Thursday, August 11, 2016

Do It The Best

You are on Earth plane for a reason. You have a purpose. Whether it is known to you or not, it does not matter.

Your angels know.

They cheer you on with an unlimited  supply of unconditional love, with total knowledge of the unseen, and will nonjudgemental regard for you.

It isn't easy to be here, and they know.

There are going to be ups and downs.

Today I had a few hiccups.

When you are right handed, putting in a block on the right can be difficult. Another anesthesiologist assisted me, and I learned even MORE about the blocks. It was textbook. And I will be able to do it the same way again.

I had lunch on the way home. It was a short day.

Today I got my nerve up and crashed and burned on a project I had been delaying for about one year.

We had won two free tickets anywhere Southwest Airlines flies in the continental US at a fundraiser last October.  I was going to use them this weekend, but an emergency meeting came up.

I wanted to extend them. I called two different numbers. Then I was on hold for twenty minutes.

No Can Do.

I can't make the deadline.

I can't use the tickets.

I see now how clearly how hard it is on me, not to have control over my schedule. With working weekends, Anthony's sports, and the co-parenting visitation schedule--it's really hard to find a weekend where we can just pick up and GO.

Our plans for this year were to go far--out of the country. And the tickets didn't apply.

Oh well.

Easy come easy go? They expire at the end of September.

I was in tears. We had been so excited to win them Anthony and I jumped up and down absolutely thrilled!

Ross had me meditate.

He asked me WHY those tickets were so important to me and to Anthony?

It's a way OUT.

I realized my life is so hard, and difficult, we both wanted relief. We love to fly, to travel. We would go anywhere, just for fun!

Then he had me play my game, Bookworm. I had been at the highest level I've ever been.

But this time, in this one too, once I was calm and focused, I crashed and burned. The game I had been playing for two years came to an end.

Guess what?

I started to play a new game. Just like that.  It wasn't anything major!

You live and you learn.

There are  no mistakes, only lessons.

Today I am going to mail two packages I had ready before my trip.  One went to Sweden, and was returned. It's the second time I am sending it. My lessons there are:  you don't have to do anything special to make up for it.  You shouldn't have rushed. And the lesson for both the women besides me is--there is no such thing as time, or hurry. Everything comes at the right time, in the right way. Just do it the best you can, at the moment, and if it doesn't work out--try again!

Try again!

Just keep at it until you get it right.

It isn't that much more difficult than learning to ride a bicycle.

I want to share with you my meditation. I didn't 'see' anything. I just SAT. I put down my game. And I argued a little.

I know full well Yogurt Peanuts (Yogananda Paramahansa) could meditate and levitate and make bread from thin air, all because of his training and his hours and hours of meditation. I know two meditation dudes up in India's mountains won world war two for us too, and defeated Hitler. Something to do with the energy balance on the planet, theirs was higher and the balance tipped to spare humanity so we could live to see today.

But I challenged Ross--what's the point of being incarnate if you spend most of your incarnation in the meditative state? You're kind of always with one hand on the doorknob, ready to go. Even Y.P. was able to leave his body and come back.  What's the point of that? What's the point of having 'No Attachments'?  All you have is God. That's all you've ever had to begin with!

Then Michael came. On the ride to work I had asked my council some questions--they are just plain goofy to write--nothing major, just more of the same 'stuff'. But he came to answer it. I'm glad he did.

I had a very strange experience earlier today. Right before lunch I was visited by an entity who called himself, 'Michael From The Other Side'. I didn't know him. I had no clue who he was. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to talk to him. He seemed in some way, sneaky.  I excused myself, and went to Divine Father. I asked, basically, 'what's the deal?!'

I came back and said to this Michael From The Other Side, 'there really isn't anything to say. I am going to love you just like I love everyone, there is nothing to discuss. I don't really want to get to know you or talk. It's just LOVE and there is no separation. It's only Illusion.'

Then this Michael From The Other Side disappeared!

I knew it wasn't Michael the Archangel--who talked to me about my questions just a short time ago. I was told by someone when I first started talking with M.F.T.O.S. , 'There are MANY Michaels' but something about this one didn't seem 'right'--usually I can tell who someone is without asking. That I wouldn't know, that it would be hidden, just wasn't my cup of tea.

And when someone offers you something that is not your cup of tea, guess what? You don't have to drink it.

You don't have to make a fuss. You can still be friendly and polite. You can even crash and burn and start again. There are no mistakes, only lessons. There is no time--it is an Illusion. And everything happens for the Highest Good because YOU are Doing The Best You Can and so is everyone else.



It's all Love!

And I love my Lady Gaia Sophia very very very much.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple at Doctors With Reiki