Sunday, November 22, 2015

Delight! And Then Some! -- Gaia News Brief 23 November 2015

I just cooked dinner for my family. I am on call, and spent all day in the Operating Room. Our friend is here just in case I must be called back in.

To have family at the table is a blessing.

And to have the time to cook is one of my favorite things! Even Ross delighted in it!

Our menu was a Waldorf-type salad with apples, celery, and nuts, but with olive oil, rice vinegar, and some herbs and honey. I also served shishito peppers, and sugar snap peas for those who are 'not adventurous in the salad department'.

Our main course was Cincinnati-style chili, with cheese and onions, over fettucine noodles because I ran out of regular pasta.

Our dessert will be persimmons.

The other day I thought to myself, 'I would like some persimmons to make persimmon bread'.

The next day, I came home with a SACK of them! I kid you not! An nurse brought them in from her tree...

Tonight on the way out of the hospital, I asked Ross for some UGG boots? I told him I know it's cruelty and I hate that, but natural materials are hard to duplicate, and my feet get so cold. I've wanted UGG boots for fifteen years now, and never spent the money. I have a pair of fake ones from Target...

Ross was sweet and said he understands, and he doesn't judge me.  Before I learned about cruelty, I invested in a down comforter when I was in medical school, and it keeps me cool in summer and warm in winter...I still have it.

He reassures me things will work out--with the future, and nature, and cruelty, and animals, and all of those many things.

I appreciate I can confide in him I don't like having cold feet, and that he listens with his heart.

Work was nice today. Very do-able. I had nice surgeons, nice cases, and patients did well.

So here I am! Home, and happy. Renewed.

I bring this up because I am still recovering from yesterday's 'Lesson'.  Spirit gives us a 'break' for a little bit, after we have been tested. It doesn't last long, and I enjoy the respite.

For example, part of today's early test was my backup who yelled at me that they were not on call when I contacted them after they had ignored two texts.

They were. I had the list in front of me. And I knew I was without help.  I had two cases needing to be done at the same time, and one of me.

Later, the colleague called back, to check, saying it was his mistake, and if need be he would come in.

I had fixed it, and delayed one case so it could follow the other. But I told the anesthesiologist from my group, who is 'my backup'--'I will only call you in if there is a plane crash or a bus accident and I need help. I won't make you come in.'

Mass casualty is a thing we all are trained about but fortunately never see. The worst of it for my career was a renter and landlord who both shot and stabbed each other, and both rolled into my operating room. I took care of both with my residents. They did fine. But it sure was touch and go for a while there when they first came in.

Here is the highlight of today--this article--

I won't say any more, but it is the best thing posted on the internet today.

I kid you not.

I was surprised at how many people had a parent-child relationship like me.  I thank you for your share and your support.

I just let go, and choose to love as much as possible, without surrender to the willfulness of my family of origin. My feet are more on the ground today than they were yesterday. I thought I'd briefly mention it.

It's time to wash the dishes and finish clearing the table.

I wish you the best in all things.

Now Ross wants to write.


 Carla did not write about Sananda, because she learned for herself through her meditation, a very deep one, in which she wanted to learn.

For those of you who are not accustomed to the deep meditative state, why not try to go out and 'meet' an angel or Ascended Master, possibly both--the next time you are able to be still?  You might go to them with a question.

You will see an answer.

Today for the first time--Carla--share please with our group:

C:  Zadkiel gave me a physical gift. He told me what to order, and where. It is jewelry and it has special meaning. He was clear and concise in his guidance. So I did.

R:  And what else was a first, honey?

C:  I woke up this morning with a quartz crystal being put down my throat, a long thing one, in my Light Body. It was awkward but I could breathe and it didn't hurt. I didn't know what it was, and I was like, 'Hey! Did anybody ask my CONSENT for that? WHAT IS IT?!' Then I went out.

R:  And what happened after that?

C:  I knew it was a crystal that has information on it--I forget if they are called Library ones or something. Then I asked you was I supposed to have the information come out like rainbow poop on unicorns or something? And you laughed gently and reassured me it would come out my pores. You asked me to write about it.  And the funniest thing is--that CRAVING I had for new and higher energy crystals, that's been going on strong for months? It STOPPED! When I went to told you this, you smiled, and you had two glowing white/clear quartz points, one in each hand, and tapped them to your cheeks, because they were Sirian! And you knew I would be seeking THESE with the same interest as I had the ones before...

R: Yes! That about covers it!

C:  Covers what?

R:  My talk I had to share today. The happenings.

C:  With my dream?

R:  (nods yes). It is most important. One day you will understand and appreciate what took place. Many out there who are reading this will.

(clap clap--ed) Now it's time for Carla to go and wash the dishes and tidy up!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins