Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bliss and Then Some -- Gaia News Brief 12 November 2015

It's Nice Up Here

The vibrations are amazing.  Everything is different. I feel free.

This morning I made toast for the first time in eight months...seriously...and the butter knife smacked the edge of the butter plate, breaking off a huge chunk off it.

It was my gold-banded Limoges I had found at the thrift shop across the street from Children's hospital Los Angeles when I was a resident.  Just one plate, but the real thing. A steal!

In the past I would have been upset over anything breaking, and my breaking it.

Now I am like, 'I guess it's time' and 'I'm glad I was able to enjoy it for twenty years' and further 'I bought that when I wasn't in a very good place in my life, and my marriage to Frank. Perhaps it's just time to let it go?'


I can't believe it's me!

It's who I always wanted to be, but somehow couldn't quite 'get there' in the past.

Now I am.

Radical Trust

Working closely with your guides is one of the best things--it's like Heaven!

This morning I confessed to Ross I was anxious and upset because my mother is sick again. My sister told me she wasn't acting right, she wasn't eating, and was staying in bed.

I stressed.

Mom has major health concerns, and doesn't like to go to the doctor.

Hear this--her health is so frail she needs the ER for the slightest thing--and all she perceives is the needles for the difficult iv sticks and blood draws--so to her the pain is not 'worth it'.

I give her Reiki--every single day--but sometimes it's not enough to be the only form of treatment, you know? There is a lot of mileage on the car! <3

Once we daughters get her to go to the hospital, she feels better, and thanks us. But I honestly told my sister to ask her if she's 'done' and 'just wants to skip it' and seek joining Dad--in a nice way?  I've had that conversation with her before her big cancer surgery. Just to make sure her decision was for her and not for other reasons. I'm the oldest, I could explain it to the others, no harm, no foul. She wanted to live.

So I remember all this, and I pour my heart out to Ross, and I said, 'is this a test? Why are there so many tests? I feel like I must be a bad person because I get so many tests? At least I can face anything, and I will, as long as I can hold your hand...'

And I almost started crying, because I love my mom--she's always been a little difficult for me--but I don't want her to die.

But I caught myself, and entered this SPACE of being in the moment, and being just disconnected from the energies of the rest enough to accept LIFE (the result of other people's conscious decisions creating 'reality' together) head on.

And I did.

I asked for prayer from two coworkers.

I accepted that I couldn't run out of the O.R. and go to mom--I had patients who needed my services.

I let what was going to happen, happen.

It turned out well.

I thanked Ross profusely on the way home for this blessing. I'm so grateful she's in the hospital, and getting care before it's too late.  I'm also glad we three sisters worked well together in real time, to help mom out.

Ross' Interventions?

Twice today I was asked to go 'run and do a case' because something had been delayed and since my case finished 'would you mind?'...

It wasn't convenient and I wasn't going to get to eat if I ran to go do it.

But at the last second, there was a 'wait!' and the schedule conveniently changed so I did something else!

It happened TWICE!

My thoracic case was moved to another room (I lost good opportunity) but then it turned out it cancelled, because the patient had an unstable arrhythmia, a serious one. It wasn't safe to do surgery.

That's a third 'blessing'.

At the end of the day, I wanted to go home. I'd just relieved someone, and it looked like a long ways to go. Call one poked his head in the door to let me, call three, leave, by the rules...

I asked if he had eaten. He hadn't. I said, 'go and take your time'.

Well, I felt Ross nudging me. I couldn't whip out my pendulum in the O.R., but I was able to use one by intention, and I heard Ross guide, 'offer him a chance to go home and for you to stay'.

I did. And he was thrilled!

His children had been having trouble with their schoolwork and he was trying to text them to help them with their math problems. He is a single father, and doesn't see them always in the week. Tonight was his special night.

Further, the other case to follow was a 'special request' for another anesthesiologist! He was free and clear to go home.

It all worked out.

He is LDS.

He saw my book, The Second Coming of Christ--The Resurrection of the Christ Within You--a revelatory commentary on the original teachings of Jesus  by Paramahansa Yogananda.

I cringed.  What would he think?

There was a pause...He LIKED it! He might even read it!

I don't think we would have had that conversation had I chosen to go home.  I'm glad I stayed.

Flickers Of Full Consciousness

Remember how I said it was at first like coming out of the movies on a bright summer day, and your eyes are blinking in the light, trying to adjust?

I am starting to focus.

I am SEEING the beauty of everyone having their own experiences.

It's a little odd how sometimes people aren't so nice to one another, because they are so wrapped up in their own lives and experiences, within the Illusion.

But even THAT is amazing, because they have the freedom to think and create as they wish.

It's like watching all these people having experiences creating new experiences together! And it's okay...

Weird Al and Starbucks

He posted a photo of a cup with a sticker on it, saying, 'There you've gone too far this time!'

I didn't like the sticker.

That's why I'm not mentioning it.

I saw the responses. I read the comments.  I looked at the likes and shares--it had gone viral--over 175,000 shares...

I see this as a 'bridge' between what's true, and hidden, and it being exposed. There are many accusations of such a 'connection' between that 'theme' and that 'company'...

I also 'see' how some people think that 'theme' is cool, edgy.

I wonder if they act this way to reject 'what is taught to us' or if they really think that 'topic' is 'cool'?

It makes me sad, in either case.  I'm glad Weird Al called the rumored company on the carpet, and that it's at least raising awareness in it's own meandering way through the internet.

What Was It Ross Wanted Me To Write?

Oh darn! It was something I 'd figured out, some connection, and he asked me to write it, and I totally totally forget.

I'm sorry. I hope I remember it tomorrow.


Carla has had a long day. It has been a lot of work, and she has done well on all of her lessons for the day.

I ration them.

I apportion what she is to learn, just like Carla decides how to put together Anthony's lunch for the day.

It's part of my job.

And my joyful delight to prepare it for her.

So it is with your guides who co-create with you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple