Friday, February 24, 2017

Steps Towards Freedom

Just a brief sharing of some deep introspection learned, not by myself but also with Anthony teaching me--through illness.

First things first.

Our home was steeped in fear. Late to work. Scared of work long hours. Scared of homework burdens and deadlines.

We couldn't heal until we took care of first things first.

Anthony has been home three days, I've cut back on my work (I don't get paid when I don't work--my colleagues actually agreed to work for me).

For the first time I let him rest.

I didn't make him do homework when he was sick.

I let ME rest. I took a nap every day I was home.

I also asked for an easy schedule at work.

The pediatrician's nurse called me late in the day. He said, 'Go to a doctor!'

I had been home all day and could have gone, but now it's too late.

Oh well.

I cooked and cleaned a little.  Ross suggested I make pasta and meatballs for lunch, and peppers and sausage for dinner, to cheer up Anthony.

Even the sports, which is another pressure, had to take second place to our health. The sitter and the counselor too.

I'm so proud of myself for moving Forward.

Ross told me to always have the house in good working order.

I had seven plumbing issues to report! I did! All for one service call.

Yesterday they replaced a transformer in the neighborhood. All our electricity was off.

Anthony and I had fun. We played checkers. We played hide and seek which was hysterical because he is taller than me.  With the bird he is so loud he's a huge tip off if we hide near him. We laughed harder than ever, both of us, and seriously, hide and seek, if you know your house and your ears work, is kind of hard to do because the stairs squeak.

Later the electricity came on.

Anthony wisely said, 'electronics separate families mom.'

They do.


(he stretches and yawns as if after a long rest)

Did you know Carla made seven bracelets yesterday? All without one for her, which is unusual. She notices that her energy is more constant, more steady, and not in need of the crystals for her growth.

At dinner Anthony teased her, and since he wanted to play his basketball video more, he said, 'mom make one for yourself!'

She made one, plus another, plus a sun catcher too.

Carla loves to create.

(pauses, looks at you in the eye, very intently--ed)

Carla loves to create all things.

You are her Creation too, you who read her words, heed her counsel, and grow.

As a rule, Carla and I like all things which grow!

And Carla, I am constantly helping her, to help YOU.

I 'nudge' and Carla heeds the call when I signal to her 'what about this?' or 'what about that?'

And MANY of you are swimming like ducks, on your own, able to explore the 'lake' of the higher dimensions, all in the safety of knowing that Mama duck, me, the Daddy duck, and all your aunties and uncles up here in spirit in the higher realms care for you and delight in your discoveries of your new gifts and talents.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins