Thursday, February 2, 2017

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

Start with a horrendous story.

Something too horrible to be true.

But...what if it WAS true?

There are many things which are, um, upsetting that are hidden in our world.

Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart are a huge one.

What are people going to do when the truths come out? I wonder to myself. Will there be complete and total chaos?

What should I do?

I for one, am not going to tell you about my friend Nancy the charge nurse who was raised in one of those Satanic Cults and got her multiple personalities back together again, and is now a psychotherapist who specializes in healing these victims of ritual abuse.

You'd never believe it if I told you what she told me what happened to her.

It was horrific.

What I will share is how there was a FB thing on Planned Parenthood, how they spent all this money on abortions but nothing on prenatal care or adoption counseling --there was only one option, abortion, and the post I had 'shared' implied/said that they were selling the aborted baby body parts.

My friends on my own page hit the roof!

Planned Parenthood is GOOD! They wouldn't steal the money! They gave me healthcare! My pap smears...

I'm sorry, but what YOU saw back in the day, is only what YOU saw. These people here could have SEEN something different. It all depends on where you look, right?

I just shared another one. It had the phone calls and visits to clerks--asking for an ultrasound to see if the baby was normal and healthy.

Again and again, 'nope, we only do that for abortions'...only one perhaps said yes, or referred out to an OB...

This time the reactions were more like, 'hmmmmm?'. There WASN'T the knee-jerk response I had seen before. And only one, my most liberal friend, said, 'oh no this isn't true and I had them helping me for twenty five years'.

Again, what YOU see is only what YOU saw. And the people with the cameras videotaping at all the other different Planned Parenthoods in other towns across the nation saw SOMETHING ELSE.  How can one place in Southern California be 'proof' of other places you have never been?

Isn't is POSSIBLE that there could be a 'good one' where you were and a 'not so good one' someplace else?

I guess.

Anyhow, this subject fascinates me:  the reaction of people under mass hypnosis being exposed to something they were hypnotized/led to believe is true, as being NOT true--with photos and video tapes and evidence right there in the film.

How do they react?

It's delicate.

Sometimes it's explosive.

So here, join me as a fly on the wall, and check out this story on FB, and the COMMENTS...

(Here is the original link, it's one of those pages with multiple ads that I suspect are about the lowest quality of journalism on the planet-- just in case you want to look for yourself)

This is a heartbreaking story.
Wednesday is late term abortion day at Orlando Women’s Center (the clinic where I had my abortions 12 years ago). When I first started visiti...
Muaris Vestrais Okay, first, this is bs. Second, the reason that any abortions have to be dismembered is because a bunch of pro birthers thought it'd be a brilliant way to deter future abortions because it's an horrific sight. And they got it put into law. Without that bit of idiocy a late term abortion is no more complicated than actual labor. Thirdly, no one, NO ONE gets a late term abortion unless they absolutely have to because if they've carried it that damn long they want the baby and it's killing them to have to go through with this. And last of all, guess what? PP does prenatal care far more often than they do abortions so next time you see a pregnant person going there don't assume you know anything or have any right to tell them what they can or can't do because you think YOUR religion holds precedence over their beliefs or life.
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Susan Taylor Morash ridiculous piece of propaganda. goodbye, "wonders of the world". you have 1 less follower if your page.
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Nikki Borromeo Read comments. Am joining you guys. Leaving this page. All their sad stories that they sensationalize could all be fake after all!!!! Thanks for your comments! Luv ya guys....
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George Motroni Fake story by despicable people who can't stand not being able to shove their religion down the throats of others.
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Kaye Dyer How can you show the beauty of the world and go with such a ugly fake story.
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Ruth Brandt More fake that something TRUMP himself could come up with...shut this bs down!!
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Kaye Dyer This is a fake story. Abortions are legal at 20 weeks per the Supreme Court of the United States of America.
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Nancy Burris What a shame She waited 20 weeks to abort. 2 people less in our world!!!
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Maureen Smetzer I wonder if this is a fake story to help support the ban on abortion.
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Annette Suárez I reported it to FB and marked it as Fake. Upper right corner on the x.
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Tanya Cisneros Fake story, will no longer be following this page.
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Linda Merritt This is just horrible be it true or false the whole storu is horrible. Pro or against.
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Penny Housos This is not heart breaking, it is disgusting.
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Shar Sherman This is a lie. Please read facts.
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Stephanie Swap-Darrow irresponsible post and article.
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Diane Blake Clear murder regardless of any religions!!!
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Roy Rekoc Disgusting legalised murder of innocent lives.
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Miz Glory Unfollowed, Unliked - Ciao
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Nancy Ellen Pflum Would you really want this woman to raise children?
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Jollean Banngertir I'm done with this page as well
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Shannon Bird No Way I call fake.
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Fran Bishop Fack story
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Mabel Santiago Rubbish and unlike. Goodbye!
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Annette Suárez Fake News for sure.
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Dottie Greget Murderer
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Stephanie Lacas WTF? Why you post this BS? This isnt2 what your page is about! STAY ON TASK!
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Rez Rivera Fake?
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Camille Barbis I think it's time I abort this page from my Facebook feed..
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Well,  let's count. There are thirty replies.  Four believe it.  That makes twenty-six who don't. It would be 13% believe, and 86% don't. (I'm counting the ones who are neutral 'sick either way' as not believing it as all the way true, but perhaps my math might improve with a third category?)

Furthermore, all thirty--one hundred percent--are EMOTIONAL and REACTING, right?

One argues in defense of Planned Parenthood.  One calls it a lie--please read facts.

Four just quit following the page--AND TELL the admin it. (most would silently quit, right? why waste your time?)--but they react.

Psychologically, these people are rejecting something that is just too horrible to accept, which is a very natural reaction, denial.  Then there's the anger. The neutral ones perhaps would be the bargaining. So would the ones who cry 'murder' right? 

So what I think, is that just like how Mischa Barton and Kanye West 'broke through' their programming, even a population who has been subject to psychological operatives after psy ops after psy ops and God knows what ELSE in the mainstream media--without reinforcements--there are cracks in this kind of 'control' on the masses.

And what I found, just like with untruths--where if you repeat them often enough people tend to believe them--the TRUTHS will eventually become evident as the vibrations on the planet (and the collective consciousness) goes UP.

It's like a transfusion of Consciousness from one soul to a contact high I suppose with marijuana too.

You just can't avoid being exposed to it.

And in my opinion, this is why the Healers are being activated today, with the Grid Project to Unite The Healers...because with the way things are going it looks like pretty soon we are going to have to step up to the plate and do what we were sent here to do.

As a side note? Am I for or against Planned Parenthood?  I am uninterested in anything but the Truth.  Could it be true, the allegations? Possibly. What I do, that is different, is I keep my mind open and look for more data. I sort of file away each article in my mind, and use it as a point of reference to compare all future ones. My emotional button doesn't get triggered at all. Is it okay for you to think one way, and me to think another? Yes, by all means yes! 

What is my hope in my writing this, is that we can all look at the train wreck of the REACTIONS to this type of stimulus together, and watch for signs of the 'programming' beginning to unravel, and further, to watch how quickly it begins to fall apart.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc