Monday, August 8, 2016

How I Transmute What Has Been Holding Me Back

Ross wanted me to write. This is in lieu of my meditation for tonight.

A few moments ago, while I was tucking Anthony in bed, I was walking towards his room and I thought to myself:  If I can interpret unwanted behavior around me as a desperate cry for love, which is the result from  a very deep lack, then there is nothing to fear or to worry about, isn't there?

That thought brought an instant smile and a kiss from Ross.

Now I will tell you about my day. I did a whole lot of Transmuting today. I had a financial 'mess'--it was more than my stolen wallet, and getting things straight with all the auto payments and the credit cards.

Right before I left I had some major things going on that had to do with my turning into a corporation a few years ago. It's taken hours to get things straight with my income taxes, both for the business and for me. It's hard to explain but let me leave it at it's expensive, and time consuming, and has to be done!

So today I caught up with all of it. I also have the resolve to be proactive for 2016 so it just won't happen like that again. It's confusing, and in 2015 I put it off because I didn't like to deal with it.

It was a difficult day. I spent a lot of time between the computer, the phone, and the envelopes.

I also paid off a a stack of medical bills. Some were duplicates because I had been gone and they sent it twice. I needed to call to make sure I understood why there were two charges for Anthony's specialist. It turns out there is one for the doctor and one for the facility. It's total highway robbery.

I also called and straightened out a scary letter from my mortgage company about my insurance. I had to give proof of coverage again, because the policy renewed. I told them and to the recording of my call, that I have been a good customer, my sister worked for the company, and I didn't deserve that tone in the letter. It wasn't nice.

I noticed with the computers now, all the companies who are on autopay contacted me REALLY quick once the credit cards were cancelled. It wasn't like that before. One I couldn't get them to stop renewing my order for something, a vitamin, so I am taking advantage of the cancelled card to stop payment once and for all.

I also told my lawyer for my house I don't want to work with him any more. I don't want to sue anyone. My heart isn't in it.

So on the good side, with a lot of effort and determination, I took all day and straightened out a huge mess in my life.

I have a fresh start.

On the not so good side, Anthony wanted to stay home and 'relax'. He sat and played video games the whole day. I kid you not. It's the worst thing possible for his health, and for mine, to sit.

But you can't transmute all of your problems in one sitting.  It's like when you are doing firing practice with a 22,  and there's a row of cans on the fence. You focus on one at a time, squeeze the trigger, and move on to the next can.

It took me, in July, a lot of effort to make our trip. I did all the reservations for everything, I coordinated, and I made sure we had foreign currency. I got rid of food that would go bad. I arranged for pet care. I did the packing. I bought lots and lots of gifts for our families we visited--it was literally like Christams--there were that many gifts.

It has taken me one full week to get back to where I was before. Even as it is, there's not much spare time for extra projects...we are busy!

I realized, as I was washing Anthony's basketball uniform, that vacation is in a way an illusion.

Two hosts washed our clothes for us--super extreme acts of kindness!  And all the room cleaning and cooking was done most of the time by others. As the guest, I made a few meals Anthony would eat, as well as a pan of brownies in each home where we stayed.

Vacation is when, either through money or friendship (or love!) someone does the work for you that you normally do for yourself. It give you a breather, and a rest, for sure...but it's temporary and the illusion is the work is gone away (but really it isn't--somebody else is doing it for you!) unless you are camping...of course!

So HOW did I Transmute? Here are the steps:

  • acknowledge the situation
  • have a positive mindset (remember my bulldozer marathon!) it CAN be done!
  • work with the energies and assume full responsibility for your circumstances
  • write down a list so you don't forget anything important
  • go for it as best as you can, and keep the emotions out of it.
  • reward yourself for your achievements, no matter how small
  • give thanks for the opportunity to improve the situation
This is important!!!

There are a lot of people out there who are wishing someone is going to take care of everything for them. I see it. They think that with a few 'so be its!' and 'It is SO!' that's everything.

Perhaps it gets the process started on a subconscious or energy level. 

But as long as we are in the physical, and we are, it takes time, effort, and determination to improve one's circumstances. 

Don't be afraid to put in the work. It's supercharged with your angels. It's worth it!

If I hadn't gone to the Microsoft store with Anthony to get more storage for his Xbox, I wouldn't have realized that last monthly charge on a credit card to update.  I had done it all, the toll roads, everything--but I had forgotten the thing for Anthony's games!

See how Spirit helps the situations we face change so we can learn and grow and be successful? That's what I mean by Supercharged <3 

Then comes the rewards.

Today was like Christmas. Recently someone had sent me a beautiful larimar and angelite bracelet and earrings set she had made. I can't begin to tell you how much I love them. The colors are so soothing and have a life all their own. And I know in my heart Ross had something to do with it, and it means so much both from her and from him. Then today, I got and extra boost from incarnate Jophiel. Her stuff is GOOD--I adore it! And the items were each very special, very much needed for my vibration, and also, wrapped in MY color. I've seen it popping up lately--a hot pink. My first suit was that color. Fuchsia. Spirit knows! And Spirit works through others.

I had stopped Anthony earlier in the day at the mall at the cheap necklaces in the kiosk. They were called mini gems. 

The reason was that in my dream three or four nights ago, Ross gave me a little white box with a silver bow. And inside was the sparkliest fine silver chain and something I couldn't quite focus on as the pendant.

I wanted to look at the kiosk and see just HOW anything could sparkle like that?

Jophiel had made for  me the necklace. And the chain was dead on exactly as Ross had given me! A very unusual kind of chain, I don't know what it's called, but the chain itself is brilliant and very fine.

Another reader send me a beautiful, most soothing work of art that was made by her mother. A painting of Puerto Rico. This reader wouldn't know I grew up with two neighbors who were artists, and also my first boyfriend Tom's mother, Teddy, was an artist.  To me, one of my most prized treasures in the home is the painting of San Juan Capistrano that Sally (Hermans' wife, I can't recall her last name) painted and gave to my mother, and later, mom gave to me. Spirit knows! And with delight I hung the framed artwork in the perfect place in my home, where I will often see it, especially when I come home or am on the computer. 

After a day like this, I needed a little kindness like that. It really helped.

And I forgot! We both got new tennis shoes today too. We had blown the old ones out in Europe with all the walking we did. 

It was a good day.

I hope this makes the spiritual and the physical seem more compatible--more connected--and less mysterious for you, dear reader. 

It has a lot to do with your mind, timing, and your will to help you Transmute in a way that makes your daily lives better...and you shall! In a big way!

(Ross is clapping to tell me time to go to sleep. He will write more another day.)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple