Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cosmic Intentions

I live in an oasis of Peace.

I have my Star Family who is known to me. Many are incarnate, and more are not.

I communicate with them all on a daily basis.

This gives me great joy, comfort, and support as I complete my assignment as a Lightworker, a conscious embodiment of spirit inside a human body--as a writer, teacher, physician, and mentor.

I want to live in this world forever!

And I am having it begin now.

For the record, I am not Ross.

There are a lot of expectations set for that man--and I am NOT him!

If you are my student, friend, or family, I open my heart freely to you, the same as I always do.

If you are NOT in my Star Family, and you are some Lightworker who says you are Divine Mother Incarnate--and I know for a fact you aren't--what am I supposed to do?  What is anyone supposed to do?

What is present is a large Vibrational Incompatibility. You are locked into your 'belief' you are a 'persona' X, Y, or Z.  There is nothing that can make you budge from this, because clearly, if you were going to budge you would have a long, long, very long time ago.

My lessons do not include setting you straight on this issue.  Does this make sense?

You are here to do your work, and I am here to do my own.  My plate is FULL! I have far too many activities to complete without taking on this other topic.

In love--in this we are the same, Ross and me--eternally patient, hoping for the best, and loving to everyone--in love I cut the ties and allow you to learn at your own pace because any further efforts would take away the precious little time I have available to me to do this healing work, my mission.

I bless you, and I move on.

I shake the dust of you off my feet, and I put my energy towards the next task.   We are friendly and polite. And we agree to disagree.

There are many, many, many, many, many Lightworkers out there, who say they are something they are not.

Let the vibrations, the soul signatures, be evident.  Let us agree to disagree so that we can both move on.

There is a reason the button  Known Incarnations of Angels and Archangels was taken off the blog. And there is a reason for that article that still exists, no one can make comments.   Too many people claim to be something they are not. I am not the 'Identity Police', and such comments put me into that position.

I'm just trying to make it through some rough territory--the Ascension of a Planet and Her Inhabitants--and I am doing my best. Anything that is going to keep me from doing my very best...has to go.

I would like to share one example of my Work.

I go where Spirit sends me and I am fully present for what is needed for a soul.

I had a patient at a place I hardly ever work, who was terrified to go under. Their father, who is deceased, was a physician. And this doc always told his kid, 'the worst place to die is while you are going under anesthesia'.  The spouse said that the fear was so great, the house was painted and all the affairs were set in order and all minor repairs were complete, 'just in case the worst happened'.

Patients like that take all I've got--everything medical, everything in spirit--the energy is like riding one of those broncos in the rodeo. You don't know which way it's going to hiccup--but you focus and hang on until everything is okay. You establish rapport with the patient and the spouse. You smile, You answer questions. You delve into the medical history to make sure you don't miss anything important because of the emphasis on the emotions for this case. You deliver the anesthesia, and carefully monitor everything because nervous people like this tend to be high-strung, and their blood pressure varies to extremes while in surgery.

Angels have sent me to do this work--and coordinated carefully everything because the timing is impeccable and that is their 'mark'.  And because the angels have sent me, I do my very best to ensure that the job is done to the highest competence and satisfaction.

This includes debriefing the spouse afterwards, listening to the stories, and checking with recovery room for the time estimate for when they can see their loved one.

It also includes no lunch, no breaks, the entire duration of the case. which took a full work day.  It takes stamina and mental clarity and will to endure such hardship.

After this, I had the option to go straight home, or stop by and visit my mother.

I realize both my closest relations are in essence, 'going away'--mother to old age, and Anthony to adolescence--and to choose one the other doesn't get my attention I would like to spend.

Mom was hungry. I brought her Taco Bell. The person taking my order told me it is 'Happy Hour'--and I was dumbfounded, and cracked up. 'Happy Hour? At Taco Bell?! What in the world is THAT?!'

Drinks are one dollar. So I said yes and dehydrated as I was, got an unsweetened ice tea.

A neighbor who checks up on mom--but I haven't seen in thirty years--was visiting. It was a delight to visit with them both.

Ross was strict and said to leave by a four p.m., which is did, so I missed traffic.

He also, when I asked him for advice on how to manage the rest of my day, said, 'Enjoy Anthony'.

I did.

We had a nice meal.  I had a starter--five nuggets of peanut butter pretzel and a spoonful of raspberry jam. Then a 'layer salad', a 'composed salad' you eat with a knife and fork. From the bottom up, there was romaine lettuce, shaved slices of ripe pear with no skin, baby spinach, diced celery, blue cheese dressing, and minced jalapeƱos, topped with fresh ground pepper. After that, Trader Joe's marsala chicken with mashed potatoes heated up in the oven. Dessert was two things, first slices of fresh ripe nectarine, and a small cup of sugar free tapioca pudding (only ninety calories).

We watched The Empire Strikes Back--greatly enjoying it--and had a cup of Mexican Hot Chocolate before bed.

I tucked him in, and we each had a good night's sleep.

Now the work starts again today.  I didn't mention the pets or the dishes or the garden, but they were all in yesterday too. It's funny, I give the mice to the snake and he goes looking around like crazy, completely ignoring the mice. It struck me that he is a male, and fully grown, and perhaps he is seeking a mate? When I returned the mice to the store (I don't like to board them) I asked could this be possible? Indeed, yes, it is their 'breeding season', and the behavior was correct. He just completed his shed, and must have adequate nutrition for this to happen. So in two more weeks I will try to feed him again. The pet store said that he doesn't have to mate--much as he would like to--and it will go away once the season is done.

I share because my awareness is 'picking up', and I wouldn't have guessed that about Cecil (our ball python) without my intuition being healthy and functioning.

I also refilled my fountain. I had it off since July. The sound is soothing and music to my ears.

Negotiation is an option you might want to explore in this next phase of Ascension. This morning I was woken up at five thirty by a phone call from the hospital. A surgeon added on a case at seven a.m., and because of my assignment I was supposed to do it.

Who could I call at five-thirty to tell them I'm dropping Anthony off?

I always coordinate this the night before.

I wished the surgeon to reincarnate with ten children and no help and to be a single parent.

I decided to take Anthony with me to work and ruin his day.

But then on second thought, I called the OB Anesthesiologist, who was already there at the hospital, and leaving her shift at seven. Would she be interested?


I lost money. That case would have paid a lot. But I had to work things around so I wasn't running around like crazy and stressing out. My next case is at eleven thirty.

We had a breakfast--many courses too---and although I am ready for work, Ross asked me to write what I write now. The part about people who are well-intended but confused about their soul identity. He wanted us to 'draw the line' on 'what is okay' and 'what isn't'.  

And that's what is here.


You have a right to your joy.

Every little speck of it.

It is your birth right!

(he shows me a gesture of two fingers walking--ed)

Whenever there is something you don't like, and it is not an active part of your life lesson--turn and walk away from it.

Turn and walk TO YOUR HAPPINESS!  (he waves his finger side to side to stress something--ed)

It doesn't matter what the situation, and if you can't walk or leave then leave with your heart and follow your joy to where everything feels 'right' to you. (he shows a picture of him meditating, sitting crossed legged with eyes closed--ed).  You can ALWAYS escape, even for a little bit.

(he shows me an image of dogs yapping at his feet, and he is lifting his legs and moving them away from the dogs--who try to follow--ed)  Always try to be one step ahead of those who bite you--be a little proactive, and not to defend through direct confrontation but avoid like the plague those who give you a hard time, and you have done nothing to invite it.

As for Carla--my sweet--I am going to show her 'the ropes' and 'something more' in a short time (he smiles mysteriously--ed) and Carla will have something to share tomorrow with you.

Clap! Clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins