Sunday, November 1, 2015

Aloha -- Gaia News Brief 1 November 2015

All Is Well

Everything happens for the best. No matter what goes on in your perception, all is for the highest good for everyone involved.  At the moment it might not look like it, but wouldn't you agree, many times, in hindsight, you are of the view that 'I never would have gotten where I am today if it wasn't for this' ?


My son's favorite team is the Seahawks. If this brings up some feelings in you, the only comment I will make--favorable or not--is--if Football is Family in your heart, you have a lot to learn about life in 5D.

I just saw Ricardo Lockette receive a scary hit:

Medically, I knew the differential was a coup-contra-coup neurological injury (concussion) or a c-spine injury which would have been life-changing.  Anthony was horrified to watch.

I told him the doctors on the field were asking Ricardo if he could move, what hurt, can you feel this?  Then he would go with c-spine precautions and stabilization to a trauma center, where they would curt off his clothes, do a quick assessment, and put him in the scanner. He could be in surgery in a few minutes if it was unstable fracture of the neck.

The camera focused on the player who hit him.

He's not the only one who led to this injury. Everyone who loves and gambles on football--played a part.  It there are no fans, there is no money, and football would not exist.

It's not my place to mention anything other than all of the energies are connected; there is more to it than meets the eye.

In 5D, this will be clear to everyone how their choices can create such far reaching influence--and there shall be peace in their hearts--for it is the truth. Outside the Illusion, only one Truth exists.

Eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, such wonderful things. Heart has not felt this joy that is commonplace outside the illusion, as well.

Bye bye and to Heck With You 3D

Where you go at night when you dream is REAL.

This is YOU, the real YOU, and who you will be once you wake up, or after you Transition.

You will have access to your past lives, your life lessons, your progress...everything will be made clear.

For now, inside the Illusion, you are your name, your age, your body type, your career, your relationships--in 3D everything counts on you in relation to everything that is outside you.  The nice car. The fancy ring. The sweet career that everybody wants.

In your heart of hearts, if you meditate, you will be shown your essence, who your are, in Spirit, as a soul.

You will discover you are never alone.

Ross is always just in my face (that's how I like it) and he puts his hand up to show me I AM RIGHT HERE.

How he can do this, I'll never know while I am incarnate. But his ENERGY is always accessible to me, and I plod my way, through everything that comes up, one foot in front of the other, dusting myself off every time I fall.

Spirit Picks You

My first experience with the realm of spirit was on the Island of Kauai in 1988. I had just come for my honeymoon. I stayed at Kapaa, for the first two nights, in the honeymoon suite at the Sheraton Coconut Palms.

It was magic to be in Hawaii for my first time, and on my honeymoon at that.

Somehow a book by Serge Kahili King found me, and I started doing the breathing exercises to enhance my flow of mana.

I also delighted in the flowers, the open air restaurant where I every morning I ate my breakfast buffet, piling my plate just about as high with papayas as gravity allowed!  The birds came and went freely, and I thought it was the coolest thing that they were welcome and accepted in the human's world in this place.

One day, I'm not sure how it happened, but we were in a field, probably looking at it because it was like a plantation, and there was a little pearl shop nearby, when something caught my attention--I felt more than I saw the presence of two very small and spiritually powerful beings. They were not much taller than my knees or hips, and they somehow knew me!

I was shocked, surprised, and honored at the same time. I let them know, without words, how I loved them, and how sad I was they weren't able to show themselves and work openly like they used to in their time.

A stone showed itself at my feet. It was smooth, red like the earth, and kind of shaped like a lozenge or a pill--and fit in my palm. It was lava, very old, very worn.

They wanted me to have it!

I was told it would help me later. It was their gift to me. And not to worry about the curse of those who take lava from the island. Then they went away.

Days later, I was on a rocky point by the ocean, dipping my feet in a tide pool, and I felt once again that same presence--the same two menehunes showed up. And they showed me a similar stone, this one was coral, and it was white. I was told it would balance my energies, and to sit quietly with one in one hand, and one in the other, for the balancing to take effect. I tried it, and it felt WONDERFUL!  I could tell they were pleased, and they went away.

All through medical school, I would hold on to these stones to recharge myself, and calm myself, and convince myself when things got really difficult that I would make it through.

I still have those two stones in a place of honor, in my room.

I have since learned that the place where I was at the time, was where Hawayo Takata lived and worked.  Her birthplace was five minutes away--the town of Hanamaulu.  She lived and worked and raised her family on the plantations before she went to Japan.

The part that means so much to me, is Chiguro Hayashi--her teacher--who came to Hawaii to help her begin her teaching back home.

Isn't it AMAZING?

Menehune only show themselves to those who are able to help them--spirit picks YOU.  I've seen them many times since, on my visits to the islands, but never as clear or meaningful to me as that first time. I always enjoy them, and am sure to let them know I am available to help, gladly, and I love them so very very much.

I never in my wildest dreams would have thought I would end up here, where I am, today.  At the time I first met them, computers and laptops and wifi were not anything that really did exist!

Follow Up

Someone sent me a message in my inbox on FB. They were excited and very happy.  They had asked for a healing--in their heart--and guess what showed up in their newsfeed?


Spirit can do anything!  It's always a pleasure to work with them.


I love my Carla, and my Carla loves me.

Watch for surprises.


They are all around you.

And they are better than the menehune too. Keep watching. Open your eyes!

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins