Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gaia News Brief 4 August 2016

I feel the need to write. I'm not sure why. I have been given a late start for my work assignment. I have been doing chores in the meantime.

I wait.

I listen.

When I feel the need to write, it's much like feeling a need to go to the bathroom, or to eat, or to sleep. You just get this feeling and you know what you need to do. For me, it's to write at the moment.

I feel Ross very, very near. Almost in my chest. His presence is very warm and soothing. And calm.

I am totally calm. And listening.


This morning I spent a meditation while opening a box from Laurie Cabot. Ross had me enjoy the peace of the house all to myself.

It was magic.

I ordered a shipment from her online while I was on jury duty and waiting in that big room.  I sense Laurie's time is near. She has closed her shop or something, it's not like before. I think maybe someone else runs it.

I cried tears of joy and recognition for the important part Laurie played in my life. I was just starting to 'wake up'--I could help souls cross to the Light and spoke with Blessed Mother since 1992. And in 1993 I traveled to New Hampshire with my grandmother and aunt Edna. We spent much time with Aunt Ellie, who was the most spiritually awake person I knew, and was a healer, and in many ways, my guide and teacher and friend.

Ellie lives near Salem, and Ellie knows Laurie.  I went to Laurie's store, and was so thrilled to meet her. I have a photo of myself with her.   I recall she had told me when we met that she had known me sounded so mysterious! (Ellie had whispered to me that 'witches are nice people who help a lot of people and never caused trouble to anyone' while we were in the museum and seeing the display on the witch hunts in the town square only a few moments earlier.)

At the time, I was reading one of her books, and learning how to 'go into alpha'. Not a single one of my 'spells' ever worked, but it was good training on divination (especially feathers) and acknowledgement there is more to life than 'news, weather, and sports'.

Now it is 2016.

In my lap is a box from Salem. I open the contents carefully. I ordered a Black Feather oil, and Cerridwen oil too. The Cerridwen Oil was very helpful in the start of my awakening, in my acceptance that I was 'different' and that spirit was going to be a huge part of my life.

There was a REASON I was reading my mom's Linda Goodman's Sun Signs when I was seven! There was a reason I was voraciously reading about palmistry and numerology as soon as I was able to read and write!  It had something to do with my soul and my life's purpose!

So here I am.

I know so much, and have had the pleasure to work with Energy Medicine and meet people from all over the world.

It is my life's calling...

Once upon a time.

Once upon a time was the name of the special box I ordered.

It's true.

Once upon a time is all we are left with after our life experiences here while incarnate.

Once upon a time.

I got a magnet with Laurie's famous picture. And a postcard with it too. Her handwriting is clear in her signature. A clear mind. A careful to details person who gets the job done (I studied handwriting analysis since I was seven too). I saw such beauty in her face I'd never appreciated before:  that of a spiritual person who is calm, has no ego, and fulfills her mission.

I gave thanks from my heart for all the time and effort she put into her assignment, creating books and tools for others, for me!

I will always treasure the Once Upon A Time oil, the crystal which is beautiful, and the piece of tree from her shop (it still smells like her shop, I remember it) which are included in the special limited edition package.

In opening this box, it is the first time I appreciate and understand the role of a teacher-friend in life, particularly in the harder-to-find guidance for the spirituality part of the life experience.  This helps me to deepen my own commitment to being much like Laurie in my own work, quietly loving and supporting others in their search for their own truth.

I felt Laurie's energy with me, as I opened the box. Her soul is a true guide from the stars. And I was so thankful for her kindness to me.

Ross says this is enough for me to write now. He didn't want me to lose it.

One last thing he says to combine into this post.  We have a new Divine Healing Code which is important. Although there have been requests for something like this for two years, it wasn't the right energy and time. I actually had to be in the kitchen of a woman who survived terrible trials from her husband--who had moved out and came back to her--which overlooks another the house of another woman who is suffering at the wandering which is known all through the community that her husband cheats.

Divine Mother came through with a code which honors free will, and life scripts, but truly HELPS both the men and women who find themselves in the role of the one who is 'cheated on'.

Here it is:  35 26 195 for the woman in a committed relationship whose partner seeks sex outside the home, for their suffering to ease and life to turn to joy in a committed relationship that is the best fit or match for them. (it is also for the men in committed relationship who suffer the same injury from 'their partner who wanders and does not treat them properly')

It you want to know more about the Divine Healing Codes be sure to click on the big tab up at the top of this page.

Thank you.


There are many things happening here in the Spiritual Realms. I am proud of the work of our Ground Crew and Staff 'in the air'...

Everything happens for the best.


Carla has been very close to me the last few days.

I like it.

One day I will take her home for keeps.

But for now I enjoy sharing her special gifts with you.


Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins