Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Little On Everything

Yesterday I had a meeting at work. We meet as a group on Saturdays because during the week everyone is scheduled for cases.  Afterwards I took Anthony to Disneyland.  See the 'hidden Mickey' in the oranges in the photo above?

We walked over twenty thousand steps yesterday, Anthony and I. When he was tired, and we were in Toon Town, he lay on a park bench to rest. But a quarter fell out of his pocket. He found in under the bench but thought it was 'covered in poop'.  I went to the fountain there to clean it for him.

Ross told me when I get the quarter wet, without throwing it in, I could make a wish and it would come true.

I wished to be with Ross and just have his presence near, and to love on him because I miss him so!

It was a very difficult day at the park. The parking structure was full, so we had to park in the overflow Simba lot. It's far, all the way behind the Paradise Pier hotel. It's a hike!

We wanted to go through the Grand Californian Hotel to enter the park. We were across the street from it and the security guard said they wouldn't let us in if we were not hotel guests. So we hiked back around to Downtown Disney, and there are HUGE metal detectors there. HUGE! Like at the airport.

We finally got into the California Adventure through the main gates, and hiked faster to Ariel's Grotto, right on the Pier. Just in time to be only a little late for our reservation.

I had wanted to book a special meal for Anthony--everything else was full--so in desperation I booked the last table for two at the Disney Princess Luncheon.  I was like, 'do you want the good news or the bad news Anthony?'  The good news was we had a nice restaurant. The bad news was it's a six year old girl's dream come true--Princesses--for his twelfth birthday. 

He was most understanding about it.

But the park! Grizzly River was closed. The camp area where you climb on things was closed. Soaring Over The World had over a one hour wait...

So we went to Disneyland across the way.

Pirates was closed. Tom Sawyer Island was closed. The train was closed and won't reopen until Summer 2019.  Matterhorn was closed. Space Mountain kept breaking all day, and opening and closing. The women's restroom in Adventureland was closed for 'refurbishing'. So lines for the women backed up REALLY LONG everywhere else...

Add to that how most nice sit down restaurants book up two days's a recipe for disaster!

Ross told Anthony to look around, to look for surprises, and to ask even though it's crazy, to ask at the Blue Bayou if they had an opening.  If there was nothing by 7:30 p.m. then to give up.

So we asked.  Nothing. Please come back.

We discovered the fast pass wait for Haunted Mansion was shorter than the stand by line.

Anthony checked on Splash Mountain, the line was ten minutes, it had just reopened! I packed our plastic ponchos, so we had them in hand, and Anthony in utter delight, ran up to the front of his favorite ride. We rode it, got relatively soaked but not too bad. And Anthony felt 'alive' again, and happy.

Then Haunted Mansion. 

Then we asked at Blue Bayou, and sure enough, there was ONE table for two, in forty minutes. We sat and charged our phones (don't ask me where the plug is it's a secret). The meal was excellent, it felt like a REAL birthday, and even Anthony enjoyed the fresh steamed green beans. We saw Al who had been our server for my birthday in July, and smiled and said hello. We also spoke with the chef who was walking by, and he told me how to cook the green beans.

At the end we asked our server how people get the funny light up necklaces and the reserved Electrical Parade seating? Could we buy it?

The server had two tickets another couple didn't want (they wanted the 10:30 parade). So he gave them to us for free! 

We ran to the 8:30 Blue Bayou area, checked in, and waited for the parade to start.

One of my favorite memories from working there was being off my shift, around ten p.m., and watching them turn on the lights for the floats in the parade, and watching them leave the gate one by one to go onto Main Street.

As we waited, Anthony asked me, 'mom? why does the castle line up so exact with this flag pole here at the end of Main Street?'  

I knew there was a reason. Not just for design. Walt's apartment is over the Fire House, and the Light is always on for him, to show he's in the park even in the hereafter. 

I had 'sensed' Walt's spirit on the way to the park earlier in the day. He's tricky. A very tricky soul who once acted like he switched sides. Today he was acting like he'd 'won'. He knows the work I do at the park...on a spiritual cleanse it and to pray for the souls who suffer beneath what is visible to the guests. (There's a whole city of tunnels underneath, I've been in some while I worked there, and they are creepy very creepy, I picked that up as a teen making minimum wage)

Ross told me two things--not to worry because it's an 'Eye of the Needle Formation' with the castle and the flag pole, and he's taking care of it. The second was that he knows me better than ANYONE, and not to forget it!  (I was dancing with delight to the music of the Main Street Electrical Parade--feeling like I was the one who was twelve all over again.)

As the parade started, I had an image of two layers of spinning platelike energy in the area we stood, one above where we were standing, one below under the ground beneath our feet, and they were opposite direction of one another. There was energy going up the flagpole to some dimension beyond, that was harnessing the innocent trust of the guests, and sending it 'up' for some reason that wasn't good. It had been totally planned and designed and built into it.

In a flash I understood how Disney was a master of Illusion, trained in magick, a thirty-third level mason with all of the 'skills'--and was a genius at accomplishing what he wanted to hide it in plain sight. This was WAY more than the 'hidden secret society symbols' which are also strewn about the park, WAY more sinister than anything I'd ever discovered, and I felt a wave of nausea wash over me. 

Then it was gone. 

I also understood how the Parade, like the fireworks show, and Splash Mountain, Mr. Toad and just about every ride, has the elements of a ritual--the steps--just like in a Super Bowl Halftime or the grammys--hidden in plain sight...look for the fire and the ritual 'death' as the main pattern.

I'd seen people with Baphomet on their shirt or shorts and the two points up star traced around it--they weren't thrown out of the park (in the old days indecent clothing got you thrown out, even the F word)...

I just decided to keep the knowledge to myself. I realized the 'Story' is so entrenched in us, with Disney, even I was hypnotized by the music of the Main Street Electrical Parade, and things that are taught us in our youth as 'wholesome' are hard to see any other way, even when you've studied it so much like I have, in the hopes of 'waking people up'.

This Magenta Pixie helped

Just as the Universe doesn't hear the word, 'not' when it comes to Manifestation (this is how worry becomes praying for what you don't want), the Universe is filled with symbols which connect to our consciousness, and help us to manifest things.

Here is an example of how the symbolism is used in the hands of those who have the agenda to 'do as thy will'---Those who do not have our best interest at heart:

So what gives?

First of all, you have to love something to know it well, and to know everything about it. My father, for some reason, hated Disneyland with all the passion I always had to love it.

Did he know? About the hidden things?

I'm not sure.

Either way, as a local kid, who grew up going to the park, and was thrilled to have it be my first job, I SEE the appeal it has for the public.

I also know, first hand, as a single mother, it's a really safe place for me to take my kid. They are experienced, there's good supportive infrastructure (baby rooms, changing stations, kid meals, stroller parking).

I know too how profit is important, and how cost savings are enthusiastically welcomed by the park--for example, from printed white napkins to plain brown ones, or biodiesel fuel from the french fry vats to run the train...

I know in my heart, when I worked there, I had no clue of the deeper hidden things (other than the creepy tunnel where I avoided it like the plague--our break room was there but I kept it short and sweet). I prided myself on playing my role as a cast member, and helping to create happy experiences for the guests.

I think it's like family.

You know, 'we put the fun in dysfunctional' reference to 'family'.

You take the good with the bad.

I'm going to get off my bandwagon for 'waking people up' because to be honest, I'm getting tired of it. I'm tired of the resistance from my readers and the public in general. I'm tired of the burden of responsibility to 'know' and 'everyone else can't see'.  I'm wise enough to realize that perhaps if no one has a clue, and the 'guards' change behind the scene to those in control being Those Who DO Have Our Best Interest At Heart, perhaps no one is the wiser, and it's more peaceful to society in general?

It's not 'either-or', 'awake or asleep' or 'us versus them'.

It just IS.

And the more awake I am, the more I contribute to the energy of the overall awakening.

The more I see the secret 'ritual symbols' that are 'hidden in plain sight', the LESS they are 'secret'. For a 'secret' is when one person knows and the other doesn't.

I am the boss of me.

And Anthony, bless his heart, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree! He was taking pictures of hidden 'all seeing eyes' and even found a masonic symbol with the compass square hidden in the park.

He doesn't buy any of that shit. He has a little trouble figuring out how something could be 'a mixed bag'--fun, colorful, for children, and yet, deeply disturbing at the same time, because of the hidden ritual stuff. Who wouldn't? But his heart is in the right place, and he knows he doesn't want to be fooled.

One day I hope there will be enough people like him, and some of my fabulous readers, Martina and Aaron both top the list on their 'missions' which give me great hope!

The end is assured. I know it. There will be peace and prosperity and abundance for all, and Gaia's delicate ecosystems will be healed once and for all...and none of this nightmare will ever happen to her again.

As a side note, I love Byron Katie, and this might be really helpful for some of you who are still concerned over the political state of things here in the United States:

I highly recommend the video.

As I see it, or 'call it', both sides are controlled by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, the Trump camp, and the Souros (spelling?) camp. They are tearing one another apart, in their quest for power, and perhaps if their factions run deep enough to the controlling hands with the real power, then they will all fail.

I 'sensed' it.  I 'sensed' the walls crumbling of the spiritual 'whatever' that Disneyland represents. I felt it falling.

Divine Mother and Divine Father confirmed with me too that 'eye of the needle' apparatus was broken  by our presence. As Ross explained it, our joy, and our standing right between Corporate (they sit where the train is) and that needle and eye--just unbalanced it enough for the experts to dismantle it.

What more can anyone do?


When black is white, and white is black, 'camps' unite, there is ONE TRUTH which will supersede everything else that anyone has ever told you or what has been written or as tradition which has been passed along from one generation to the next.

Gamel is the word of 'camel' in the original language the Bible was written. But if it is in context, it can also mean, 'rope'.

It is easier for a 'rope' to pass through the eye of the needle? Doesn't it make a lot more sense than a camel?

It is due to the translation.

The Bible wasn't written in English.

And most of it has been 'altered' to reinforce the needs/aim of the 'status quo'.

Does that mean you shouldn't believe it? Or enjoy the spiritual aspects of it, for your solace and you personal growth?

Of course not!

We do the best with what we have been given.

No one will judge you for thinking something is 'terrific' when it doesn't represent what you think, or what is on the surface, as Carla alludes to in her writing with the secret rituals and symbols which are hidden in plain sight.

(one finger up!--ed) Once you KNOW, and are aware, and it resonates, then it definitely IS 'on you', and on your grades as a soul, and in your Karma.

That is why you have free choice, free will, and everything here in the 'graduate training camp' for souls is on the up and up.

Let the cards fall where they may! Everyone will have a chance to pick them up.

We are in this TOGETHER!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple