Saturday, February 4, 2017

Mrs. Doss

It's all fixed!  My computer.

Here's what's the lesson in it. I stayed up until one, trying to take the virus off myself. I couldn't. I studied and tried for hours after the Apple support person had said to just go in the next day and made an appointment for me.


They took the malware off in thirty seconds!

I told the guy, you're amazing, I was up all night trying to accomplish the same thing!

He said they used to hate the malware calls most of all, they would take forty minutes. Now they have it to a science, and I benefited from it.

Sometimes when you have PROBLEMS in a Big Way, they might be BIG for you, and a Tiny Thing for an expert...

(I look at you and then look straight up to the skies, to our 'friends in the rafters'--ed)

It's never too late!


It's all here.

If you want to wake up and you want to know about it.

I listened to him while I cleaned my kitchen.

It's worth the hour, if you are willing to take the time to know the truth that's hidden in plain sight.

Thank you Aaron for sharing this with me.

I'm still in a good mood. I'm still hoping for the best. I'm doing what I can and not pushing myself too hard.

The bunny, bless her soul, had poopy butt again. There's this smell she gets and it's horrible.

I cleaned her bottom. To do this I have to go in the shower stall with her, hold her bottom in a little sitz bath although she doesn't like it, and then I hold her gently and remove the hard, stuck on poop from her fur.

She had two days where it was so cold I kept her in her cage and she couldn't get out to the courtyard where she could clean herself and run around. She's a huge bunny, and not the best at cleaning up after herself when she's in her cage. It's hard to reach, and she probably had it for some time before I kept her in the cage those two days. It never shows because she sits on her bottom...

Either way I kept my voice soothing and loving, and cooed to her, 'it's not your fault!'.

It really stresses her. But she had a new bounce in her step once I let her out in the courtyard (it's protected).

You know, her shit got EVERYWHERE. I had to take a shower myself.

But that's what it takes when you have a pet and you want it to be healthy.


Today Anthony was with his dad. Except for the computer thing, I didn't have any commitments. I slept in until eight. And after cleaning myself up, and changing the bunny litter in the cage (the 'substrate' lol)--Ross had me lay on my porch swing and enjoy the morning.

The cool breezes were blowing, there were some clouds in the sky, it looked like it might rain tomorrow...

Ross asked me, 'what are your dreams?'

To be home with my family, all of them, and him and Anthony too, back Home like we used to get together at Grandma Lucille's on Christmas Eve.

He asked 'what else?'

I said for the plants and animals to be PROTECTED--the people not so much in the sense that the animals and environment are First Priority--but for those homeless to be housed in a way that didn't harm the environment and provided full healing and medical care and spiritual care to them.

He smiled, paused, and asked, 'what else?'

I wanted my house to be everything I'd dreamed when I bought it, neat, clean, organized, beautiful...

Then I paused.

I asked, 'Ross, do you have dreams?

He said yes, he does.

I paused again.  I asked, 'I probably wouldn't be able to understand them, huh? (too high tech)'
I was sad because of the situation with me here, and him there, I couldn't really offer him the support...

He said I'm in a special situation, kind of like our bunny with the poop, and I understand a little (the poop) but not the big picture (who pays the mortgage, works, buys the food). And one day I will understand.

I thought for a moment, and asked, 'Ross? Where you are, do dreams ever not come true? For down here, sometimes it's like that, and it's very sad...'

Then I paused, again, this time with tears, for I realized deep in my soul, part of his dream was me, and I recall the time I made him cry for three days, when I first accepted him.  I realized his tears were from all the time I hadn't accepted him, in possibly many incarnations, and I cried silently and felt remorse for having ever hurt him. I explained how awful I felt, how I didn't mean it, and how deeply sorry I was for whatever happened between us.

He snapped his fingers, and the people who watch us when we talk went away, and he held me close in his arms, a special moment for us both, as I am indeed awakening to who I really am...

Then he said he's making me a surprise.

He showed me a box. Almost the size of a bread box it is, sort of. I guessed if it was olive wood and I was correct. The top slides out. But the REAL surprise is inside the box, and he's not showing it to me.

I laughed.

I told him that it's a very fine box he made, and I certainly would be happy with just the box alone! He could save himself the work!

He loves it when I tease him. And we both were glad.

Now Ross and I are going to go back to what we were doing before the malware so rudely interrupted us!

We are going to watch on Netflix another episode of Chef's Table.

And the title?

Mrs. Doss?

The D is for Dee (the) Other Guys.

I am healing and practicing being able to open my heart to the others, Michael, Raphael, Merlin, and Raziel, simultaneously...

When I had the Genius Bar guy walk me to my car and carry my heavy computer, as I pulled out from my space, I saw a license plate that said, 'Mrs. Doss'.

I was like, Doss?

And they were like, D for the other guys...

I smiled.

I love them all.

I don't know how it works, but like my bracelets on my arm, they are awesome, and somehow, it all fits.

Ross claps twice..

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc couple