Monday, February 27, 2017

The Lesson Of Mary My Colleague

Ross wants me to write. About three huge changes, two are in me, and spontaneous, and another in an old colleague and friend from many years ago.

He wants me to write about that part first.

Mary was new to the Clorox Company from Davis. She was a specialist, she had a degree in textiles, and she worked in the laundry area as a scientist of sorts.  I was one too. We were on the same floor.

Mary lived in Berkeley, just like I did.

Sometimes I would take her to work, because her car was broken or whatever reason. I didn't mind. She lived up by all the fraternities and sororities.

She was a very nice girl.

A time came where Mary seemed to be having lots of stress. She was short with me, and wouldn't talk, even though I was always glad to see her.

Once, I had to go to work on the weekend or we were shopping in that area, my husband drove me, and we saw Mary waiting for the bus all the way at our work!  It's a thirty minute drive! We pulled over and insisted she take a ride home with us, and save herself the many bus transfers.

For a while, it seemed like the more time went on, the more upset Mary got.

I didn't understand it.

She had a nice family, a nice job, and nice friends who were truly glad to see her, including me.

We stopped the rides when she got dependable transportation, and I worked up to when it was time to leave Clorox for my dream to go to medical school.   Soon it was my last day.

Mary wanted to talk with me.


Of course Mary, I'd love to, I said with a genuine smile.

Mary confessed she had grown terribly jealous of me, for being married.

She had done everything she could in her power to be mean to me, she said.

She said no matter what she did, no matter what she thought of, I always treated her with kindness and respect, and friendship.

She started to cry.

She said, 'you are a better person than me, and I wish you luck in your new job.'

I forgave her, because in my heart, there really was never anything more than her misunderstanding of the situation, in a big way. She had no clue of my PTSD from my childhood trauma I was recovering from (the buried memory). She had no concept of my husband being an emotional abuser, that was starting to turn physical, and that my leaving for medical school was a way to start a new life safe away from him.

I heard eventually she married and had a family. I think she still works for Clorox.

And all her 'drama' really was nothing, because I always adored her, the tall, lanky textile scientist from Davis, who worked really hard, who was lots younger than me, and was just a little mixed up but a really nice girl who was raised right by her parents...

(BTW those are raw, red garnets--I manifested a beautiful thirty-six inch chain of pyrope nuggets--on a string, not finished jewelry--that's around my neck, and also, the miscellaneous stones that I created into a new bracelet of tiny, faceted, peridot and pyrope tonight.  A friend bought them for me in Quartzite. )

What about me?

I had two stunning changes.

First of all, I treated my boss and Number Two like nothing had ever happened.

I was happy to see them, smiled. I did tell my boss I had been there until five that day, so on my next assignment there I asked for a time estimate when I would go home, but that was it.

In my heart, my heart of hearts, I held no malice for them, not for either one.

They both knew they screwed me. I knew they knew.

I was the bigger person.  My heart was light.

And theirs?


The last thing in the world a 'worldly' person expects is an 'otherworldly' response to their tricks!

The second was I had been so ANGRY and UPSET and POWERLESS over the Association, the Board, the unhealthy business relationship between the landscapers and the property management company. For a whole month I was like, going over in my head what I would say at the next board meeting.

Tonight it was time.

Anthony went with me.

The guy who went ahead of me, said, 'most people don't come to these meetings to give thanks but I am, and I want to thank you and the board for not cutting the trees on my street.'

It totally resonated with me, and I saw the relaxed smiles. He's a smart Persian. You barely heard his request after about the ugly white picket fences near his house...the be fixed.

After all, you get more flies with honey, more ants with sugar, than vinegar, right? (unless you want fruit flies? LOL LOL LOL)

So I piped up and said we came to say thank you too, for our trees, and also, in our neighborhood we don't have any ugly picket fences to complain about.

I kept my eyes open. And I watched. The property management company and the landscapers forced us into a huge change, without our owners consensus--to remove all the grass on the islands and replace them with drip irrigation and succulents (they are hideous on the sample island in the neighborhood).  I saw them vote in a new board member without telling any of the owners, as there was a resignation to fill. And I saw them take an angry neighbor, an eighty two year old, who was upset about their taking away the lawn on the islands, and threatened to sue--and they treated her with disrespect. All of them, and only one of her. It was horrible.

Anthony saw the whole thing. He and Jan have similar birthdays, and Jan is a dog owner. We've been to her house, enjoyed a glass of wine (Anthony had coke)...on her porch. We even went to her eightieth birthday party.

It's a lesson in Life.

One for me too.

These people are going to keep on doing whatever they want, and they won't respond well to anything but positive reinforcement--and getting them to think something is THEIR idea.

This one here was kind of hard for me--

I was going to pick it apart. Why?

I believe in Ho'oponopono.

I believe in Amends.

I draw the line at the kinds of ritual sacrifices some people choose to do, and my personal belief is much in alignment with the lady who reads body language--you can't get rid of a concept/idea, and some people just can't be reformed. It all has to go.

Here in this article, Jesus calls this kind of impression 'insanity', and furthermore says, 'everyone alive is created in perfection from Creator no matter what they do.'


Earth is a school.

Karma is real.

That's how we do the 'grades'--some people raise their vibration here, others lower it, a LOT.  Besides, isn't this where we get to burn off a lot of karma really fast???

I hate to say it, but people who think like Jesus does in that John Smallman article really annoy me sometimes! It's just like, 'holier than thou' and pushing you to change and making it seem like it's effortless when in fact it's so hard the mere MENTION of this 'new behavior' is like rubbing salt in your already sore wounds, you know?

Was all my suffering on Earth for NOTHING? Doesn't anyone care? Wasn't anyone watching? 

As Anthony said, 'you kind of want someone to just come down here and make everything right, you know?'

Well, I'm not going to pick it apart.

He's right, in his John Smallman thingy.

It's very advanced psychology, and just like with my stupid board where I live, there's only one option, one way to go, and that's UP.

I was just on the verge of being 'okay with it' but you know, it's that, intellectual 'okay' but not really in your heart because you're still annoyed and mad at people and you've been through so much you just are sick of it and don't really want to's just more work, you know?

Then I saw this:

And also, this:

It's good. They both are good.

Have you noticed that the Councils, and the John Smallman and Saul messages seem to be coming more frequently lately?

That's how I think we are close. To the tipping point or Ascension or whatever this Big Change is going to be.

Today I was almost on the radio. Gary Bryan on KRTH 101.1 was saying the Academy Awards thing was a publicity stunt, it was FAKE the mix-up, and the lady on the air with him was saying it was 'legit'.

Anthony dialed the phone. I got through.

I said, 'Hi Gary! I think it was TOTALLY FAKE. Dude, they are ACTORS. That's what they do. Everyone knows the ratings for all these awards shows are in the toilet. They will do ANYTHING to get them up. They need to eat. Have a good day Gary!'

He said, to us, Anthony heard, 'I LOVE YOU!' and he hung up.

Later, Gary said, ninety eight percent of the calls think it's FAKE. A publicity stunt. AND he supposed perhaps the producers knew and did it on purpose, at the end, to get the Steve Harvey publicity and more people to watch next year. But perhaps the actors didn't know. 

It was fun almost being on the radio. They didn't air me. But it sure made the commute more interesting.

A LOT of people had a hard time thinking that it could have been scripted, the gaffe. They gave reasons and evidence.

Folks, the deluge is HERE. 

The information is all over the place and has been for a while, the mix of info and disinformation. And as the ugly hidden parts of society come to the light, like what Kanye said, what Mischa said, what so many survivors have's like a boil popping. It won't be pretty but it's going to help everything heal.

Anthony laughs. I have a new favorite song. I just love it. And I love Kanye. Why?

Because Kanye spilled the beans. He willed it. And poor Kanye was either cloned or brainwashed some more to pay for it. Bless him.

So when this one comes on in the car, I crank it up. I haven't cranked anything up in years, years, years...

How am I doing in the manifesting department?

Today I got what I wanted except for one small thing--a little late to work--I had easy breakfast, easy lunches to pack, easy day, short day out at two.

I picked up a refill on my antibiotics, which was just in time. One day off them and I was getting sicker. And I bought neti pots for both Anthony and me. Then I went to another health food store and bought oregano oil and colloidal silver.

Yesterday. last night was the first time I visualized being totally healthy and FREE from these chronic sinus infections I've had ever since I was twenty five.

Sure enough, a healer stepped forward.

Her recommendations helped me understand the messages my own body was telling me. I had been drawn to the lipstick/fragrance combo she had sent me a while back. I didn't know why. The fragrance is frankincense. And she told me to put it on my soles of my feet and my chest and BOOM! I felt the energy flowing. I also was so obsessed with Vitamin C I had bought lemons, Anthony and I had been drinking Tang when we were at our sickest (we rarely drink it, but I was given some jars of it by my Uncle, and I save it)...She said, Vitamin C at least one thousand milligrams every eight hours.

I never in a million years thought that the healing I seek--perfect health--would come through a healer.

I thought it would be like magic, in higher D, and boom!

Manifestation works.

I have a healer for me I trust and respect highly.

I'm in this for the long haul. Two days ago, I thought, 'it's time for me to take responsibility for this chronic problem'.

Spirit works fast.

Back to the manifesting. We had a snack after school (warm apple juice--the kind with the 'mother'--and LOTS of cinnamon as Ross said to do, then little baby bel cheese and apple slices), then dinner, very simple--tomato slices with herbs, vinegar and oil, sweet potatoes, and chicken breast (humanely raised). The meeting went on time. And we had just enough time after for a slice of Anthony's ice cream cake, a little video game for him, and one bracelet for me.

It gives a sense of well-being.

I held Anthony a long time when I tucked him in. I told him how I miss the times I'd hold him all day when he was a baby. I said, 'I've worked hard to give you a good life. I hope you are enjoying it?'

He is.

I told him how even in Heaven, I'm still his mom. And when he goes to Heaven I will be the first to welcome him. I might even have an ice cream cake like this one. Being a mom is forever!

I said, 'the trees and the stupid island parking plant things come and go, but we will find our way through all of those things, and have a good life no matter WHAT the association says.'

I personally found it ridiculous that it's been raining all month, and the drought it basically over for us here, and they are still shoving the succulents down our throats. (I don't like them, Feng Shui says they have horrible chi. I prefer grasses, or just plain weeds and dirt, to the 'landscaping' that's vogue around here now.)


Carla has ice cream stuck on her arm, it's all dried, from throwing away the box for the cake.

Carla is content.

It's time for us to go to bed.

I want to have a talk with her, in her dream time. Carla will talk to you about it next chance she gets.

And Carla is not in trouble with me! (holds one finger up!--ed)

I don't want you to worry.  (he relaxes, sort of kneels/squats as if to talk man to man, eye to eye--ed)

Everyone in the higher realms is entitled to their thoughts. I have my own. Carla has hers. And I would never 'correct' them. Up around here people don't have arguments. We each have our own point of view, and it is respected.

How all of us get along around here, and how all of you where you are do nothing but fight about it, I'll never know.

clap! clap!

At least we are as a collective heading in the right direction, are we not? (he smiles big--ed)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple