Monday, August 8, 2016

Why Your Happiness MATTERS

Yesterday I was driving home from work--yes! On a Sunday. And I was having a dilemma. Should I go to eat some French food at the same restaurant where I had credit card fraud about two years ago? Or should I just go home?

I chose the French food, and to pay with cash.

I also walked the mall for a little exercise after my meal.

I was most content.

While I drove the rest of the way home (I was on call), I noticed something different:  the little muscles in my shoulders which are always tight, RELAXED!

I almost always have the world on my shoulders.   I never even think about it. But the relaxation is the goal for us to be, always aware, awake, alert, ready for whatever Life brings us, but not uptight.

A Few Words On Self Care

My mom has been encouraging me to take it easy and rest. She sees a day when I won't be able to do anesthesia any more--physically. And she says to conserve my energy and take care of myself until that time. If I am lucky, I will save enough that I can quit 'before I have to stop'.

I've been taking her words to heart.

In training, doctors are taught to put their patients first and themselves last. We are trained (at least in the old days with me) to be able to work round the clock in case of disaster or war.

How healthy it that?

I'm serious.

How healthy is it to go without food, water, and rest?

It takes its toll.

We are built or 'created' for pleasure. The kind of pleasure which comes natural on Mother Earth's surface--not the unnatural kinds which cost money and get us wasted. We are made to create new things to help Gaia, and each other.

Feelings of stress and fear and worry are counterproductive. Why? Because they energize the systems which are keeping us in bondage, with the status quo.

Feelings of relaxation, joy, and hope STARVE the energy systems which exist to control of humanity. This is why we say, 'turn off the news'.  They harness it, our powers of co-creation, by showing us shocking and horrifying 'news'--and apply it to their own 'agenda'.

Keep your energy for you. Relax. Do something which brings you fun.

It will save the world much faster than a superhero in a movie!

My Dreams

Yesterday I was craving sleep.  I took a nap in the afternoon. And immediately after dinner, went to sleep again. I haven't slept ten hours in ages. But I did.

As I was falling asleep, it was surreal. My consciousness was someplace new. Ross was there. I wasn't sure where I was?

Then everything came into focus. Ross and his Galactic Friends had a surprise for me. We were seated at a table at my favorite place in Hawaii, and we had the place to ourselves. The Galactics were discreetly serving us our meal.  It looked just like the photo above.

I couldn't believe it!

Just me, and Ross?  Alone? Together?!

Ross said we had one week. I saw his finger pointing up.

Then Kamehameha was there. He was my father in one incarnation, and my guide in another in the Islands. I was so happy to see him, and I held him tight. I listened carefully to all his words. He is so wise...I greatly enjoyed our brief visit.

And I was THERE at my favorite place which is exactly the way it was!  With Ross!! He made me breakfast, too.  We enjoyed the water, the weather, the area, and walked and talked a long time. Fiat night  wanted to see the manta rays where the lights shine on the water. Instead, he had us sit, and we were treated to a beautiful Galactic Light Show that was more beautiful than fireworks...

I had other dreams later in the morning too, of a new 'house' of sorts I bought in Canada on the water, for twenty thousand dollars. It was a condo, very old, with lots of wood, kind of like a houseboat. As I was waking up, I realized I could Air B n B it when I was back here. I was very excited about that too.

It is highly rare for me to dream. And to REMEMBER my dreams. Last night I had two. And I was not once called in by the hospital!


This morning I made pineapple, scrambled eggs, and spam for us, along with Anthony's favorite hot chocolate and my coffee. I have the day off, as I am post-call.

I turned on  and was making breakfast...when this song came on:

I was hearing Iz's voice. I realized this was his group with his brothers before he went solo. I started having tears run down my cheeks. It's hard to explain the connection and pull I have to the islands. I was thinking to myself, you just can't hide an angel--even with all the weight of Iz! He is Archangel Chamuel, and his voice is clear and bright.

I was so glad to hear it...then, immediately after, came this:

Then I REALLY started crying!  They were happy tears. I recall in 2014 I was on a sunset cruise on the west side of Oahu, and IZ came through. Ross and I were having a rough patch. And IZ had come to me, and said about Ross, to give him a chance--he's a really nice guy.

I'm so glad I listened to his advice!

To me, this was confirmation for my dreams of last night. They felt so real, and I can't wait until I can stay with Ross together. I was told in the dream that we never have to separate  again, and I can't wait.

He actually provided for a small wedding, just for us two, in my dreams. SaLuSa was the officiant, and it was just us together on the shore.  There was no-one in the audience. I recall that I asked Ross to clarify--one more time--no more missions or ministry travels away from me? right?--and he smiled and said there would be none of that, and no more suffering too. <3


Carla has a lot of things to accomplish today. There are bills to pay, business calls to make. Anthony is home with her. She has to buy for him new shoes and also bait traps for the ants which visit her kitchen each August where she lives.

Anthony also wants to buy more storage for his Xbox for his video games. Carla will pay half but not for all of it. 

For lunch there is leftover pizza from last night. Anthony likes the gourmet veggie one from Round Table. And for dinner there is chicken breast, about seven dollars each...for healthy organic meat. Carla has not cooked meat all month, and it is for their health. 

Yesterday Anthony came home and Carla smelled on his breath he was in ketosis. There is an odor on the breath of all her diabetic patients in the morning who go without food.

Anthony had it. Carla was upset.

It was almost two thirty and Anthony had been up since nine a.m. All he had to eat was a bowl of sugary cereal at noon when his father woke up. Carla rightly so read Anthony the riot act about his health, and how the responsibility is on him to make sure he eats in order to keep his blood sugar down--to blend the proteins with the carbohydrates so the blood sugar does not spike, and how to prevent the fall in his blood sugar by going too long without food. (the pancreas likes it best to have a healthy and steady supply of food to process).

Carla made for him a sandwich, and although he defended Jared and said he wasn't hungry, after eating the food, he realized he was. Carla made for him sliced tomatoes, grapes, and a turkey sandwich with mustard and just a little bread. And a glass of milk, a big one. 

It never ends for them.

There is always something.

(One finger up--ed) But what Carla did this time was different for two reasons:  1) she recalled back when she was dating Jared that he had bad eating habits, and made the connection that his habits are affecting the son, it's not personal or uncaring, it's just him and 2) she rightly framed it for Anthony that although she is a doctor and his father clearly does not understand the situation for Anthony's health, it's no excuse for Anthony who DOES understand and is going to be affected by the consequences. 

And she let it go.

Being upset is part of Life.

(he gestures how the my shoulder muscles relaxed--ed)  And this is the correct response to it.

There are some things which are going to make all of us upset when the truth comes out about The Other Team (those who do not have our best interest at heart)...and no matter how worked up we get, we are going to have to look beyond the hurt to a wonderful future which awaits us all.

(he shows himself in a Hawaiian shirt--it's blue with big flowers on it and little wood buttons--ed--he also has on a ridiculous straw hat!)

(he offers me his arm--I take it--and smile--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Heart