Sunday, November 15, 2015

Omicron Pi -- Gaia News Brief 15 November 2015

It's  A Jungle Out There!

I say this with a smile.

For all of us, lessons in Discernment abound.

Here are some key thoughts:

  • The energy of separation is not 5D. In 5D we all win. 
  • The energy of the Divine Feminine is getting more and more difficult for some to accept.
  • The dark ones are truly desperate and will try anything.
  • Your connection to SOURCE is the most important thing to help you through these times--focus on it daily, if not more than once a day, in quiet solitude with yourself.
  • Your heart is your greatest guide, and what 'resonates' with you. Remember, a vibrational difference of one dimension is going to make you and the other a little 'uncomfortable'.  The more you know yourself, and your heart, the better off you will be. Perhaps you solitude will focus both on your heart as well as it's perception of Source?
  • When in doubt, look for the money trail--see where it goes.
  • Also, look who gives you their time, love, and gifts...There are others who tend to take more than they give. This helps you see things properly too.

We are on unstable ground, energetically! Everything is shifting and moving around like a giant earthquake as our 'reality' shifts to the new.

Don't make assumptions on anything.

Don't worry about anyone else's Ascension but your own.

Things have a way of taking care of themselves.


There is no fourth dimension. Atlantis blew it up, and Gaia surface sank down into 3D from 5D. Someone told me the astral plane is gone now. I don't know. I don't understand these things. And I can STILL Ascend without really understanding them.

The outcome for Ascension has been decided a long time ago. People who are working on the timelines accomplished the single outcome timeline in the Higher Realms quite some time ago. Much more than weeks.

There is, due to the personal nature of Ascension, some 'need' to personally 'give birth' or 'create' or 'assist' in the 'World Ascension' on the part of some Lightworkers.

For all I know, this could be truth...for it all exists within the perception. But I've heard about four different 'births to New Gaia' versions from different people.  I note this as simply human nature, and perception being what it is, stay to what resonates as 'true' for me, and let the rest go.

You ARE everything you could possibly be, right this very minute, and by putting one foot in front of the other, and doing your work, you are going to be Just Fine.

If someone bothers you, or makes you feel less than you are, give it to the giant trash bag of St. Germain for him to transmute it.

If you must choose between your guides and those incarnate, trust your guides. They have the clearer perspective and benefit of a wide view.

Love IS the Solution for Everything.

There are things out there we can't see, but we can feel.

There are experts at using all the tools they have at their disposal, including the ones we can't understand and can't see and don't know--against us for the sake of controlling the masses.

This is all right.

There is no need to understand these things anyway.

Love and Gratitude is the antidote for this type of offense against us.  It is our only defense.

As the energies of Surface Gaia raise higher and higher with each time we meditate and we grow stronger and closer to source, inch by inch we reach our goal, and one by one their 'swords' will turn into 'plowshares'--the weapons both in spirit and in the realms of psychological ops will lose their 'edge', their ability to fool the masses.

Think that's a bunch of hot air? Look what happened to Roundup and GMO. Look at how many fast food places are losing money right and left. 

People are waking up.

They will never be tricked again.

From Where I Sit

I am enjoying my existence, busy as it is, and I am plodding slowly through my life lessons, one after the next, sometimes more than one at a time, and I release any and all expectations both from myself and others.

I am filled with love, sweet, unconditional love, because my cup is filled to the point of overflowing with lovingkindness for all I meet.


There are no exceptions to this.

I go my way.

And I smile to myself, thinking, this is only temporary. One day or another, everything will really sort themselves out.


I'm keeping my mouth shut! Shhhh! Mum's the word! (big smiles)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twin Flames and Healers