Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Aloha Button

Today was surreal in many ways.

Anthony felt better, a little, I dropped him off as school. I went to work, for my long day. His dad was to pick him up, and keep him overnight.

On the way to work, I saw a car covered with the ads for The Aloha Button (apparently its an indie film about a surfer).

I was like, 'huh?'

As you recall, I shook my fist at Ross last night. I told him to 'get up off his ass and help!'

What happened at work boggles the mind.

Anthony called from the school, he was okay, but thought he saw white spots on his throat. I reassured him.

Then the neighbor called, I told her he went to school. She said if he gets worse to call her and she'll take him home and check on him.

Then the school called. In the middle of patient care, with phone calls from the blood bank to draw a second tube on a patient which I did...things changed rapidly...almost faster than I could keep up.

It was a blur.

I asked someone to switch calls with me, so I could go home to Anthony. She couldn't, but she knew who could, so I asked them, and they agreed.

Then next I knew within an hour of Anthony being home, I was home.

With great clarity I saw how you take care of first things first--your health and your family.  I heated up my lunch I had packed. Anthony kept me company. He was already in his pajamas.

Then he invited me to watch Yogi Bear. He had found his old portable DVD player, the one I used to bring on the airplanes to entertain him, and we sat in his bed and watched.

After that, I went to my room, he stayed in his, and we both took two hour naps. You see, I have the sore throat too, and I've been sick. I'm on antibiotics, just like he is.

It was relaxed. I cancelled his basketball. I made chicken nuggets, tater tots, and two Marie Callendar's fish fillet meals (frozen dinners).

We ate on the balcony, and he felt much better in his throat. I also made us tea.

Tonight we watched a little of the Oak Island thing on the History channel. And then bed.

I had tomorrow off, but I gave it to a colleague who needs an EGD (endoscopy). I have a short day.
I'm not worried about tomorrow. I'll figure something out.

But I think Ross must have had an awful lot to do with it.

There was a moment where I felt that perhaps it was 'let's see how much stress Carla can endure' day...but the calm and being home with him when he was sick was definitely worth it.

Funny thing is, Anthony is feeling the call to Hawaii too.

I still don't know what to do, or where to go, just yet. But the good thing is the signs from Spirit are coming. And I don't have to rush on anything yet.  

That's one thing I wanted to share--that blinding moment where everything was shifting really fast--so hard to keep up with all the changes--and Spirit was helping.

Now Ross wants me to share one more.

It's about the 'little flags'.

Buddhist tradition says that each of us has a little flag on our shoulder we can't see.

Some say, 'long life'.

Others say, 'die tragic death too soon'.

I forget the others.

The California Pepper Trees on my street and I talk all the time about death too. They are most accepting of it. They say, 'everyone has their Life Scripts!'  They have told me their real names, their Spirit Names, and also, what to say to Anthony in the event they are cut. They told me, like Jedi, they will always be with me if they go. I still don't know which way their fate will go. This morning, as I said goodbye to them, one let me take some branches from it's trunk, little fresh green shoots, for my car.

In our community, our TDWR community, two sisters in the group had their niece endure an unthinkable,  terrible tragedy. Her ex took a gun and ended the lives of their three kids and himself.

One daughter was visiting relatives and lived.

Everyone is badly shaken.

It made me recall two important things.

First there was a similar death in my extended family. In the late 1980's, my husband's sister's husband (my brother-in-law by marriage) was a policeman on duty in Sacramento. He heard the call and knew the address. It's his father's home. His father and mother were divorced.

He was closest to the scene, and got there just in time to have his father die in his arms.

His brother had stabbed him.

His brother had been crazy, or on drugs, or a little of both. (he's been locked up ever since).

We didn't know what to say. It was devastating.

I was scared to go to weddings where maybe the brother might be there (he was going through the courts). I was scared to look at him.

Time heals.

I think my brother in law got counseling.

But it was very sad.

The other thing to share, is the wisdom of Elizabeth Smart. She had said:

"Believe it or not, you are a champion. You and I faced a very difficult (challenge), and you, like me, have triumphed over this trial. You have a new and different life now--a new normal. It is important to remember that just because something bad happens to you, it doesn't mean you are bad. You are still entitled to every possible happiness." Elizabeth Smart

Now to change the subject--these two didn't resonate with me at all--I think they are for a different audience, which is curious, as they usually do resonate as if spoken to me directly. I 'sense' they are addressing the wider public outside our group of Awakeners...

Now I excuse myself to go to sleep.

I didn't want to forget.

Oh yes!!! Lisa W thank you for the beautiful crystal pendants and chains. We are on the same wavelength, I have a chlorite quartz too, right next to my computer, that's new. I've never had a faden, it's beautiful.

Thank you everyone too, for the kindness and Reiki you have shared in our being sick these past few weeks at home.

Bless you.

Ross says goodnight to you too.

He wants me to share. I wanted chocolate hemp milk. And Ross said wine. This was after dinner while watching TV. I mentioned to Anthony how Ross said it, and how I didn't want wine.

Anthony said, 'Mom! Ross would like it if you would LISTEN to him once or twice sometimes. Have the wine!'

Anthony also said that, in a later discussion, 'our lives are stories that are not in writing--but they all have a beginning, a middle, and an end, with high points and low points along the way.'

I was totally surprised at the wisdom beyond his years on that one.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Family