Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Your Worst Nightmare

I write this blog post with great joy.

I can't wait to write it.

Let's begin.

Your WORST Nightmare is about to come true...that is conditional on how well you accept the fact that the Universe and Creator of All That Is MIGHT have a difference of opinion from what you and your ego and your parents and your culture and your news syndicate and your political systems and way of doing business and your 'duality based thinking' are all fine and dandy and the ONLY 'truth'.

I spit on the ground.

I roll up my sleeves.

And I will speak.

To the neighbor who asked if I am a Christian, who just interrupted me while I was feeding the snake, and who never said a word to me for five years, the RENTER--who said not only, 'the signs on the trees are ugly' and erroneously, 'they aren't going to be cut'--but further, 'there is only one God, Jesus, and I can quote scripture for you for that'...(yes, my jaw dropped to the floor in disbelief over that one, and I politely excused myself by saying, 'yes, dude, I feel the love but my snake is going to escape any minute' and corrected him on the risk of the trees being cut if the drip lines aren't able to go in.)...

I am going to say, absolutely nothing as your world crashes down around you in a few short weeks, months, years, whatever.

Because 'God', your 'God', is a tiny fraction of the glorious wonder and joy and peace and love I know as Creator of All That Is, Divine Mother and Divine Father, and every plant and animal and amoeba and every ROCK on this planet knows it's True.

So does every angel and archangel and more in Heaven.

So do the fallen angels.

Their world is going to crumble too.  The incarnate ones who practice 'their worship' are just as far off base, and I'm not going to venture a guess as to which camp--my neighbor's or the fallen angels'--has been more bloodthirsty overall but I bet it's a lot closer a match than people might think!...What they thought was a Sure Thing is going to go up in smoke right in their a few weeks, months, years, whatever.

To the ones who base their entire well-being on money, on power, on being able to do well in the world of business...guess what?

There is no money in Heaven! And at some point it is not going to exist down here on Earth, either.

And I rejoice!

I rejoice to be FREE from this enslavement of the people through economies which exploit us for our need to survive, to mate, and to have friends and family who love us.

Our life has gotten soooo off kilter (imbalanced) that there really isn't enough time to care about the things that are important to you, that is, to show you care and spend quality time with ourselves (our exercise, our health, our appearance, our sleep, our nutrition), and our loved ones (visiting, making memories, travel).

People say to me, 'in a blink your son will be a man!' and that's true. But in the olden days, it WASN'T a 'blink'. Not on the farm a long time ago. It's the rushing with the school, the activities, the coparenting, the illnesses, the sports...that makes those precious years pass away.

How much time did I spend with my boy today?

You want me to be honest?

I heard him in the bathroom around six-ten, and told him he needs to stay up. I was packing the lunches, making breakfast, feeding the pets, coughing because I'm sick, and being a virtual hurricane in the kitchen.

We sat at the table and ate--a smoothie, and food--for about ten minutes which were not quite relaxed.

Then we packed up and spent a drive to school together. Left the garage a little late, at six-thirty five.

I sent him a text of a photo he wanted to see last night but I was too sleepy to share it.

Tonight he's with his dad.

How about the night before? There was basketball practice, but it was cancelled. I was running late, and a friend picked him up. I got off work when the school closed. I drove forty five minutes through traffic, and fifteen to the friend's house. We stopped off at the grocery store, came home at eight and were both beat. Time for bed.  No time for shower. Just to run to the pets, make sure they are okay, and sleep.

As I increase in my Consciousness I SEE many 'work violations' at my job. I ate lunch at two-thirty in the afternoon, even though there was a refrigerator in the break room next door to where I was working with my packed lunch in it...I ate because the woman who was supposed to relieve me but didn't want to, paid me a 'favor' back by watching my patient so I could eat. I had cauliflower kale curry salad from the store, ciabbata bread, brie, and a cup of Mandarin Orange tea. Ten minutes. Yup!

We go to work sick.

We are independent contractors so I pay my own insurance for healthcare, dental, vision, malpractice.

I do my own retirement too.

We work post call.

Our calls are twenty-four hour shifts.

You get my drift.

These are human rules, not Creator's.

Creator lets trees be trees.

Creator lets mice be mice.

Creator lets elephants be elephants.

Creator would NEVER let what has happened to humanity happen, never in a million years, if it had not been for some foolish 'game' with 'rules'.

From what I understand, there have been key 'aha!' moments in my 'getting the big picture' of just how messed up everything is...basically, the old not-from-this-planet people who influenced the people in times of Atlantis, and later, Egypt, have ways to work with technologies we don't even have a clue exist.  Things like time travel. Things like working from another dimension to influence here, and vice versa (I discovered something like this  at Disneyland, hard to explain, but it's been decommissioned since Saturday night)...dragons are real, and so are clones...where 'pizza' is the pedophile buzz word for 'underage girl', a 'cheese pizza' is one like, younger (two to five), noodles are very young underage boys, and hot dogs are male prostitutes. (You can look at some of the Truthseeking folder on my YouTube Channel to understand more)...where people who go to 'rehab' are either reprogrammed or replaced with a clone...These are the 'movers and shakers' of Bohemian Grove!

Yet, I finally got over my stereotype of these very sick 'people' and I apply the term loosely, for some aren't human like us in any way shape or form on a soul level...

I watched the one with the MOCA dinner, with the meal of three walnuts, three dark nuts, one slice of cheese pizza and noodles that was twenty-five thousand dollars a plate--with the dead woman cake--and Gwen Stefani and Will Farrell and other celebrities present...and it triggered a lot of memories in me. From my immediate past incarnation as a 'cheese pizza'.

They feed off each other.

Their beliefs. Their energies. Their whole value system.

When I was in that incarnation, I didn't know any better. I did what people told me to do and I tried to do it right and to not to get hurt.

I was warped.

It wasn't without a lot of love from Ross and my teams that I woke up enough to move past the 'that was me then' and 'there's nothing wrong with it' perception to 'what I did was REALLY wrong in so many ways'.

Part of it is a soul doesn't really 'judge', it's like, 'it just WAS' in the soul memory. And the Monarch part is right about the imprinting on the soul that carries over into the next life. It did. Nothing could explain my intense awareness of 'where have you been all my life?! Now THIS is something I understand!' when I saw my first room with bondage 'supplies' at a shop my girlfriend who wanted a wingman when she went to go buy herself a dildo back in 2003?

I couldn't explain it.

But there was this connection, this familiarity,   this draw to those things!

Here I was a nice A student, a doctor, who couldn't even get a date!

Have I done any of those things in this incarnation? No.  I could have. I had a close friend who was into it, and she invited me to the parties. I had a cousin who was into it too, and invited me as well.

I held back. Something in me know that's not the right place for me, not to act on those old memories I hadn't fully remembered them yet. Something didn't seem 'right'.

So while watching the MOCA movie--for the first time--I saw me--not the today me, but the once upon my immediate past lifetime me--in them and I didn't judge.

I was like, 'oh! they don't know any better. They do what people tell them to do. And they try to do it right and not get hurt too!'

Even though it made me sick to my stomach, and revulsed to see people I know from the movies and music at that event, because I knew what it meant--with the AFTER party : (((

I want it to end, all of this hidden stuff and darkness and everything Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are doing to make us miserable to stop! stop! stop!

I also have compassion, for in a Big Way, THEIR world is about to fall apart.

It's not going to be pretty.

What can we do, as the Awake amongst those like my neighbor?

For starters, you can keep your vibration up and you can be Love --unconditional love--to everyone you meet.

You can also control your mind in the sense that you don't freak out over anything on the 'news' (all the world's a stage!) and you think GOOD THOUGHTS because we live in a time where thoughts manifest rapidly, that Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart televise Doom and Gloom in order to make it happen through our hijacked collective powers to manifest our current Reality.

When people share about their fears--their political beliefs, their worries--take the bit and run with it! Ask Spirit to guide you. Today, I kept it generic, but I 'raised doubt'...I said, 'all media worldwide is owned by six companies. just SIX. how can it be truly reported if it's for profit?'  and also, 'What if Kanye was brave and telling the truth in his breakdown, that everyone IS lying to us?'...and 'What if Mischa Barton was too?'...

I learned my greatest lesson in how to be with the people, from probably the closest thing to Ross back in the day here on earth...The Harlem Globetrotters. See this guy kicking the ball away from the hoop? That's Flip. I sat with him, on the bench. It was a special gift for Anthony to be on the bench with the team.

They CONNECT with the crowd, and also, at the same time, bend all the rules of basketball, much to the crowd's delight.

And they are GOOD.

They love the game.

They love the crowds.

And everyone responds to this love.

And when the world starts to crumble for those who believe in the Illusion, as it is falling away to the one Truth, the Universal Truth, from Creator of All That yourself and others and be patient.

Leave the 'bad guys' up to the Experts--Ross and his teams...

And enjoy the show!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins