Monday, November 30, 2015

Loving What Is -- Gaia News Brief 30 November 2015

I'm back.

Long story short, I passed my test. Ross said I got good marks on it.

Just between us, I complained  to him about 'the school', and how strange it is, because you just keep on learning, there is no report card, and you never know how you are doing, or when you graduate.

Even more just between us, Ross says there is no end to the lessons and the soul growth and development, because after all, there is Eternity.  How would you create 'grades' and 'classes' for something as huge as that?  He says it is like university, and then masters, then post-doc, and all the other things we have here.

I wonder sometimes if I am in elementary school?

What was my lesson?

  • let go of attachments
  • have compassion for people who are struggling to survive
  • go over areas I need to heal (more on this later)
  • be ready to walk the walk and talk the talk--after all, it's just a house
  • see the real estate market today for what it is, all of it
  • how much trust I have in Ross in everything--it's a lot

The part I will 'talk more later' I might as well put it out there. For my soul, I have had a pattern of struggling to survive. My oldest memory as a soul incarnate is dying in the tomb with Melchizedek, as he chose me to be his servant that is buried with him in the afterlife, ALIVE.  Total opera Aida--I can't remember it, the suffering, which is a good thing.

Then as Tabitha, the widow of Gamaliel.  It was awful.

As the widow of Ross, I cared for myself and my family. It was up to me how we survived. I was the one who had all the burden to keep us alive. Everything I had learned in my past lives helped us to survive...

So I flee.  I set up a pattern in this life. As a child I was like, 'what's for dinner?' at BREAKFAST. I wanted to make sure I had food.  But our home was so emotionally toxic, I fled with good grades to Berkeley.

When my marriage to Mark went south, so did I--by studying and getting into UCSD School of Medicine.

When Frank and I were on the rocks, I took off to do a fellowship back at UCSD, needing a separate apartment (he wasn't willing to pay for it--I had to work one day a week in private practice to pay for my living expenses because salary was really low. I had to take extra calls as an attending on weekends too.)  After a brief reconciliation of two months, we split the home down the middle, and then in May I bought this house.  I fled.

It's never been the way I envisioned it. There has never been time. I had bare wood floors for two years.  We're talking sub-flooring.  Because the previous owners had a cat, I took off the carpet, and moved in. It wasn't until I was eight months pregnant I got proper flooring in the house.

Ross says also, I am to 'never take anything for granted' in the days I have left in this home.

It is SO comfortable to be here, in my neighborhood. I've been here for a long time, longer than I've lived anywhere except my first home my parents had when I was a baby. 

A 'nudge' from spirit can get louder if we are 'off track' in our Life Plan. 

I'll share.  My old babysitter and ballet classmate graduated with her realtor degree. She wants to have lunch. I was like--cold call--no WAY!  Deep down, I knew. But I was afraid. 

You would not believe the crap that came up between me and Ross in this last lesson! My old crap.  My 'I married a contractor and you never even gave me a decent home!' (or family life).  There are layers and layers of pain deep within my soul.

I was struggling earlier today.

But there was a gap in my line up. And I took a walk and talked with Ross. I told him how painful it is to be incarnate, totally blind about Creator, and Spirit--we 'sense' it but it's not clear. One minute of it  alone is excruciating. We live and die and reincarnate again and's so painful! And don't get me started on this manifesting/co-creating crap! I told him flat out I don't even know where to begin when it comes to house hunting.

He asked me to start simple. What is your wish?

You, Ross. To be DONE and with YOU FOREVER.

I wanted to know how he is, to see him to touch him and hug him, to make sure he's okay.

He was like, 'you KNOW I'm okay!'

So as I walked I explored the concept of Illusion. How all this is fake, and Home is real.

Then I wondered, 'If LOVE is Real, and Pain is Illusion, why does it seem so real too?'

He asked me, 'What is your second wish?'

I want a home from him and Joseph.  I want to have reminders all over the place that it is from them, and that they love me and care about me and protect me, every minute I am stuck here on Earth.

I made him promise.

I also want it to be easy, a no brainer, as easy and unmistakeable as possible. 

I felt a little better.

I got a little more guidance from Ross on where to look and what price range. 

I also realize, it's important for me to feel like I am connected to nature, to be able to look OUT, and to feel protected and private.

The Battle For Your Heart

All this Ascension stuff is taking forever. I complained about it with some friends, and they are like, 'YES I feel that way too!'

The stuff online 'channeled' and 'predictions' are so filled with disinformation.

But when it comes right down to it, no matter how much Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart try to screw things up, it all comes down to the energy signature.

A cubic zirconia will NEVER be a diamond.

End of story.

They are the cubic zirconia.

You are the diamond!

Right now--as it had been predicted some time ago--at the very end, as it is always darkest before the dawn--Lightworkers will be highly disconnected. It's up to your inner knowing, your resonance, your heart to know the truth.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart have highly advanced technology.

They can alter a thought as it passes through he brain, distorting it.

There are radio-like waves that can cause misunderstanding between couples. What she says and what he hears and reacts to are two different things.  There are similar ones to cause one to gain weight. 

This is WAY more than cell phone towers and chemtrails, that you can see.

The things they do behind closed doors will astound you. It's all over the map--more bizarre than your wildest dream, or possibly nightmare.

They are going down but not without a fight.

I am going to go so far as to say that ANYTHING that doesn't encourage you to get into a quiet space of your own personal connection with Creator--is a deliberate plan of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

This is more than stadiums filled with fans, or the latest movie. There also is a bogus world meditation that always 'just misses' the turning point or goal...setting innocent Lightworkers up for disappointment, which is very low energy, and a freaking all-you-can-eat Buffet for the Other Team.

Gaia doesn't need group meditations like this to save her.

I bet Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart 'hijack' or 'redirect' all that good will intention towards delaying Ascension, too.

Energy goes where attention flows.

Both 'teams' know this.

However, there is a certain bandwidth of energy that starves them silly--and pulls the rug right out from under their feet!

It's joyfulness and love, and family, and harmony, and peace. 

It's Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion.

Next time you see gasoline prices go up?

LOVE it.

Send the damn gas station, all the greedy middlemen, and all the people who are exploiting Mother Earth the freaking Barney song--of LOVE. 

They hate it.

Some landlord stiff you on your rent, jacking it up?

Love the sucker. Bake him cookies. DON'T LET HIM AND HIS GREED GET YOU DOWN. Even if you have to move.

Rise above.

This will keep him guessing, and your vibration UP where you can manifest 'this or something better'!

Today, honest to God, I had the backing of three women to keep a greedy Egyptian who looks just like the Grinch in the face, from stealing my add-on case. And plus, I got one more. Because the WOMEN nurses and my anesthesia colleague and mentor are SICK of the status quo, and worked together to block him.  

It's starting.

This is just the beginning. This is just the start of people taking it into their own hands, and saying, 'I'm not going to put up with this shit any more!'.

A man gave me a wonderful surprise-just as Ross predicted and I doubted--it was a cheese tamale. If you have ever been in a Mexican family (I have, Frank was pure Mexican)--this time of year tamales are a big deal.  I enjoyed it so very very much, and the recipe was amazing!

Guess what? This man, who works in Sterile Processing (cleans the instruments)--noticed one day when he and his wife were shopping for it's so competitive, and crowded. All so you can get a gift to give, and someone else gives you theirs, and 'that's it?'...he said Christmas is a time to celebrate much longer than one day to exchange gifts.  So he asked his wife, how about if we take all the money we spend on gifts, open our house one weekend in December, and throw a big party for everyone we love? We can have music and dancing, and food? People can enjoy themselves. And THAT is our gift!

It started with him a long time ago. He asked, 'why do what I am told to do by society--or advertisements and customs?'

So remember--people who are super good wizards--who take themselves seriously as such and have since before the times of Atlantis--have a vendetta against all that is Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion.  That's why we call them Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

What starts in the ether trickles down to 'reality'.

They probably direct much of their mystical and advanced technologies up 'there' where we can't see or measure or detect or even know how much is going on up 'there'.

But you can bet dollars to donuts, for every minute you are in your quiet space of joy and wonder, and connecting with Source--they have one less 'target' on their 'shooting range'.

So screw them!

You know what to do, and how to do it.  Keep your vibration UP as high as possible, meditate (just turn off the TV and do something you enjoy, or go in Nature), and think beautiful thoughts. 

Dream beautiful dreams.  (By the way, jade is an excellent stone to help one do this.)

I am doing this, looking at the new homes.

Ross and Joseph are going to help me find the perfect one for Anthony and me.

I hope I wasn't too harsh, or too 'rah rah' team on this one. It's mind boggling...when you think about all that is going on, to liberate really is.

Just between us, Ross told me that when the student just barely starts to 'get' the lesson, then Spirit fills in all the rest and it 'counts'. It's like you earn your badge for your scouting work.  Ross says they are easy graders.

And one last thing--I KNOW in my bones, with this high security and high stakes--there is no way no how that anyone down here is going to 'know' and predict by their intuition what will happen.  There is too much 'cross talk' on the radio airwaves. And perhaps, this is to confuse The Other Team.

Ours has the best technology. It makes theirs look like preschool toys. <3


Carla writes to you from her heart. It resonates.

Twenty four hours is a short time for her to recover from her shock, and indeed, there was shock of the soul. 

Carla is open and malleable, and lithe when it comes to her Spiritual Work. She is flexible beyond the imagination, and able to gather up her finer resources (I'm not talking about me! LOL) and rally her strength.

Just the other day she was talking with Adama from Agartha about rehabilitating the tunnels between surface and inner earth, to make the war use seem less ugly, and something more beautiful, like what Jenny Butchart did with her quarry that turned into a garden. It was as if the rebuilding had already begun, after the victory of my associates to free Gaia.

Then yesterday, she was solidly hit.

And today, she bounces right back where she was before, perhaps a little higher.

I am training her in immortality. That's right, how to get your body to live forever. That is what Fully Conscious and Awake people do.

And it is not all fun and games in the training. It is hard, and a challenge, even with willingness and an open heart. 

Now...once Carla opens the door for you, it's a walk in the park and you'll be able to sail right in, and be just like her. 

All of you will be Immortal Beloveds!

I am not talking 'Immoral'--that is for the other team (HA! he laughs out loud--ed)

Immortal. As in 'living forever'.

And Carla passed her test.

You know what? Carla negotiated with me for the first time, on her Lesson. It is fair. One can do this, typically an advanced one. She said, 'Ross, I acknowledge my need to grow in this area of our past, and my needing to move to a new house to get that part of me healthy again, the part that wants to cling for dear life to comfort and security. But it really HURT, those memories, and I don't see what experiencing them all over again any more than I already have these past few days, is going to accomplish anything. I want those memories GONE. That's what I thought the healing chamber Light Boxes were for--to ZAP! So...if I have to heal it, why not let me move forward in my Lesson, do the work, as I agree and acknowledge the need for growth, and not experience the painful part?'

She said it well.

And I got approval, and it's a deal.

You can too. When your heart of hearts is aching, and absolutely cannot take it any more--when you are sincere, as is Carla, and ask, not to be spared, but to work on the necessary parts not any more than the bare minimum because of the discomfort--as in 'only enough to GET the lesson'--I can negotiate it. So can anyone.  

(clap clap--ed)

It's time for Carla to get her rest. It's almost eleven and she has a long day tomorrow.

Carla add the link from Bret.

R:  I want you to be inspired by what he has to say.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple