Saturday, August 6, 2016

Accept or Reject

Yesterday I was in the O.R. at our surgery center. They package our laryngoscope handles differently than in the main O.R.  Everything is sterilized and in these paper and plastic packages. Theirs has the batteries and lightbulb in a separate paper and plastic pouch. It took me some time to put the pieces together for my next patient while I was setting up for their case. Then I forgot about it.

Well, during the case, something caught my eye.  It was the little indicator card that says if the item truly is sterile. What happens is it is routinely inserted inside the paper and plastic package before it goes through the sterilization process. There is like a little thermometer in black on it. And depending on how the process went, the indicator either says 'ACCEPT' or 'REJECT'.

It was like all the heavens opened up when my eye saw it.




That about describes all of duality in a nutshell!

Does this align with the energies you wish to have, or does it not?

If it does, do you wish to align yourself with it further?

is this certain set of circumstances in agreement with your Life Script and Pre Birth Plan?

or is it not?



Every minute, every second of every day, you are in charge of your Vibration. That is YOU, your Consciousness--sometimes your body may or may not totally be under your control---but your reaction to your body's contribution is...right?

From what you decide to eat for breakfast, to what you spend and what you save, to what you study, being incarnate is an exercise 'running against the clock' to hone and strengthen the Consciousness in the direction your Life Script and Pre-Birth Contract made the commitment to do.

And at the end, although there is no blame, we each take Full Responsibility for our choices that we make.


If we take this by extension into the higher dimensions, we shall exist in a world where there are even more possible outcomes:  what is the best solution in which everyone will win? How can we contribute to a higher level of energy for the situation?

We see this in our Team Doctors With Reiki.   Our Healers do not judge, and they openly share and give to a variety of requests, freely.  And by taking the energy of Reiki and directing it towards the problem the requester is experiencing, the situation is 'lifted up' from the ACCEPT or REJECT scenario of duality to a 'Everything Will Work Out For The Highest Good Of All' no matter what the outcome, and since we are in fact multidimensional beings living an experience in duality--with all its struggles--we are going to feel a whole lot better after our team responds to our request!

My cousin Debbie

I wish to change for one moment, the subject.

I am reminded to share as yesterday I made a request for a very Christian cousin--at the request of her 'more spiritually awake and Reiki-friendly son'--for her surgery.

As we were communicating, and exactly when I typed the request my cousin's spirit came to me, and said, 'Hi Carla!'  (her son says she can do that, and they are very close, and she pops in on him too).

So I excused myself from the conversation with her son, and focused on my cousin, who was in surgery and under anesthesia at the time. (souls do an AMAZING lot of things while under anesthesia, I could write a book on it <3 )

She was in awe of me.

She could see me, as if for the first time, as a soul, and understand all the work I have done for the world and all the hearts that live within it.

She hugged me tight.  She couldn't believe about Ross, she was star struck. He is always behind me, always near.

And Ross, true to form, started talking with her, and said, 'Your work in the stunt industry is impressive! I'd like to know more about your experiences...'

Ross always sets the other person at ease, and is charming and eager to boost the other person up when they first meet him.

Debbie said, 'I'll be right back!'

And I waited. It seemed like forever.

Then she brought with her my very much loved Grandma Lucille and Aunt Edna. At that point I was near tears myself, for I loved them and they have been gone many years. I miss them.

But my grandma and auntie looked at me differently this time. It was with so very much love.

Then it was like they pulled zippers down their front, and the forms of the grandma and auntie I loved fell to the floor on either side of them, and out emerged the angels they truly were who had been playing the roles of my loved ones!  And by claircognizance I understood that they were two Very High Ranking Angels, who had been especially chosen to play those parts in my family, and they were deeply honored to have been given those roles.  They did what all angels do, as a sign of respect and love, and bowed deeply to the ground and then stood up.

I understood that they will still love me, no matter what, in any form, and I am free to call on them as grandma and auntie however I wish to give comfort to me.

Debbie stood there with the biggest smile I have ever seen on her in my whole life. She didn't zip.  But on some level, she was in on the secret that I didn't know, and she was totally delighted to be the one to tell me. And for me, having always loved and admired my big cousin, it was the perfect way to be told this fundamental truth about my own life experience.


I am developing a sense of faith that could shake mountains.

It is new.

I feel like I am running a marathon with a bulldozer in front of me. And I KNOW in my heart that no matter what the obstacle, I will get through it and keep on my way.

My flight was cancelled the day before I was to return home from France. I was annoyed but calm. I bought tickets on Expedia on another airline, just in case there was a rush due to the strike by Air France and all the cancellations.  I knew there was free cancellation available in the first twenty-four hours.  I did everything I could to contact Air France, and also enlisted the help of our Concierge, who was on hold for us for over one hour.

It was bad.

Since we were hungry, Anthony and I ate lunch at the hotel, while the Concierge was on the phone for us. And to make the best of it, I ordered the 'chef's flight of courses' for the lunch, to share with Anthony.


Afterwards, the Concierge said, 'check your emails for updates'.

And then the email arrived. Our flight was rescheduled for the next day. I checked with the manager at the front desk--if I bought on Expedia again for the room another night we could stay in the same room.  Then I cancelled the other airline tickets.

While I was in France and Switzerland, spirit tested me. I have my routine about money and wallets and backpacks. They wanted me to break it. And at the very last part of the very last day, my wallet was pickpocketed.

Anthony and I were in shock, and we also, because he wanted to retrace our steps--had a very long walk back home to the hotel from the metro station George V.  We kept staying 'sorry' and 'how could it happen' and 'what are we going to do?!'

Once at the hotel, I started resolutely making the phone calls and cancelling everything that was in my wallet. I had to use both a computer and my cell phone to do it. We ordered room service--and I didn't cancel the credit card that was for the room until after we flew home. Fortunately I had enough cash to pay our drivers who drove us at both of the airports on either end of our was all we needed.  (For our breakfast we had bread and yogurt we had bought earlier, and the coffee from the room in the little kit, before our flight.)

Back in Southern California, two days ago, I had a real aggravating experience. I wanted to get cash with the new ATM card replacement I got in the mail. And at the bank the card didn't work. It was cancelled!  What?! Well, in the mail yesterday came ANOTHER ATM card! What happened was the natural renewal was going on, and now, the theft coincided with it.

I never had time to shop for food so every morning Anthony and I went out to breakfast. Our refrigerator was empty. Monday we had Denny's, Tuesday we bought Yum Yum donuts to my mom as she would be watching him while I worked,  Wednesday we had our favorite Del Taco drive through, Thursday I was on my own (he was with his dad) and had a leftover cinnamon roll...Friday we ate a sit down breakfast at Starbucks, and also bought lunch there too. I had packed meager lunches, and the purchases supplemented it.

The driver's license was the worst. You have to go in person during working hours. When my ATM wouldn't work, the clerks said, 'we will print you one. Where is your driver's license?' I was like, 'stolen!'  The earliest appointment available was in two weeks! All this time I was driving without a license, very risky!

So yesterday I came home a little early, and wanted to bolt straight to the DMV at four because they close at five.  Ross said, 'check your mail'. I did. The new ATM card was there, as also my replacement credit card. I activated them both. Then I went to the DMV.

The line was HUGE! There were one hundred people in line ahead of me at four-thirty. But the clerks were most kind and understanding of the situation. They said, 'do not leave the building and you will be taken care of even if we close at five.'  I have my piece of paper from them, and the actual card will arrive in ten days. I finished at five minutes to five p.m.

Well, Ross had said I could only go to the DMV if I promised to go to a wine shop after. Earlier, I had a horrible case, which was so terrifying I told both of my techs, 'if you do not hear a Code Blue in that part of the hospital in the next hour, I've earned a beer'.  One told me about her new favorite, a watermelon beer called Hell or High Watermelon. Ross wanted me to live a little and try something new.

Two steps into the wine shop--like a Costco for wine--was the Loire Valley display. I was overwhelmed, stunned at the detail and advanced planning shown to me by Ross with his love!  I was  so happy! And the very wine the chef had recommended to me for the 'flight of courses'--the Sancerre--was before my eyes! I bought a moelleux, too. I looked for the Suze--a yellow anise-tasting bitter aperitif my family likes in France. They didn't have it. But everything was great.

THEN! I went to the drive through ATM and that new card worked! I deposited my check and got some cash to pay back Anthony what I borrowed.

Next, I went to the grocery store! I bought bread, milk, fruit, vegetables for the rabbit and us...and I feel like home.

If you just keep your vibration UP and stay focused on the goal, you succeed!

It Works!

In general while you are incarnate there is a resistance to be a Pollyanna (this is a story about a girl who was a total optimist).  You want to be 'real'.

But as my Consciousness increases, I am discovering the true power of the positive attitude, being loving at all times, and essentially, Galactic.

Take for example, emergence from anesthesia.

Typically we yell at the patient who is coming 'to'--OPEN YOUR EYES! OPEN YOUR MOUTH! And when they respond, we pull out the breathing tube.   We know they are awake enough not to choke.

Well with teenage and twenty-something boys, and also with others every now and then, the wakeup is very disorienting, and the patients lash out and fight. Sometimes I have to have six strong men present to make sure the patient stays on the table and doesn't fall off to the floor and get hurt.

In the last few weeks, I've discovered a new tactic:  my sweetest, kindest, most loving voice and gently soothing the hair and face gets the patient to calm down faster and more effectively than the yell. The conversation is like, 'your surgery is over! everything is good! you did WONDERFUL!'

And BAM! They stop fighting.  It may take a few gentle reminders not to lie on your side or rub your face, for example, but the big 'fight or flight' thing is gone forever.

Essentially I am taking the role of the most powerful influence in a human being's life, that of The Mother...and it WORKS!

LOVE was what was working in the DMV too. I could feel it. I complimented the clerk on the energy there, and she said 'we try hard!'  I told her how I prayed for the staff the whole time I was waiting, to help them keep up the good work. She looked at me with new eyes! What a concept! That a person waiting to be helped would PRAY for THE STAFF?!

Nice begets nice.

Always remember it.

It is Done

While waiting in line at the DMV, I saw this.  Some of her messages in the past have deeply troubled me. I knew she was going sightseeing in France around the same time as my trip--so she could 'see all the MM stuff and retrace her steps'.

I myself thought of the folly of looking to the past instead of being in the Now...briefly...and hoped she wouldn't post a whole lot of stuff when she came home. That she would keep it personal for her own growth and development, her travels.

What I would like to say is we were Essenes.  Vegetarian, not Vegan--we drank milk and only when we were sick would we consume meat (for example chicken soup) if it was part of the recommended healing.

The Temple of Isis is a bunch of Crap.

There is a group of people who call themselves 'On Our Team' who really promote the whole Isis thing. Cobra and his lady Isis are among them.

It is very important to know that spiritual symbols are just that, tools, like a knife, or a hammer or a screwdriver, or a saw. It is in the hands of those who know how to use them, that they work. Well, for example, a certain music group I used to enjoy and have even been to a concert before I figured it all out, has the Tree of Life all over their cover of their latest album.

Just because it's a tree of life and it's a spiritual symbol doesn't mean it's 'safe' and 'they are like us'--look to the Fruit.  If the Tree of Life is making millions of dollars in sales, then, 'Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart' are only a few steps away from the piles of money. They LIKE piles of money. 

The same goes here with the channeled messages. Just because they are channeled from 'so and so from the Bible' does not mean  the message is one hundred percent unaltered by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Often there are portions of truth mixed with untruth to make it believable and accepted.

Her goal in life (MM), number one, was her family, her man. He was a difficult man to live with, because of his devotion to his work and long absences from the home.  The children remember being sent to stay with relatives and friends--anywhere really--so the parents could go off on their journeys. The children were resentful of the parents especially the father, although they loved them too.

Living in a cave is something I would want to do now too! The homes in France are dug into the earth. They are cool in summer and warm in winter. It is possible to live in a cave that is also a house. I wouldn't think it likely for some mystical organization to provide for their every need deep inside a cave. Nor for a mother to raise a child for fifteen years exclusively inside one. They would be a part of the community, garden, and the child would play.  It just doesn't make sense.

My own mother grew up in world war two in Sicily. The families would retreat to the caves and hide when there were bombings, otherwise they would lead normal lives. I would imagine perhaps in MM's case it was much the same, except when there were people seeking her instead of bombs.

The visits and the stories told to the daughter of her father who died DO make sense.

When I say, 'It is done' means, 'I am healed'.

It doesn't matter what anyone says or believes at this point. I don't care.

My focus is, and always has been, on my work. There is a very short time to do what I am asked to do. And I am blessed by those in my inner circle who know my work, and are growing with me.

Every single thing I say, film, write, or share--photo--has layers of energy upgrades and key codes and activation sequences within it.  This is to awaken those who were sent to be awakened by me. It is invisible, but  the accompanying transfer of energy to the reader or viewer is able to be felt by the heart and also the Consciousness. Those who are reading this will know their lives have been changed forever, for the better, without being able to pinpoint exactly what has transpired...

That's the way it works with us, Ross and me.  It's our style.

There is this one too. It isn't even a blip on my energy.  It just IS, Fran just does whatever, and I know there are going to be a whole lot of MM's and the like out there to make it confusing to the world. It's the latest plan by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart to divide and conquer by spiritual confusion of the masses, who for the most part are highly influenced by the media and do not go in Nature or meditate or know their real selves.

When it comes right down to it, It Is What It Is...there is nothing to prove or argue...and as long as I can do my mission everything is going to be just fine.

How sad it is for them to have it right under their nose and to not appreciate it while the time is present, is all I have to comment, myself.


Carla is working!  She is writing and writing for me, while she is on back up call and hasn't been called in.

I want her soon to go and get the frozen waffles for her breakfast, the ones I told her to get and she knew in her heart was from me, because they were on sale.

Carla there is  a huge stack of bills to be paid on the table where you are to eat breakfast. Make sure you take care of them. I can only protect you so far...recall your lesson with the wallet.

Then plan your day.

Clap! Clap!

(he puts his hands on his hips and scans from side to side and smiles--ed)  For all of you out there who were hoping for a message, I was just messing with you!

I have time to speak, and Carla, much as she has written, always has the time to interpret what I say.

(rubs his hands together--ed)  Now, what are you thinking?  What would you like to be made aware of? What makes YOU tick?

Is it wanting to know what time we get off this place? (Ascension) And anything pertaining to it?

This is OUTSIDE you! And therefore, (fingers pointing to one another, the index ones--ed) not entirely connected.

Do you want to find out the 'real story' of what happened between us, Carla and me?  Of interest?

Then read the blog, starting at page one, and working all the way back to the present. It will take some time, but only then will you get a full understanding of who she really is, as well as who am I. You will also get the extra bonus of actually getting to know us, as souls, and recognize our work.

Are you mystified by the Divine Healing Codes, and only this part interests you?

So let it. (picture of sand falling through fingers--ed) Then that is what you get.

Is it ME that you want (taps his chest--ed) ?  Do you only read the top because you are waiting for your 'reward' here at the bottom, which is 'in my words'?

Well then, if that is the objective, why read the top part in the first place?! Why not skip to the end?!

Because Carla is the Divine Feminine compliment to myself, I allow her to go first, and it isn't saving the best for last; I want you to recall how Carla in her emergence from anesthesia for her patients has a new discovery I call 'The Feminine Touch' and I want you to re-think about its importance in ALL life right here on the planet, not just your own. 

And I want to speak for one moment about the interconnectedness (interlaces fingers--ed)...

Carla posted a story about a flamingo who had suffered a senseless death. A 'born again vegan' who is a recent convert and also very political--made a comment about--'millions of animals die to provide meat'.

It is a custom for us to eat meat here, while we are on the earth. It is not 'senseless', it 'provides meat'.

I am going to push you further past your comfort zone in this. (he shows the hands fingers interlaced--ed)... where are the meat eaters? On what fingers?  And where are the vegetarians? And the vegans? What fingers are they?

Now, what do they compose? Are we really a bunch of dismembered fingers running around on the planet?

Or are we a HAND?

Each digit has its role--thumb, index, long, ring, and pinkie fingers.  Are they the same? NO, not on your life. Each one is a little different. And all of them are connected. They have the same breathing, the same heartbeat which nourishes them, no?

And what is the purpose of the hand?!

It (points to his head--ed) is the servant of the master! (the mind, the Consciousness--ed)

After this, it is not a question of 'who eats meat and who doesn't?'--we are all ONE (shows the hands interlaced)...and until this concept is grasped there isn't anything or anyone who is going to be ready to Ascend.

We are ONE.

Thieves and robbers and those whose pockets get picked.

Murderers and rapists and those who go to church on Sunday.

Meat eaters and those who prepare meat for market and those who through their own sense of refinement seek a higher vibration in their food by being plant-based.


(shows my grandma and aunt unzipping--ed)  No matter what role we play, every single one of us is deserving of Love, the Unconditional Love of the Father (shows the hands interlaced together--ed)

None of us is 'right' or 'wrong' except perhaps it is only in the Illusion. And Carla has come to this conclusion herself with the Mary Magdalens of the world in channels and messages and schools of OmNa and all that.

She doesn't want to get bothered with it.

It doesn't HURT her like it once did.

For Carla has gone within, and met her challenges, and risen above.

It was the look in the soul of her Cousin Debbie's eyes, and her well as my interaction with her dear cousin, one of love and appreciation and interest in her life's work...that helps Carla know in her heart that everything is right, everything is a miracle, and when it comes right down to it, it is Carla's choice to ACCEPT what Is, and not to make a big fuss out of it.

Carla is like a duck. While she is serene on the surface, underneath her feet are paddling furiously for Divine Mother and Divine Father, and also, for me.

Carla says a special healing prayer every day for me, and for all of my peers and colleagues.

Do you?

Do you say a prayer for your guardian angel? And for your guides? Not just one of love and appreciation, but to truly want to make their lives better for them?

(he nods and looks at you--ed)


Unconditional love which is not wanting anything back.

And that is my Heaven!

I hope you are all satisfied now with what I have said?

You have my blessings and Divine Father and Mother's too.

clap! clap! Now ON to the Waffles!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple