Monday, August 29, 2016

Heart Of The Cosmos

How are you?

I'd like to say again, thank you for listening.  There have been so many wonderful discoveries on this journey to awakening, Ascension, to New Life.  You are a very important part of this mission.

None of it would be if it were not for your hearts and minds and spirits, wanting to Awaken, and our keeping one another company on the long road it has been.

It means to much to both of us, Ross and myself.

So...thank you.

It's been an odd few days, of lessons. I am seeing with increasing clarity--thanks to my having been alive so many years! LOL--the workings of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.   I see how the economy is designed to entrap people into debt, and how it is very difficult to 'win', especially without being 'on their team' if you know what I mean.

I find it very freeing, the truth.

And then I don't give it a second thought.

I don't want one drop of my energy going to 'those people' (Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart).


Because fear and all-consuming worry FEEDS them. I'd like them to starve and die out; to leave and never come back from Gaia.

I concentrate on my joy.

THIS is what disempowers them:  an individual following their Life Script with trust and complete and total awareness and acceptance of What Is--including THEIR part in it.

It all has to do with responsibility.  The more clear-headed you are, the slower you are to anger, the slower you are to react without thinking, and the more you are naturally drawn to activities which bring you joy.

By giving thanks, and applying yourself with the gifts given to you so generously--guess what?

MORE gifts of Spirit arrive!

One of my gifts was dodging a bullet. There had been a scrub tech who had been flirting with me five or so years ago. I thought he really liked me. But a close colleague said, 'that one?  No!' and shook her head. I trusted her. Later, this same one is in a relationship with the OTHER single lady anesthesiologist in our group.  I still wasn't sure if it was true love or what.  It wasn't until last week someone said, 'so and so always has his get-rich quick schemes'....then a little lightbulb went off in my head! I dodged that bullet!

Another gift is the excitement and joy to spend time with my son. We went to the Great Wolf Lodge and rode the water slides. I appreciate his being between childhood and young adult--we stayed in a Wolf Den room, where there was a special bunk bed set up for the children. There were animated animals (for example, a singing bass) that weren't moving. I learned how you need a magic want to make them go. I went downstairs and saw one store was closed. But I had spoken with the front desk gentleman who said the store closed at ten. I asked the front desk, and she said it was closed. But I went to look--it all was open! I picked his favorite color, a dragon one, and you should have seen his face when the bass lit up the lights and sang, then the frog sang. It was very cute. Later we went to Disneyland, and what really excited him was the Star Wars Launch pad. He had his photo with Boba Fett, and also both of us with Chewbacca (I was like, WOW! too).

A miraculous discovery is I have found cooking our meals with beautiful presentation as a series of very small courses keeps us both from overeating. We are full on very little food, and Anthony is drinking more water with his meals, instead of drinking cow's milk like it was water.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner served in the home are like the French, with courses.  Breakfast was peach slices, then bread and jam like in France, and milk/coffee. Dinner was a tiny dollop of creme fraiche 'dip', six sugar snap peas, and three peanut butter pretzel nuggets, followed by what I called 'warm salad'--lettuce one big leaf of romaine, with zucchini cut into noodles warmed with shallots and hemp seed. Anthony didn't like it, but he ate the lettuce from both our plates instead. He doesn't like zucchini. No matter how you cook it!  Our main course was a homemade pizza. They sell dough at Trader Joe's. But THIS time, instead of letting Anthony eat as much as he wanted--like I used to--He had one very large piece--cut into two smaller pieces and I had one. Dessert is after the dishes. And we had half a scoop of the ice cream he wanted (caramel ripple chocolate) cleverly arranged in a martini glass to look like one scoop, and then with it one of the beautiful cookies from a neighbor who bakes, which included edible gold in the frosting.

I don't get the 'I'm hungry' mom thirty minutes after we finish. I get the dishes done, and we also talk more.

Today Anthony went to an art museum with his summer 'camp'.  I asked him vague questions and he was vague back. But then I thought to ask THE question. I asked, 'were there paintings of naked people there?'  He laughed so hard and let down his guard and said 'yes'.  He said both men and women, including Adam and Eve. And the statues. I asked if it was embarrassing?  He said not really. I shared how the Nude is a form of art, just like Portraits or Landscape or Still Life. That's why they are there.

Anyhow, things are good for me right now.

I am dreaming of things, and following them.  I have small activities I enjoy, and I am doing them every day. I also am counting my steps--only five thousand today!

What is INSIDE affects your OUTSIDE circumstances/experiences.

What is INSIDE can be changed.

It is the THINKING that goes on in the mind which determines everything--people who think thoughts of lovingkindness actually remodel the brain to increase performance of the brain itself!

Happiness is a happy accident.

It first starts with clearing the soul out of all that is holding it back, just like in the Boston Tea Party where all the tea was dumped off the ship, because they didn't want to pay taxes.  It was like, get rid  of it!! And they heaved it overboard with a big splash!

Well, with that attitude, and willingness to experience 'what may come up'--the process takes care of itself. The soul presents things (memories, feelings) which were holding you back. You experience them, and release.  This can take a long time, with release then rest periods and more releasing which may go on for some time. Then it's gone, and when there is no more of that 'stuff' left, life is pretty fantastic.

It's all done.

I wanted to share because I think it is important, just like Ferris Bueller once said, 'Life goes by pretty fast. Sometimes you just have to stop and take a look around.'


This is our gift of love to you, through this page and our work.

To all who assist us--and there is Divine Assistance both 'in the air' and 'incarnate'--we give our gratitude and love.

To all who are growing--drink! Drink of the energy and awakening with excitement! A time will come when you shall journey on to other things, just like Anthony will move along into his adolescence...

So, enjoy.

Relax, and (he giggles--he is mimicking Matthew Broderick--ed)  sometimes you just have to stop and take a look around.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple