Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kalaulau Lookout -- Gaia News Brief 4 November 2015


I'll be darned if there isn't a residue left of 3D!

It's the funniest thing, and I will be honest!

I want my reward for a job well done.

It's part of the conditioning down here on Earth, by those who subjugate us in their systems of control--from the sticker or the lollipop after the shot at the pediatrician, to the raise or the bonus, to the special thing we buy ourselves to celebrate after a milestone such as completing a semester...even the WEEKEND is a 'reward' for a work week completed!  It's part of the culture.

Yesterday I did very deep work, and completed it, enough for my spirit to both feel renewed and a little, well, exposed and delicate.

Today I wanted Ross.

I asked Creator why can't I play with him? Then he would play with me and I'd know he loves me back...just hang out and kick back and do something fun together...right?

(Sort of so I'd know 3D was OVER once and for all, yah?)

So I moped!

Yes, here I am free at last without my veil and I'm grumbling about my 'reward' for a job well done!

Let me tell you, 'rewards' from Spirit happen, but they have a lot more to do with our energy signature and growth, which aren't exactly linear or logical to us here in the Illusion.They seem totally random to us down here, and it's hard to say you're even CLOSE to getting one LOL!

So I said, to myself, 'I'll take it as it comes, and not expect anything.'

I also remembered to say 'Please' and "Thank You' when interacting with Spirit, and also, to thank Ross for all he does for me.

Today was amazing!  I took this photo just this afternoon, from over five thousand feet up over Kauai. Anthony was totally stoked, too. We saw Waimea Canyon, had shave ice at JoJo's in Waimea, even saw a cool Nasa sign for some top secret place they have up there that ordinary people can't go.

What meant the most to me, on many levels, is Anthony wanted to buy a hand crafter wood carving from a 'homeless man'.  He has one from a luau in Maui on his first trip.

I realized both of his souvenirs here, were to help people. The other was a pen made by a retired man, it's a very beautiful wood and takes Parker pen refills. I paid cash for both gifts. You could see how much these vendors needed the money, how they were surprised at the generosity.

Anthony's 'treasures' in his room include a carved african Rhino from a poor man in Paris, a soapstone Inuksuk from a man on the street in Victoria, BC...he chooses gifts that help, and also, will always bring him joy...

Ross's Gift To Me

I don't always see things like Ross or Anthony. There was a beautiful wood carved heart, with a turtle and a maile leaf on it.

I just wanted it.

It cost eighty dollars. I wasn't going to buy it.

Anthony was like, 'Mom? They guy is homeless--or almost homeless--look at his feet. This is everything he has here, mom.'

He was right. Chisels. Wood carvings. Cigarettes and lighter. An old flip phone.

While we were looking at the carvings on the table, I heard him playing the ukelele. Only someone from Niihau can play like that. There's not much to do there, growing up, and everyone plays. IZ is from Niihau.

I was like, here is a craftsman, and musician, working with wood, like my beloved once did--does--how can I not see? How come I need my son to wake me up to what is in front of me? Why do I even think twice to help?

So I paid for both. Anthony's carving had Kauai 2015 embossed on it fresh. And his name. I had to make it in big block letters and spell it for the woodcarver. He said, 'I can't see'.  His eyes must be as bad as mine, and he doesn't have glasses...

He also had a HUGE ganglion cyst on his left wrist. And bunions (Anthony pointed that out, and said, 'Mom, he can't get them fixed he's poor.')

So when I gave him the one hundred twenty dollars, I asked for ten dollars change.

He didn't have it. He didn't have anything.

He walked to the lady at the next table at the crafts fair, and got two tens for a twenty, and gave me one.

Then she came and scolded him for taking her ukelele, and she took it away.

I have a good son. I'm a little dense sometimes, but I have a heart and listen to it. And Ross shows me he loves me, just as much as he can, and I'm grateful.

The Energy Of Separation

This one I learned a long time ago, from Hope Weiler Johnson.  She was telling me about a conflict with her young adult daughter.  Her daughter was not happy, and wanted to move back to California.

Hope called her on it. She said, 'This is the energy of Separation.' She felt it. But Hope makes a choice not to live on that bandwidth. She just doesn't.

So she didn't argue. She accepted her daughter's decision.

She even bought her daughter a used car to take with her back to California where the family is from.

It was hard decision, for Hope, both to offer no resistance, and to hold her vibration as high as she possibly could given the situation.

Her daughter wanted to have Hope engage in the conflict with her. She really did.

But Hope worked far too hard on her own spiritual development to let her emotions get the best of her, and to let her vibration assume a lower rate than she is accustomed to.

Hope manifests things all the time. She is open, loving, accepting, and experiences Joy.

I want you to recognize the energy of separation, when you see it.

Sometimes, when we grow in Spirit, and those around us notice a change, they--who are not working on their growth in their soul, and aren't really interested in starting it any time soon--they send us a strong message to Change Back to how we were before.

Stay true to your heart.

We do the best we can, all of us. Even the ones who are a little slow to get the 'interest' to change and grow and are telling us in so many ways to 'Change Back'...all are children of Creator, and holy, and in the perfect place at the same we are...only some are on the 'fast track' and others 'taking the leisurely route' to their lessons and spiritual growth.

The energy of separation does not exist in the Higher Realms.

You don't have to accept it in your heart, in your joy, any more.

And when people turn around and put that energy of separation on you--whatever they feel just cause to do--don't take it personal.

Be like Hope. Wish them the best without lowering your vibration. Help as much as you are able. And wait for the situation to run its course.

(Her daughter moved back not more than six months later, and has been here with her mom for good. She is happier too!)

The Surprise

Sugah gave his last lecture today. Didn't show up before. Only did the part then.

AFTER, though, someone came and put their hands over my eyes, saying, Guess Who?

I had no clue.

It was my old teacher, who later, was my colleague and friend, at my old work. Her son is eight months older than mine. She is the one who showed me how to make the breast pump work--all the tubes and stuff.

She hates him.

She hates Sugah for what he did to me, for how cruel he is, and even though she works FOR him in his department--she protested all his lectures.

Apparently the sabbatical was due to end (he had only five days to leave to go to it) now but was 'extended' at the last minute.

I am SO glad to hear that it wasn't 'survivor' after all...I have tears in my eyes as I write this...I thought they hated me. That all my friends and 'work family' who trained me hated my guts.

It was him!

And yes, what he did was very cruel, getting data on me, and trying to make me late. Everyone else prepped their heart patients and lined them in the bay closest to the heart room in Pre-Op. MINE for some reason went  to the one more than half a building away (it was a huge pre-op) and I never had a technician to help. They WANTED me to fail!

It was cruel.

And yet, I told her, 'Sugah is a sad old man. I don't even think about him any more.'

It's true. He's on 'Sabbatical' and yet on his slides it says professor and chair and all this other stuff with the old work on it.

It's sad.


While Carla was at the lookout point at Waimea Canyon today, and missing me--I told her to look up.

She did. She didn't see anything. Anthony told her to take a picture. She did, but the download didn't show up in her computer. She has to download all of the photos on her camera again.

Carla is being tested in her faith. As the Veil is lifted, Carla cannot see like the rest of us. She is still incarnate, but definitely, very strongly 'working on it'.

She tells herself what is real is where she goes when she sleeps, with her soul, with her consciousness. THAT is eternal.

And although she would rather be 'there' than 'here'--where she is, incarnate, and not able to 'play' with me (he chuckles--ed)--that she must be where she is with her consciousness when she is awake for some PURPOSE.

So she asks us to help her do a good job on it. To do her best. To be as helpful as she possibly can be.

As much as she would like the amnesia to lift (remember, Full Consciousness is a process, Ascension is a process, a letting go of a great many things which hold you back...just like when you get out of the movies on a summer day, you are out of the theater but before you can see your eyes have to adjust and you blink a lot.

That's where Carla is in her development at this time.

And soon--when everything and all your progress is complete--you will experience this too.

It is unavoidable.

It is as sure as the sun sets, and when the moon will go up in the sky.

You can count on it like your fingers. (he gestures--ed). Remember, you have a choice to count on them fast, or slow, but you are still counting, and every digit counts!

That is all I have to say for you today.

And also--for those of you who are on the 'energy of separation channel'--I want you to take a look at this:

It's good.

Repetition and review is important for learning.  Does this 'resonate' with you? (Big smile!--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple <3