Friday, February 17, 2017

Meh? (accompanied with a shrug)

Not much to say.

I've been sick. Really, really not feeling well sick. Right at this moment I have probably one of the worst sore throats of my life.

It's raining. I've been home all day. It worked out well because there wasn't any school.

What I want to share with you is how today sort of came to be.

I cried on the way to work yesterday.

I cried out to Ross--BE MY HUSBAND!

I cried because I had called in sick, but there wasn't anyone to work for me--I asked four people who could. The two who responded said 'no way Jose' and the two who didn't responded AFTER I was at work, and were very kind and nice.

So I took a shower, after telling my mom I had finally gotten the nerve up to say, 'I'm too sick to work'--put on my scrubs and went into the hospital.

I got one of the people to trade assignments with me. I moved from call 7 to call 10, so I was the first to go home.  But I didn't get to go home until two in the afternoon.

But guess what?

Ross leveled with me while I was crying in the car, barely able to talk due to my laryngitis.

He said, 'Carla, look! you know I could fix this for you in an instant.' and he looked exasperated, like he wasn't supposed to tell a secret, but he was upset too over my being upset, so he shared, 'You are to be an EXAMPLE for someone!'

I didn't have a choice at this point, to not 'be an example'...I had to go to work.

I had the fevers. I was wiping my forehead with alcohol wipes to cool myself off.

I wore a mask to meet my patients to keep them from getting sick.

A medic who is a scrub tech offered me an ice pack to tie on my head. It really helped.

Until I got the shivers.

The second person just woke up at eight, and offered to come in. I thought I'd work till eleven, and said it's okay, I don't want to ruin your day.

Someone told me to take toradol (ketorolac) 'in the butt or i.v.'--I was like, no thanks. But I took 600 mg ibuprofen, and it really helped with everything, the fever, the aches.

My surgeon is a friend. She saw me with all that while I did the anesthesia for her cases. And she called in a prescription I had researched for me on UpToDate.

I drove home to pick it up.

Someone had spoken badly about my friend, in the nurse's lounge, and she overheard it while she was in the changing room. The nurse talking bad about her didn't know, or didn't care. 

I was able to provide emotional support to my friend, after I left work, I called her from the parking lot of the pharmacy. It helped her a lot.

Nurses--people--can be cruel.

Do I know what the example was?

I'm not sure.

But how did I get today off?  How did I get to stay home sick?

I called my boss last night. Anthony's basketball practice was cancelled, I called him from the road. I told him I didn't feel well, could I stay home tomorrow?

He said, 'we don't call in sick. we find someone to work for us.'

I said, 'look I spent yesterday with a bag of ice on my head, and my surgeon felt sorry for me and wrote me a prescription. I just picked it up. I would like a day for it to work...'

He caved.

He let me stay home. He had to rearrange the schedule. I lucked out.

Just at that instant, a car drove by with the license plate, God <3 U

So the point is, sometime you go through something that seems ridiculous, and yet it aligns things up for you the next day.

Why the Meh? (accompanied by a shrug).

I just feel Meh.

I feel all kinds of electricity right now, like before lightning, but there hasn't been any.  I pick it up with my aura, I can sense things with it.

For two days now I haven't wanted to make anything, buy anything, do anything, or eat anything.

Now that the antibiotics are working, I don't even really want to sleep.

I just knew Anthony needed me, and I concentrated really hard on being there for him. Helping him study. Playing checkers and having Mexican Hot chocolate while it rained outside. I realized his homework problems were from him not writing the assignments down. So we did that yesterday, and he did his list he came up with this morning, and finished six of seven items.

He did better than I did!  I got two of my six on my list.

Something is right around the corner.

I think that's why Ross is so quiet.

I think the 'split' happened when I told you, but they are waiting for it to turn up in the physical.

I don't know how it's going to arrive.

I watch (check out my Truthseeking) on YouTube...the patterns get more and more clear each day. I think his name is Ben Swann has a really nice one out there on Pizzagate.

If you aren't into weather reports, for some reason I don't understand, THIS storm in our area is called 'Lucifer'.

I hate it.

I hate it that it's 'cool' and 'out in the open' and so prevalent that they wouldn't think twice about naming a storm after it.

I pray with all my heart for goodness, love, mercy, nurturing, warmth, love and compassion to flood the land.

I guess I should go and make some dinner.

I did make one of my old favorites for lunch from my Betty Crocker Cookbook I won on a game show when I was sixteen (you can see me on the Game Show love shrimp creole. I used the frozen shrimp from Trader Joe. Anthony doesn't like shrimp. He liked everything else though. But I might as well heat some up again.

I wish I had all the answers for you.

I wish I knew what to inspire you with.

The only thing for me that gets me really glad right now, is that we are experiencing 'movement'--even though it's weird on TV and politics and everything else--at some point things will settle out.

The only way to go is up.


That's my kind of song, Carla.

You know it's me, just like you did with the license plate.

How are you feeling?

C:  better. Like I can breathe again. I didn't like  coughing all those things up. It was hard work and I got sore from all the coughing.

I am here for you.

C:  How was your day, honey?

(he gives a so-so head bob and hand gesture--ed)

C:  Not so good?

I wouldn't say that.  It's just the same old thing.

C:  Thank you for working so hard to get us all free.

You're welcome.  How many people have completed the Bondo Healing Session with me?

C:  My list says fifteen.

And all of them paid?

C:  Yes, of course, just like you said to do...I could negotiate on the Gaia Sophia one but not yours.

Have I shown my love for you in this?

C:  (nods yes)

Have I helped? Have I truly been your husband? Even when I couldn't let you stay home?

C:  yes. 

You know I love you? That I'm crazy about you?

C: (pause, letting it all sink in--ed) yes.

And it doesn't matter if you see your sister and niece on your other sister's 'Wedding Dream Team' or your pushy neighbor rips down all your signs you lovingly made and to boot tries to convert you to his faith even though he's never said 'hello' to you for five years!  For as long as we stick to our principles (the 5 Reiki precepts) and trust (just like we did with the calling in sick day that didn't happen), everything works out for the best?  Life is short!

C:  It was too short for you, honey. Too short for you. When I was with you.

Everything will work out for the best.  How was it doing the Bondo Healing Sessions with me?

C:  It was fun. I saw a side of people I didn't know I could see. I watched you work, too, and to me, that's always special.

Who else did you see?

C:  Some people's ancestors, Aunt Margie, Archangel Michael, people's councils, Great Spirit, somebody's dad...

And where did you see them?

C:  Opulent room I think is ours back 'home', the O.R., the Garden of Heaven, a forest glade, other places I wasn't sure where but they were nondescript.

Possibly up on board my ship?

C:  I suppose yes?

Are they all the same, the Bondo Healing Sessions?

C:  No. No two are alike and I never know what to expect. Just like with the Loving Embrace of Gaia Shields. Those I enjoy very much too.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple