Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How To Thrive In Chaotic Times

These codes came through with such force and intensity yesterday while I was driving, that I had to write them down on my pants.

Yes, on my scrubs--on my left leg, I got two codes and a meditation.

Times are getting chaotic down here!

And Spirit responds to support us.

Here is the first code:

24 27 483 restart (it is like pushing the 'restart' button--gives you a fresh start every time you use it and it can be used as many times as you like to get you through your day)

This code arrived with the sense that someone was reaching the point of 'overwhelm' and just didn't want to 'go there'. So you don't call a 'time out' and stop the game, but it's like you 'reset' it so your life experiences have a fresh look to you, your emotional investment in the outcome reframes itself in a more positive way, and you get to take those 'first steps' again. Kind of like a 'do over' when you were a kid and played games with your friends: I didn't like that, and I want to start over again. This is more of a psychological and spiritual code than a physical one, but the physical will follow when the first two pieces are in place, you are motivated, and you have a good mind's eye for what is to come next.

Here is the second code:

83 48 806 for endurance, to persevere, to run the race to win

It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Paul in the bible, to 'run the race to win'.

We are in the last stages of the Ascension of Gaia and her People.

You've worked so hard to reach this point!

It's only a few steps left, the finish line is in sight for the first time in ages.

It's going to take everything you've got, both mentally, physically, emotionally--and let's GO FOR IT!

The Meditation:

Imagine Ross standing in front of you, holding a big basket right at his chest level. He is walking backwards with it, like a coach, as you are walking forward.

He is going to accompany you on your day.

What is this basket Ross is holding?


In it you are to throw all of the happiest and most rewarding experiences in your life!

You start with a life review, perhaps, falling asleep in your mother's arms, with a fully tummy, as she rocks you to sleep, is one of your first moments of fulfillment and joy. As you remember this, you gently pick this memory up and toss it into the basket Ross is holding.

You go through from the beginning to now, perhaps learning to ride a bicycle or roller skating, perhaps your first crush who truly liked you back, or a pet who brought you companionship while growing up...

You gently take this memory, and place it in the basket.

And keep walking.

When there is chaos, sometimes fear accompanies it. With fear there is lack of focus. There is also distortion, as if one could think everything is catastrophic for them, it always has been and it always shall be...

This isn't true.

With the basket, you have focus, and raise your vibration.

Remember, Ascension is like riding a bicycle, the faster you pedal (the higher the vibration) the more balance and resilience you have along the way. Little bumps won't throw you over the handlebars!


Walk in JOY!

Know when to stop:

The lower vibration people are struggling to get 'back' to duality, 3D, me versus you, right versus wrong, mentality.

There are even paid people out there on the internet to 'shake things up' on blogs and pages--to post questions to raise doubt.

We had one yesterday on a post about Lady Gaga.

This person--I won't say 'he' or 'she' because even though there's a photo and a name, you don't really know who they are--defended her.

Yup. On the 'smoking gun' post, with people commenting about the 'ritual' symbols, someone had to post their own 'take' on it: everything is fine and I don't see anything wrong with that halftime show.

Be careful to watch my series of comments, as it's a template for you in dealing with these types, and even more importantly, watch where I don't react, where I stop--I stop just short of the line of trying to convince this person.

I wanted more than anything to remove this person from the page, I can and I do for the rare and random lower vibration people who intrude upon the energy of the page, to provide a healing environment...this time Ross said 'no'.

Was it a teaching point?


I asked questions to make the person restate their views, such as 'why?' and 'why do you feel that way?' and then to show active listening, 'ah so this RESONATES with you?'

If Lady Gaga represents to this reader someone who is 'awake' and there are even 'more asleep' people on their journey, in her view, I don't think I would want to know what 'asleep' looks like!

Remember, repetition is their weapon used to control the masses, and the dark ones are going to keep repeating lies are 'true' until people believe it. Many people do.

As you increase your vibration, you are going to have the energy of the people you encounter--face to face, online, absolutely SCREAM to your intuition--who they are, what their motive is, and what they are all will detect things like--for example--low vibration, or 'chemical' (they are under the influence), or 'misinformed', 'fearful', 'angry', 'wanting the old status quo back' an instant and you won't need to stop and reflect on what it means or not. The communication by this route is CLEAR.

Then you can make your choices on how to respond.

Mine is to take the exact same energetic aura to aura connection, and ABSOLUTELY BLAST the Love Creator has for these individuals--back to them.

Without saying a word.

Without going down to their level (you are right I am wrong) and I let go with love.

THEY are in their own reality. THEY cannot be convinced because their Consciousness can only stretch so far and it's not ready yet. THEY are doing the best they can with what they've got...and some people are horribly, generations and bloodlines of Misinformed with a capital M.

And neither you nor I have to go where they are. There's no turning back. Turn them over to Heaven and their teams, the experts, and have a good day. Congratulate yourself on keeping your vibration on the up and up, and for following your heart.

No matter who you are, or what your vibration is.

Love Is Stronger Than Fear:

Love is stronger than Fear.

Love is stronger than misunderstandings.

Love is stronger than people who look out for 'number one'.

Love is stronger than chaos in a society who thinks the broadcast media has their best interest at heart.

Love is stronger than arguing.

Love is stronger than CRAZY!

Love always wins....

And when love wins, it is a 'Win-Win' for both parties involved.

Sometimes you might be safer to love from a distance--but people ALWAYS respond to Love.

Pure Unconditional Love...from the Heart.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

P.S. Ross says, 'I resemble and support this blog post!' :)