Friday, November 13, 2015

Loving What Is -- Gaia News Brief 13 November 2015

I Remember!

I was talking with Ross on the drive home, and I offhandedly made the comment with love and gratitude for the Veil.

I said, 'it must be doing a good job so that I can love and remember you better, and get to know you more than I ever did.'

All of a sudden I heard great choruses of cheering and applause!

I was like, 'Ross, is someone listening to us?'

He said, under his breath, 'only your guides' and waved his hand as if it was nothing.

I checked--I was like, 'um, when we are really close in private do they listen too?' (the cheering kept rising and falling like at a sporting event with a super large crowd since I first heard it...)

He said up there where he is, everybody hears everything, and when couples enjoy their private time it is similar to us in a crowd when people are romantically kissing in public. It's not that big of a deal, even though it's very special to the couple. Other say, 'Ah! They are experiencing THAT form of happiness right now!' and just go on with whatever they are doing. Ross said the Puritan thinking sort of did a number on us, but that's far from the point of the Veil.

He was smiling BIG for what I said, that I was glad the Veil did something good to help me grow in our relationship.  I guess that's why everyone was cheering so much, and also, he leaned in and asked me quite clearly and slowly so I would remember it to share it with you.

I also had another really big realization...just this morning when I woke up.

How To Save Cruelty

Many animal rights supporters are posting video footage of slaughterhouses and meat 'production'--from the small cages to an awake castration that wasn't sterile to the actual killing itself.

I can't think of one animal rights supporter who doesn't harp on how it is WRONG WRONG WRONG WHAT 'THEY' DO TO THE ANIMALS.

Yes, I agree.

However it is only HALF of the problem, and energetically, this perpetuates the whole thing by placing the energy of SEPARATION into the whole mess.

For this time, when I saw the footage, I saw the suffering of the killers, the workers who do this job because they too need to eat.

I saw the anguish and the frustration, the kicking of the pigs, the bashing the baby piglets heads against the floor who were unwanted...

I think they don't like their job too.

Not in their heart of hearts.

They suffer.

Who would enjoy being around cruelty, and suffering, and death, every single day?

What kind of feeling would they have to get up to go to work in the morning?  More death? More stink? More squealing and suffering and screaming?

My beloved grandfather, Nannu Filippo, came to the states from Italy in 1954, at age forty.  He was a farmer, with barely an eighth grade education. He didn't speak English.

His first job the Italian community was able to get for him was at Valley Poultry.

He was the one who helped put the dead chickens in the boiling water to help get the feathers off.

It was a conveyor belt and it went really fast!

He told my mom in private that some of them were still alive, he couldn't believe it, and there was no time for him to put them out of their misery. He had to work, and everyone was watching. It horrified him and he hated to witness it every single day. He was a farmer, and raised and killed plenty of rabbits for his family to eat back home. But something...something...about the way this was being done to him seemed 'wrong' and 'not the way something like this should be done'. 

Without this work, everyone in the family would have suffered, and there was no turning back to Italy. They didn't have the money. They came here because they were starving to death in Italy, they wanted a better life, and because there was family here to sponsor them, they BELIEVED all the talk about in America the streets are paved with gold and everyone is a millionaire.

So he killed and defeathered chickens.

He did it for two years until he could get another job in construction. With this, he was a laborer, and dug the holes for the street lights to go in.

He never ate a bite of chicken for as long as he lived.

Nana Angelina wasn't allowed to cook it.  He didn't want the smell in the house.

To be honest she missed it.

But out of love and respect for her husband, the bread-winner, she never served chicken again.

He didn't even want a turkey at Thanksgiving, and always made sure she cooked pasta for him to eat instead.

In all prayer--in all healing--for the meat industry and 'agribusiness'--both need to heal for the problem to resolve.

Think of it as a war where no one came, no one would raise their guns, and everyone gets along.

Pray for the animals AND those who torture them.  They are a unit.  They are suffering together.

Then and only then can the planet be healed.

Ross--and I talk to him--says 'don't worry, there will be lots of bacon, and not a single animal is going to be harmed' and he taps the Replicator.  With advanced technology, much like a 3D printer--food can be created out of energy.

There will be no killing.

And people can continue to eat what they like.

So omnivore, carnivore, and vegan--let us take the energy of separation, put it aside--and welcome the new with love and gratitude for a solution to the situation where thousands upon thousands of souls--human and animal alike--suffer every day.


Carla has to take Anthony for a study for his liver. He has steatohepatitis, or 'fatty liver'. They are working him up, and have even started therapy for him with daily Vitamin E.

It is completely reversible with weight loss.

The pre-diabetes is too.

Carla and I are using Reiki and the codes to help with the healing.

That is also why I am becoming assertive with him in the diet, food and nutrition department. Anthony eats lots of meat. He thoroughly enjoys it.

His body type demands it, for the pre-diabetic needs more protein than a diet of chlorella, spiralina, soy and tofu can give.

He needs milk, and lots of it too, as he is growing and needs the calcium.

Carla is doing her best to navigate the cruelty in those markets.

I am making a change! (holds his finger up--ed)  S-L-O-W-L-Y.

In fact some of you have noticed.

I am happy to share with you,  from both me and Carla, that Anthony announced his new favorite snack 'in the whole wide world' is red bell pepper strips with guacamole.

He says, 'carrots are overrated, mom'! (Ross chuckles--ed)

It is only a matter of time for finding the right thing that is vegan that satisfies a meat lover, and the combination of protein and fats and fiber to keep him happy, and FULL in his tummy..and to keep him in full health.

Time will tell what I will do with both him, and Carla! (holds the finger up again to make a point--ed)

Until the Replicator is here (he taps it--ed)  I will make do with the limited resources that are available, and slowly, gradually, take one thing at a time with my family in the eating department.

Carla sets a place at the table for me routinely now.

Mentally, or physically, some of you might wish to try this for your Twins, and guides.

There is a Hebrew tradition of 'setting a plate for Moses' is sort of like that.

This gesture makes is clear you both want and appreciate Divine Assistance in everything you do--not just the hugs and kisses like I have for Carla...

It opens the door to make us more available to you. Even a cup of coffee makes us welcome when you set it out and don't drink it....

Carla has to go and wake up Anthony who is NPO (nothing per mouth) before his test.

(he smiles--ed) Everything happens for the best!

And NOW it is happening for the very highest good for all!

Aloha  and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins