Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Look For Good Things!

Look for Good Things!

This is what my Council said to me early this morning.

I took the opportunity to ask them something that had been eating away at me for a long time:  since you are always happy, how will I know if our looking for good things is something that makes you happy too?

It's true.

Not only do they never argue (they keep the vibration up) I have always seen them with one emotion--cheerful and bright!  I wasn't clear on their encouragement how to tell when I am making my spiritual goal?  I didn't want to play hot or cold (you're getting close! you're burning up! you got it!).  I wanted to see their reaction with my own eyes.

They smiled and gave me a big thumbs up, each one of my team!

THAT I could understand, and I gave them a smile and TWO big thumbs up!

Then I started my day.

Today was unusual. I discovered a simple art to manifestation:

  • decide what you want. Be CLEAR about it. (I wanted to go home in time to cook dinner--it wasn't clear at my work with the assignment if I would be able to pick Anthony up or not.  I decided--I really WANT to go home and cook dinner.)
  • keep your mind positive in an indirect way--you don't think about what you want, other than you decided to want it. But you AVOID negative thoughts, fearful thoughts, what if thoughts. You just don't permit them to cross your mind.
  • You ACCEPT the possibility that it might not happen, and you are OKAY with it. (I had plan B, but hadn't implemented it yet).
  • Then you do the legwork.  (At the end of the day, I checked with each person I was to relieve. MRI was done--I called. The next to last person wanted to finish his case. The last person not only wanted to stay, she took my call position and exchanged it for me so I could go home.)
  • Once you get what you want, you move on to DOING what you were going to do with what you wanted--in my case, I went to Costco to buy gas, and called three people I needed to call. (I still have more to call, but I made a dent).
  • Give thanks for what has been given. (And I did! I most certainly did!)

Bunny Butt

Sometimes you have to do something that's unpleasant.  This is what I wanted to do with my time, and Anthony did too.

Our bunny has 'poopy butt'--it's a condition where poop gets stuck on their bottoms. Apparently there are two kinds of poop a rabbit makes. One is hard pellets. The other is softer and --if you're squeamish skip this part--they are supposed to eat it for intestinal health. Well, she wasn't eating it, and it got stuck. Last night we removed two large clumps. But a lot remained and was stuck.

Today I was serious. We had to trim her nails too. I went to the pet shop where I got her. I bought the correct food (green only pellets, nothing fancy), and Kwik Stop (I trim the bird's nails, so I have the special scissors).

I removed all of my delicate jewelry. Anthony sat with a towel, and I brought the bunny and we wrapped her like a burrito. 

Gently, one by one, I took a paw and trimmed the nails.

Then we let her rest.

After that, I got warm water in a basin, and sat in the shower stall. Anthony brought the cage into the bathroom, and we got her into the stall and closed the door.

I worked hard on that bunny. Rabbits don't like to take a bath. I had it warm and soapy. I gently submerged her bottom. Then I worked with the wet rag. I had Anthony come and check the job.

She's clean.

Now she's in her cage in the bathroom with the heater on so she can dry. I toweled her off.

I think she understood we were taking care of her. She wasn't upset. But she didn't like the procedure either. 

I never got a single scratch!

The point of the story is that we are here to HELP those who cannot help themselves. It is nice to enjoy our lives, and to make plans. But that's not what we signed up for--to take care of Number One.  We signed up to be here for those who need help most.

So when you ASK for something to manifest, the MORE it is aligned with the Highest Good, the more likely it is going to happen. 

If your wish is to be something you always dreamed to be, it might help others down the road. Or perhaps dreaming to have fun--it's good--it raises the vibration. Whatever is for the Highest Good has the best energy match vibrationally for it to come true. And Highest Good is by how Creator sees it, not us. So go by what RESONATES in your heart with you.

I also thanked Raphael for helping with the bunny today. There is no way I could have done that job without his help!!!

(my shower afterwards was SO nice and warm! I scrubbed and scrubbed myself clean too.)

God Sparks

We are united with our energy as a collective--not just our family or city or country or team--we really ARE all alive on Earth at this time. 

We share the same air, food, water--as far as resources on Earth go.

And we all need to sleep.

My point is, that, no matter what you call it, Good Things HAPPEN!  And the more and more we notice--we all win!  


This is because our common vibration goes UP. It's like pitching in together to buy a gift for someone. Every little bit adds up to something wonderful.

My cousin Debbie is totally conservative Christian. I spoke with her today as she recovers from her surgery. She is quick to note she's had two 'God Sparks' in her life recently. The first was saving her house from a wildfire. Hers and two neighbors homes too. She wanted to put the umbrella away in the garage as they were evacuating. Something new started burning, and she was able to act and also they called friends in the fire department. One truck came from where they Federal Govt had assigned them, and saved the three homes. The other is her hip surgery wasn't available to schedule until November. But there was a cancellation--very rare--with an opening in four days. And she took it!  She had been in a lot of pain, and now it's better. Just surgery pain, but not the other.

It is OKAY to talk with people about Good Things when they happen!

And no matter what you or anybody else chooses to call them, it's all GOOD!

And So It Is!

I hope you are getting a feel for why I really encourage Active Participation in the manifestation department. 

If you had a project due at work, would you sit there, and say, 'So Be It!' and stare at the paper or the computer screen and wait for it to just pop up into your reality?


So it is with Spirit.

You may set the tone and make the decision with a 'So Mote It Be!'--and energetically you will alert your teams what your intention is.

They cannot do the work for you.

Even if they 'open doors' you are going to have to walk through them and make the most of the opportunity, yes?

So I want you to exercise your muscles--and try to make your dream come true whenever something seems to be even a little bit in the right direction (A God Spark or nudge)...and to trust in your teams to direct you step by step, even if it is slow.

Always be willing to take the next step, to put forth the effort. 

When I made the decision to be a doctor, I was twenty-six, ancient as far as medical students go (they enter school at twenty-three).  It took me two years to do the applications and tests and interviews before I matriculated at UCSD School of Medicine. I started at twenty-eight. But once I made the decision, it was like dominos falling into place--one door after another would open...like it was meant to be.

Medical school was difficult. In so many ways. But I got through and got my degree, Medical Doctor! It was the happiest day in my life, at the time (being a mom is a close second).

Then I had to do my internship and residency and fellowship and pass my written and oral boards!

But I did that too.

Now I live my dream.

Both the good and the not so good parts of it. And it's real. There isn't anything else I would rather be. <3

Catching Up

A beautiful person sent me a card with a Visa card to buy Anthony's next pair of shoes (Thank you!). I had trouble reading the return address. I have a bracelet to mail you to say Thank You. Please let me know your mailing address, as I couldn't ship it before my vacation--the post office said it's the wrong combination of street and zip code.   

Sadly, the Visa gift card was in my wallet in Paris on the metro, and it's gone. But the kindness remains, and I pray perhaps the person who took the wallet needed it more than I did. My two hundred Euros too.

Someone--I can't recall exactly who--had messaged me on my private FB messaging. I think they had to pay money to reach me, and it doesn't work right because we aren't FB friends. I wanted to think about my response to your question. And then your message vaporized into cyberspace. I can't find it. My reply is, I am the correct person and I'm not sure I would be able to work with the individual based on the information you gave me. It's a vibrational incompatibility at the moment, which I hope will improve in time as the individual works with their guides. Thank you for your concern and kindness in bringing the situation to my attention. 

I will do my best to always be friendly and polite. I am not able to promise to be prompt as more and more are contacting me. I do the best I can and I thank everyone for their kind wishes and love.


These are your bells and I want you to ring them every time something good happens, both to you and to another.

I want you in your mind's eye, to pull on the cords, and with your whole body weight pull as hard as you can until that bell gets ringing!

I want you to make it loud enough for me to hear all the way up here where I am!

You might get like an aloha at a luau--'I CAN'T HEAR YOU!' from me, just so you can make it ring loud and clear for ALL of us to hear it. (looks to his left and his right--on his view of where he is seated at his colleagues, and they all nod in agreement--ed)

clap! clap!

Carla is cooking dinner now for Anthony and me. I always like to keep them company. Sometimes Carla sets a place for me (like Moses! --he laughs at his own joke) and a little glass of wine which she never drinks but pours out for the plants.

clap! clap!

(puts his hand cupped to his ear and says, 'I can't hear you!' and smiles, just like a luau emcee--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins