Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Help In Accepting Change

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Everyone has heard this quote in one way or another. This is a universal truth. If you change, it affects those around you, and then everyone changes too.

We are connected by energy that cannot be seen, only felt, and it's very subtle if you wish to experience it. You have to look for it, focus, and concentrate. Or, look at the results of the changes--this sometimes is the easiest way of all.

I have been through lots of change. When I was fourteen we moved houses. And in my training, with my education, there have been lots of moves, some of which were decided for me by the Match (where physicians complete their training is a lottery of sorts, it's complicated. You pick your top three and they pick their top applicants and the computer does the rest.)

Even in my training, and my career, there have been times I go to work at another hospital facility. I need to figure out quick where things are and how their anesthesia machines and carts work. They are not all the same!

Let's just say there is something you need to experience, which is good for you and those you love, that isn't easy...it can be anything!...but for the Highest Good it needs to be.

I give myself a technique that both acknowledges the difficulty, and rewards me for my progress, no matter how slow.

When I was in school, I found great comfort if visiting little old-fashioned drug stores like my grandparents used to take me with them near their house for their errands. At theirs, everybody knew me, and made a big fuss over me. So even though in college, I was miles away, that familiar environment with all the pretty decorations for the season, the little candies, and cards...made me forget my troubles and demands for a short time. A little breather.

Or I would buy a special treat, and ration it out carefully...to help me pass the days.

When I am going through change, I experience stress, and as a result of that, I don't want to eat.  So in medical school, although the budget was as tight as it gets, the 'wiggle room' was in my appetite. If something appealed to me, and I wanted to eat it, for example, a piece of salmon, I would buy it. It was so rare for something to seem appetizing that I took care to listen to my body and work with it. (My favorite meal was a form of Vietnamese soup, pho, I made with ramen noodles and lots of vegetables. It always seemed to agree with my stressed out stomach.)

When it all comes down to it, there is a general attitude that 'change is good for you'--no matter how unpleasant--and that it is something that will pass and you will adjust.  Change is not 'bigger than you', it is Life!

Remember the pinhole Ross has been pouring in the 'real deal', the Unconditional Love?

It grew.

A day later it was a quarter. I kept that for a few days.

Then it was the size of a baseball.  As it got bigger I didn't really feel it as much.

Last night it was the size of a paper plate.  For about two seconds. Then Ross reached and tore something and it came off me like a plastic wrapper or film. It was my size and very thin.

Now I can breathe.  I feel different but not a lot, and it's hard to explain. But my perception, my consciousness is making new connections.

I realized our loved ones who have passed took very good care of us in life. And when it is time for a loved one who is with me to transition, it is time for our loved one to go from us to our family on the other side, who will take excellent care of them.

So I don't have to worry about them.

I just have to take care of me, say my very best goodbyes...

And heal.

I am almost there. I mean, almost completely Ascended.  How do I know? Because things between Ross and me are different. In a good way. Our communication is more clear. And his caring and helpfulness are so consistent I can relax in a way in the past I couldn't.

Anthony is away on vacation with my family. It's difficult, and I accept it. He's having a blast. It's good for him. I have to work.

Last night Ross insisted I go have dinner at another place.  I wanted to cook. Instead I had the low calorie salad--it filled me up--and I could relax.

Then at the grocery store while I was picking up a few things, he had me buy some flowers, a candle, and a treat. My treat was up in the frozen section where he guided me. It was potato pancakes frozen that we had at Hannukah, on a big sale now, and only seventy calories a pancake! I knew it was him because Megan Trainor came on the muzak at the store with 'Dear Future Husband' at the exact same time, and I had the feeling my Ross had something to do with it, and he was pleased.

I am leaning on Ross, as my guide and friend, as I count the days. It will be long for me because Jared's weekend immediately follows Anthony's trip.

It's going to be okay. And I will get through this. There's always the phone. Perhaps I can find some other enjoyable things to do and make the best of it.


Isn't this what we ALL are here to do? Learning to love ourselves?  Learning to love others as much as ourself?

This is what love is all about. (taps his finger on his desk, the right index one, to make a point--ed)

The real 'nitty gritty'.

(he leans back in his chair, and puts his arms wide like on the back of the couch--ed)  So how are we doing with this?

Is there love? (he gestures with a closed right fist to his heart--and moves it around for emphasis--ed)

Is there love for Everything and Everyone and for What Is?

Is there adventure, and excitement to Try Something New?

If there isn't, (he taps the seat next to him--ed), I invite and encourage you 'let's talk about it--together'.

You are never alone and always within reach of your guides--there are two main ones for everyone incarnate.

So pick. One or the other. One is an animal guide (a totem) the other is more human (an angel--although technically the animals are angels too).

You will know them and have a sense which one is listening. You might visualize them or have a sign.

You can also try talking to your pet, as often they are in the incarnate guide position.

clap! clap!

(What isn't working isn't the theme for this discussion you are going to have with your guide. I want you to talk about your feelings, and how to make things work out along the lines guidance is telling you--how to 'go with the flow'. Talk about what you would like to help you learn your lessons. Carla did this last night--she said, in the parking lot--' Guides! I am going to need you to get me through this week. I don't know how but I know I want us to be in this together. Will you help me please?' And of course, the answer always is  a resounding YES--and with enthusiasm--to you from your guides. Not in the way like a short order cook to give you what you ask on a whim--but to love and guide you actively, with your participation, through what's next on your lessons while you are incarnate.') ((that was Ross in the parentheses, not me--ed.))

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple