Saturday, February 18, 2017

Everything Is Connected

I have just a couple of things to share, aside from my throat being better, and with two days of rest I have felt the best I have in weeks!

Thank you for all the love and healing you have shown me.

I've been down.

Everything is connected, when we work with the energy in our aura, in our core, and in our physical form.

Sometimes the imbalance has to reach our body for us to realize what's going on.

A large part of the reason I turned to medicine, aside from my lifelong fascination with the subject of healing, is that I grew up very poor, and I knew with my skills I could 'always eat'.

I am one of the fortunate few who have made it, to enjoy a career where I am in fact living my dream.

As I ascend with my vibrations, I have 'eyes that see', and lately, and what drove the point home was my inability to call in sick when I felt I was unsafe to work, my eyes that 'see' are visualizing that my 'dream' has a definite downside!

More or less I have been coming to terms with my enslavement. I will admit, just like in the tarot deck, this noose easily slips off my neck--if I'm willing to lose everything you know?   I go without sleep, and nourishment. Exercise is a memory of the past. I barely spend time with my kid. I enjoy the time I spend with my patients very much, but it comes at a price. I don't 'hang out' with friends like I used to when I was in college or training. My very sister doesn't feel close enough to me to ask me to be in her wedding, although I'll admit there's a fourteen year age difference between us, I understand 'how it would look'. There are hoops to jump through, new ones by the government every day (just watch Doc Vader on YouTube he is hilarious and it's all TRUE!) the security I have, comes at a price.

Well, my living room has looked like a bomb went off and I've been working on it all day. I took the box of the receipts and bills and tax papers, and put them there several weeks ago because I got tired of having them on the kitchen table. I knew I'd need the papers.

As I went through all of the receipts, all of the expenses, all of the credit card bills, from the past year, I realized just how the enslavement consumes us OUTSIDE of work!  It's horrible, all the minutiae, all the rules, all the deadlines...there's hardly any time to think about it. That's why after I paid the bills I would throw it into a huge box. (for 2017, I have a system, and I put the papers away fresh into new files, so what happened in 2016 won't happen to me ever again--ed)

I'm not done. But I've found a way to organize the rest to make the project workable. I'm glad I put in the time. Frankly, as much as I wanted to throw the whole thing away, I learned about myself from my spending patterns. It's a good thing.

I saw how in my stress over the enslavement from my work, I turned to Nature, and Her highest vibration crystals. I have the beads, the stones, and in the past year have become somewhat of an expert--somewhat knowledgeable.

I turned to that a lot.

What else is that no one else can clean up that mess but me. The living room floor. My working conditions. Everything.

The only thing I know for myself--I can't speak for others--is that INTROSPECTION and taking care of the 'loose ends'--is the surest way to accelerate the changes which we all hope to arrive.

How can I say this?

I've been wasting lots of time on YouTube, trying to UNDERSTAND just how we got into the mess we are in. Who are the people who control our lives and care so very little about us? What is a bloodline? How should I prepare if I have to evacuate like the people in Oroville?

There are no clear answers. For every information, there are twice as many disinformation sources.
I sort of pick and choose.

But I grew tired of it.

I didn't cause it, I can't cure it, and by all that watching, I'm accomplishing very little. I have a reappointment packet to complete for my hospital, the deadline is fifteen days,  and boy am I dreading it. So I took care of the other item on my list, cleaning the living room floor from all the papers.

I'm going to get back to it.

Remember, when we look OUTSIDE ourselves, we slow down the process of Ascension for us as a group. And when we take the time to look WITHIN, the energies align for movement on a grander scale.

There is a person right now who is saying, 'lets all meditate together for hurrying up Ascension'.

This is in direct violation of the most basic rule of Ascension there is!  LOOK WITHIN.   HEAL. CONNECT TO YOUR GUIDES. ALLOW THEM TO TEACH YOU, REACH YOU. THIS IS NORMAL AND HEALTHY and exactly what will happen in 5D.

My guides are quiet.

They must be busy, or I'm in a Lesson.

Either way, I do my best to get through, and to heal in so many ways.

Everything is connected, me to you, my work and my home to me, you to the others who read this blog, and all of our guides and ancestors and deceased loved ones...

We are going to make it.

I wish I knew when, and I wish it was a whole lot easier than it is, but I've been told it's a Good Thing, and it's worth the wait, and heck, I wouldn't want to miss out on a Good Thing just because I didn't understand, or was impatient, or stubborn.


I play that one for my wife.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple