Saturday, August 13, 2016

Choose Happiness

Yesterday during a routine case, the subject came up of MRE's, or 'Meals Ready To Eat' from the military. The surgeon had been in the Navy, and the sales rep for the instruments used in surgery had been in the service too. My uncle who had been in the army in the Vietnam War introduced me to Sea Rations from the Army Surplus store as a kid, and he also showed me the LURPS--long range provisions which came in a thick, brown plastic pouch.

I joined in the conversation with interest. We spoke about how the vegetarian omelets were especially bad. And how some were most coveted--the spaghetti and meatballs meal was so delicious it brought in high value in trades in their 'culinary black market' among the service men and women.

The rep talked about how some would put them on top of their tents to heat them up.

And we all laughed about the little packet of toilet paper that came inside the meal packet for 'later' too.

Then my surgeons remembered!

He said that the brownies would cure patients who had diarrhea.  There was something about them that stopped people up and he actually recommended them to his patients while he was deployed.

The rep laughed and agreed--everyone knew about the brownies!--and he said you wouldn't poop for four days after eating them.

The energy was warm, fond memories in the room, and was a pleasant environment to work.

Between us, the pound cake in the sea rations was amazing. Even after thirty years in a can--I was excited to eat them. They tasted wonderful!

I am developing an appreciation for the creativity and discovery and common bond the Life Experience brings us. Although this is just an example, there have been similar conversations where 'everybody knows' about something and we laugh and share.

These are our 'war stories' from the experience of being on Gaia one incarnation after the next, and they are coming to the surface now that change is in sight. It's a form of nostalgia, it's bittersweet, and welcome as a sign that change is about to begin. In a big way.

Yesterday on the way to work, I was in meditation, and I saw myself seated to Ross's left. He was at a podium. And he was addressing a very large group of people, at least one hundred.

I saw him gesture with his hand, his right hand, to activate a computer 'power point' type thing that brought 'slides' up in mid air. (kind of like the demo for the new anatomy program --I posted on
FB). What was amazing is he didn't speak. It was like how sign language communication is for us with this advanced technology. It was not like ours.

Then I saw him close his fist, and open it in a motion towards the audience, and streams of white light all spread out and connected to everyone's third eye, and they instantly understood his message.

I was happy to be near him. And although he was working and concentrating, very much, I knew he was aware of my presence and wanted me to be there too.

There was an energy of completion, excitement and really wanting to help in the audience.

I liked it very much.

See how that light is making a pinhole on earth?

I feel about just that much of a hole in my aura, and Ross is directing pure unconditional love through it.

It's the REAL kind.  Not some of the 'stuff' we down here describe as 'love'.

It is STRONG. Like take my breath away, I can't believe this is the undiluted stuff (kind of like the real horseradish compared to the one with the mayonnaise in it, you know?)


Just a pinhole of it is enough to change my world. I can't wait to Ascend completely. That JOY they keep talking about in the channeled messages from John Smallman--Jesus and Saul--it's real.

And they aren't kidding. It's amazing. I hope I can adjust to it so they can send me more. It's the best thing I've ever felt, any time, any where--that LOVE from Creator.

It's incredible.

More on manifesting.

Sometimes the more you let go, the more things happen.   I had a back up babysitter lined up, just in case I worked late. There was a chance of it.

I got a text from a mom of Anthony's friend--the boys wanted to spend time together after school--was it okay for her to take him to their house?

I smiled and said, 'of course!'

Sometimes things take care of themselves.

I also had adorable patients all day long, and easy cases. It's nice to have a breather every now and then.


Anthony is waiting for his breakfast. He's waited patiently for twenty minutes as Carla would write today.

Carla has a big meeting with her work at eight. There isn't much time for her to make breakfast.

Carla don't worry about the meeting at work. It's won't affect you, the changes. Just show up. And don't take notes. Let someone else do it. And be glad you have a place to go, even on a Saturday, that is your workplace.

Anthony will be well.

Today I want to publicly thank him for his contribution to our cause by sharing his mother.

It is not by choice! (in this incarnation, before birth he understood and agreed to the plan).

He is a very happy boy, and very loving towards the world. He cares, and he truly wants for things to improve for everyone, for all of us.

And he loves his mother enough to patiently wait to eat while she tends to 'our needs' here, with you.

So remember our son in your prayers, and give thanks for the generosity of soul he has. There will be a time when all of us are going to acknowledge the 'support staff' for all of you Lightworkers; for those in your life who have permitted you to meet your 'true calling' and have your wardrobe fresh and clean, your meals ready, and your companionship for your long, and often times lonely, travels on Earth.

clap! clap!

I won't ramble on, that boy is HUNGRY as only a growing boy can be. I was one once too.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple