Sunday, August 21, 2016

You Are Loved

Anthony is home. I am glad for the time he had to have fun with our family. And I am glad he is home. I am also glad for the lessons I had while he was away.

It really was like an instant--even though it was one week--now that he is home.

We had a small accident in the house tonight.

I have a cockatoo who is twenty-six years old. My ex-husband Frank could handle him. Anthony can't. He needs to learn if anything happens to me.

Spirit told me not to take Harry out of his cage today. But I didn't listen. I had him on my knee, next to the rabbit cage so they could both look at each other. They are both white. Poor Harry has feathers still in the little casing on his head. The new ones need me to open them--he preens the rest but can't reach his head.

Anthony wanted to scratch Harry.  That went fine.

He wanted to hold him.

He reached and Harry went, but then ran up to his shoulder. This is a dominance thing. Top bird is always at the highest eye level. So it's not good for a bird like Harry to be on a shoulder. No parrot really should be on a shoulder. It gives the bird ideas.

I taught Anthony how to bend down so the bird will run up and onto something else, in this case, my arm.

Everything was fine.

A bird needs a command to 'step up', it is the basics of bird keeping--having them do what YOU want when YOU want it.

Anthony sort of got it. But he doesn't understand how to hold to the foot with his thumb so the bird won't run up the arm. You keep the elbow down, the hand up, and hold the foot firmly. Then you can enjoy the bird.

Well, the second time, the bird missed, and hung on for dear life to Anthony's base of his left thumb, and spun around until he caught his balance.

Anthony started screaming. The bird bit him. There was blood. Quickly I got him to the sink and the bird in the cage. I washed the wound with soap and water. It's painful, a bite, but usually not bad. It aches. I've been to the ER for a bite to the face--there was an argument with Frank and the bird flew to me to protect me and I've never seen him fly (his wings are always clipped)--but he got my cheek and it sort of pulled apart the edges of the bite. So they sewed me up. Another time my finger got it and it swelled up with infection.  I think Anthony got bit once about a year ago, for putting his finger in the cage.

I explained to him Harry was trying not to fall. He didn't mean it. And a fall from that height would have broken his breastbone and he would have had to be put down.

Then I texted my friend who is a hand surgeon, with wound pictures. I told him my plan of care. And he said to observe it.

There is a three millimeter cut on one side, and two minor punctures on the other from the bottom beak. The wound edges approximate well, and after a little ibuprofen Anthony is much better.

I asked him fresh after the bite if he wants me to get rid of Harry?

Anthony was shocked and said NO!  Later he asked me why, and I said I wouldn't want him to be afraid of anything in the house, I didn't want him to live like that, much as I love Harry.

As I tucked him in, Anthony asked me how I would have felt if Harry had fallen, and was going to die?

I would be a different kind of sad, a goodbye sadness, it would not be good.

Anthony felt the same way. He said, if it had to be one way or the other, he'd rather it was him who got hurt.

He is a good boy.

This is also a good spiritual insight for me.

Creator is our parent--mother and father.

I felt like shit when Anthony got hurt. It was my fault, for trying to teach him. And I asked myself, why does Creator let us have painful lessons?  If God is Love, then how can our parent let us get hurt? 

I think this is a spiritual lesson that needs to be out in the open. I think there is a phrase, 'when bad things happen to good people'.

Let me reframe it.  I have also heard that 'bad things are good things that you just have only seen the middle part but not the end'.

In the movie City Slickers, there was a talk between the characters on 'your worst day'. Mitch said his wife Barbara had found a lump in her breast. At the end of the day it turned out to be nothing. His friends said, 'Then it's a good thing! Your wife was okay!' And Mitch said, 'no, the whole day was awful, thinking Barbara could be sick...' We watched that movie tonight.

Here is another example--Elizabeth Smart. She endured nine months of hell. Living, horrifying torture and rape. She has always been one who inspires me.  Now she is talking about pornography.  She is speaking out for this organization:  Her interview is available on YouTube. She is a total warrior for God, and is doing what it appears she was sent to Earth to do--to awaken people to the horror.

That's not the first time an innocent has been in this situation. Ryan White, the first hemophiliac to catch AIDS from a blood transfusion and be in the public eye, had a vision of Jesus asking him to help Him, and saying yes.

Did I give Reiki to Anthony?

A lot of it.

And when you give Reiki, sometimes it hurts worse for a bit on the wound, but then it heals faster.  It's so much better now. He has been able to eat, fold clothes, and brush his teeth with no problem.

Life With Ross

We have grown much closer over the past week. I can see him more clearly. His guidance is clearer than ever. And we talk.

I am healed now from my life as a Kitten. It leaves long-lasting imprints on a soul.

I am much happier.

Last night, Ross told me, 'if you hold onto me tight with your heart, I will give you more comfort than anything you have ever had.'  It was a spirit thing, and I imagined my heart opening like a baseball mitt and holding tight to Ross's energy.

He was right. I felt incredible joy and love like nothing I have ever experienced incarnate. Briefly, two times, but it stayed with me.

In spirit, after the open heart 'lesson', Ross handed me a large glass of water. It was the size of a pitcher in a hospital. It was clear, but a little thicker than water. Not like syrup. And it tasted like water. I seem to drink a lot of water when I am 'up there' with my Light Body. He was watching me closely as I drank it, and smiled when I was done.

I teased him and asked if this is the water that makes me never go thirsty again?

He said, 'I blessed it.'

I was almost on my knees I was so overcome with emotion, that he would bless my water for me, and it would help me in so many ways! Total overwhelm!

Later, he asked me if I remembered the first time in our past life we slept together?

I didn't.

He showed me. We used to go swim a lot in a river where we were growing up. Other kids were there too. But we had a big lunch, and wanted to nap in the shade. I was five or six, and he was ten or eleven. For some reason, I was afraid to sleep in the open under a tree. I was afraid a tiger or something would eat me. So he protected me with his body and I lay on my side in his arms and we slept.

That was the first time he enjoyed my unusually strong feminine energy, from my soul. He explained how, 'you know how much you like my Divine Masculine energy? well, that was the first time I appreciated the Divine Feminine energy in you.'

It means so much.

How do I get to be so close to Ross like this?

It's the result of all the things I am actively doing to raise my vibration. And a little luck.  I am conscious about my Life Lessons, and am almost in a 'Bring It On!' mode, as I am developing greater acceptance and appreciation for 'the process' while I am incarnate on Earth. I also am doing a lot to help people, both face to face and online. I am giving larger tips when I sign for my payment when I dine out--to help the working poor, and doing one good deed every day to someone who can never repay me. In addition, I am totally at my best while I am healing the sick in my work at the hospital--not just the patients, but the people I work with who are in need of it too. A kind word, an ready smile, compassionate active listening, and an open heart is what I offer as needed at work.

These are the fruits of my Ascension. As you release more of what is holding you back, the more new awareness and opportunity to connect with your spiritual family (while you are still incarnate!) awaits.

One Last Thought

When I think of people I haven't thought of in years, they call. Or they send me friend requests. I'm not sure if I'm 'sending' or 'receiving', to be honest. But there is a certain person who popped into my mind Friday. He's been very quiet online. He is in a very high risk position in his LightWork.
Sure enough, there was a notification on FB from a comment to something, that was secondary confirmation to the 'sense' I had picked up.

You might start to notice something like this too. I've experienced it since 2008.


Carla is healed. It gives us great joy and happiness to openly share our hopes for our eternity together. Carla told me forthright that her 'love life' being incarnate in this life basically 'sucked', and how 'totally worth it' it has been to anticipate eternal life together with me at her side as her partner and friend.

And nothing can ever hurt me again, and I will never die.

This gives her great comfort. She asks me this one again and again, just to make sure the nightmare is over.

Some of you are wondering, 'how can that be?' the relationship which flows between me and Carla.

Or 'why can't I be like them, here and now with MY Twin?'

I assure you, everything has its place, and it is perfect exactly the way it is.

You will see.

You can't rush it.

But you do have the ability to do everything in your power--like putting fertilizer in the soil and watering the seed--to foster the new growth. (he points up to the things I am doing--actively participating in my Life Lessons, and so on--ed).

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple