? WHAT IS IT?!' Then I went out.

R:  And what happened after that?

C:  I knew it was a crystal that has information on it--I forget if they are called Library ones or something. Then I asked you was I supposed to have the information come out like rainbow poop on unicorns or something? And you laughed gently and reassured me it would come out my pores. You asked me to write about it.  And the funniest thing is--that CRAVING I had for new and higher energy crystals, that's been going on strong for months? It STOPPED! When I went to told you this, you smiled, and you had two glowing white/clear quartz points, one in each hand, and tapped them to your cheeks, because they were Sirian! And you knew I would be seeking THESE with the same interest as I had the ones before...

R: Yes! That about covers it!

C:  Covers what?

R:  My talk I had to share today. The happenings.

C:  With my dream?

R:  (nods yes). It is most important. One day you will understand and appreciate what took place. Many out there who are reading this will.

(clap clap--ed) Now it's time for Carla to go and wash the dishes and tidy up!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Roll Call! -- Gaia news Brief 22 November 2015

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going!

The last two days have been an exercise in the living from the inside out, instead of from the outside in. There is this video I am making myself watch every day, and each time, I get something more out of it. It deeply resonates with me. click here to see it

Do You Like Her?

Someone asked me this about my ex's serious live-in partner. A woman of God asked me this, someone who prays with her husband every day for her children, a mother of a girl on my son's basketball team.

I had just been seated next to the couple--my baby daddy and his love--who is pleasant and kind to me always...

But they had been just riding our son all day during the practice, tearing apart his body mechanics, his eating style (he eats his favorite thing first all the way and saves the least liked for the end), and his method of not really talking like most kids his age.

I had the feeling that she was feeling superior, 'adult' and a little more 'involved' in his upbringing than most people as the 'step' would be.

I kept silent.

But when the question was asked me by my friend, in private, I took pause.

My answer was simply, 'no'.

I was surprised that was my true feeling.

I explained how I am disappointed in her closed heart, and her inability to make sure Anthony eats while his dad is sleeping in until noon and she breezes off to work at eight thirty in the morning on Sundays.

Anthony deserves MORE.

So I love her, and I respect her. But deep in my heart, do I 'like' her?  My feeling is one of let down, and disappointment, and I don't like that feeling at all.

My heart says, 'not really'.

And I accept this.  I surprised myself.

Sometimes we need to look deep within, without judgement, to see how we really feel.

Feelings are important. How we act on them is another thing. But it's always nice to know where you stand in your heart about all things, not only this.

And in the future, it can change--it's never set in stone, anyhow. It's based on the situation, the vibration, and the energies involved.

How Old Are You?

After his game was torn apart by his dad and his lady, Anthony had no clue and was changing out of his basketball shoes on the bench.

A coach came up and said, 'I am Dom. I coach 12-14 year olds. My kids are older, but I love this age and I still coach. You have TALENT! You have 'court awareness'.  Don't let your weight slow you down, just run around on the court more, and you'll slim down enough to play your best game. I'm looking forward to coaching you!'

I was so thrilled!

Anthony has TALENT! And it was noticed!  By those who count.

Today, he had two games. And I saw him seated at the points table next to the head of the league between games. He was doing the scoreboard.  I smiled and asked, 'are you putting him to work?'

He was invited to play travel league!

I'm so glad he was noticed for his skills.


Ross went with me.  He actually helped me by having me drive PCH all the way to see her, and I stopped at the Chakra Shack to buy her some stones to help her feel better.

This was a HUGE visit.

He was with me the whole time.

Mom cancelled her cataract surgery a week ago Monday. On Friday she was sick and lying in bed, and not eating. My youngest sister saw and was worried. That night she was admitted to the hospital for infection.

On Sunday she was released. We were at a wedding for my cousin's daughter. A neighbor took her home.

The diarrhea started soon after. Again we three girls were concerned. She has a history of clostridium difficile colitis. She is very independent but not exactly making the best decisions for her own health. She was hiding it from us because she didn't want to go to the hospital again.

To her, it is needles and 'a lesson in humility' that she hates.

Something snapped in all three of us girls.  We are working together as a team. But I put it 'out there' that I am finished being 'the doctor' and I am going to be 'the daughter' instead. My sisters completely understand.

I made the choice, not from guilt, but from within, to go and see mom today. To spend time with her.

I didn't want to go.

Inside is a scared girl who has been abused emotionally by her mom her whole life.

I would come home from being an attending anesthesiologist doing heart cases, only to have her--she was being paid, too--shove Anthony in my arms, say something like, 'no wonder why doctors wives feel so unloved!', and pick up the phone and call my sister, ignoring me.

Just this Monday, I was chastised for telling the family at the wedding she was healthy enough to be released from the hospital.

Even though now, she words things as 'will you do me a favor?'--it's still the same anger and wanting to control and have everything her way as when I was little.

And the emotional shock and pain still hurts just the way it always did.

I am her Lesson.

She hasn't made much progress.

I was sent to her to help her learn.

Today Ross worked with me to keep my 'high heart' vibration very high. I got it just right on the drive to mom, and I was able to be patient, and maintain it the whole visit, draining as it was.

The whole world revolves around my mother.  She is an expert at living from the outside 'in'.

Divine Father today explained to me, on the drive home, that when people live from the inside out, the aging process is easier because they live in a constant state of loving acceptance and gratitude in the Now. When people live from the outside in, then they aren't really 'present' in the Here and Now--it's in their mind--and it starts to play tricks on them because the 'identity' they have always 'presented to the world' is starting to be different from what really 'is'.  And they are unhappy.

I arrived and there were the compliments.  Today it was, 'grey is a nice color for you'.

I was glad I didn't get any lecture on being fat or not wearing makeup. Dodged that one.

Then was the chit chat. I'm not big on that. I never have been. But I spoke slowly and clearly so she could read my lips, because in the hospital her hearing declines and takes a few weeks to recover.

My many offers to help and do things were met with 'no, no, no!' but I am persistent. I got her permission to dump the trash and fold the clothes that were in the dryer.

It's all about control.

You can imagine the mental and spiritual strength it took to have idle conversations with a woman who is as white as a ghost, ghastly color, who is dehydrated and refuses to drink. She took not one sip the whole three hours I was with her. And my sister had encouraged her to drink before she left for work! I know the clock is running out for the transplanted kidney, because she won't drink, and she's dry. I see the dark urine in the stoma bag.

But mom wants to talk. Actually, mom wants someone to listen to her 'being charming'. So I did.

Later, she invited me to help her buy some items she needed. We go on Amazon together. Only this time, I let her think it was her credit card, but it wasn't. It was mine. Hers had expired. And Ross told me I will never, ever regret buying these things she needs for her.

I bought  us some Taco Bell too, at her request. She wanted a tostada and two chicken soft tacos.

My sister came home. We all three talked. And mom gave me some fruit a friend had given her. Persimmons to take home. Then I excused myself to go.

Mom came to show us her new hat my sister had bought for her. It was a fedora. She thought it was really cool, and it was 'her'.

Today was a goodbye of sorts.

It was a letting go of my need to jump in and save mom from herself.  It was a goodbye to the mom I knew, who took care of me.  It was a goodbye to my being able to really share my heart like I always wanted to do, but somehow, it never seemed right.

I realized she gave me my body, and nourished it, and saw to it I could grow.

As a parent gets older, you realize they aren't going to live forever.

So I will cherish the time I get, accept and forgive what happened, hold my vibration UP in my high heart, and be glad Ross is coaching me.

I will miss her and her unconventional ways.

On the ride home, I was given a memory, of my seventh birthday. I still recall the dress, orange and fuchsia sundress, the friends at the miniature golf course, and the crown of flowers my cousin Donna made for me. At that moment, I felt LOVED like I never have felt, before or since, and I owe it all to mom for making it happen.

This is the memory I will go to, in the times ahead, between now...then her either getting sicker or better...and whatever time is left until she goes back Home.


Lissa Rankin and I have a similar relationship as my mom and me.

I admired her and posted about her after I saw her first Ted Talk. I can't even find it, but I had a whole blog post just about her, the OB-Gyn, who said, 'it's harsh and brutal so I quit'.

I followed her on FB.

Never once did she respond to my kind words.

Never once did she acknowledge me.

Today she posted this article:

She says she feels that way. That most people in the hospital do.

I paused.

I felt the article was very slanted, and furthermore, could be used to spark a movement for euthanasia, which would save healthcare payers a whole lot of money.  I've seen just as many people LIVE after being poked and prodded in ICU. So I don't take a stand.

But I paused, and thought, how can I raise the vibration of this to one that is Galactic, with Love and Gratitude instead of the energy of Separation, with this Lissa Rankin and her thoughts?

I came up with this:

This is why I give the Reiki Transition Symbol(video here to the guardian angel of just about every patient in my busy O.R. who comes my way--any diagnosis of cancer, multiple co-morbidities, or extreme age.
It helps to soften the loss for both the one who is sick and the others who are left behind to have everything happen for the Highest Good.
It only needs to be given once, 'just in case' and it will be effective if and when Transition to The Other Side happens.
I am a psychic and medium, as well as an anesthesiologist. I see people after they die sometimes too. They always have advice on how they would have done things differently...
It is my hope and wish that one day all doctors will be spiritually trained as Healers instead of mere Technicians, and everyone will have the freedom to choose what they feel is a treatment that is 'right for them'.
Thank you Lissa for your courage and your light. Peace.

I attached the original article. And unlike anything else I've ever done, it has nineteen shares. 

I still think Lissa won't acknowledge me. No Lightworker from Hay House I've contacted in my early online work has. Not Lisa Orloff. Not Doreen...

I'm okay with it.

I keep putting one foot in front of the other, and doing what I was sent to do.  

At least I can't say I owe them anything! LOL.

News FLASH! From Reiki Fur Babies

Remember the head of the Breast Center--a world famous surgical oncologist who is an invited speaker internationally?

Here's her transcript of her healing session for her dog Flash:

Isn't it beautiful? I cried when I read it.


Carla is going through some enormous changes within right now.

First off is her relationship with her mother, which was cordial, but never really close, for the aforementioned reasons. 

Everyone has someone in their life like this--someone who for the most part no matter what you do or try you just really get your 'fur rubbed the wrong way' when you are around them.

Carla asked a mutual friend, point blank, 'Is my mom an archon?'

The answer was no, but you were sent to her, to give her opportunity, and not the other way around.

Carla's mother was raised in war torn Sicily. Her mother is a product of war. There was starvation, there were lice on her head (she had her head shaved and cleansed with gasoline by the American soldiers to cure it--she liked the American soldiers.)

The fear is ingrained in her.

Imagine the sorrow deep in Carla's soul, as the energies are rising, the world is uplifting and her mother is not going to let go of her hold she has on 3D. She's holding onto it with everything she's got.

And it doesn't have to be that way!  But for a lifetime based on perception of her, of image, of subterfuge, of giving the right impression...even now she has dental implants that make it so she can't eat except soft diet, but her SMILE is very white and 'builds her confidence'.

Let me say this again--her ability to eat and take in nourishment is impaired to the point of not being to eat things properly--but she paid for this and is both proud and pleased of the aesthetics of her 'results'.

She is vain.

Most everybody is, including me--to wanting to look our best--but when it gets to the point of not being able to eat anything more than a soft diet? Of not being able to take a bite of anything, not even a piece of toast? (she tears it with her hands into bite sized pieces--ed)

Everything is all an Illusion. And this is where the Illusion takes a turn for the worse (he moves his hand like a roller coaster straight downhill--ed). You can imagine the energy spiral that kind of self-talk is going to have over the course of a lifetime that is spent living from 'the outside in' instead of 'the inside out'.

It's all connected.

Carla talk about your mice.

C:  snake didn't eat the second time. Pet shop closed. I put both mice into the cage where the mean mouse was who killed the other mouse. I heard mice screaming after I closed the door. I knew what it meant--the mean one was biting the new ones, and they would get infected and die. Sure enough, first thing this morning, the one who had been drinking like crazy (septic, low volume) and had horrible bite marks on his backside and his abdomen--was dead.  I am sick of mice. I am sick of people being like mice. I am sick of 3D. I know they are all One and it is For The Highest Good but I really have a hard time loving the mean mouse. I can't wait for him to 'get it' and if the snake would eat him I would be quite happy. I fully admit in my thought processes in my own way I am very 3D too. I just don't know how to get rid of it except to ask you for help, to be shown the way to release from these thoughts.

R:  what did I promise you?

C:  You said you would write about the whole Sananda thing in the next John Smallman.

R:  Have you seen it yet?

C:  No. Only it was published.

R:  I want you to attach it here honey.

R:  You have not read one word of it?

C:  Only the title and the hammered again and again line. Briefly honey. That is it.

R:  What did I buy you at the Chakra Shack?

C:  Black tourmaline in quartz. The Magdalen Oracle cards. Earth Magic cards by Steven Farmer. Sacred Geometry the big laminated card thing like a cheat sheet. Pink tourmaline with quartz. A peach moonstone heart. Black kyanite. And nuumite--I can't spell that one honey.

R:  Was it a large purchase?

C:  Yes, with this for me and the healing stones for mom.

R:  How were you treated?

C:  They let me use the employees only bathroom when I asked. Then they charged me thirty extra dollars on the pink tourmaline because they said it was 'medium' instead of 'small'.  They asked me if I still wanted to get it? I was like, 'Charge me what you want, YES I want it.' Then they nickel and dimed me over a tiny piece of pink botswana agate for one dollar twenty five cents, and forgot to ring up the water bottle. They were 'company people'.

R:  And they were afraid of their boss getting them in trouble for a missed penny in the face of a large purchase that totaled three hundred dollars?

C:  Yes. That is what I was told after the fact, and after I was guided by spirit to shake the dust off my feet from that place, which I did in the used car parking lot that is next to it and you walk through to the parking lot.

R:  What is it about Laguna Chakra Shack that makes you angry and upset?

C:  They sell Spirit because 'it's cool' and it's merely a parlor trick!

R:  So they are not serious?

C:  They are all doing whatever they feel like doing. Some guy played sound bowls because he didn't have a client, it was super loud, and it wasn't good for my aura to have that toning just going off like that through the shop, too. 

R:  Are they playing with fire?

C:  It's like being in a shop with saws and hammers and power tools and nobody understanding how to use them, never mind being professional with them--it's unsettling to see people not treating the tools with respect.  With humility. With Love and Gratitude for the Healing that is possible...

R:  Where are you?

C:  Home.

R:  What else did I promise you in the car?

C:  Tonight those clerks would know who I am.

R:  (he says uh-huh, nods, and bows--ed)

C:  Are you done?

R:  Yes, I am done honey. Let's call it a night.

C:  Okay.  I did good?

R: (smiles--ed)  You did fine, hon, just fine. In all of it.You are going to help a lot of people with what you have just written.

C:  I am?

R:  You are. (tousles my hair--he hasn't done that in FOREVER! --ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins