Monday, February 27, 2017

The Lesson Of Mary My Colleague

Ross wants me to write. About three huge changes, two are in me, and spontaneous, and another in an old colleague and friend from many years ago.

He wants me to write about that part first.

Mary was new to the Clorox Company from Davis. She was a specialist, she had a degree in textiles, and she worked in the laundry area as a scientist of sorts.  I was one too. We were on the same floor.

Mary lived in Berkeley, just like I did.

Sometimes I would take her to work, because her car was broken or whatever reason. I didn't mind. She lived up by all the fraternities and sororities.

She was a very nice girl.

A time came where Mary seemed to be having lots of stress. She was short with me, and wouldn't talk, even though I was always glad to see her.

Once, I had to go to work on the weekend or we were shopping in that area, my husband drove me, and we saw Mary waiting for the bus all the way at our work!  It's a thirty minute drive! We pulled over and insisted she take a ride home with us, and save herself the many bus transfers.

For a while, it seemed like the more time went on, the more upset Mary got.

I didn't understand it.

She had a nice family, a nice job, and nice friends who were truly glad to see her, including me.

We stopped the rides when she got dependable transportation, and I worked up to when it was time to leave Clorox for my dream to go to medical school.   Soon it was my last day.

Mary wanted to talk with me.


Of course Mary, I'd love to, I said with a genuine smile.

Mary confessed she had grown terribly jealous of me, for being married.

She had done everything she could in her power to be mean to me, she said.

She said no matter what she did, no matter what she thought of, I always treated her with kindness and respect, and friendship.

She started to cry.

She said, 'you are a better person than me, and I wish you luck in your new job.'

I forgave her, because in my heart, there really was never anything more than her misunderstanding of the situation, in a big way. She had no clue of my PTSD from my childhood trauma I was recovering from (the buried memory). She had no concept of my husband being an emotional abuser, that was starting to turn physical, and that my leaving for medical school was a way to start a new life safe away from him.

I heard eventually she married and had a family. I think she still works for Clorox.

And all her 'drama' really was nothing, because I always adored her, the tall, lanky textile scientist from Davis, who worked really hard, who was lots younger than me, and was just a little mixed up but a really nice girl who was raised right by her parents...

(BTW those are raw, red garnets--I manifested a beautiful thirty-six inch chain of pyrope nuggets--on a string, not finished jewelry--that's around my neck, and also, the miscellaneous stones that I created into a new bracelet of tiny, faceted, peridot and pyrope tonight.  A friend bought them for me in Quartzite. )

What about me?

I had two stunning changes.

First of all, I treated my boss and Number Two like nothing had ever happened.

I was happy to see them, smiled. I did tell my boss I had been there until five that day, so on my next assignment there I asked for a time estimate when I would go home, but that was it.

In my heart, my heart of hearts, I held no malice for them, not for either one.

They both knew they screwed me. I knew they knew.

I was the bigger person.  My heart was light.

And theirs?


The last thing in the world a 'worldly' person expects is an 'otherworldly' response to their tricks!

The second was I had been so ANGRY and UPSET and POWERLESS over the Association, the Board, the unhealthy business relationship between the landscapers and the property management company. For a whole month I was like, going over in my head what I would say at the next board meeting.

Tonight it was time.

Anthony went with me.

The guy who went ahead of me, said, 'most people don't come to these meetings to give thanks but I am, and I want to thank you and the board for not cutting the trees on my street.'

It totally resonated with me, and I saw the relaxed smiles. He's a smart Persian. You barely heard his request after about the ugly white picket fences near his house...the be fixed.

After all, you get more flies with honey, more ants with sugar, than vinegar, right? (unless you want fruit flies? LOL LOL LOL)

So I piped up and said we came to say thank you too, for our trees, and also, in our neighborhood we don't have any ugly picket fences to complain about.

I kept my eyes open. And I watched. The property management company and the landscapers forced us into a huge change, without our owners consensus--to remove all the grass on the islands and replace them with drip irrigation and succulents (they are hideous on the sample island in the neighborhood).  I saw them vote in a new board member without telling any of the owners, as there was a resignation to fill. And I saw them take an angry neighbor, an eighty two year old, who was upset about their taking away the lawn on the islands, and threatened to sue--and they treated her with disrespect. All of them, and only one of her. It was horrible.

Anthony saw the whole thing. He and Jan have similar birthdays, and Jan is a dog owner. We've been to her house, enjoyed a glass of wine (Anthony had coke)...on her porch. We even went to her eightieth birthday party.

It's a lesson in Life.

One for me too.

These people are going to keep on doing whatever they want, and they won't respond well to anything but positive reinforcement--and getting them to think something is THEIR idea.

This one here was kind of hard for me--

I was going to pick it apart. Why?

I believe in Ho'oponopono.

I believe in Amends.

I draw the line at the kinds of ritual sacrifices some people choose to do, and my personal belief is much in alignment with the lady who reads body language--you can't get rid of a concept/idea, and some people just can't be reformed. It all has to go.

Here in this article, Jesus calls this kind of impression 'insanity', and furthermore says, 'everyone alive is created in perfection from Creator no matter what they do.'


Earth is a school.

Karma is real.

That's how we do the 'grades'--some people raise their vibration here, others lower it, a LOT.  Besides, isn't this where we get to burn off a lot of karma really fast???

I hate to say it, but people who think like Jesus does in that John Smallman article really annoy me sometimes! It's just like, 'holier than thou' and pushing you to change and making it seem like it's effortless when in fact it's so hard the mere MENTION of this 'new behavior' is like rubbing salt in your already sore wounds, you know?

Was all my suffering on Earth for NOTHING? Doesn't anyone care? Wasn't anyone watching? 

As Anthony said, 'you kind of want someone to just come down here and make everything right, you know?'

Well, I'm not going to pick it apart.

He's right, in his John Smallman thingy.

It's very advanced psychology, and just like with my stupid board where I live, there's only one option, one way to go, and that's UP.

I was just on the verge of being 'okay with it' but you know, it's that, intellectual 'okay' but not really in your heart because you're still annoyed and mad at people and you've been through so much you just are sick of it and don't really want to's just more work, you know?

Then I saw this:

And also, this:

It's good. They both are good.

Have you noticed that the Councils, and the John Smallman and Saul messages seem to be coming more frequently lately?

That's how I think we are close. To the tipping point or Ascension or whatever this Big Change is going to be.

Today I was almost on the radio. Gary Bryan on KRTH 101.1 was saying the Academy Awards thing was a publicity stunt, it was FAKE the mix-up, and the lady on the air with him was saying it was 'legit'.

Anthony dialed the phone. I got through.

I said, 'Hi Gary! I think it was TOTALLY FAKE. Dude, they are ACTORS. That's what they do. Everyone knows the ratings for all these awards shows are in the toilet. They will do ANYTHING to get them up. They need to eat. Have a good day Gary!'

He said, to us, Anthony heard, 'I LOVE YOU!' and he hung up.

Later, Gary said, ninety eight percent of the calls think it's FAKE. A publicity stunt. AND he supposed perhaps the producers knew and did it on purpose, at the end, to get the Steve Harvey publicity and more people to watch next year. But perhaps the actors didn't know. 

It was fun almost being on the radio. They didn't air me. But it sure made the commute more interesting.

A LOT of people had a hard time thinking that it could have been scripted, the gaffe. They gave reasons and evidence.

Folks, the deluge is HERE. 

The information is all over the place and has been for a while, the mix of info and disinformation. And as the ugly hidden parts of society come to the light, like what Kanye said, what Mischa said, what so many survivors have's like a boil popping. It won't be pretty but it's going to help everything heal.

Anthony laughs. I have a new favorite song. I just love it. And I love Kanye. Why?

Because Kanye spilled the beans. He willed it. And poor Kanye was either cloned or brainwashed some more to pay for it. Bless him.

So when this one comes on in the car, I crank it up. I haven't cranked anything up in years, years, years...

How am I doing in the manifesting department?

Today I got what I wanted except for one small thing--a little late to work--I had easy breakfast, easy lunches to pack, easy day, short day out at two.

I picked up a refill on my antibiotics, which was just in time. One day off them and I was getting sicker. And I bought neti pots for both Anthony and me. Then I went to another health food store and bought oregano oil and colloidal silver.

Yesterday. last night was the first time I visualized being totally healthy and FREE from these chronic sinus infections I've had ever since I was twenty five.

Sure enough, a healer stepped forward.

Her recommendations helped me understand the messages my own body was telling me. I had been drawn to the lipstick/fragrance combo she had sent me a while back. I didn't know why. The fragrance is frankincense. And she told me to put it on my soles of my feet and my chest and BOOM! I felt the energy flowing. I also was so obsessed with Vitamin C I had bought lemons, Anthony and I had been drinking Tang when we were at our sickest (we rarely drink it, but I was given some jars of it by my Uncle, and I save it)...She said, Vitamin C at least one thousand milligrams every eight hours.

I never in a million years thought that the healing I seek--perfect health--would come through a healer.

I thought it would be like magic, in higher D, and boom!

Manifestation works.

I have a healer for me I trust and respect highly.

I'm in this for the long haul. Two days ago, I thought, 'it's time for me to take responsibility for this chronic problem'.

Spirit works fast.

Back to the manifesting. We had a snack after school (warm apple juice--the kind with the 'mother'--and LOTS of cinnamon as Ross said to do, then little baby bel cheese and apple slices), then dinner, very simple--tomato slices with herbs, vinegar and oil, sweet potatoes, and chicken breast (humanely raised). The meeting went on time. And we had just enough time after for a slice of Anthony's ice cream cake, a little video game for him, and one bracelet for me.

It gives a sense of well-being.

I held Anthony a long time when I tucked him in. I told him how I miss the times I'd hold him all day when he was a baby. I said, 'I've worked hard to give you a good life. I hope you are enjoying it?'

He is.

I told him how even in Heaven, I'm still his mom. And when he goes to Heaven I will be the first to welcome him. I might even have an ice cream cake like this one. Being a mom is forever!

I said, 'the trees and the stupid island parking plant things come and go, but we will find our way through all of those things, and have a good life no matter WHAT the association says.'

I personally found it ridiculous that it's been raining all month, and the drought it basically over for us here, and they are still shoving the succulents down our throats. (I don't like them, Feng Shui says they have horrible chi. I prefer grasses, or just plain weeds and dirt, to the 'landscaping' that's vogue around here now.)


Carla has ice cream stuck on her arm, it's all dried, from throwing away the box for the cake.

Carla is content.

It's time for us to go to bed.

I want to have a talk with her, in her dream time. Carla will talk to you about it next chance she gets.

And Carla is not in trouble with me! (holds one finger up!--ed)

I don't want you to worry.  (he relaxes, sort of kneels/squats as if to talk man to man, eye to eye--ed)

Everyone in the higher realms is entitled to their thoughts. I have my own. Carla has hers. And I would never 'correct' them. Up around here people don't have arguments. We each have our own point of view, and it is respected.

How all of us get along around here, and how all of you where you are do nothing but fight about it, I'll never know.

clap! clap!

At least we are as a collective heading in the right direction, are we not? (he smiles big--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Depression is an old friend of mine.

Out of all the Lightworkers who publish, I am the one who 'ain't no Pollyanna'.

I tell it like it is.

When things don't feel right, there's a reason for it, and I say what's on my mind.

Why is this how I work?

First of all, I can't hide anything. In the higher realms, those of you who are higher D will sense 'something is up'.

Second, I'm not ashamed of it.

Third, I'm comfortable with it, and I hope to model it for you if you should ever have a down day in your Ascension Process, with the energies being what they are, is likely to happen!

I come from a family where I was a surprise.

My sister, the second child, was 'wanted'.

My parent's didn't hide it. There was favoritism.

Childhood was rough.

I grew up poor in a rough neighborhood, but I LOVED school. I absolutely adored it, and I chose to excel.

It was my way out.

When I was twenty five, I had a tumor on my pituitary, and had neurosurgery to remove it.

When I was twenty-six, on the first anniversary of my surgery, I recalled a brutal and violent attack upon my person when I was only four. You can go back and look it up in earlier blog posts. All that matters is that I thought I was going to die, and I developed PTSD from it.

PTSD gets you in touch with the mystery of your subconscious.

When it trusts you enough to heal, little secrets come out. It might take days of feeling 'off', but once you recognize the pattern, you learn to cope and to assimilate it and to seek support and bounce back. My support of choice was to call my mom, and when I was in fetal position she could talk me down over the phone.

In time, I learned that this too can heal. You don't need to tell everyone your story. And the memories come back less often, and with less ability to throw you off course.

You feel, 'normal'.

'Normal' for me means I can't see any movie with even a HINT of a rape scene in it.

Rape scene and I'm on the floor in full fetal position in ten seconds.

Fortunately, I stopped watching movies and TV shows that can trigger it, and I haven't had a problem in ten years.

When I was twenty seven or twenty eight, I started getting messages from Blessed Mother.

I knew, through my husband's family, a visionary named Barbara Matthias, who lives in Santa Maria California. She is a wonderful woman, and friend. I even spent the night at her modest home on my way down south to Medical School for the first time--when I moved--because it was at the halfway point.

My world filled with so many questions! What does she look like? What is her voice like? Does she have a sense of humor???

That is why, Blessed Mother chose to speak to me. In meditation, while others were next to Barbara, kneeling, and reaching hands out to Blessed Mother---taking her energy, I chose to GIVE as much love as I could with all my force instead. For who sends LOVE to the mother of God? Isn't that the right way of things?

So while we were kneeling, I thought to myself, I wonder where I am touching Her? I hope it's in a decent place and not a wrong place...

That's the first I heard Her voice, as clear as a bell, very beautiful, and She said, with a small laugh, 'on my tummy'.

I have notebooks of automatic writing from her, entire conversations between us. I spent much time in medical school with Her.

Was it an asset or not?

To be honest, I had some rough times and lost some friends over it. You see, I wanted to have a 'confessor' like the kids at Fatima, or Lourdes, or Medjugorge. I thought that's how it worked.

But the priests in San Diego shunned me.

They sent me from one diocese to another, and the last one, at the University where the others said, 'I belonged', looked at me with fear like I was the devil, and told me to see a psychiatrist!

It was lonely.

But I managed.

That was years before I took psychic development classes. I hit another low, and didn't know why God made me like this. (another very low moment was when I asked Divine Father to let me just give up on men and be a nun, and HE said no!--now I understand why, but that was rough!)...I found Tim Braun and went off in the right path to Reiki.

The past lives had been coming through. Jared, Anthony's biological father, and I shared the same recurrent dream--two separate roles, mine female and his male--of being chased down an ancient alleyway, and for him, 'everything being okay' and for me, I saw him die to save my life.

It was a sign, yes?

When Anthony was conceived, I had a vision. A few weeks before, Blessed Mother had some guy with her who was very interested in my answer if I wanted to have a baby?  I said, 'if it's God's benefit, yes.' I couldn't see his face clearly, but they seemed to know each other.

Well, Jared's face changed completely, and someone glowing who looked kind of like Owen Wilson was there, I saw it. Then it went away. I didn't know what to think of it, I didn't understand, but I am sure now it was that man in spirit with Blessed Mother. (who is now Ross to me!)

Jared left me during a pregnancy massage at my house (he is a massage therapist), just walked out the door, when I was four months pregnant.

It was tough.

Do I honor the child or my wishes? The law is on my side. I could walk away forever.

I honored the child.

I also got sucked into a nasty custody lawsuit that set me back fifty thousand dollars!

But I learned to forgive, to build bridges, and develop a relationship with Jared's family, and later, Jared himself (he's like a brother).

So when I get a little 'down', what do I do?

I nurture myself. I had it down to a science to go to old fashioned pharmacies and drug stores, and walk around when I was a student. I wouldn't buy anything, I couldn't afford it, but I loved the knick knacks and the clean 'vibe' in general.

I rest.

I enjoy Nature.

Sometimes if I've been tearful I watch a funny movie just to balance things out.

I take a bath, and put in some salt to help soothe my aura.

I go for a walk.

I make it through the day.

What did I do today?

I made bracelets. Not just the pyrope one for me. I actually made two. Pyrope (pie rope ee) is a form of garnet with special healing properties. Pyrope is red/blue, and can be almost black. It's expensive. Tsavorite garnet is green, with different healing properties, and even MORE expensive! There's andalusite, rhodonite...many different types of garnet.

I made four bracelets for my patients. Spirit asked. Tomorrow I'm going to do an experiment with the nurse, and have her offer them and see which ones each patient picks.

I sent out four packages today. Each one in some way is a surprise. I always do a little extra. Even when I make something for sale or repair something for a friend.

Then Anthony came home. I gave him my half of a sandwich I'd saved for him from yesterday's lunch.

We got him the new basketball shoes he'd needed, and also, one pair of shorts and two pairs of socks. (If you know basketball equipment, you know how much I spent. Yup.)

Then Ross had told us to have a surprise, so we went to Starbucks. I had a chai tea latte, he had a cold red ice tea thing.

I drove us next out to my old neighborhood where I grew up. I had ordered a Darth Vader ice cream cake for our family celebration for Anthony, which was cancelled due to illness. (we can't infect/expose the transplant recipients in the family). The shop has been calling--WHEN are you picking it up??? and I told them yesterday--TODAY we will!

Good thing about Long Beach. Even when it's raining, Baskin Robbins has a long line. We love ice cream.

Anthony loved the cake.

And you know what? For the first time in her life, my mom didn't watch the Academy Awards!  She's tired of how they are so 'political'.

We stopped in and had cake and sang. She also asked me to order things for her online--which I did. It's a favor to her. She loves her face cream and perfume, bless her.

Before the cake melted we went home.

We figured out a way to fold the box to fit into the freezer. Then we turned around and got pencils at Target, as well as birthday cards and gift cards to send.

And I changed the sheets on Anthony's bed, because he didn't want to reinfect himself with his illness.

I feel more peace and energy now as I write these words.

How can I describe it?

The 'sludge' is gone. James Gilliland had noticed it, and written about it too, 'spiritual sludge'.

I suspect it was HAARP like devices all pointed at us, along with supernatural things we can't see.

Did some stars just align in a way I who am super sensitive to these subtle energies 'sense' it?

Did my lesson finish? Do I have a 'breather' now? I always get one after a test.

Did the pyrope heal me?

I know 'they' -- my teams, were listening. Many of them on my team are--I think--on this Council too:

I disagree with them on one point. Meditating together. It's a fine point. But people are chicken to go learn spirit stuff on their own. And THAT got people in a lot of trouble by religions, and then wolves in sheep's clothing snuck in, and all that.  Cobra said 'they reached critical mass'--whatever that means. It's the first time he ever said anything good happened. 

I don't trust him.

I know him. I've met him. He is, let's say, 'complex' and leave it at that.


For the record...I AGREE to turning magnets on, and talking about Spirit openly. THAT is cool. 

Needing to have other people around in order to meditate is NOT cool. 

Meditate anyway.

I can and have meditated in Grand Central Station. I call it 'meditating uphill'! It's an exercise!

You can meditate anywhere, anytime, and it doesn't have to be in a yoga studio for it to be considered 'meditation'.

There are some people who, because of my relationship to Ross in our immediate past life, consider me somewhat of a 'bad girl', or an 'anti-hero', and they think that the lie which was perpetuated about me is 'cool' or 'badass'...

I am grateful for those in my Star Family who are incarnate, who love me for who I am, and who I have always been, in my heart. I am thankful for their love and support. The lie to me is a painful cross I have to bear, a burden, and I look forward to shedding it at the first opportunity, in this life, and in the hereafter. 

And I look forward to helping a lot of people reach their potential, as a friend and guide, and if you are interested, in the services I have to offer--The Loving Embrace of Gaia shield which is eternal, the Ross Bondo Healing Session which is done remotely, and of course, the healing bracelets.

Right now the waiting list is one for the Bondo, zero for the shield, and zero for the bracelet.

In the future as people Ascend I anticipate the waits to be longer as people will both understand the usefulness and how rare it is to have a healing personalized for them from Ross and me.


A whole new world awaits!

It is certain you are going to awaken, and to be proud of your commitment to this work, and the work of Gaia, with the Ascension of a people and their planet all in one swoop!

(he rubs his hands, he is very excited--ed)

clap! clap!

Now it is time for my dream boat to get a little rest!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

My Perspective Today

On Friday I manifested a whole day, but towards the end I got tired.

Our breakfast went well, we were both on time to work and to school.  My surgeon was just a little late so I was able to bring bracelets to the nurses in the other building at the surgery center.

Our longest, hardest case was first, it went well, and we were ahead of schedule.

A nurse brought Little Caesar's pizza, I had two slices for my lunch.

For break, there was a lemon meringue pie in the break room, I had a small piece, OR, style, with a fork and a little bit for me smashed into a paper cup (we never have paper plates, so we eat everything in cups).

Once my last case finished, and I was to relieve a colleague (I was first call), I ate, and sure enough, there was a chocolate cream pie.

But in my last case--the one after I relieved someone, I coughed so hard I threw up into my mask. I had to ask for another.

I was embarrassed.

While I was coughing, the surgeon was asking, half-joking, half not, 'are you going to DIE?!'

I tell you, I turn all scary shades of red when I cough.

I've had the sore throat for two weeks. Even now. I do everything--the codes, the Reiki, the over the counter medicines, the antibiotics.

I've done everything but see a doctor.  I had a wise scrub tech take me aside. She's fifty-three and I'm fifty-two. She said I need to see a doctor because I get sick too much. And my schedule is too much for me, with a young son and all these overnight calls.

She's right.

Yesterday I had a shock.

I went to get my hair cut. Just like with my old psychic development classes (I'd still be going now if my schedule hadn't gone completely impossible)--it was the first time in six months I got to see Ed.

Ross said hi. I saw him.  Him and 'de other guys'. They said like it when I make myself look good. They all smiled and waved.

My hair right now is awesome. I'm grateful.

Where's the shock?

It's where I go for the hair appointment. Ed has moved around a lot. Right now he's in a place called The District in Tustin. I haven't been there on a Saturday.

It's far from the freeway.

Shock number one is there's nothing but high-density housing in the area. Like mega big apartment complexes, all expensive. It used to be more 'open'.

Shock number two is that PLACE, the vibration is still that of an old military base--it's too quiet--Gaia is weak there from something in the past and now there's all these PEOPLE all over it and it's just awful.

Shock number three are the PEOPLE. Just try to find parking. It's a total stress. People driving around like crazy people. Huge lines for food. I stopped off after at the Whole Foods (my men told me to go). I had a sandwich--there was a line--and I sat next to a 'young couple'--she was asian, he was white, she had 'the ring' (it was cheap, I know jewelry--he designed it himself), they shared a single lunch. I overheard his talk, like a young 'mover and shaker' and I was like, at a loss for words.

I don't want this any more on Earth.  All these people totally wrapped up in their lives.

I want people who CARE.

People who care about something, anything, besides impressing the Joneses.

It wasn't fun shopping at Whole Foods. (there was a nice one in La Jolla by my apartment and I used to go during fellowship).

I took a side street from there all the way home.

Once I got to my neighborhood I was like, 'ahhhhhh!' It's smaller, it's got many trees and plants, and there's so much NATURE.

My place, compared to Tustin, is just as incredible a jump as Hawaii is to here.

I didn't want to do anything.

I went to bed at 4:44 p.m. because I'm tired of my sore throat and the aches and chills.

I woke up at seven a.m.

I miss Anthony.

I'm tired of messages like this and this which talk about change:

I'm deeply concerned about the message from another 'Lightworker' for a mass meditation today (outside yourself, folks, not within) on the same day as the Academy Awards (which is another 'ritual' to worship the god of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart).  

I'm not meditating with them!  

I think they are trying to slow the awakening down, which isn't going to happen.

So where is my welcome home party when I meditate on my own for my own reasons?

There isn't one yet. 

When Ross asks me 'what is your greatest joy?'--they know I am depressed--I can't answer.

I'm overworked, my house is a mess, I have stuff everywhere, I'm so tired, so sick, so sad over stupid things like my sister totally shutting me out of her wedding (I'm invited. Yay. That's it.) and my best friend who works for the WWE (she's totally successful, but I'm learning that it's HEAVY for Team Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart)...and I'm so sad if she went to the dark side...

Spirit had asked me to make bracelets for my patients. So I got up and made four. 

The only thing that helps right now, a little, is moonstone from India.

I just looked it up. It's a good fit. (I go by feel when I design, not by what people have said the stones do. That's why, for me, writing the meanings of the stones is counterproductive. My soul knows it. )

I recall them telling me in dream time for some time now to make a bracelet with my pyrope garnet. I'll look that one up too. (Warmth and gentleness, good for the throat).

Why am I depressed?

I'll tell you.

I am a very goal-oriented person.

Nothing makes me happier than having a to-do list, and feeling like I have the freedom to work towards my goals, to make plans.

I don't have that freedom any more.

I have overwhelm.

Even yesterday, I did the stupid reappointment thing on the computer, taking forever to look up the name of my surgery center in their computer system, never really finding it...And then at my university job, they wanted the policy number of my malpractice. How would I know? But the computer got mad. And when it learned my last PPD (tuberculosis test) was March 10, 2016, it locked up. 

My days are filled with so many 'have to do' that I do them. 

Do I think this will last forever?

No, not at all.

Do I think this is the gateway for my future, for what's next?

Yes, this dissatisfaction is the same as labor pains to get one to give birth, you know?

Yesterday the most beautiful thing happened.  I was bundled up on my porch swing, and I heard a new bird, a singing bird. The song was really complex, almost like a mockingbird.  I waited to see it. Sure enough, it came close to my eucalyptus that almost died and came back, and I saw it. A tiny grey bird, with a very thin beak. 

It looked at me. It knew I appreciated it.

Then it went on to do its other bird things.

I almost forgot how special that moment was. I'm glad I remembered it.

The only piece of advice I have for you, in all this, is to know yourself. Just know yourself well, accept yourself, and trust that we are going through a process that isn't easy. It's never been done.

In all the history of the Universe, a planet has NEVER Ascended with her people and all life upon it.

The energies are shifting rapidly, both in ourselves and in others around us. When things get really moving I'm not sure how the people like I saw at the District out shopping are going to handle it. They don't have the awareness and (I hope!) self discipline we do. 

I know there's a massive Psychological Operative going on with all the politics and the news. I try to stay out of it, but it still is depressing. 

Then there's all the effect of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, trying their massive 'Hail Mary' play, one play after the next, as their foundations for their Team are crumbling around them. They are lying about the crumbling, they are lying on the news, they are lying about themselves (a little less so, their 'worship' is so out in the open, and many of those who are like the public at the District think it doesn't mean anything  but it's cool.)...

Anything can happen.

New things, better things are ahead. In this I agree with all of the above links I mentioned. 

BTW there's a new Magenta Pixie out but it's an hour which is too long for me. For some it might be helpful, I don't know.

I just miss Anthony.  I want him home. I don't even want to eat, I have no appetite. 

I just want this cough and sore throat to get better. I'm like, sixty percent better...not all the way...

Where is Ross in all of this?

That's a good question.

He's 'around but not intrusive'.   Seeing him yesterday (and De Other Guys) was like the first he's 'popped in' on me in a while. 

I still want him to say a loud (good morning and good night) but I'm not exactly saying a loud one to him either.

It's a balance. I don't want to ask too much, or to bother him because I know he's busy and has much responsibility. And I also KNOW when he's quiet I'm in my Lessons, I'm being graded, and I just want to get through with them. I'm so tired of my Lessons.

One of the things I am coming to terms with is how much Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart hate him. 

I knew by the way he died, that he was a threat, and that it was horrible what happened.

I knew by what happened next, that they couldn't touch him.

I knew that a lot of what he did, in the years before his death, were decisions he made--for better or for worse--that were in some way to protect ME. 

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart Hate my husband, my Divine Father, my Divine's sad. It's like, 'hello!' I am here incarnate, and minding my own business, doing my Lessons, and um...I still love Ross, my Divine Father, and my Divine Mother. 

I trust everything will work out for the best. 

I sure could use one of those welcoming parties Saul talks about.

The only thing is, I hope I would never, ever have to come back and do my lessons and everything I incarnated to do, once the party was done. 

I couldn't concentrate.

What am I going to do with my day? 

Make my pyrope bracelet.


Clean up the house.

Maybe take a walk.

Get new shoes for Anthony.

There's probably homework too.

And give thanks I both have a job, and I don't have to work today.


I am an artist.

I am an artist in the subject called 'Life'.

In this is my medium in which I create. Not like Picasso here. His fan, pipe, and glass from 1911, in his analytical phase.

Carla is analytical.

In some ways she is correct (Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart DO 'hate' me)...and in others, she is incorrect, because of the Veil, the distortion of the Consciousness from one who is inside the Veil.

What gives? What is next?

Do I have all the answers?

It is for every person to find their own answers (he clears his throat and alludes to the huge meditation as being 'wrong')...(then he nods his head over towards me--ed)...

Does Carla meditate?

She does.

Does Carla find relief while she is in meditation?

She does not because she wants to be There more than she is Here (in 3D incarnate).

There is a pull.

Her heart is with ME, over in the higher dimensions, her physical body is stuck here, for reasons she cannot fathom, and she can't CONTROL like she does with her to-do lists (the ones for me are the 'honey do lists') ANYTHING.

Carla cannot control ASCENSION.

Carla cannot control the evolution of her own Earth, which annoys her to no end, and vexes her that her planet with polluted in every way.

Carla cannot control what she eats--she would like to be vegetarian but her son has too many problems and it overwhelmed her so she gave up. 

What is it like to Give Up?

For Carla who is courageous as it gets, it is a defeat.

And there are many such defeats, and yet she is still here! (puts one finger up to make a point!)

I have been defeated in my own way, but I came back!!! Was that a Victory?

(softens his tone--ed) It depends on who knew me. For those who love me most, there is nothing like my warm smile and body at the table hanging out with friends. For those of you who have loved ones who have transitioned, you will understand no amount of love from the Other Side accounts for the presence of your Loved One who is Absent in the home. I understand this very well, from The Other Side, and I hear it in the hearts and minds of the anguished, the ones left behind, every day...including my beloved.

So where are we to go from here?

Am I to candy coat it?

I wouldn't do that.

Is it better over here?

In this I give a resounding YES.

KNOW your loved ones are Better Off on the Other Side over here with me.

In this there is no question.

And is your life, in the balance, a counting of days, until you rejoin them?

It doesn't have to be.

Life Is What You Make It.

In any dimension.

Carla is upset, deeply upset by the lawsuit she is in. Next month is the practice for the deposition, and then the deposition itself.

Carla knows what I told her. And I did. And Carla trusts all is well.

But it is the day to day, the hurt, the accusation, the sorrow. The lack of control (he lawyer isn't notifying her of anything or how many depositions they have done, only the one with the plaintiff)...

It weighs upon her soul.

This isn't a good year, for Carla, not in her opinion. There is a lawsuit and her wings have been clipped by Jared (no more taking Anthony away during the school year). She knows in her heart both are a fact of life, and in her profession, it's not a question of 'if' but 'when' a physician is going to be sued. Even the editor of one of her journals had a judgement against him, he shared. And Anthony isn't the best student, he has his commitments to his work. But oddly enough, with Carla getting sick and with Anthony--what do you know?--it was just about a week here and there of days off from work, with both of them together, catching up on their rest?

(he clears his throat--ed)

What will be will be.

What will come to pass is on its way.

(points to his head with both fingers--ed) What transpires in here has a way of coming outside to BE.

Don't be sad.

Feel your feelings, if you will, but don't be sad for you are in a wonderful thing, the Ascension of a Planet and all life upon it.

There are hundreds of us who would gladly trade places with you to experience it.

Even me.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple, the Twins

Friday, February 24, 2017

Steps Towards Freedom

Just a brief sharing of some deep introspection learned, not by myself but also with Anthony teaching me--through illness.

First things first.

Our home was steeped in fear. Late to work. Scared of work long hours. Scared of homework burdens and deadlines.

We couldn't heal until we took care of first things first.

Anthony has been home three days, I've cut back on my work (I don't get paid when I don't work--my colleagues actually agreed to work for me).

For the first time I let him rest.

I didn't make him do homework when he was sick.

I let ME rest. I took a nap every day I was home.

I also asked for an easy schedule at work.

The pediatrician's nurse called me late in the day. He said, 'Go to a doctor!'

I had been home all day and could have gone, but now it's too late.

Oh well.

I cooked and cleaned a little.  Ross suggested I make pasta and meatballs for lunch, and peppers and sausage for dinner, to cheer up Anthony.

Even the sports, which is another pressure, had to take second place to our health. The sitter and the counselor too.

I'm so proud of myself for moving Forward.

Ross told me to always have the house in good working order.

I had seven plumbing issues to report! I did! All for one service call.

Yesterday they replaced a transformer in the neighborhood. All our electricity was off.

Anthony and I had fun. We played checkers. We played hide and seek which was hysterical because he is taller than me.  With the bird he is so loud he's a huge tip off if we hide near him. We laughed harder than ever, both of us, and seriously, hide and seek, if you know your house and your ears work, is kind of hard to do because the stairs squeak.

Later the electricity came on.

Anthony wisely said, 'electronics separate families mom.'

They do.


(he stretches and yawns as if after a long rest)

Did you know Carla made seven bracelets yesterday? All without one for her, which is unusual. She notices that her energy is more constant, more steady, and not in need of the crystals for her growth.

At dinner Anthony teased her, and since he wanted to play his basketball video more, he said, 'mom make one for yourself!'

She made one, plus another, plus a sun catcher too.

Carla loves to create.

(pauses, looks at you in the eye, very intently--ed)

Carla loves to create all things.

You are her Creation too, you who read her words, heed her counsel, and grow.

As a rule, Carla and I like all things which grow!

And Carla, I am constantly helping her, to help YOU.

I 'nudge' and Carla heeds the call when I signal to her 'what about this?' or 'what about that?'

And MANY of you are swimming like ducks, on your own, able to explore the 'lake' of the higher dimensions, all in the safety of knowing that Mama duck, me, the Daddy duck, and all your aunties and uncles up here in spirit in the higher realms care for you and delight in your discoveries of your new gifts and talents.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Truth Stands By Itself

Today was a day of empowerment.   Although I have a sore throat, Anthony was better, and his pain is gone. He did however, wake up with conjunctivitis--pink eye, which is highly contagious--and I had to work.

My call assignment was call eleven. I had given my day off to a colleague who needed an upper GI endoscopy and nobody would give him a day off to get the study done. I had traded this weeks ago.

Little did I know my own boy would need me at home.

Ross guided me.

I had breakfast like normal, and then, with the help of a neighbor who would check in on him, went to work. I was call eleven and the first to go home in all of the assignments. I hoped to be home by noon.

I asked both my boss who gets two percent of everything I make, and the number two man in the 'partnership' (I'm not in it, only five of the group are), to please allow me to go home early because my son is sick. He needed me. They both said that one or the other would help. The problem was, each one pointed to the other to help, and neither one said that THEY would be helping me.

I asked another mom. She wouldn't help because there was a three hour gap in the schedule. It's too long (with no money).

It looked like perhaps I could have one cover for me?  Like his cases would finish and then he would take over my room? Well his surgeon was one hour behind schedule...then two it wasn't looking good.

My cases finished before ten, so I drove home. I did! I had lunch and we had a two hour visit. Anthony was very happy I came home. He was glad I trusted him but also enjoyed the company.

Sure enough, I tucked him in for a nap (and put some erythromycin ointment in his pink eye), and left again.

That's right, I drove to work twice in one day.

But I didn't care. My priorities are straight now. The fear is out of the picture. He needs to stay home until he is well. And I need the rest. I do whatever it takes, and I don't look back.

When their cases were done, both the boss and the number two sneaked out the door.

I had to recover my patient. And because of nursing, more pain medicine needed to be given, so it added an extra thirty minutes. That's right, ninety minutes in recovery, with me 'supervising', I'm not allowed to leave, and it was unpaid.

Boss and number two KNEW.

Boss and number two LEFT without saying a word to me.

I know where I stand now.

And it's written in the book of Life EXACTLY what they did, and when, and I'm not going to cover for them. I forgive them.

That means, I accept what is, I don't judge, and I put it in God's hands, and I let it go.

I am GRATEFUL for the chance to be home tonight.

Well, guess what?  I traded with the mom who didn't like the three hour gap,  so I could get the day off tomorrow. She took my call nine and I took her call eleven. She said I should get the day off.

Guess what? The assignment just came in. And I have to work.!Same call. Same place. Same Boss 1 and Boss 2. Everything the same as today!

Good thing I forgave them huh?

The mom, felt bad, and offered me names of who to call to see if they would work for me so I could care for my sick son. Another mom, will work for me until noon. Then the sitter will be here.

I trust Anthony but I don't want to leave him home alone again.

He's too young.

Truth is Truth is Truth.

No matter how you slice it.

Or 'spin' it.

The pediatrician is about to be fired. Anthony doesn't like him. He's as good as useless to me.  He goes by the book, vaccine schedules (we refuse), protocols for antibiotics (it's not on the books at his computer that Anthony had antibiotic for three years, so he thinks amoxicillin is fine. He also didn't catch the otitis media that started to hurt two hours after we were in the office. And is that where Anthony picked up the pink eye? I think so.)  The only useful thing is the growth chart and weight chart. But it's not good, because he's always wanting Anthony to lose weight, and it's not good how he goes about it. Anthony feels terrible every time and doesn't want to go.  The doctor communicates only by the electronic messaging system online. And I can't recall our password or user name. I thought there's just one file for a family and a mom can manage it. Nope! One for every family member. And I can't remember a thing.

So why go?

I gave Anthony my pill--my amoxicillin-clavanulate--for tonight's dose and I'm taking his amoxicillin for the next doses until he gets better.

I'm treating his pink eye with tiny tubes given to me by a very kind newborn nursery nurse several years ago.

So I went to call Dr. Thermos. Yes, I swear that's his real name. He used to work at a doc in the box near us, but the owner didn't pay him, so he's doing his own thing. He's a DO, and open to Reiki and holistic things.  I thought he'd make a great primary care. He listened and he cared every time Anthony or I went to him.

Guess what?

They don't take insurance.

It's cash only. And it's bioidentical hormone replacement and stuff like that.

I'll keep looking.

I haven't had primary care in many years. I just haven't found someone I could trust. The doc in the box had nice people, and we didn't have to make appointments.

But they were shady.

Something will turn up.

The difference I am experiencing is I look at a situation, I think, 'It sure says more about THEM then it does about me' and I let it go.

Besides, I met a nurse's daughter, as I stayed late at work. She's twenty and a nanny. I met her and she has five friends who also work like her. She even suggested too. There's a way OUT from this challenge where Anthony's grandparents paternal move to Arizona, where my sitter has a day job for another family, and his dad is working all the time. 

I wanted to stay at home, and instead, I got a European Workday and I was content for that and the lead to a sitter.

I am always working to expose the Truth when it comes to Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

I try to keep this page here neutral--not really into the nitty gritty--but there's two important things I need to share, because it makes the truth shine brighter on its own than ever.

It's sinister. And from what I've learned, people who do things for 'me first' tend to have this lifestyle catch up with them. I've always said, when it's evil, you don't have to do a thing except stand around and watch and wait, because it's unsustainable, and it always implodes upon itself. 

I'm also realizing, that fear is what keeps me in my current job. I can do better perhaps, and there's no harm in looking. 

I also know that there's a perfect 'life situation' out there for me, and I will find it. It might be here and a little different, or it might be far with a huge change, but whatever it takes, whatever I need to do, I understand the reason. 

I think it's the 'Life is a Story' philosophy of Anthony helping me to be strong.

Tonight we watched a movie, Night At The Museum, the original. It's one of our favorites. 

I'm not worried about the homework, and the fear.

He might have to work most of the weekend to catch up.

But it's first things first.

Ross has been a quiet presence through my lessons.  I appreciate it. Ross do you have anything to say?

He shakes his head no. I need my rest.

We love you very much.

We thank you for accompanying us on this Journey we too are writing without words...Ascension doesn't quiet seem to capture the phenomenon as one word alone! Our Journey into the Higher Realms!!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Aloha Button

Today was surreal in many ways.

Anthony felt better, a little, I dropped him off as school. I went to work, for my long day. His dad was to pick him up, and keep him overnight.

On the way to work, I saw a car covered with the ads for The Aloha Button (apparently its an indie film about a surfer).

I was like, 'huh?'

As you recall, I shook my fist at Ross last night. I told him to 'get up off his ass and help!'

What happened at work boggles the mind.

Anthony called from the school, he was okay, but thought he saw white spots on his throat. I reassured him.

Then the neighbor called, I told her he went to school. She said if he gets worse to call her and she'll take him home and check on him.

Then the school called. In the middle of patient care, with phone calls from the blood bank to draw a second tube on a patient which I did...things changed rapidly...almost faster than I could keep up.

It was a blur.

I asked someone to switch calls with me, so I could go home to Anthony. She couldn't, but she knew who could, so I asked them, and they agreed.

Then next I knew within an hour of Anthony being home, I was home.

With great clarity I saw how you take care of first things first--your health and your family.  I heated up my lunch I had packed. Anthony kept me company. He was already in his pajamas.

Then he invited me to watch Yogi Bear. He had found his old portable DVD player, the one I used to bring on the airplanes to entertain him, and we sat in his bed and watched.

After that, I went to my room, he stayed in his, and we both took two hour naps. You see, I have the sore throat too, and I've been sick. I'm on antibiotics, just like he is.

It was relaxed. I cancelled his basketball. I made chicken nuggets, tater tots, and two Marie Callendar's fish fillet meals (frozen dinners).

We ate on the balcony, and he felt much better in his throat. I also made us tea.

Tonight we watched a little of the Oak Island thing on the History channel. And then bed.

I had tomorrow off, but I gave it to a colleague who needs an EGD (endoscopy). I have a short day.
I'm not worried about tomorrow. I'll figure something out.

But I think Ross must have had an awful lot to do with it.

There was a moment where I felt that perhaps it was 'let's see how much stress Carla can endure' day...but the calm and being home with him when he was sick was definitely worth it.

Funny thing is, Anthony is feeling the call to Hawaii too.

I still don't know what to do, or where to go, just yet. But the good thing is the signs from Spirit are coming. And I don't have to rush on anything yet.  

That's one thing I wanted to share--that blinding moment where everything was shifting really fast--so hard to keep up with all the changes--and Spirit was helping.

Now Ross wants me to share one more.

It's about the 'little flags'.

Buddhist tradition says that each of us has a little flag on our shoulder we can't see.

Some say, 'long life'.

Others say, 'die tragic death too soon'.

I forget the others.

The California Pepper Trees on my street and I talk all the time about death too. They are most accepting of it. They say, 'everyone has their Life Scripts!'  They have told me their real names, their Spirit Names, and also, what to say to Anthony in the event they are cut. They told me, like Jedi, they will always be with me if they go. I still don't know which way their fate will go. This morning, as I said goodbye to them, one let me take some branches from it's trunk, little fresh green shoots, for my car.

In our community, our TDWR community, two sisters in the group had their niece endure an unthinkable,  terrible tragedy. Her ex took a gun and ended the lives of their three kids and himself.

One daughter was visiting relatives and lived.

Everyone is badly shaken.

It made me recall two important things.

First there was a similar death in my extended family. In the late 1980's, my husband's sister's husband (my brother-in-law by marriage) was a policeman on duty in Sacramento. He heard the call and knew the address. It's his father's home. His father and mother were divorced.

He was closest to the scene, and got there just in time to have his father die in his arms.

His brother had stabbed him.

His brother had been crazy, or on drugs, or a little of both. (he's been locked up ever since).

We didn't know what to say. It was devastating.

I was scared to go to weddings where maybe the brother might be there (he was going through the courts). I was scared to look at him.

Time heals.

I think my brother in law got counseling.

But it was very sad.

The other thing to share, is the wisdom of Elizabeth Smart. She had said:

"Believe it or not, you are a champion. You and I faced a very difficult (challenge), and you, like me, have triumphed over this trial. You have a new and different life now--a new normal. It is important to remember that just because something bad happens to you, it doesn't mean you are bad. You are still entitled to every possible happiness." Elizabeth Smart

Now to change the subject--these two didn't resonate with me at all--I think they are for a different audience, which is curious, as they usually do resonate as if spoken to me directly. I 'sense' they are addressing the wider public outside our group of Awakeners...

Now I excuse myself to go to sleep.

I didn't want to forget.

Oh yes!!! Lisa W thank you for the beautiful crystal pendants and chains. We are on the same wavelength, I have a chlorite quartz too, right next to my computer, that's new. I've never had a faden, it's beautiful.

Thank you everyone too, for the kindness and Reiki you have shared in our being sick these past few weeks at home.

Bless you.

Ross says goodnight to you too.

He wants me to share. I wanted chocolate hemp milk. And Ross said wine. This was after dinner while watching TV. I mentioned to Anthony how Ross said it, and how I didn't want wine.

Anthony said, 'Mom! Ross would like it if you would LISTEN to him once or twice sometimes. Have the wine!'

Anthony also said that, in a later discussion, 'our lives are stories that are not in writing--but they all have a beginning, a middle, and an end, with high points and low points along the way.'

I was totally surprised at the wisdom beyond his years on that one.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family

What I Would Like

Ross asked me to write this. Yesterday I had to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for my boy who is sick. He has the terrible sore throat that I had. It's a bad sore throat, and he's had his tonsils out already when he was in preschool. It really threw him because he never had sore throats growing up. We took him to the pediatrician (a blessing in and of itself!) who wasn't very impressed. The pediatrician always makes comments about Anthony's progress on the growth and weight charts. Fortunately this time he didn't push for the immunizations. 

As I drove I had time to think. 

I know Tim Braun said I should move. And I 'sense' it, how the area doesn't have enough energy to support me. The beloved California Pepper Trees had their decision made last night at a secret meeting of the board. The president came and looked at the roots earlier this week. I had seen little poke holes in the soil, where the workers were measuring the root system. And my neighbor bless her saw the president and said we want to keep those trees. All prayer and healing for the whole situation is much appreciated. 

So as I thought, I was like, 'I want to live someplace on Earth where the energy is strong enough to support me and give me that WOW when I come home...I want a place where the influence of Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart is MINIMAL or NONEXISTENT!'

Ross asked me, 'would you write about this?'

So I am.

What is uncanny is I was thinking about North Shore, Oahu. And sure enough, a car ahead of me had a bear paw, the letters AN, and water polo on the left of the bumper and a NS (North Shore) bumper sticker on the right. 

I just don't know how to manage the money, and the safety for me as I grow old, if I were to relocate there. I tell Ross over and over that I'm 'a little deaf' and 'to make it clear to me so I can understand it'.  (The cost of living is about twenty-five percent more than it is here on the mainland).

It's a mixed bag, living in Hawaii. The medical care isn't the same on some of the islands. Many people have to fly to Honolulu for major surgery or childbirth. 

The good news is that I know there is something 'right' out there for me, and I will find it, if it is meant to be.

I still have a sore throat. It's not as severe as before. I have a cough too. 

Thank you Carrie Ann for the cookies. They are beautiful, and really cheered all three of us up. I adore the Valentine ones for me and Ross too. 

And thank you Pam W for sending the link to the Elijah Wood story. It gives me hope that people really ARE waking up.  Just as this link says:

Well, it's time to see what Anthony is going to do today. If he stays home I need to coordinate the child care, which means lots of driving. Last night it was very stormy for him going to sleep. The ibuprofen and chloraseptic spray weren't working. I'd already started the antibiotics. I didn't know what more to do. I've done everything through the day, smoothies, ice water, doctor visit, pharmacy...I just held him and we both cried. I looked up and said, 'Ross! Get off your ass and DO SOMETHING!' and I shook my fist at him.

(After a certain time at night I am torn, because I need to be vigilant for patient care, and staying up all night with a sick child isn't going to help that cause.)

A split second later, I got the idea to do warm salt water gargle. I showed Anthony how to do it. I heard him get up once in the middle of the night and gargle again.  He is resting comfortably now.

Wish me luck.

It's been a whole month that this household has been sick. And I pushed myself to do certain activities because it was expected of me, including work. I look forward to when the trial or lesson is complete, and we regain good health again.

Either way, I must go make breakfast and lunches.


You can see the options:

There isn't much.

There is a 'micro living' place with nice views.

What is important is what is in Carla's heart.

If you look at the place Waimea Falls, THAT is the waterfall that is on the FB DWR banner pic.

Carla wants to go where the hearts are pure, the weather is manageable, and it's not so crowded like it is where she lives.

And yet it takes money.  Lots of it.

Can anesthesiologists work in Honolulu and live in North Shore and commute?

Not really. For anesthesiology is a trade where you have to know someone, and there has to be an opening.

And Carla really wouldn't want to leave her pets in order to go live in Hawaii. They have strict rules on such things.

Carla wants to go where the air is fresh and clear, and where she is loved! That is why she turns to Hawaii, because she lived there once in another life. And not in Waikiki because there were not happy times for her there in that life.

How do 'we' --that means, 'you and I and all of our teams working together' solve a problem?

Does it involve ignoring us, by going about your day to day demands, and not processing everything we send to you?

(shakes his head no)

We are always actively working together to make your life better for you!

(points to his ears--ed) Make sure you listen!

Slow things down, and why not 'hang out' with us?

That's what Carla does on her way to work.

All you have to do is turn the radio off.


Allow the automatic part of driving to capture you attention, pay attention to the road, be one with the road and what is asked of you.

That's when the powerful things begin.

***If you are not a powerful driver, like Carla at the wheel since age twelve, and logged in hundreds of hours on bicycles and motorcycles and thousands upon thousands on her commute where she grew accustomed to praying the Rosary...then Don't Risk It!  Just try to find an equivalent activity for you...or just sit and listen to the wind and enjoy Nature.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P.S. Carla has been sending Reiki to Anthony continuously since Sunday night when she learned of his sore throat.

P.P.S. It was I who sent the bumper stickers to Carla. Carla likes lots of confirmation. I will be sure to arrange things for her. I'm just glad she's listening, and also writing this that I asked her to write, about 'how it works' to be her, and to 'listen' to her guides.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Everything Is Connected

I have just a couple of things to share, aside from my throat being better, and with two days of rest I have felt the best I have in weeks!

Thank you for all the love and healing you have shown me.

I've been down.

Everything is connected, when we work with the energy in our aura, in our core, and in our physical form.

Sometimes the imbalance has to reach our body for us to realize what's going on.

A large part of the reason I turned to medicine, aside from my lifelong fascination with the subject of healing, is that I grew up very poor, and I knew with my skills I could 'always eat'.

I am one of the fortunate few who have made it, to enjoy a career where I am in fact living my dream.

As I ascend with my vibrations, I have 'eyes that see', and lately, and what drove the point home was my inability to call in sick when I felt I was unsafe to work, my eyes that 'see' are visualizing that my 'dream' has a definite downside!

More or less I have been coming to terms with my enslavement. I will admit, just like in the tarot deck, this noose easily slips off my neck--if I'm willing to lose everything you know?   I go without sleep, and nourishment. Exercise is a memory of the past. I barely spend time with my kid. I enjoy the time I spend with my patients very much, but it comes at a price. I don't 'hang out' with friends like I used to when I was in college or training. My very sister doesn't feel close enough to me to ask me to be in her wedding, although I'll admit there's a fourteen year age difference between us, I understand 'how it would look'. There are hoops to jump through, new ones by the government every day (just watch Doc Vader on YouTube he is hilarious and it's all TRUE!) the security I have, comes at a price.

Well, my living room has looked like a bomb went off and I've been working on it all day. I took the box of the receipts and bills and tax papers, and put them there several weeks ago because I got tired of having them on the kitchen table. I knew I'd need the papers.

As I went through all of the receipts, all of the expenses, all of the credit card bills, from the past year, I realized just how the enslavement consumes us OUTSIDE of work!  It's horrible, all the minutiae, all the rules, all the deadlines...there's hardly any time to think about it. That's why after I paid the bills I would throw it into a huge box. (for 2017, I have a system, and I put the papers away fresh into new files, so what happened in 2016 won't happen to me ever again--ed)

I'm not done. But I've found a way to organize the rest to make the project workable. I'm glad I put in the time. Frankly, as much as I wanted to throw the whole thing away, I learned about myself from my spending patterns. It's a good thing.

I saw how in my stress over the enslavement from my work, I turned to Nature, and Her highest vibration crystals. I have the beads, the stones, and in the past year have become somewhat of an expert--somewhat knowledgeable.

I turned to that a lot.

What else is that no one else can clean up that mess but me. The living room floor. My working conditions. Everything.

The only thing I know for myself--I can't speak for others--is that INTROSPECTION and taking care of the 'loose ends'--is the surest way to accelerate the changes which we all hope to arrive.

How can I say this?

I've been wasting lots of time on YouTube, trying to UNDERSTAND just how we got into the mess we are in. Who are the people who control our lives and care so very little about us? What is a bloodline? How should I prepare if I have to evacuate like the people in Oroville?

There are no clear answers. For every information, there are twice as many disinformation sources.
I sort of pick and choose.

But I grew tired of it.

I didn't cause it, I can't cure it, and by all that watching, I'm accomplishing very little. I have a reappointment packet to complete for my hospital, the deadline is fifteen days,  and boy am I dreading it. So I took care of the other item on my list, cleaning the living room floor from all the papers.

I'm going to get back to it.

Remember, when we look OUTSIDE ourselves, we slow down the process of Ascension for us as a group. And when we take the time to look WITHIN, the energies align for movement on a grander scale.

There is a person right now who is saying, 'lets all meditate together for hurrying up Ascension'.

This is in direct violation of the most basic rule of Ascension there is!  LOOK WITHIN.   HEAL. CONNECT TO YOUR GUIDES. ALLOW THEM TO TEACH YOU, REACH YOU. THIS IS NORMAL AND HEALTHY and exactly what will happen in 5D.

My guides are quiet.

They must be busy, or I'm in a Lesson.

Either way, I do my best to get through, and to heal in so many ways.

Everything is connected, me to you, my work and my home to me, you to the others who read this blog, and all of our guides and ancestors and deceased loved ones...

We are going to make it.

I wish I knew when, and I wish it was a whole lot easier than it is, but I've been told it's a Good Thing, and it's worth the wait, and heck, I wouldn't want to miss out on a Good Thing just because I didn't understand, or was impatient, or stubborn.


I play that one for my wife.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple