Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Ways Of Spirit

Good morning! It's five o'clock in the evening, and I just woke up. I'm post call.

I smiled when I saw this Creator Writings this morning. It TOTALLY describes my growth as of late.

To summarize, things I plan simply don't happen. Everything changes around--at work, at home, for my day...but...if I keep my eyes open and pay attention, WONDERFUL information which is helpful to me and you comes through my daily experiences.

And I am going to share them.

State Of The Front Lines Report from The Hospital

I work in private practice at a community hospital. I have an MD, and I have all the bells and whistles that go with it--a billing company, malpractice insurance, state license, DEA and board certification.

I'm in the thick of contemporary conventional medicine.

On the one hand, I eat lunch with pediatricians I know, at the same table in the Doctor's Dining Room, and listen as they can't understand why no one is taking their vaccinations?  They talk among themselves as if it is a problem to be solved, people refusing vaccinations. I keep my mouth shut--I've stopped them for Anthony and I avoid all but the flu shot for me, because it is basically a requirement for my work. (If I refuse I have to wear a mask six months, and that doesn't exactly inspire confidence in my patients when they can't see me smile while I interview them before surgery.)

On the other, the same pediatricians try the sweet and sour tempeh vegetarian entree, just to know what it is, and are open to exploring other avenues of health.

I find myself in interventional radiology, with a nurse I know. I've worked with him often recently. He also was a photographer at another colleague's wedding so I know him socially. He explained that the reason I see him so often is because out of six people in his department, all but two are out on leave. One broke bones in both arms in an accident. Another had surgery. Someone moved to Texas. Another has a death in the family...and so on.

I know in our own department, in the Operating Room, we have had just about one in five nurses or  one in two cleaning staff out from falls and broken bones, or surgery from something else.  They rush us. They rush us to save money, and people get hurt. I can't tell you the details, but people are out for months once they get hurt, and we have to have safety meetings on 'what can we do better?'.

In the department of Labor and Delivery, almost every nurse I know in the last ten years, has a major orthopedic problem. They have had back surgery, a total joint replacement...and two have had heart attacks. Why? Think about what they do--they have numb legs patients in labor with epidurals to move from side to side every two hours. The rooms are crowded with equipment and they trip and fall too during emergencies.

The bodies wear out.  And I think, recalling how nice it was to be home when I had surgery in 2012, it's a really hard lifestyle to maintain, and sometimes people just want a breather too.

My point is that the business side of healthcare has eclipsed the healing side of it. And nurses spend more time documenting care than giving it. And everyone watches for the time stamps to make sure everything matches.

There are many organizations watching us over our shoulder as we work, many inspections, many new rules to obey, which create more hoops for healthcare employees to jump through.

There is a new one which allows patients who have terminal illnesses to end their life. I have read from two healthcare organizations (big systems of care who deliver it) their official statements. Although they honor the new act which became effective in California in June 2016, no employee or 1099 affiliate is permitted to actually help a patient die while working for these organizations. They can diagnose terminal disease. They can counsel. And they can direct interested patients to people who can write the prescriptions. The cost for the secobarbital is approximately five thousand dollars. Insurance won't cover it. And it can take anywhere from one to four days for the patient who has taken this dose to pass. So it's not permitted for an inpatient in the hospital to assist themselves to die. It must be done at home. The patient must be of sound mind and body. They must give the request in writing, in English, and a certified translator must be present for all discussions if the patient does not speak English. They must provide a written document professionally translated to English as their request for assistance to end their life. They need to present this twice, formally, I'm not clear on the details, but six weeks apart. They must be able to mix and drink their own 'cocktail'. And since a disease is terminal, insurance cannot interpret their actions to end their life as a suicide, the law says, but it is just the illness and all coverage is still in force.

On medical marijuana:  This is an excellent article. This is standard, peer-reviewed literature on different drugs such as dronabinol, nabilone, and nabiximols.  There is scientific evidence in the literature which supports its use in chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting which is moderate but not severe. There is benefit in intractable cancer pain with a nasal spray of the concentrated form. People with Multiple Sclerosis regain bowel and bladder function and lose spasticity with these drugs. A few children with severe epilepsy, in particular, Dravet syndrome, benefit from its use, too. Side effects are:

  • dry mouth
  • sedation
  • orthostatic hypotension (you get dizzy when you stand up because blood pressure drops a lot)
  • ataxia (difficulty walking or with coordination)
  • dizziness
  • anxiety (especially with older patients)
  • tachycardia (fast heart rate especially with older patients)
  • agitation (especially with older patients)
  • confusion (especially with older patients)
  • driving may be impaired
  • cannabinoids--the real thing--can cause sedation, motor dysfunction, altered perception, cognitive dysfunction and dose-related psychosis
  • pure cannabidiol does not have psychoactive effects.
Death from cannabis overdose has never been reported. However, mixing even low doses of alcohol consumption with cannabis or cannabinoids can greatly increase the blood levels of THC.

Well-controlled studies of cannabis or cannabinoid use during pregnancy are lacking, but animals studies and observational studies in children exposed to cannabis during pregnancy suggest that negative effects on neurodevelopment could occur. Teratogenic effects have not been reported. THC is secreted into breast milk; the effect on breastfed infants is unknown.

First Hand Witnesses' Stories

Last night I worked with a Vietnamese surgeon, and a Filipino RN. We were talking about how the French had Vietnam as a colony. The soldiers forced all the children to go to French school. Some of the children would hide under water, breathing through a straw, to avoid being taken to these schools.

The French wanted the children to identify with French culture, and not their own. Many older generations of Vietnamese are fluent in French. I know the best French bread outside of Paris is at a little Vietnamese bakery in Little Saigon--a total hole in the wall which is an outstanding bakery.

When the Japanese took over Vietnam after the French, there was a genocide. The soldiers went to every house, and where the babies had big noses, it was assumed they were French, and they were slaughtered on the spot.  His grandmother recalls how they had to learn how to speak Japanese. That way they could explain that their family, who had big noses, were Vietnamese--some have big noses and their family always did--and are NOT FRENCH. This is how they lived to survive the occupation. And yes, for a Vietnamese, this surgeon has a big nose, not a flat one like most Asians.

He said, on second thought, the French were good because they saved the Vietnamese from the Chinese, who had been taking them over like Tibet...

The Filipino nurse told stories of how the Japanese tortured her people. They used to throw people up in the air and have them land on an upright bayonet and die. They also used to bury them in the dirt up to their neck, and feed them like a bird until they would die.

I was shocked.

It takes an awful lot to shock me.

I knew of the war stories my mother had told me, about the Nazis in Sicily where she grew up, but I heard nothing of this.

The reason is that Mac Arthur made a deal with Japan, so there would be no war crimes trials.

History books aren't accurate. That was shock number one.

And how Reiki, which I love and cherish--somehow came out of Japan!

Spirit sees things differently from us!

And the reason I shared those horrible facts from people who know, from their relatives who survived it, is that we don't have to listen to or support the energy of these types of actions taken by people against innocent victims--but we do need to be careful not to judge.  This is the work of Creator, the judging part. From what I understand from the words of John Smallman's channeled messages--horrible things come from people who are really really really messed up and in their own way it's a cry for love. Love is the only solution. And if you can't bring yourself to Love people who do crimes like this, simply place them and the entire situation into Creator's hands. Then let it go.

The Unplanned Events Of My Last Two Days

It was a late night. I was looking forward to going home at the end of a long day, when another emergency case booked. The surgeon who used to bully me, but now is my friend, wanted the case to go early.

I hadn't eaten anything more than an energy bar in ten hours. I needed food. The staff covered for me, and I hid in the nurses lounge while I heated up a cup of noodles and ate.

The case was uneventful. But I realized I couldn't drive home. I also didn't want to sleep in the recovery room--it's loud and uncomfortable. I knew if my phone rang I'd have to drive back in at two in the slept in the back seat of the car. It was uncomfortable, but better to be in my own space than somewhere inside the hospital.

Lesson number one is--no matter where you sleep, you are still YOU. Five star hotel, back seat of car, call room, your own bed--you are YOU. 

I had an appointment at eleven thirty. I didn't know what to do. It's a long drive home, and I'd be too sleepy to come back. So I had to kill time.

This is what I wanted to do--go charge my phone and have my free reward at Starbucks.

Spirit said, 'no'.  I was to drive further. I didn't want to, but I did. And guess what? I had forgotten the Original Pancake House. It's usually way too crowded, I'd been there years ago because the wait is too long for Anthony. I think he was two the last time I went. So I had the special pancake in the pan with apples and cinnamon on it.

We had spoken of the place earlier in the O.R. yesterday, and there I was!

I got the car washed. I filled up the tank. I went to get new tires because the man at Costco said they were due in September. It turns out I still have five thousand more miles on them.  I found a produce stand, and met the owner of the farm. His son was kind, and gave me two jalapeño peppers and a bottle of water just because he didn't have fifty cents change.  It was really nice to be on that farm. I love farms. The energy was amazing.

I bought figs.

I went to my appointment. It was pleasant. Then I ate lunch at another new place I'd seen someone else eat takeout from at the hospital. It was okay but not terrific.

Then I came home and slept a long time.

Lesson number two is--the more you live a life guided by spirit, the more unexpected things will come your way. And you will find them WONDERFUL!

Between Us

There is one lesson Gaia has not been able to teach although she has been trying for all of Creation upon her surface, and that is no matter what you have you can always give.

Sometimes it seems like Life Lessons on Gaia are How To Be Indestructible. You are in a body which is frail but your spirit is strong and does not break.

So these 'experiences' Creator Writings shares in the 'What Memo' article I posted, sometimes include illness, hardship, and conflict.

I think it's because of the 'experiences' to be 'at your limits' and to 'overcome the challenges' part of the incarnate Life Experience that is for some reason written into the Life Script. 

We all know of someone who is very inspirational, such as Nick Vujicic, who overcome great odds...

But what about us? Me and you?

When you are worried about your resources, and constantly being limited, or even worse, comparing yourself to others who have more resources--what does this do to your natural, Creator-given abilities to co-create and manifest?  

Worry is praying for things you don't want.

But for those who know in their heart, there is always someone better off than you, and also someone WORSE off than you, you decide where to look.  And you have perspective which is not skewed, and you count your blessings.

You have each been sent to Earth with incredible gifts--talents from Creator--which are entirely YOU.

So smile.

When you encounter someone worse off than you, help them. With a smile. A kind word. A huge tip...or just a normal one. Listen. Treat them like a human being. Buy them lunch. Pray. Whatever comes to your heart just follow it, and make something better for the situation than it was when you found it.

When you are trusting the Universe--and being responsible to yourself and your resources but not focusing solely on your situation--what does this do to your natural, Creator-given abilities to co-create and manifest?

It's in alignment with the energies of the Universe, isn't it?

This is the one regret that Gaia has--not the destruction of her delicate ecosystems or the injustice which has beset her and Her people--the regret is that people who are suffering in their lessons closed their heart so tight nothing could get in.

She wishes she could awaken them, but she can't.  It is not like anesthesia where you stop giving it and the people wake up.

They can't SEE.  No matter how much she tries to awaken them.

She failed at that task.

She places it into her category of Disappointments. These too are part of life for everyone. And she resolutely decides to appreciate What Is Good, and to give thanks for All Blessings (even the mistakes), and move on with her own Life Lessons.


Everyone has a second chance, an opportunity to make life anew.

No matter what has happened in this lifetime.

The Japanese soldier who tortured an American prisoner of war, and was called, 'the bird'--was forgiven by the prisoner forty years later. It made the news.

No matter what the mistake, Spirit is always on your side, as long as you are breathing.

Once you Transition, then, it is set--and the next opportunity to incarnate and have Life Lessons will factor in everything that appears in one's Life Review.

You have a second chance, an opportunity every minute of every day (touches his chest--ed) It all starts in the heart.

Yesterday in the O.R., Carla realized for the first time, in her whole life, if she really needed to, she could walk away from her work.  It would be hard, and she would need to cut back on everything, and adapt. But it is her choice--one way or the other--and she has to accept the results of her decisions.

And! (one finger up in the air--ed)  she always has the right to change her decisions. She knows one way or another, she is going to be okay...because she Trusts.

Not in me but in how things work, in Life, with Spirit at her side to strengthen her and guide.

Carla can feel me when I touch her. We can talk. Carla is in two worlds--mine and hers--and is comfortable in both of them.

She doesn't have to be 'here' or 'there', 'where I am' or 'not'--because our energy is always connected.

For example, when she first went to see Tim Braun, her Father came and mentioned that whenever she pauses on the landing of the stairs and looks out the window, he is right there with her.

This startled Carla! This was her favorite thing to do, that nobody would have known. Sometimes she would sit in the sun and wish in her next life she could be a cat because this one is too difficult.  Sometimes she would cry out to God with all her soul for Divine Guidance on What To Do Next or How To Cope (the child custody in court was very painful to her).

Her father, who is deceased, knew Carla's habits, and when she needed comfort.

I sent him.

As Carla's guide and friend, as well as her 'hubby' (she bought a mug with that on it for me--to show her love and consideration for the relationship)--I KNOW when Carla is upset. I feel it. And in an instant like a Reiki Request in reverse, I can gather and coordinate those who are sympathetic to her and wish to support her, to give her a big BOOST of Love.

It's not just me.

And every single one of you has a guide and friend, who is closest to you and never leaves your side--whether or not you feel them. You can name them anything you want, just to get the relationship started. They will not mind your calling them Bertrand or Hildegarde or even a cheeky 'Hey YOU!'--they will be honored at the connection you have established from YOUR heart to THEM.

As the veil thins you will appreciate this advice all the more--and the veil IS thinning!

clap! clap!

I wish you good luck in your endeavors. Help always comes at the last minute when you least expect it to arrive, when you are in a tough place. And sometimes, like 'The Memo', it doesn't appear to be 'help' when in fact it is in there for the Big Picture and in time you will see how perfect it is in every way. There is never a regret.

And there won't be--not even for Gaia.

Everyone gets a second chance. And a third. And a fourth. And so on...

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple