Saturday, August 6, 2016

Universal Protection

Today was a funny day. Instead of meditating, Ross asked me to please play my game I like, Bookworm. We played it together. He enjoys watching me work with words.

I had a magnificent afternoon. I watched Anthony play his basketball game--even though I was on backup call. Then after Ross sent me to the crystal shop.  I was going to go to Costco for gasoline but he pointed to go in the direction of the crystal shop. So I turned the car. THEN I saw an image of a bat on a moving truck (you know the U hauls?)...bat is a symbol of Rebirth.  I was like, okay, I can get into this!

I walked into the store, and there didn't seem to be anything special. Then a beautiful heart of chlorite amethyst caught my eye. That and a small piece of ocean jasper. I held them with me, and I soaked in their energy with delight. I wouldn't let them go.

Today's healings were sent from the back of the store in the little seats I like to sit while I am deciding what crystals to keep and what to give back.

Then I closed my eyes. This wasn't an 'easy' meditation. It didn't just 'pop' in. I had to concentrate, focus, and relax.

Ross was there.

It looked official.

He seemed happy.

To my right, I saw a bunch of fire nozzles that looked like this--they were pointing to the left, the opposite of the picture:

I was as close to the nozzles as this picture above.

But there were at least five people with the five hoses--kind of like this, again, pointing to the left, the opposite of the picture:

And they were all standing up.

Then my attention went to the left, where I saw dark, huddled masses that were actually souls who were drowning in poverty and negative thoughts. They looked like the kind that needed a good cleaning up and a second chance at life.

Here is a photo that is close:

There was just soot and grime and filth all over everything, and the others helped me to see that they were not beyond hope.

And I understood that they were ready to provide the cleansing and tenderness and love to help bring these souls up to modern decency in quality of life, with the hoses, in some way.

I was told to repeat a certain phrase three times, which I did:




And the water started to flow. It flowed out of the hoses from right to left at the people and the entire scenery of dirt.

It was a trickle and built up to a huge strong blast of water!

It's still going!

Its funny how the pictures are all backwards for the firehoses, but forwards for the beggars. Its like a bunch of them sitting against the wall in the same perspective as the photo of the beggar. Ross selected the photo of the men standing up with the hoses spraying for this blog post.

This is the image I like. It's got the energy of the water just going full force!  I was this close to those hoses, and I really, really enjoyed it.

I get the feeling that the Galactics are doing something to help us out of our desperate condition as souls...

Then I got up and walked back around the store.

I bought a few small gifts for family members I hope to see on Monday--my day off--if everything works out. I bought a lepidolite pendulum for my cousin who is awake--and a few things for Aunt Ellie who is visiting her son in California.

Then I bought gas. I was SO hungry!  And the minute I got home?

The mail with more bills.  I had just paid one pile in the morning and got a new pile of them today.  As I was paying the bills, the phone rang. Emergency at the hospital. I finished my sandwich and ran to the hospital. Everything worked out.

As I left the hospital, I saw a security guard talking to a woman, and his patch really STRUCK me and caught my eye. It was a I looked up a similar one. The patch I saw was blue. It said UNIVERSAL SECURITY...hmmmm!

On the way home, Ross worked with me. I was going to buy just one salad from Trader Joe's for my work.  But he wanted more. He told me to go to Michael's and 'buy as many things to close the bracelets as you can and not worry about the price'.  Then he wanted me to try a new Indian place.  I did. He's always pushing me to grow. And the mango lassi was very good. The nan wasn't fresh, but the salad on the platter was surprisingly good with a nice mix of vegetables.  THEN I went to Trader Joe's.

But in the parking lot, before I went to Michaels? On my phone I saw this.

I smiled.

It is secondary confirmation. In real time.  I had the vision after two, I was called in to work at three-thirty, and was done and home by seven, when I saw the message from The Council.

I'm still smiling.

I will excuse myself to get some rest.  I wanted to make sure this was recorded before I forgot to share.

Ross nods in agreement and said, 'Carla needs her rest.'

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple