Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bonus Day! --- Gaia News Brief 18 November 2015

Turn it Around

Monday I was first call. I got to sleep at eleven-thirty p.m., which is many hours after my 'bedtime'.

Unfortunately, I was still on duty and had to come in before our usual work time to do not one but two emergency cases.

In most of my schedule, because of this, I would be given the rest of the day off to rest and recharge my batteries.

I didn't get it.

We are short-staffed. Two anesthesiologists are in China, visiting, and one more here threw out their back. So I had to work a full day.

Instead of grumbling, something inside me 'snapped' to the realization that I can't change it, so I might as well look at the good side of things--and I called it my Bonus Day!

And it is.  I have more work, more opportunity to help and to heal others, and finally, more billing units I ordinarily wouldn't get.

That change of attitude was key.

The Nap Gap

Spirit arranges the cases who are sent to me. And although during my three hour gap, I rested in the back seat of the car under warm blankets trying to catch up on my sleep...I got called by the charge nurse who doesn't really know or care about the situation.

I explained to her, and she said, 'You really need to talk with your supervisor'--he knows. He knows we are short staffed. He is trying to rearrange the schedule and block out some time to 'protect us' but it isn't to happen.

Even my short break was eaten up by 'surgical needs'.

Someone was nervous for a procedure that wasn't booked with anesthesia, so their department called the O.R. to book someone, and it was me.

Once at the bedside, I could see immediately why I was called, and the family was appreciative.

Spirit put me there for them. I knew it, I felt it, and I hope they feel it too.

The Walking Meals

My breakfast was a three-quarters eaten yogurt with granola before I ran out the door. At Ross' guidance I skipped my coffee. I just barely made it to work in time when the O.R. was calling and I was walking in.

After the nap, as I walked into the hospital from my car, I ate an energy bar.  And I had a Peet's Keurig Cup (I don't buy them any more, but I found it while cleaning, and decided not to waste it.)  I made it in the nurses' lounge, added milk, and drank THIS on my walk upstairs to the place where I was needed.

Instead of a leisurely lunch, I ate in ten minutes in the doctors lounge on the way to Something Else I was Assigned To Do.

But you know, a little rice and curry makes a huge and wonderful difference in your day.  Something WARM in the stomach. I rushed upstairs in another building, only to learn that A) my doc was running behind B) he was going to take a lunch break and C) my second patient was angry and upset over the delay.

I decided to save time and do the workups for both patients so when the doc came back I could just 'go!'.

The second one had concerns which I listened to, and said, 'If you are worried about delay, talk to your doctor, because that's the reason. Chances are someone was complex and needed more time. You would want that for you too, if you needed it, right?'

Then the funniest thing happened--Rhiannon, who is a tech and knows I'm a medium and has family who was like that too, and follows me online--stopped me in the hall. She loves everything I post, and is in Spa 5D--but wanted to know--what IS 5D?

I explained it's not 'Duality' or 'The Third Dimension' where is me versus you, limited resources, and a 'winner and loser' or 'black and white', etc.

I said in 5D everybody wins.

In 5D we have the ability to manifest what we need, so we don't have to squabble. There is abundance for all. We also are telepathic (she liked that one!) and able to cure most diseases without lots of intervention. It has to do with the frequency of the vibration of everything on earth, it's a lot faster, fast enough and higher energy to permit these things to happen. In the Fifth Dimension.

She mentioned how her brother is 'all about the book The Field', how we are all One, basically, One huge energy field, all of us together.

So I asked her, and Christine, who was standing by her the whole time, would you like to feel your auras?  They blinked, and I reframed it--would you like to feel your Biofield of Energy from your body?

That they understood.

I had them--and Maria, the charge nurse who stopped by too--remember there are no accidents--rub their hands, place them palm to palm and arm's width apart, and slowly approach the hands together until they felt a little 'resistance'.

This they easily felt, and described but I forget how they made the connection to what it feels like as something else. To me, I just feel it.

At this point, I said, 'this is your Biofields touching--it's half the thickness all the way around.

I couldn't believe the thicknesses. Of my own, the last time I tried this was in 2013  and it was inches. Now mine was two feet thick! And Rhiannon's too. She has been following my work. But Christine's was very thin, and she asked, 'Why?'

I explained gently how our Biofields reflect how we are physically and emotionally. I said, 'You might be hurt or something, or coming down with something, and that's why it's a little weak right now. We can do things to build them up, too.'

And she looked at me, blankly, not saying a word.

Later, she confessed her baby fell and hit his teeth, all of them up on the front. She was horrified and couldn't do anything to stop his fall as he is learning to walk and fearless. She was 'right there!'. She is concerned his adult teeth will be ruined, as well as the baby ones. She is totally worried.

I thought to myself, 'Aha! now that makes sense!'--her worry had reduced her energy field.

I chose to help her heal. I explained how at that age, Anthony fell down the stairs, half a flight, head over feet. I watched in horror, and at the bottom, I held him and sobbed. He was screaming, which was good, but I was checking for broken bones and neurological injury, and comforting him all at the same time. I'll never forget it. 

She smiled because she was understood...

Reiki Fur Babies

Jared and Jessica have two dogs. Holly is a rescue, a half dachshund half cocker spaniel mix, as best as the vets can guess. Haus is a boxer who is very large for his breed.

Holly attacks other dogs, one neighbor dog very seriously, and she was reported. She is now on a 'retraining program'.

I love Holly. And Haus?  (there was a blog post I can't locate right now, where he and his brother Tyson, welcomed me and acknowledged me as Anthony's mom, telepathically letting me know they love and accepted me MORE than his father himself...which was deeply healing...)

So I called Ming, and asked her and Candy to work on both--with their parents permission of course.

It was a miracle!  Holly was protecting the only thing she has, her family, and wondered why she wasn't getting praise for her attacks?  They worked on her first, and when she got her angel Haus saw. And Haus was so thrilled to get his angel and healing he said it made his 'day, week, month, years!'...

The next time I saw Holly a few days later, she told me--telepathically--THANK YOU!--and she looked at me with awe that I knew she could feel better and she does!  That look, that running under my legs, and her new energy all relaxed--meant so much.

I told Ming and Candy, who are delighted.


At my cousin's wedding, I saw another cousin and asked how their two pugs are, Fred and Ethel.

They have three now!

As Diane was walking the dogs, a neighbor came out, and said, 'You have pugs? I have to give away mine. Will you take it?'

Rocco came to his 'forever home'.

But Rocco has been in homes every two years or so, and couldn't relax.

So my cousins--who aren't like me, openly--got an animal communicator to work with all three dogs to ease the adjustment.

They said, point blank, 'Rocco this is it. This is your forever home. Get used to it.'

They also asked him if there is anything they need to know to help him out.

He said his neck has been really painful for him for the last two years. It's true, he can't lay down normally, he has to turn his head to the side.

So they got him a dog chiropractor, and there was a lot of arthritis, and he's responding to treatment, and he's a new dog!

I shared with him the Holly story, and they were glad I didn't think they were odd to get an animal communicator.


I told both stories to my surgeon yesterday.  Luke's mom.

She listened with interest. Her new dog, Flash, is a rescue who she feels 'found her' and is very very much like Luke although a different breed. She wants to know MORE about Flash's life before rescue, to help him.

I bought her a healing session with Candy and Ming on the spot.

The director of our Breast Center is seeking the services of Reiki Fur Babies.  

I also told her that RFB treats VA patients, and insurance is paying for their services too--it's mainstream--and the business community in Gig Harbor and the news are sharing about their healing work!

Here's more if you are interested:


Carla is growing by leaps and bounds.

Leaps and bounds.

So are you.

I'm not keeping  my mouth shut about it.

I am on the edge of my seat.

I want to say something about the events of late, in 'the news' which really ISN'T 'news' to any of us.

There is a stargate in Syria.

They are trying to blast it open with their 'negative ways', the bombing, the fear, and the like.

It won't work.

They won't be able to get off planet to rescue themselves, the Dark. And they won't be able to bring all their buddies in through that star gate.

There is a tie, an energy connection, on Gaia, that runs between France and the Middle East.

When Carla did her energy work there--you might want to follow it and the diagrams in her old posts, just to understand it--Egypt 'fell' within a matter of a few short days.

Carla's energy is connected to all three places, France, Syria, and Russia--it is connected too, in the area of Siberia--energetically--at this time.

I am working on it with her.

If you would care to join us with your efforts, you are most welcome to join us.

We only ask one thing:  that if you do, you do not participate in any 'world meditations' for Paris or for France with others on the twenty-first.

Truth is stranger than fiction, all is not what meets the eye, and this group, for which Carla has posted blogs before and had once very long ago been a part before she distanced herself from them--is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

It's one or the other, or better yet, nothing at all and try focusing on yourselves and your connection to Creator.

It is your energy connected directly UP which will disengage the news media oligarchy faster than anything on the planet.

I'm serious about this.

So let us do our work, and you watch....or perhaps join us with a grid or meditation or intent...but know we are fully aware of the stargates and the hidden agenda of the Dark ones--many who wear and will tell you up close with a smile the are with the good and are wearing 'the white hats'.

No one has to tell you who they are at this point.  If you look deep inside yourself you will discover you already KNOW.  You can sense it:  does the energy from these people carry love and gratitude? Or does it feel like fear and terror and hate?

Your 'Biofield' will know without a doubt--once you release yourself from the emotional energy of Fear that is being pumped into the collective like gasoline and they are lighting a matching hoping for it to blow! (he smiles and laughs--ed--and pats his ship where he is sitting)--and we here are the Fire Truck, and we can handle anything they do.  I mean that. Anything!

So now, dear Carla has to get to work. She has another long day. It is going to be fast food for her and Anthony.

Aren't you glad she makes the sacrifice for us--not to eat at home a nice breakfast that she cooks with love, not to exercise, not to tidy up the house and pick up?

She writes because she knows it is important to us--to me--and to our cause.

Our little freedom fighter has a long reach!  (he smiles--ed)

I guess it runs in the family, doesn't it?  (he shows me all the influence of him here to this day--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins