Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cosmic Intentions

I live in an oasis of Peace.

I have my Star Family who is known to me. Many are incarnate, and more are not.

I communicate with them all on a daily basis.

This gives me great joy, comfort, and support as I complete my assignment as a Lightworker, a conscious embodiment of spirit inside a human body--as a writer, teacher, physician, and mentor.

I want to live in this world forever!

And I am having it begin now.

For the record, I am not Ross.

There are a lot of expectations set for that man--and I am NOT him!

If you are my student, friend, or family, I open my heart freely to you, the same as I always do.

If you are NOT in my Star Family, and you are some Lightworker who says you are Divine Mother Incarnate--and I know for a fact you aren't--what am I supposed to do?  What is anyone supposed to do?

What is present is a large Vibrational Incompatibility. You are locked into your 'belief' you are a 'persona' X, Y, or Z.  There is nothing that can make you budge from this, because clearly, if you were going to budge you would have a long, long, very long time ago.

My lessons do not include setting you straight on this issue.  Does this make sense?

You are here to do your work, and I am here to do my own.  My plate is FULL! I have far too many activities to complete without taking on this other topic.

In love--in this we are the same, Ross and me--eternally patient, hoping for the best, and loving to everyone--in love I cut the ties and allow you to learn at your own pace because any further efforts would take away the precious little time I have available to me to do this healing work, my mission.

I bless you, and I move on.

I shake the dust of you off my feet, and I put my energy towards the next task.   We are friendly and polite. And we agree to disagree.

There are many, many, many, many, many Lightworkers out there, who say they are something they are not.

Let the vibrations, the soul signatures, be evident.  Let us agree to disagree so that we can both move on.

There is a reason the button  Known Incarnations of Angels and Archangels was taken off the blog. And there is a reason for that article that still exists, no one can make comments.   Too many people claim to be something they are not. I am not the 'Identity Police', and such comments put me into that position.

I'm just trying to make it through some rough territory--the Ascension of a Planet and Her Inhabitants--and I am doing my best. Anything that is going to keep me from doing my very best...has to go.

I would like to share one example of my Work.

I go where Spirit sends me and I am fully present for what is needed for a soul.

I had a patient at a place I hardly ever work, who was terrified to go under. Their father, who is deceased, was a physician. And this doc always told his kid, 'the worst place to die is while you are going under anesthesia'.  The spouse said that the fear was so great, the house was painted and all the affairs were set in order and all minor repairs were complete, 'just in case the worst happened'.

Patients like that take all I've got--everything medical, everything in spirit--the energy is like riding one of those broncos in the rodeo. You don't know which way it's going to hiccup--but you focus and hang on until everything is okay. You establish rapport with the patient and the spouse. You smile, You answer questions. You delve into the medical history to make sure you don't miss anything important because of the emphasis on the emotions for this case. You deliver the anesthesia, and carefully monitor everything because nervous people like this tend to be high-strung, and their blood pressure varies to extremes while in surgery.

Angels have sent me to do this work--and coordinated carefully everything because the timing is impeccable and that is their 'mark'.  And because the angels have sent me, I do my very best to ensure that the job is done to the highest competence and satisfaction.

This includes debriefing the spouse afterwards, listening to the stories, and checking with recovery room for the time estimate for when they can see their loved one.

It also includes no lunch, no breaks, the entire duration of the case. which took a full work day.  It takes stamina and mental clarity and will to endure such hardship.

After this, I had the option to go straight home, or stop by and visit my mother.

I realize both my closest relations are in essence, 'going away'--mother to old age, and Anthony to adolescence--and to choose one the other doesn't get my attention I would like to spend.

Mom was hungry. I brought her Taco Bell. The person taking my order told me it is 'Happy Hour'--and I was dumbfounded, and cracked up. 'Happy Hour? At Taco Bell?! What in the world is THAT?!'

Drinks are one dollar. So I said yes and dehydrated as I was, got an unsweetened ice tea.

A neighbor who checks up on mom--but I haven't seen in thirty years--was visiting. It was a delight to visit with them both.

Ross was strict and said to leave by a four p.m., which is did, so I missed traffic.

He also, when I asked him for advice on how to manage the rest of my day, said, 'Enjoy Anthony'.

I did.

We had a nice meal.  I had a starter--five nuggets of peanut butter pretzel and a spoonful of raspberry jam. Then a 'layer salad', a 'composed salad' you eat with a knife and fork. From the bottom up, there was romaine lettuce, shaved slices of ripe pear with no skin, baby spinach, diced celery, blue cheese dressing, and minced jalapeños, topped with fresh ground pepper. After that, Trader Joe's marsala chicken with mashed potatoes heated up in the oven. Dessert was two things, first slices of fresh ripe nectarine, and a small cup of sugar free tapioca pudding (only ninety calories).

We watched The Empire Strikes Back--greatly enjoying it--and had a cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate before bed.

I tucked him in, and we each had a good night's sleep.

Now the work starts again today.  I didn't mention the pets or the dishes or the garden, but they were all in yesterday too. It's funny, I give the mice to the snake and he goes looking around like crazy, completely ignoring the mice. It struck me that he is a male, and fully grown, and perhaps he is seeking a mate? When I returned the mice to the store (I don't like to board them) I asked could this be possible? Indeed, yes, it is their 'breeding season', and the behavior was correct. He just completed his shed, and must have adequate nutrition for this to happen. So in two more weeks I will try to feed him again. The pet store said that he doesn't have to mate--much as he would like to--and it will go away once the season is done.

I share because my awareness is 'picking up', and I wouldn't have guessed that about Cecil (our ball python) without my intuition being healthy and functioning.

I also refilled my fountain. I had it off since July. The sound is soothing and music to my ears.

Negotiation is an option you might want to explore in this next phase of Ascension. This morning I was woken up at five thirty by a phone call from the hospital. A surgeon added on a case at seven a.m., and because of my assignment I was supposed to do it.

Who could I call at five-thirty to tell them I'm dropping Anthony off?

I always coordinate this the night before.

I wished the surgeon to reincarnate with ten children and no help and to be a single parent.

I decided to take Anthony with me to work and ruin his day.

But then on second thought, I called the OB Anesthesiologist, who was already there at the hospital, and leaving her shift at seven. Would she be interested?


I lost money. That case would have paid a lot. But I had to work things around so I wasn't running around like crazy and stressing out. My next case is at eleven thirty.

We had a breakfast--many courses too---and although I am ready for work, Ross asked me to write what I write now. The part about people who are well-intended but confused about their soul identity. He wanted us to 'draw the line' on 'what is okay' and 'what isn't'.  

And that's what is here.


You have a right to your joy.

Every little speck of it.

It is your birth right!

(he shows me a gesture of two fingers walking--ed)

Whenever there is something you don't like, and it is not an active part of your life lesson--turn and walk away from it.

Turn and walk TO YOUR HAPPINESS!  (he waves his finger side to side to stress something--ed)

It doesn't matter what the situation, and if you can't walk or leave then leave with your heart and follow your joy to where everything feels 'right' to you. (he shows a picture of him meditating, sitting crossed legged with eyes closed--ed).  You can ALWAYS escape, even for a little bit.

(he shows me an image of dogs yapping at his feet, and he is lifting his legs and moving them away from the dogs--who try to follow--ed)  Always try to be one step ahead of those who bite you--be a little proactive, and not to defend through direct confrontation but avoid like the plague those who give you a hard time, and you have done nothing to invite it.

As for Carla--my sweet--I am going to show her 'the ropes' and 'something more' in a short time (he smiles mysteriously--ed) and Carla will have something to share tomorrow with you.

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins

Monday, August 29, 2016

Heart Of The Cosmos

How are you?

I'd like to say again, thank you for listening.  There have been so many wonderful discoveries on this journey to awakening, Ascension, to New Life.  You are a very important part of this mission.

None of it would be if it were not for your hearts and minds and spirits, wanting to Awaken, and our keeping one another company on the long road it has been.

It means to much to both of us, Ross and myself.

So...thank you.

It's been an odd few days, of lessons. I am seeing with increasing clarity--thanks to my having been alive so many years! LOL--the workings of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.   I see how the economy is designed to entrap people into debt, and how it is very difficult to 'win', especially without being 'on their team' if you know what I mean.

I find it very freeing, the truth.

And then I don't give it a second thought.

I don't want one drop of my energy going to 'those people' (Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart).


Because fear and all-consuming worry FEEDS them. I'd like them to starve and die out; to leave and never come back from Gaia.

I concentrate on my joy.

THIS is what disempowers them:  an individual following their Life Script with trust and complete and total awareness and acceptance of What Is--including THEIR part in it.

It all has to do with responsibility.  The more clear-headed you are, the slower you are to anger, the slower you are to react without thinking, and the more you are naturally drawn to activities which bring you joy.

By giving thanks, and applying yourself with the gifts given to you so generously--guess what?

MORE gifts of Spirit arrive!

One of my gifts was dodging a bullet. There had been a scrub tech who had been flirting with me five or so years ago. I thought he really liked me. But a close colleague said, 'that one?  No!' and shook her head. I trusted her. Later, this same one is in a relationship with the OTHER single lady anesthesiologist in our group.  I still wasn't sure if it was true love or what.  It wasn't until last week someone said, 'so and so always has his get-rich quick schemes'....then a little lightbulb went off in my head! I dodged that bullet!

Another gift is the excitement and joy to spend time with my son. We went to the Great Wolf Lodge and rode the water slides. I appreciate his being between childhood and young adult--we stayed in a Wolf Den room, where there was a special bunk bed set up for the children. There were animated animals (for example, a singing bass) that weren't moving. I learned how you need a magic want to make them go. I went downstairs and saw one store was closed. But I had spoken with the front desk gentleman who said the store closed at ten. I asked the front desk, and she said it was closed. But I went to look--it all was open! I picked his favorite color, a dragon one, and you should have seen his face when the bass lit up the lights and sang, then the frog sang. It was very cute. Later we went to Disneyland, and what really excited him was the Star Wars Launch pad. He had his photo with Boba Fett, and also both of us with Chewbacca (I was like, WOW! too).

A miraculous discovery is I have found cooking our meals with beautiful presentation as a series of very small courses keeps us both from overeating. We are full on very little food, and Anthony is drinking more water with his meals, instead of drinking cow's milk like it was water.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the home are like the French, with courses.  Breakfast was peach slices, then bread and jam like in France, and milk/coffee. Dinner was a tiny dollop of creme fraiche 'dip', six sugar snap peas, and three peanut butter pretzel nuggets, followed by what I called 'warm salad'--lettuce one big leaf of romaine, with zucchini cut into noodles warmed with shallots and hemp seed. Anthony didn't like it, but he ate the lettuce from both our plates instead. He doesn't like zucchini. No matter how you cook it!  Our main course was a homemade pizza. They sell dough at Trader Joe's. But THIS time, instead of letting Anthony eat as much as he wanted--like I used to--He had one very large piece--cut into two smaller pieces and I had one. Dessert is after the dishes. And we had half a scoop of the ice cream he wanted (caramel ripple chocolate) cleverly arranged in a martini glass to look like one scoop, and then with it one of the beautiful cookies from a neighbor who bakes, which included edible gold in the frosting.

I don't get the 'I'm hungry' mom thirty minutes after we finish. I get the dishes done, and we also talk more.

Today Anthony went to an art museum with his summer 'camp'.  I asked him vague questions and he was vague back. But then I thought to ask THE question. I asked, 'were there paintings of naked people there?'  He laughed so hard and let down his guard and said 'yes'.  He said both men and women, including Adam and Eve. And the statues. I asked if it was embarrassing?  He said not really. I shared how the Nude is a form of art, just like Portraits or Landscape or Still Life. That's why they are there.

Anyhow, things are good for me right now.

I am dreaming of things, and following them.  I have small activities I enjoy, and I am doing them every day. I also am counting my steps--only five thousand today!

What is INSIDE affects your OUTSIDE circumstances/experiences.

What is INSIDE can be changed.

It is the THINKING that goes on in the mind which determines everything--people who think thoughts of lovingkindness actually remodel the brain to increase performance of the brain itself!

Happiness is a happy accident.

It first starts with clearing the soul out of all that is holding it back, just like in the Boston Tea Party where all the tea was dumped off the ship, because they didn't want to pay taxes.  It was like, get rid  of it!! And they heaved it overboard with a big splash!

Well, with that attitude, and willingness to experience 'what may come up'--the process takes care of itself. The soul presents things (memories, feelings) which were holding you back. You experience them, and release.  This can take a long time, with release then rest periods and more releasing which may go on for some time. Then it's gone, and when there is no more of that 'stuff' left, life is pretty fantastic.

It's all done.

I wanted to share because I think it is important, just like Ferris Bueller once said, 'Life goes by pretty fast. Sometimes you just have to stop and take a look around.'


This is our gift of love to you, through this page and our work.

To all who assist us--and there is Divine Assistance both 'in the air' and 'incarnate'--we give our gratitude and love.

To all who are growing--drink! Drink of the energy and awakening with excitement! A time will come when you shall journey on to other things, just like Anthony will move along into his adolescence...

So, enjoy.

Relax, and (he giggles--he is mimicking Matthew Broderick--ed)  sometimes you just have to stop and take a look around.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Saturday, August 27, 2016

State Of Medicine Report 8.27.2016

The Implosion of healthcare is happening all around me. I am witness to it every day.

The health care teams have been going 'all out' and 'full pace' for so long, that it's starting to take it's toll.  I mentioned last time how many people are getting hurt on the job. They are on disability, and not making money. This puts even more strain on the staff who is left to do the work.

Recently, there were so many sick calls, that only one 'break' person was available for the nurses.

One scrub tech had to mop his own floor in his room for turnover, because the cleaning crew was not adequately staffed.

It is becoming more commonplace for patients to have their cases rescheduled because the OR is running at capacity. When something unexpected happens, and the cases in the lineup before take more time, something gets 'bumped'.

I come from a facility where there used to always be one room open, all set up and ready to go, for trauma patients and emergencies. We had everything ready, including arterial lines and i.v.'s, to save time--and for patient safety.

Over the years, this room was scheduled--booked for cases--and the new trauma had to go in after another case finished and would bump that room.

It's to make money. And we haven't been allowed to set up any lines ahead of time for a long time. This is because they expire in twenty-four hours, and it adds up to the price.

A woman went to a well-known hospital for advanced cancer surgery. There were complications. The surgeon was on vacation. She went to another hospital near her home. A staple line where bowel had been cut and reconnected together was leaking into the abdomen for a week. This woman almost died, had she waited longer. It was a difficult case. A visiting cross-cover anesthesiologist got the case, and handled it well. The physiologic shifts due to this overwhelming infection make the anesthesia very complex and challenging. She is going to be okay, but has a long road ahead of her.

Another patient--with same anesthesiologist--had a blood vessel that was closed with a surgical instrument open during a case. There was near exsanguination. Again, the same person handled it well. This is very rare, very unusual an occurrence. But with hospitals driving for cheaper and cheaper costs, the instruments are not the same as in the past, and sometimes failure is seen.

One had to go back to surgery--something routine--but was bumped from one day to the next. Due to the caseload, the O.R. delayed the surgeon one hour. Then he went and delayed us another two hours. This is three hours unpaid for me, staff being paid to be on standby, and the patient in pre-op holding. It was a very quick case. However, there was a miscommunication, and a certain type of drain was not in the O.R.   New people didn't know what it was. Another hospital was called--do you have one? No. Patient is on the table, cut open, instruments inside, and there is no equipment that if it had been in the room would have finished the case in five minutes.  Another hospital had it, a courier was sent. Then, the night nurse in charge went downstairs to the central supply room and looked at the equipment and found two! She knew what she was looking for but the new ones didn't know. Everything was fine and the patient did well. There was just unnecessary anesthesia time.

This surgeon is a sad story.

He used to do hearts. His partner was offered a position to be a staff surgeon for the hospital foundation. He was supporting his family who worked in his office as his employees. He wasn't asked to the exclusive deal like his partner, either. But this is happening left and right, people 'making a deal with the devil' (his words) and signing away their rights as independent practitioners and working for an organization. As it turned out, his partner was given an unfair share of the workload with the senior cardiac surgeon--there were two. So for a pay cut, he quit, and is back to being his own independent practitioner at another hospital. He dodged the bullet, my surgeon--and he said he saw that one coming. He stopped doing hearts and only does thoracic (chest) to be able to continue working for himself!!!  Medically, to me, this is like an animal chewing off its leg in the jaw trap in order to be free. All those years of training, for what?!

(Just for reference--heart surgeons used to be paid very well for their services. But now, thanks to managed care, all the care--visits before surgery, six hours of surgery, rounding on the patient in the hospital after surgery, discharging them home, and follow up care--brings in a total of around six hundred dollars for all that work. And all that risk! Surgeons can be sued at any time for malpractice if something goes wrong.   For more reference--all the prenatal visits, birth, hospital care, and post-natal visits--earn an OB-GYN about nine hundred dollars. )

After chewing off the leg--to be free--and stopping doing the work he was trained to do, the same is true for me. I did a fellowship in cardiothoracic, pediatric and adult. But the same heart room I started, upstairs, was so malignant a woman who was a tech there used to go home and cry every night. Her husband told me (he works there too). Four people went up to that heart room and begged to come back to our main O.R.!!  So all that training I had, too, was 'for nothing' in a way, although I enjoyed my work in the field and my expertise helps me to this day with patients who have heart disease and undergo other kinds of surgery.

The story gets sadder for the patients. The new nurses and scrub techs watch the clock. At the end of their shift, they want to go home and have their 'life'.

Sometimes patients are on the table at the end of their shift.

No one wants to stay late.  Even though the hospital pays double time for overtime in those cases.

Except one. She's about my age. And she says, 'It's the nature of the work! It's the job! The patients need you.' So she always volunteers to stay.  That's professionalism. And it's on the way out.

Another hospital just cancelled a case with my surgeon. It was for later that night. There was 'a disaster' and 'it couldn't go'--but the people notifying him were avoiding telling him WHY. He needed to know.  He kept asking.  The state inspectors had closed the O.R. at that other place that day.  And instead of taking responsibility, putting patients first, and telling him at once so he could transfer the patient--who still needed surgery--to another hospital so he could finish the case...they kept it quiet and waited until the last minute where there was no option for him to scramble. The life-saving surgery for this patient was delayed.

I know of another nurse who started a surgery center who is out on 'stress leave' and is never coming back.  It was the politics of the other nurses that did her in. It's a shame after a fine career to end it like that.

The worst from the week was seeing a patient's wife in tears in the hall. The surgery was difficult, and had to be stopped.  It needs to be rescheduled for another day.  She was happy with the care, but totally distraught over the money.

Their healthcare system, the same 'Big Box' hospital as my mother, wanted to do a larger operation, and wouldn't cover the minimally invasive one. So they sold a car, came up with twenty-thousand dollars, and paid to get it done once and for all.  But it wasn't 'once'.  As it stands, I still haven't gotten paid yet for my six hours of work (they paid for like, three, because that was the estimate, but everything went to the surgeon as one flat fee.) because it is up to the surgeon who still has to finish the job. My boss told me how much I am to be paid, and I know. It's an awkward situation. I was asked if I would be available for the return part--but unfortunately I am not. And I don't think the next anesthesiologist is going to work for free. The family can't come up with more money. It's up to the surgeon to do the right thing, and to take the hit for the O.R. expenses and take it out of his fee.

He says the hospital has doubled the costs for cash patients. And charges twice THAT for patients who pay cash who come from out of state, like many of his patients do. (He's famous).

It's sad.

There has never been a better time for healthcare to embrace energy medicine. During that whole case, with the need to come back pretty obvious the whole time--I was sending Reiki and asking for help from Archangel Raphael.  Sure enough, the patient DID notice instant improvement in the symptoms. I hope it's enough...

I share all these things so you will know the difference between what is really happening on the front lines, and not what they tell you in the news.   One way or another, things are going to work out. But Obamacare has hurt lots of people--doctors and hospitals are going unpaid--and patients who are self-employed and buy their own insurance--like the couple with the surgery that they paid cash to go outside their insurance system--are really getting the short end of the stick. They can barely afford the insurance bill every month, and the copayments and deductibles are so high, no one is 'getting anything done'.  As a result, our patients who do make it to the O.R. are sicker, more complex, and straining the staff to their limits.  We are exposed to many things in our work which are contagious.  We are on the front lines. And everything is changing right and left--this is how I see it and I hope this information is of value and interest to you.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc

Four Questions

Just as I was waking up this morning, Ross asked me the following four questions. He says they are important for all of us to ask ourselves, and I should write them.

1) What is your best miracle?

My knee. It had broken as a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament in a belly dancing class when I was doing a chainé turn and my foot stayed planted on the ground and the rest of me turned over it. There was a sound like a very low guitar string being plucked, and next I knew I was on the ground in a world of pain with my leg crumpled under me. My friend, an ENT resident and belly dancing teacher, Maria Chand, came immediately and said, 'GIVE ME YOUR LEG' and she examined me for a fracture. It wasn't broken, I couldn't dance, and was starting to swell so she said I should drive  home soon. So I did. I put my knee up with a pillow and ice, and was crying, crying, crying as I flipped through the pages of my orthopedic examination textbook.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Blessed Mother, bawling too, standing in the corning, saying, 'God will make a miracle! God will make a miracle! God will make a miracle!'

I didn't ignore her but she didn't give me much comfort.

One day, I was at a stoplight in Costa Mesa, like, three years later, and Blessed Mother said, 'You will dance again!'

I was flooded with instant relief because this resonated strongly with me, and I couldn't believe the hell of not being able to dance ballet  was finally OVER!!! (I'd had it repaired nine months after the accident, when the swelling was down.)  I didn't know where or when, but I knew it was true, her words.

At dinner one night, my ex-husband Frank mentioned how there was a ballet class at 24 Hour Fitness. I should go. I was like, 'What? At the gym?'

Sure enough, it was a good class with an excellent teacher, Jay L. --it cost a little extra but I had so much fun. By then I was chief resident, and I made the schedule so on my post-call days I could attend class. Through Jay I met Miss Sara, and I danced with her to my heart's content--going on pointe, learning variations, performing--even though I was in my late thirties at the time, and the rest were teenagers in the company. I was accepted, and very happy.

But then I thought about Anthony. He was a miracle too! I was told I couldn't have children, I couldn't carry them to term because of my anticardiolipin antibody--I would miscarry. But I saw myself with the little test and the two blue bars going, 'WOW!' and feeling like God loves me after all!  Anthony is a gift that keeps giving, and brings me much joy...and companionship too....

So I couldn't really answer Ross' question except it was a tie between those two, something taken away or really unexpected to get, and very happy about them both. Like, my energy has never been so amazingly WOW over anything else like that before.

I am surprised at the candidness, lack of need to be politically 'correct' and the speed my responses come from my heart as I speak with Ross, by the way...

2)  What was the best night in bed you ever had? Who was it with?

It was Tyrone. One night. It was worth it. It's hard to explain.

3)   Out of all the people who have been intimately close to you, Carla, which is the one you could share your heart?

None of them! Not a single one! Not a husband, not the father of my child--I was able to share my heart with him but he left me for it.  For being 'needy'...

4)  Why didn't you stay with Tyrone? He wanted to have a relationship with you.

I couldn't talk with him. He was so nice, and I knew he meant it. He had a child from another relationship. He was into cocaine, and drank way too much. It frightened me, his lifestyle. But when it comes right down to it, the conversations were really hard to keep going, and I couldn't open my heart.  I guess he would have been a good person to keep in my life but for some reason--many reasons!--it wasn't going to get any better than it already was, and I kept it that way.


Last night on the way home from work, Carla and I had the following conversation:

R)  I like it when I am close to you.

C) I like it when I am close to you too.

R)  Do you know how special this is?

C)  Um, not really, no. Can you explain?

R) You are the only person in the world who gets to see a certain side of me. The only one.
(she clarified because of Michael, Raphael, Merlin, and Raziel--the whole multi-dimensional thing--and I said, 'I'm talking only about US')

She relaxed. Then she got nervous, just a little and confessed, 'Is this what they talk about when they talk about Intimacy? Is this the Intimacy conversation? I'm not sure I know what to do. I hope I do things right while I am talking with you.'

I asked more, to clarify. And she said, 'I know that it is very special for you to share this side of you with me, and that you can get hurt--I know it's really hard to do but I've experienced it and know it's possible--and I want to honor you with my answers when we talk about such delicate things. I want you to know I value and appreciate this part of you, and I hope you will be able to grow in this part of your being very well while you are with me.   I know for my own self, I haven't really experienced it, true intimacy, and I'm a little afraid to say the wrong thing and mess up.'

This was the first time Carla realized we are close, where the physical meets the spiritual, and we both are open our hearts freely to each other, and in this she was amazed at how 'right' it felt--how she couldn't imagine having lived her life WITHOUT me! Yet it happened in a short time, right under her nose, how I came into her life and she can't really pinpoint the exact day or time, like she could with the others...

This is Galactic.

The nature of our relationship together is physical, mental, etheric, and we are compatible--not to say IDENTICAL! (he holds one finger up)--to a very high degree. Some of you are experiencing this type of relationship on Earth.  Either both incarnate, or one incarnate and one UP, like we two....

So it is the COMPATIBILITY  I want you to notice when you begin to interact with we who are not in body like you, but who are in a Higher Form of energy, with what is called a Light Body, and who appear the same as you but are slightly different in 'technical composition'.

Our hearts are the same, identical to your 'heart of hearts', your inner knowing. We have it too.

And our hearts are filled with love for you, for all of humanity. For some it is the Intimate kind of love, like Carla has with me as she is my Wife and Twin back Home where we are from-- and for everyone, there is unlimited love unconditionally--for every person, place or thing...or animal or plant or mineral...Can you imagine it? Can you begin to comprehend???? (he's really smiling huge huge huge! and I like it--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Friday, August 26, 2016

Spiritual Uneasiness

Yesterday I was on my way to work when to my surprise Ross popped in, clear, and after a brief hesitation, he gave me a kiss and wished me good day.

He told me he had looked ahead, and my day was good so enjoy it!

He stepped back, and to his left I saw my beloved Nana Angelina.  I was thrilled to see her! She's been gone now almost two years, I was there with her when she died, I helped her soul cross over to Home, and I haven't heard from her--mysteriously--since.

Nana looked at me funny.

I've never seen her without an open heart to me. But this time, she looked at me with disbelief and regret that wasn't easy for me to figure out.

She told me my life is good!

So while I was clarifying with her, 'do you mean from birth until now? or from now into the future?' I was scrambling to sort out this new emotion I both felt and noticed in her...

She said, 'from now into the future'.

Oddly enough, she didn't have much rapport with Ross, either.

What I picked up in her is a form of Spiritual Regret for having not realized in Life, who I actually was.  Nana was 'berating herself' for not doing certain things she would have done if she had known I was Mrs. Ross. I 'saw' how she had a whole script of how she 'would have done this' and she 'would have said that'...and that was on her mind the whole time since she passed!

My heart was filled with compassion, and I told her, from my heart,'Nana, the veil is THICK!' and  'How much better it is for you to have loved me as your granddaughter so well, the way you always did, in your unknowing?'

But her soul still didn't budge from its self-judgement and her resultant emotional separation from me because of the time spent close to me and 'she didn't know'.   She kept looking at me funny, almost the way a patient who has paranoia looks at you, wary, guarded.

Ross leaned in and whispered that 'you are going to see a lot of this' and the 'you' meant 'all of the Lightworkers who were sent'--the Angels and Archangels and the like.

I sensed it was time to go. But I couldn't leave Nana without a gift, something to remember me by.

I gave her a bouquet of my prayer flowers (*will explain more later) and told her they were fresh from this morning.  They were like a store bought nice bouquet, the twenty-five dollar kind, with the paper on the outside and everything.

It startled her out of her funk.  Then I felt her thoughts, and she was saying, 'She really IS who she is!' and her heart opened in love the way it always did in the past.   Instantly, she put a gold necklace over my head, as a gift from her, and it was the one she wanted me to have, the one with the gold and the garnets she had given to my sister.  She had given me the choice of both the one I have (the heart she wore that says in Italian on it, me and you and you and me on it) and the nicer one. I chose the one I always saw her wear while I was growing up, because to me, that IS Nana. She told me then I had made the wrong choice--even though in my heart I knew I had made the right one!--and she still thinks I'm wrong to this day, lol)

She also commented on my making of the Tiramisu for the first time, and how I did a nice job of it, and she was happy.

She told me to wear my necklace as she has a blessing in it for me.  (so I got mine out and put it on after I got home.)

Then she left.

On the way home from work, Ross popped in. We had normal conversation. But something unusual happened.  He asked me if I could pick one set of china as my favorite, which one would it be?

I said my wedding china, in the pattern Albany by Royal Doulton, because it's the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, with little shells on it. But then I had an afterthought, about my special Mikasa china I got for my birthday when Anthony was two. I think the name is Monticello--it's blue at the edge with a little gold. It was a tough decision.

He asked me, 'well what about OUR china?'  Indeed, we have Portmeiron salad plates, both in ovals and rounds--only three plates each, for Anthony, Ross and me (I set a place for Ross at our table).

Then I was REALLY stuck! It is beautiful, the Portmeiron, with its botanical prints, and such a lovely memory of earth!

In a flash, I was up in our kitchen on board ship...and Ross opened the cupboards.

There were all three!

He showed me how when I come Home, I will be able to cook as much as I please, and we can eat together too, just like we were together on Earth.  Even though the replicator technology exists, since cooking is something I enjoy, I won't have to stop developing my skills once I go back to be with him.

I was overwhelmed with his lovingkindness and thoughtfulness for me, and started to cry tears of relief and gratitude!  I was very deeply moved and filled with ease that this new phase of my life is going to be 'okay', and not like the current one has been, where I have had to learn to control my mind and keep it positive so I can manifest good things. And it hasn't always been simple!

Why did Ross tell me my day was going to be okay? Why did he show me Nana?

I had some challenges--things I can't share--but it wasn't exactly ME who had them. Let me say that surgery is complex, and there are many emotions involved, and I was witness to them. I was constantly a source of Lovingkindness, and Trust to everyone I interacted with. I was in the right place. And I called in Raphael and Ross to help heal EVERYTHING, the whole time.
Everything turned out for the best--I can't explain more, sorry--but I have a new appreciation for all of my teams, both incarnate and disincarnate--and how the lessons arrive.

The second part is that Anthony wanted a video game, Madden 2017. We went to a small franchise near our grocery store. Anthony accurately picked up the energy, and asked, 'mom, do you want to leave the store?'

I wanted to 'get it over with' so I said, 'let's just buy it here'.  My 'mom' mode was stronger than my 'antennas'--it's hard to explain. And Anthony's was working fine.

He had problems playing it at home. We had to go back to that store. Then they were rude, not helpful--I saw the eyes with the darkest lack of soul I have seen in a long, long time. We won't go back again.

The error message that came up we couldn't interpret. So we called the Microsoft store--and made an appointment. I insisted we eat dinner first--quick microwave of last night's leftovers.  Apparently Anthony started playing instead of letting it load all the way; he always starts when it says ready to play, but this time it wasn't enough.

The customer service was excellent. And the energy (this place I've done lots of work on in the past) was more 'light'. Even then, close to my bedtime, I hit a wall as he was trying to decide on what headphones. He had lost a pair. I walked over and he put a pair of Turtle Bay ones on for me to try. I couldn't hear anything else, and I blurted out, 'I can't have you with these on because if I need help you can't hear me--I would have to call 911 and you'd keep playing away and never notice. It's just us two in the house, and I need you to hear when I call.'  He saw my point. He bought the twenty dollar ones, like he had.

On the one hand, I realize this IS his childhood--putting off all I needed to do for two nights after work. And on the other, I realize it's a teaching opportunity too--on 'how much favor to ask'--for Anthony, and I let him know when 'it's enough'.

I got the mail--it's never fun. The dental insurance needs my new credit card information (after the stolen wallet the charges did not go through)--but they word it so mean like my coverage will be cancelled any minute. And bills. There are always the bills. The gardener doesn't do the best job and he's always asking for money too.

I just wish I had more time to get on the phone and manage these things, you know?

The good news is I cleaned a little area of the house, my bin where I put my things after work, my 'basket'--and I found the keys to my PO box I'd lost for some time. I have a spare but this made me happy.


Carla brings up a delicate subject:  the judging a soul has for itself when the time is right to have Eyes Open. (he gestures with hands opening suddenly and fingers spread)

All you can be is Love.

Just like Carla.

Everyone comes to their senses.  Eventually.

For some it seems the longest time. (holds one finger up--ed)

But they do!

You are going to see lots and lots of this.

Not just in the ability to see how they have been duped by The Other Team (those who do not have our best interest at heart)  but how they have been blind! (you know how when people do a dance move that's like a peace sign they pull horizontally over their eyes, one side and then the other? he does that--and smiles--ed)

(he means 'blind' by how we are right under their nose and they never even knew they are in the presence of angels, in fact, very high ranking ones.--ed)

clap! clap!

Time for some tiramisu (we have been eating it for breakfast and it keeps us full a long time. There's lots of eggs in it--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

* Prayer Flowers:  this is one of the nicest gifts you can give to a loved one up in Heaven. When you say prayers, from your heart, and they are pure Love--little flowers are created. They look and smell just like the ones you find on earth. But they never wilt. They always stay nice. The more Reiki you send, the more prayers, the more meditation--the more and the nicer the flowers.  Share them with your loved ones today!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


On Monday night, Anthony was late coming to dinner. I had made a nice meal for us. And when he arrived to the kitchen, he shared his excitement over his reaching a new, very high level in his video game which is hard to achieve.

I made a connection.

Anthony needed the validation that the game gave him for playing well.

He sought external validation.

There are two kinds of validation, internal, and external.

The majority of my validation is internal--it's what 'resonates' with me inside in my spiritual work. I do enjoy some external validation, for example, a nurse noticing a nice wake up in my patient, a patient thanking me for their care, or even finding a really good word on my Bookworm game on my iPad.

Everyone has different needs. I'm just thankful that I am aware Anthony needs MORE validation (that's why he likes to play catch with me too) and as his parent I will be sure to give it.

Our souls--eternal as they are--are not 'steady' while we are incarnate. We go through 'phases'. Sometimes, I need to play my video game on my iPad a lot, and just recover and rest from my overwork.  Other times, I enjoy the internal satisfaction of creating a nice meal. Or like today, discovering something new in my spiritual life, and applying it. 

Just think of it from time to time. And always ask for a little Divine Assistance to help you stick to you lessons, and master them the first time--so you never have to repeat things from the past.  You 'move on' more quickly, and effortlessly, and in a short time, the lessons although perhaps painful are quick and you understand the need for them.

I had a major breakthrough the last few days. It started with something in 3D, and this in turn became a springboard for my soul growth in a much needed area of healing.

Yesterday I wasn't sure I wanted to work with someone. They rush me. And never let me eat. (we anesthesiologists sneak in our biological needs--toilet, water, food--in the short breaks between cases. When people rush for a 'quick turnover' and push for time, we are denied our basic needs.) I was assigned to their room all day. It's a nice doctor. But the work habits aren't a good match for mine when this surgeon is 'on a roll'.  

I used to be a favorite. Then something changed. I can't put my finger on it. He invited someone else to come do my case--because she had asked and she was the same religion as him--so I lost a lot of money because of that switch. I'm sure she knew of the money, but her interest in the procedure was also a part of it. I felt tricked.

Last night, I was told by the staff that 'he hates women'.  The explanation was that the upbringing in the country where he is from, and the religion, make it so he never wants a woman to tell him what to do.

I was shocked!

I said, 'I told him there was still more procedure to do-he had forgotten!--and he thanked me for the reminder!'

Why are there entire cultures who hate women to this day?

Why would anyone curse the sex who gave them the gift of life?

On Sunday I was in the kitchen about eleven a.m. and I heard a voice, a man's voice, one I've never heard before, say, dryly, 'Hello Carla'.

I wasn't sure who it was, good or bad, and nobody was helping me.

A few hours later on a Skype call I confirmed the source of the voice. It was the higher self. I had scheduled to call and I guess while waiting for me to pick up the phone the voice came through.

The phone call was awkward. It was like we couldn't get off on the right foot. And I haven't had anyone call me, a board certified anesthesiologist and practicing physician, and Reiki Master--'a beautiful girl' in decades.

I felt like I was ten. I felt like I was ten and I have to apologize for myself for being who I am.

This soul is Saul incarnate.

Ours are connected enough for me to hear him on the opposite coast just like that.

Today I was invited to lie on my porch swing in the sun.  I'm post call. I have a million things to do. Anthony is calling me to bring him sneakers because all he has is flip flops and they are going to the park.

But I listened.

I lay down on the swing.

I've fed the animals but not had either breakfast or coffee, mind you!

I saw him. That soul. I'm not sure from then or now or what. But that being, who looks like the pictures here of St. Paul/Saul--was talking to me.

It didn't feel good.  I was holding back the tears.

He never could acknowledge my love for Ross.

And it hurt.  He was the one behind my losing my baby.( my newborn was whisked away to another waiting wet nurse before he took his first cry, and I was told he was stillborn. He was raised in England. And Ross knew of the plan.)  And he never gave me credit for my intelligence when I was alive in that incarnation. It was like he hated me my whole life because of my sex, and my life was made all the more miserable because of it.

At the same time, I acknowledged he knew Ross when he saw him, and changed his life on the spot to follow him. He wrote some of my most favorite things in the holy book. I'm eternally filled with gratitude for the legacy he created.

But I couldn't talk with him.  I needed Ross. And Ross gently gestured Saul away, and held me in his arms.

'Ross! He thinks I was STUPID!  I wanted to help and I couldn't because of him!' I said in tears, big sobs of them on Ross' shoulder.

'And the BABY!' I sobbed so hard, and Ross was saying 'there, there'.  Then I saw Ross' face really clear, and he said, 'You are so much to me. The mother of my children. And my friend! My best friend I ever had, although at the time when I was incarnate I was too stupid to know it.'

Then from my left, facing me, was Ashtar. He gently said, 'I would ask you for advice and I would take it.  You have your expertise and I would trust it.'  I replied, 'Just like I would ask you for advice on how to fly somewhere?' And he smiled and gestured his hands like, 'there you have it, exactly that'...and he stepped back.

They also gave me a strong dose of that soul medicine--it does to emotional pain like what codeine does to physical pain. It just calms things, and you feel soothed.

Ross asked me would I be willing to talk to Saul again?

I nodded yes, and Ross led me by the hand to where Saul was waiting.

It was just us two. We both knew we had to make up. But I started to cry again. He said how it had to be him, he was a tax collector--he could write. I said, 'I could write too!' I acknowledged that he died for the cause, and accomplished much. I shared how I fled for my life too.

There was a basic misunderstanding that still exists today--a form of soul 'dismissal' that is painful, very deeply so--although the incarnate version now means well and due to his upbringing probably absorbed it more than anything particular with me.

I showed him the terrible loneliness and struggle I had to endure while Ross was away. With Saul. And he replied, 'Hey, I came in later in the story, it wasn't all me!'  I acknowledged he was right.

Then I asked, 'Did you know about the rapes?'

Then he looked down, ashamed. We both knew he did, and had looked the other way. I told him, 'you never did anything to stop it. You could have stopped it had you taken me with you.'

When Ross was away, I was raped. Often. And treated with such cruelty by people--there were many in our village--who scorned him and his work.

He knew.

Saul always knew.

And he chose to look the other way.

Even after Ross died.

He told me he would be my biggest supporter, my biggest help in the future!

Through my tears, I explained that wasn't needed--it was overdoing it--and just  if he stopped hurting me it would be enough.

He couldn't understand it! After all this time, I only wanted that? (mind you, there was an intervention by Ross in the middle of this discussion to me, where he whispered that--this is all Illusion, these story lines, you KNOW that this soul is kind to you outside of the Illusion, and is okay! Would it be possible for you to be friends?)

I agreed. So, off  tentatively, to the first start which has been long overdue by two millennia, our souls are on friendly equals.

I don't fault Saul for it. It is my understanding that this mind set has been on earth for ages. But I do now call his soul on it, and the souls of all beings who have encouraged the thinking that somehow 'women are LESS'.

It's time for us to move on, and be Galactic--where the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are both loved and respected for what they are--as equal value to the whole...


clap! clap!

I want you to listen to my Lady.

And now it's time for her to get some lunch.

Carla, I want you to microwave (we have a Love and Gratitude post-it taped on the microwave oven door--it helps neutralize the energies) what you had for dinner the other night. The koshary. And share it, the recipe!

(okay.. Here it is Mine is a little different, I use one tablespoon of red chili flakes and not the cayenne--but it's close enough. Enjoy!--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple

Monday, August 22, 2016

Energy Signatures and You

The other day I was working with one of my administrators. They mentioned how they can now appreciate and 'pick up' on something that used to come up a lot where I would remind them about it--the post of an 'inspirational' photo/logo that had 'low vibration'.  I wanted them off the page, and at first it seemed random, or cryptic. But now it's clear to them too.

What is an energy signature?

You can't fake it.  It is your passport to the Higher  Realms, literally--the sum total of all of your life experiences in every incarnation, you character, your thoughts, your degree of evolution as a soul. 

And in the Higher Realms, you energy signature decides what realms you have access to, and what ones you need to work harder to achieve in order to be able to go in that domain or realm.

It all has to do with energy compatibility of vibration. Anything more than one level of difference, one higher or lower, and it is uncomfortable to both.

This discomfort is a gift, and allows you to see Truth, for in the Higher Realms, NOTHING is hidden!

Absolutely positively NOTHING is hidden from each other, from the angels, and from other beings.

This is because everyone is able to 'pick up' or 'accurately read' energy signatures without the presence of the Veil. 

What are some examples?

First comes to mind is a beautiful pearl necklace and earrings set I bought at the California Utah Women's bazaar fundraiser. 

I can't wear them.

The energy of the woman who made them, is in it. It feels trapped and like there is not enough money...that kind of desperate. It's hard to explain, but basically what I am experiencing is psychrometry--the ability to 'read' the energy of another in inanimate objects.

I was given a 'free gift' with an order of a crystal, an elastic bracelet of aventurine nuggets.

The energy in it was HORRIBLE! Simply awful. I picked up someone was trying to make a lot of money, and thought about money night and day, and only about themselves and taking advantage of 'business'. I almost dropped it.  

I never put my crystals out into the moonlight to clear them on a full moon. I never wash them. Why? Because I have a super high vibration. What do I do? I blow on them. Hard. Until the energy clears.

So I blew on that bracelet and had to concentrate hard just to get the energy right enough to let it sit on the table!  I knew not to throw it out of my home, as the energy needed to transmute. Slowly, the bracelet is picking up the vibration of the house, and it's starting to become weakly positive instead.

When I am online, and you interact with me, instantly I 'get' your energy signature. And I adjust my responses to make sure the communication is most effective.

It is also protective.

There are some people who look good 'on paper' who I have had a funny feeling about. One I let in. It turns out the first post was not a good 'fit' for our team. After the second I had a talk with my admins. They let me know this one was not a good fit for another more conventional team who doesn't keep their Reiki requirements as high and tight as our team does.   

Energy doesn't lie.

When someone commented on another post I had made, about that Lightworker I mentioned yesterday, I knew whose side they were on--that they were paid to do it--and they were highly organized in this 'group' who wanted to destroy anything that had to do with that Lightworker.  
So I took steps, and deflected any conflict or misunderstanding. I did not engage.

Does this make sense?

As the vibrations on surface Gaia keep rising, sooner or later it is going to dawn on you, that you can 'pick up' a whole lot more when it comes to the 'vibes' of anything, and it is going to be one hundred percent correct, every time. 

This is something to look forward to, in my opinion.  I welcome it. It is my hope that everyone who ever wants to take advantage of a brother or sister incarnate human, has a great big WARNING sign energetically tattooed to their forehead. Then when people like this make 'bad choices', they are not permitted to go so far to 'trick' their fellow human--and hopefully, they will CHANGE their heart to make 'good choices' instead. 

People will avoid them and won't touch them with a ten foot pole--when they see 'bad news on two feet' coming!  This is to the highest good of all of humanity!

The last part is another way people incarnate now sometimes 'read' an energy signature with clarity, and that is after someone dies. It's like then, people know the truth of that soul. Certain souls are greatly loved, and touch our hearts. And others? It's like, 'oh well they lived a good life'...and you get on with the next thing. I won't give examples of celebrities who fall into these two categories--people take it serious--and there's no reason to ruin the lesson over preferences, you know?

One last reminder--my teacher Anne reminded her students, so I am passing it along to you--the Transition Symbol is not linked to the energy of death. It can be given any time someone MIGHT die, in order to help them have the best possible Transition. It only has to be given once, and it protects through the 'almost deaths' to the 'eventual crossing over'.   

Give it to you loved ones, 'just in case'. I know I did.


Do not force yourself to grow, or compare your own level of spiritual development to what Carla has described. I want you to think of it as a 'virtual sign post' in the road, to help you find your way when you are in need of it.  It will help you understand and interpret your new abilities more accurately, and to give hope as to what is ultimately possible in all of Creation.

Here is a song I played for Carla, which Carla will now share with you:

It's all good!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the couple

Sunday, August 21, 2016

You Are Loved

Anthony is home. I am glad for the time he had to have fun with our family. And I am glad he is home. I am also glad for the lessons I had while he was away.

It really was like an instant--even though it was one week--now that he is home.

We had a small accident in the house tonight.

I have a cockatoo who is twenty-six years old. My ex-husband Frank could handle him. Anthony can't. He needs to learn if anything happens to me.

Spirit told me not to take Harry out of his cage today. But I didn't listen. I had him on my knee, next to the rabbit cage so they could both look at each other. They are both white. Poor Harry has feathers still in the little casing on his head. The new ones need me to open them--he preens the rest but can't reach his head.

Anthony wanted to scratch Harry.  That went fine.

He wanted to hold him.

He reached and Harry went, but then ran up to his shoulder. This is a dominance thing. Top bird is always at the highest eye level. So it's not good for a bird like Harry to be on a shoulder. No parrot really should be on a shoulder. It gives the bird ideas.

I taught Anthony how to bend down so the bird will run up and onto something else, in this case, my arm.

Everything was fine.

A bird needs a command to 'step up', it is the basics of bird keeping--having them do what YOU want when YOU want it.

Anthony sort of got it. But he doesn't understand how to hold to the foot with his thumb so the bird won't run up the arm. You keep the elbow down, the hand up, and hold the foot firmly. Then you can enjoy the bird.

Well, the second time, the bird missed, and hung on for dear life to Anthony's base of his left thumb, and spun around until he caught his balance.

Anthony started screaming. The bird bit him. There was blood. Quickly I got him to the sink and the bird in the cage. I washed the wound with soap and water. It's painful, a bite, but usually not bad. It aches. I've been to the ER for a bite to the face--there was an argument with Frank and the bird flew to me to protect me and I've never seen him fly (his wings are always clipped)--but he got my cheek and it sort of pulled apart the edges of the bite. So they sewed me up. Another time my finger got it and it swelled up with infection.  I think Anthony got bit once about a year ago, for putting his finger in the cage.

I explained to him Harry was trying not to fall. He didn't mean it. And a fall from that height would have broken his breastbone and he would have had to be put down.

Then I texted my friend who is a hand surgeon, with wound pictures. I told him my plan of care. And he said to observe it.

There is a three millimeter cut on one side, and two minor punctures on the other from the bottom beak. The wound edges approximate well, and after a little ibuprofen Anthony is much better.

I asked him fresh after the bite if he wants me to get rid of Harry?

Anthony was shocked and said NO!  Later he asked me why, and I said I wouldn't want him to be afraid of anything in the house, I didn't want him to live like that, much as I love Harry.

As I tucked him in, Anthony asked me how I would have felt if Harry had fallen, and was going to die?

I would be a different kind of sad, a goodbye sadness, it would not be good.

Anthony felt the same way. He said, if it had to be one way or the other, he'd rather it was him who got hurt.

He is a good boy.

This is also a good spiritual insight for me.

Creator is our parent--mother and father.

I felt like shit when Anthony got hurt. It was my fault, for trying to teach him. And I asked myself, why does Creator let us have painful lessons?  If God is Love, then how can our parent let us get hurt? 

I think this is a spiritual lesson that needs to be out in the open. I think there is a phrase, 'when bad things happen to good people'.

Let me reframe it.  I have also heard that 'bad things are good things that you just have only seen the middle part but not the end'.

In the movie City Slickers, there was a talk between the characters on 'your worst day'. Mitch said his wife Barbara had found a lump in her breast. At the end of the day it turned out to be nothing. His friends said, 'Then it's a good thing! Your wife was okay!' And Mitch said, 'no, the whole day was awful, thinking Barbara could be sick...' We watched that movie tonight.

Here is another example--Elizabeth Smart. She endured nine months of hell. Living, horrifying torture and rape. She has always been one who inspires me.  Now she is talking about pornography.  She is speaking out for this organization:  Her interview is available on YouTube. She is a total warrior for God, and is doing what it appears she was sent to Earth to do--to awaken people to the horror.

That's not the first time an innocent has been in this situation. Ryan White, the first hemophiliac to catch AIDS from a blood transfusion and be in the public eye, had a vision of Jesus asking him to help Him, and saying yes.

Did I give Reiki to Anthony?

A lot of it.

And when you give Reiki, sometimes it hurts worse for a bit on the wound, but then it heals faster.  It's so much better now. He has been able to eat, fold clothes, and brush his teeth with no problem.

Life With Ross

We have grown much closer over the past week. I can see him more clearly. His guidance is clearer than ever. And we talk.

I am healed now from my life as a Kitten. It leaves long-lasting imprints on a soul.

I am much happier.

Last night, Ross told me, 'if you hold onto me tight with your heart, I will give you more comfort than anything you have ever had.'  It was a spirit thing, and I imagined my heart opening like a baseball mitt and holding tight to Ross's energy.

He was right. I felt incredible joy and love like nothing I have ever experienced incarnate. Briefly, two times, but it stayed with me.

In spirit, after the open heart 'lesson', Ross handed me a large glass of water. It was the size of a pitcher in a hospital. It was clear, but a little thicker than water. Not like syrup. And it tasted like water. I seem to drink a lot of water when I am 'up there' with my Light Body. He was watching me closely as I drank it, and smiled when I was done.

I teased him and asked if this is the water that makes me never go thirsty again?

He said, 'I blessed it.'

I was almost on my knees I was so overcome with emotion, that he would bless my water for me, and it would help me in so many ways! Total overwhelm!

Later, he asked me if I remembered the first time in our past life we slept together?

I didn't.

He showed me. We used to go swim a lot in a river where we were growing up. Other kids were there too. But we had a big lunch, and wanted to nap in the shade. I was five or six, and he was ten or eleven. For some reason, I was afraid to sleep in the open under a tree. I was afraid a tiger or something would eat me. So he protected me with his body and I lay on my side in his arms and we slept.

That was the first time he enjoyed my unusually strong feminine energy, from my soul. He explained how, 'you know how much you like my Divine Masculine energy? well, that was the first time I appreciated the Divine Feminine energy in you.'

It means so much.

How do I get to be so close to Ross like this?

It's the result of all the things I am actively doing to raise my vibration. And a little luck.  I am conscious about my Life Lessons, and am almost in a 'Bring It On!' mode, as I am developing greater acceptance and appreciation for 'the process' while I am incarnate on Earth. I also am doing a lot to help people, both face to face and online. I am giving larger tips when I sign for my payment when I dine out--to help the working poor, and doing one good deed every day to someone who can never repay me. In addition, I am totally at my best while I am healing the sick in my work at the hospital--not just the patients, but the people I work with who are in need of it too. A kind word, an ready smile, compassionate active listening, and an open heart is what I offer as needed at work.

These are the fruits of my Ascension. As you release more of what is holding you back, the more new awareness and opportunity to connect with your spiritual family (while you are still incarnate!) awaits.

One Last Thought

When I think of people I haven't thought of in years, they call. Or they send me friend requests. I'm not sure if I'm 'sending' or 'receiving', to be honest. But there is a certain person who popped into my mind Friday. He's been very quiet online. He is in a very high risk position in his LightWork.
Sure enough, there was a notification on FB from a comment to something, that was secondary confirmation to the 'sense' I had picked up.

You might start to notice something like this too. I've experienced it since 2008.


Carla is healed. It gives us great joy and happiness to openly share our hopes for our eternity together. Carla told me forthright that her 'love life' being incarnate in this life basically 'sucked', and how 'totally worth it' it has been to anticipate eternal life together with me at her side as her partner and friend.

And nothing can ever hurt me again, and I will never die.

This gives her great comfort. She asks me this one again and again, just to make sure the nightmare is over.

Some of you are wondering, 'how can that be?' the relationship which flows between me and Carla.

Or 'why can't I be like them, here and now with MY Twin?'

I assure you, everything has its place, and it is perfect exactly the way it is.

You will see.

You can't rush it.

But you do have the ability to do everything in your power--like putting fertilizer in the soil and watering the seed--to foster the new growth. (he points up to the things I am doing--actively participating in my Life Lessons, and so on--ed).

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Ways Of Spirit

Good morning! It's five o'clock in the evening, and I just woke up. I'm post call.

I smiled when I saw this Creator Writings this morning. It TOTALLY describes my growth as of late.

To summarize, things I plan simply don't happen. Everything changes around--at work, at home, for my day...but...if I keep my eyes open and pay attention, WONDERFUL information which is helpful to me and you comes through my daily experiences.

And I am going to share them.

State Of The Front Lines Report from The Hospital

I work in private practice at a community hospital. I have an MD, and I have all the bells and whistles that go with it--a billing company, malpractice insurance, state license, DEA and board certification.

I'm in the thick of contemporary conventional medicine.

On the one hand, I eat lunch with pediatricians I know, at the same table in the Doctor's Dining Room, and listen as they can't understand why no one is taking their vaccinations?  They talk among themselves as if it is a problem to be solved, people refusing vaccinations. I keep my mouth shut--I've stopped them for Anthony and I avoid all but the flu shot for me, because it is basically a requirement for my work. (If I refuse I have to wear a mask six months, and that doesn't exactly inspire confidence in my patients when they can't see me smile while I interview them before surgery.)

On the other, the same pediatricians try the sweet and sour tempeh vegetarian entree, just to know what it is, and are open to exploring other avenues of health.

I find myself in interventional radiology, with a nurse I know. I've worked with him often recently. He also was a photographer at another colleague's wedding so I know him socially. He explained that the reason I see him so often is because out of six people in his department, all but two are out on leave. One broke bones in both arms in an accident. Another had surgery. Someone moved to Texas. Another has a death in the family...and so on.

I know in our own department, in the Operating Room, we have had just about one in five nurses or  one in two cleaning staff out from falls and broken bones, or surgery from something else.  They rush us. They rush us to save money, and people get hurt. I can't tell you the details, but people are out for months once they get hurt, and we have to have safety meetings on 'what can we do better?'.

In the department of Labor and Delivery, almost every nurse I know in the last ten years, has a major orthopedic problem. They have had back surgery, a total joint replacement...and two have had heart attacks. Why? Think about what they do--they have numb legs patients in labor with epidurals to move from side to side every two hours. The rooms are crowded with equipment and they trip and fall too during emergencies.

The bodies wear out.  And I think, recalling how nice it was to be home when I had surgery in 2012, it's a really hard lifestyle to maintain, and sometimes people just want a breather too.

My point is that the business side of healthcare has eclipsed the healing side of it. And nurses spend more time documenting care than giving it. And everyone watches for the time stamps to make sure everything matches.

There are many organizations watching us over our shoulder as we work, many inspections, many new rules to obey, which create more hoops for healthcare employees to jump through.

There is a new one which allows patients who have terminal illnesses to end their life. I have read from two healthcare organizations (big systems of care who deliver it) their official statements. Although they honor the new act which became effective in California in June 2016, no employee or 1099 affiliate is permitted to actually help a patient die while working for these organizations. They can diagnose terminal disease. They can counsel. And they can direct interested patients to people who can write the prescriptions. The cost for the secobarbital is approximately five thousand dollars. Insurance won't cover it. And it can take anywhere from one to four days for the patient who has taken this dose to pass. So it's not permitted for an inpatient in the hospital to assist themselves to die. It must be done at home. The patient must be of sound mind and body. They must give the request in writing, in English, and a certified translator must be present for all discussions if the patient does not speak English. They must provide a written document professionally translated to English as their request for assistance to end their life. They need to present this twice, formally, I'm not clear on the details, but six weeks apart. They must be able to mix and drink their own 'cocktail'. And since a disease is terminal, insurance cannot interpret their actions to end their life as a suicide, the law says, but it is just the illness and all coverage is still in force.

On medical marijuana:  This is an excellent article. This is standard, peer-reviewed literature on different drugs such as dronabinol, nabilone, and nabiximols.  There is scientific evidence in the literature which supports its use in chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting which is moderate but not severe. There is benefit in intractable cancer pain with a nasal spray of the concentrated form. People with Multiple Sclerosis regain bowel and bladder function and lose spasticity with these drugs. A few children with severe epilepsy, in particular, Dravet syndrome, benefit from its use, too. Side effects are:

  • dry mouth
  • sedation
  • orthostatic hypotension (you get dizzy when you stand up because blood pressure drops a lot)
  • ataxia (difficulty walking or with coordination)
  • dizziness
  • anxiety (especially with older patients)
  • tachycardia (fast heart rate especially with older patients)
  • agitation (especially with older patients)
  • confusion (especially with older patients)
  • driving may be impaired
  • cannabinoids--the real thing--can cause sedation, motor dysfunction, altered perception, cognitive dysfunction and dose-related psychosis
  • pure cannabidiol does not have psychoactive effects.
Death from cannabis overdose has never been reported. However, mixing even low doses of alcohol consumption with cannabis or cannabinoids can greatly increase the blood levels of THC.

Well-controlled studies of cannabis or cannabinoid use during pregnancy are lacking, but animals studies and observational studies in children exposed to cannabis during pregnancy suggest that negative effects on neurodevelopment could occur. Teratogenic effects have not been reported. THC is secreted into breast milk; the effect on breastfed infants is unknown.

First Hand Witnesses' Stories

Last night I worked with a Vietnamese surgeon, and a Filipino RN. We were talking about how the French had Vietnam as a colony. The soldiers forced all the children to go to French school. Some of the children would hide under water, breathing through a straw, to avoid being taken to these schools.

The French wanted the children to identify with French culture, and not their own. Many older generations of Vietnamese are fluent in French. I know the best French bread outside of Paris is at a little Vietnamese bakery in Little Saigon--a total hole in the wall which is an outstanding bakery.

When the Japanese took over Vietnam after the French, there was a genocide. The soldiers went to every house, and where the babies had big noses, it was assumed they were French, and they were slaughtered on the spot.  His grandmother recalls how they had to learn how to speak Japanese. That way they could explain that their family, who had big noses, were Vietnamese--some have big noses and their family always did--and are NOT FRENCH. This is how they lived to survive the occupation. And yes, for a Vietnamese, this surgeon has a big nose, not a flat one like most Asians.

He said, on second thought, the French were good because they saved the Vietnamese from the Chinese, who had been taking them over like Tibet...

The Filipino nurse told stories of how the Japanese tortured her people. They used to throw people up in the air and have them land on an upright bayonet and die. They also used to bury them in the dirt up to their neck, and feed them like a bird until they would die.

I was shocked.

It takes an awful lot to shock me.

I knew of the war stories my mother had told me, about the Nazis in Sicily where she grew up, but I heard nothing of this.

The reason is that Mac Arthur made a deal with Japan, so there would be no war crimes trials.

History books aren't accurate. That was shock number one.

And how Reiki, which I love and cherish--somehow came out of Japan!

Spirit sees things differently from us!

And the reason I shared those horrible facts from people who know, from their relatives who survived it, is that we don't have to listen to or support the energy of these types of actions taken by people against innocent victims--but we do need to be careful not to judge.  This is the work of Creator, the judging part. From what I understand from the words of John Smallman's channeled messages--horrible things come from people who are really really really messed up and in their own way it's a cry for love. Love is the only solution. And if you can't bring yourself to Love people who do crimes like this, simply place them and the entire situation into Creator's hands. Then let it go.

The Unplanned Events Of My Last Two Days

It was a late night. I was looking forward to going home at the end of a long day, when another emergency case booked. The surgeon who used to bully me, but now is my friend, wanted the case to go early.

I hadn't eaten anything more than an energy bar in ten hours. I needed food. The staff covered for me, and I hid in the nurses lounge while I heated up a cup of noodles and ate.

The case was uneventful. But I realized I couldn't drive home. I also didn't want to sleep in the recovery room--it's loud and uncomfortable. I knew if my phone rang I'd have to drive back in at two in the slept in the back seat of the car. It was uncomfortable, but better to be in my own space than somewhere inside the hospital.

Lesson number one is--no matter where you sleep, you are still YOU. Five star hotel, back seat of car, call room, your own bed--you are YOU. 

I had an appointment at eleven thirty. I didn't know what to do. It's a long drive home, and I'd be too sleepy to come back. So I had to kill time.

This is what I wanted to do--go charge my phone and have my free reward at Starbucks.

Spirit said, 'no'.  I was to drive further. I didn't want to, but I did. And guess what? I had forgotten the Original Pancake House. It's usually way too crowded, I'd been there years ago because the wait is too long for Anthony. I think he was two the last time I went. So I had the special pancake in the pan with apples and cinnamon on it.

We had spoken of the place earlier in the O.R. yesterday, and there I was!

I got the car washed. I filled up the tank. I went to get new tires because the man at Costco said they were due in September. It turns out I still have five thousand more miles on them.  I found a produce stand, and met the owner of the farm. His son was kind, and gave me two jalapeño peppers and a bottle of water just because he didn't have fifty cents change.  It was really nice to be on that farm. I love farms. The energy was amazing.

I bought figs.

I went to my appointment. It was pleasant. Then I ate lunch at another new place I'd seen someone else eat takeout from at the hospital. It was okay but not terrific.

Then I came home and slept a long time.

Lesson number two is--the more you live a life guided by spirit, the more unexpected things will come your way. And you will find them WONDERFUL!

Between Us

There is one lesson Gaia has not been able to teach although she has been trying for all of Creation upon her surface, and that is no matter what you have you can always give.

Sometimes it seems like Life Lessons on Gaia are How To Be Indestructible. You are in a body which is frail but your spirit is strong and does not break.

So these 'experiences' Creator Writings shares in the 'What Memo' article I posted, sometimes include illness, hardship, and conflict.

I think it's because of the 'experiences' to be 'at your limits' and to 'overcome the challenges' part of the incarnate Life Experience that is for some reason written into the Life Script. 

We all know of someone who is very inspirational, such as Nick Vujicic, who overcome great odds...

But what about us? Me and you?

When you are worried about your resources, and constantly being limited, or even worse, comparing yourself to others who have more resources--what does this do to your natural, Creator-given abilities to co-create and manifest?  

Worry is praying for things you don't want.

But for those who know in their heart, there is always someone better off than you, and also someone WORSE off than you, you decide where to look.  And you have perspective which is not skewed, and you count your blessings.

You have each been sent to Earth with incredible gifts--talents from Creator--which are entirely YOU.

So smile.

When you encounter someone worse off than you, help them. With a smile. A kind word. A huge tip...or just a normal one. Listen. Treat them like a human being. Buy them lunch. Pray. Whatever comes to your heart just follow it, and make something better for the situation than it was when you found it.

When you are trusting the Universe--and being responsible to yourself and your resources but not focusing solely on your situation--what does this do to your natural, Creator-given abilities to co-create and manifest?

It's in alignment with the energies of the Universe, isn't it?

This is the one regret that Gaia has--not the destruction of her delicate ecosystems or the injustice which has beset her and Her people--the regret is that people who are suffering in their lessons closed their heart so tight nothing could get in.

She wishes she could awaken them, but she can't.  It is not like anesthesia where you stop giving it and the people wake up.

They can't SEE.  No matter how much she tries to awaken them.

She failed at that task.

She places it into her category of Disappointments. These too are part of life for everyone. And she resolutely decides to appreciate What Is Good, and to give thanks for All Blessings (even the mistakes), and move on with her own Life Lessons.


Everyone has a second chance, an opportunity to make life anew.

No matter what has happened in this lifetime.

The Japanese soldier who tortured an American prisoner of war, and was called, 'the bird'--was forgiven by the prisoner forty years later. It made the news.

No matter what the mistake, Spirit is always on your side, as long as you are breathing.

Once you Transition, then, it is set--and the next opportunity to incarnate and have Life Lessons will factor in everything that appears in one's Life Review.

You have a second chance, an opportunity every minute of every day (touches his chest--ed) It all starts in the heart.

Yesterday in the O.R., Carla realized for the first time, in her whole life, if she really needed to, she could walk away from her work.  It would be hard, and she would need to cut back on everything, and adapt. But it is her choice--one way or the other--and she has to accept the results of her decisions.

And! (one finger up in the air--ed)  she always has the right to change her decisions. She knows one way or another, she is going to be okay...because she Trusts.

Not in me but in how things work, in Life, with Spirit at her side to strengthen her and guide.

Carla can feel me when I touch her. We can talk. Carla is in two worlds--mine and hers--and is comfortable in both of them.

She doesn't have to be 'here' or 'there', 'where I am' or 'not'--because our energy is always connected.

For example, when she first went to see Tim Braun, her Father came and mentioned that whenever she pauses on the landing of the stairs and looks out the window, he is right there with her.

This startled Carla! This was her favorite thing to do, that nobody would have known. Sometimes she would sit in the sun and wish in her next life she could be a cat because this one is too difficult.  Sometimes she would cry out to God with all her soul for Divine Guidance on What To Do Next or How To Cope (the child custody in court was very painful to her).

Her father, who is deceased, knew Carla's habits, and when she needed comfort.

I sent him.

As Carla's guide and friend, as well as her 'hubby' (she bought a mug with that on it for me--to show her love and consideration for the relationship)--I KNOW when Carla is upset. I feel it. And in an instant like a Reiki Request in reverse, I can gather and coordinate those who are sympathetic to her and wish to support her, to give her a big BOOST of Love.

It's not just me.

And every single one of you has a guide and friend, who is closest to you and never leaves your side--whether or not you feel them. You can name them anything you want, just to get the relationship started. They will not mind your calling them Bertrand or Hildegarde or even a cheeky 'Hey YOU!'--they will be honored at the connection you have established from YOUR heart to THEM.

As the veil thins you will appreciate this advice all the more--and the veil IS thinning!

clap! clap!

I wish you good luck in your endeavors. Help always comes at the last minute when you least expect it to arrive, when you are in a tough place. And sometimes, like 'The Memo', it doesn't appear to be 'help' when in fact it is in there for the Big Picture and in time you will see how perfect it is in every way. There is never a regret.

And there won't be--not even for Gaia.

Everyone gets a second chance. And a third. And a fourth. And so on...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple