Monday, August 22, 2016

Energy Signatures and You

The other day I was working with one of my administrators. They mentioned how they can now appreciate and 'pick up' on something that used to come up a lot where I would remind them about it--the post of an 'inspirational' photo/logo that had 'low vibration'.  I wanted them off the page, and at first it seemed random, or cryptic. But now it's clear to them too.

What is an energy signature?

You can't fake it.  It is your passport to the Higher  Realms, literally--the sum total of all of your life experiences in every incarnation, you character, your thoughts, your degree of evolution as a soul. 

And in the Higher Realms, you energy signature decides what realms you have access to, and what ones you need to work harder to achieve in order to be able to go in that domain or realm.

It all has to do with energy compatibility of vibration. Anything more than one level of difference, one higher or lower, and it is uncomfortable to both.

This discomfort is a gift, and allows you to see Truth, for in the Higher Realms, NOTHING is hidden!

Absolutely positively NOTHING is hidden from each other, from the angels, and from other beings.

This is because everyone is able to 'pick up' or 'accurately read' energy signatures without the presence of the Veil. 

What are some examples?

First comes to mind is a beautiful pearl necklace and earrings set I bought at the California Utah Women's bazaar fundraiser. 

I can't wear them.

The energy of the woman who made them, is in it. It feels trapped and like there is not enough money...that kind of desperate. It's hard to explain, but basically what I am experiencing is psychrometry--the ability to 'read' the energy of another in inanimate objects.

I was given a 'free gift' with an order of a crystal, an elastic bracelet of aventurine nuggets.

The energy in it was HORRIBLE! Simply awful. I picked up someone was trying to make a lot of money, and thought about money night and day, and only about themselves and taking advantage of 'business'. I almost dropped it.  

I never put my crystals out into the moonlight to clear them on a full moon. I never wash them. Why? Because I have a super high vibration. What do I do? I blow on them. Hard. Until the energy clears.

So I blew on that bracelet and had to concentrate hard just to get the energy right enough to let it sit on the table!  I knew not to throw it out of my home, as the energy needed to transmute. Slowly, the bracelet is picking up the vibration of the house, and it's starting to become weakly positive instead.

When I am online, and you interact with me, instantly I 'get' your energy signature. And I adjust my responses to make sure the communication is most effective.

It is also protective.

There are some people who look good 'on paper' who I have had a funny feeling about. One I let in. It turns out the first post was not a good 'fit' for our team. After the second I had a talk with my admins. They let me know this one was not a good fit for another more conventional team who doesn't keep their Reiki requirements as high and tight as our team does.   

Energy doesn't lie.

When someone commented on another post I had made, about that Lightworker I mentioned yesterday, I knew whose side they were on--that they were paid to do it--and they were highly organized in this 'group' who wanted to destroy anything that had to do with that Lightworker.  
So I took steps, and deflected any conflict or misunderstanding. I did not engage.

Does this make sense?

As the vibrations on surface Gaia keep rising, sooner or later it is going to dawn on you, that you can 'pick up' a whole lot more when it comes to the 'vibes' of anything, and it is going to be one hundred percent correct, every time. 

This is something to look forward to, in my opinion.  I welcome it. It is my hope that everyone who ever wants to take advantage of a brother or sister incarnate human, has a great big WARNING sign energetically tattooed to their forehead. Then when people like this make 'bad choices', they are not permitted to go so far to 'trick' their fellow human--and hopefully, they will CHANGE their heart to make 'good choices' instead. 

People will avoid them and won't touch them with a ten foot pole--when they see 'bad news on two feet' coming!  This is to the highest good of all of humanity!

The last part is another way people incarnate now sometimes 'read' an energy signature with clarity, and that is after someone dies. It's like then, people know the truth of that soul. Certain souls are greatly loved, and touch our hearts. And others? It's like, 'oh well they lived a good life'...and you get on with the next thing. I won't give examples of celebrities who fall into these two categories--people take it serious--and there's no reason to ruin the lesson over preferences, you know?

One last reminder--my teacher Anne reminded her students, so I am passing it along to you--the Transition Symbol is not linked to the energy of death. It can be given any time someone MIGHT die, in order to help them have the best possible Transition. It only has to be given once, and it protects through the 'almost deaths' to the 'eventual crossing over'.   

Give it to you loved ones, 'just in case'. I know I did.


Do not force yourself to grow, or compare your own level of spiritual development to what Carla has described. I want you to think of it as a 'virtual sign post' in the road, to help you find your way when you are in need of it.  It will help you understand and interpret your new abilities more accurately, and to give hope as to what is ultimately possible in all of Creation.

Here is a song I played for Carla, which Carla will now share with you:

It's all good!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the couple