Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Uninterrupted Love

: )

Yesterday was my 'second birthday'.  I kept it to myself, and Spirit.  I didn't celebrate.

On February 6, 1990, I underwent major surgery at Moffitt Hospital in San Francisco to remove a tumor from my pituitary gland. It was eight millimeters in size. My face in numb ever since, because of the surgery. (Thankfully, it moves normally <3)

Amazing things happened yesterday although I didn't say a word of it to anyone.

What was important was to me, was knowing that I kept my promise to that twenty-five year old Carla many years ago, that she did not throw up her own blood in vain.  She has since become a doctor, a Reiki Master, and above all, in her heart of hearts, a mom. She isn't married like she was at the time of the transsphenoidal when she was patient of Charlie Wilson and Jacob Rachlin at UCSF. But life is good, very good indeed, and she's found peace.

Anthony mentioned, out of the blue, that yesterday was Babe Ruth's birthday. I smiled, and didn't say anything.

I actually did more for others than I did for myself. I mailed a birthday gift to my sister, certificates and a sun catcher to a student in Tennessee, an emergency pair of bracelets to Oregon overnight express (thank you for reimbursing me for the postage!), and some much needed supplies to a dear associate in the Philippines.

But there was a little box, waiting for me, something too big to fit in my post office box. This package was filled with lovingkindness, and I couldn't think of a better summation of all my life's work since the surgery, in the healing work I have done for so many, as in the beautiful gesture and generosity shown in return to me by that gift.

I will write a thank you, for sure, the formal way...but my heart smiled at how Spirit orchestrates things just to work out.

I had won something on eBay that morning I had wanted very much. Something special between Ross and me. It's silly, really, a childhood dream, one of those little cups you drink at a wedding, both the bride and the groom at the same time. It's totally antique, it's sterling silver, and it's a museum piece because it's from France or Germany in the 1800's. It's the kind of thing I adore, antique silver, and have all my life. Ross had reminded me of the one I used to see all shining at Buffums, in the china department, and how I used to wish in my heart we were not poor and one day for my own wedding I could have my parents afford to buy me one. This one isn't all shiny, but it's REAL, and it means the world to me. Never in a million years did I think Spirit would find a way to pay for it, it wasn't much, this antique, much much less than the original, but Spirit did and I am glad.

Yesterday was a good day.

It was short, and I was able to come home and catch up on my other things.

Ross had promised me an awesome evening at home.

It was true.

I made something I ate every week growing up, and somehow I've never made it for us here.  It was Spanish rice with some hamburger thrown in.

We actually had a three course meal--avocados, then beans and cheese, and then the Spanish rice.

I 'created' with the bravado of the chefs I had seen on Chef's Table, a dessert I've never made before and probably will never make again. I had baked a pumpkin days ago. I scraped out the meat, and warmed it up/mashed it with butter, coconut sugar and some brandy. It looked terrible but it wasn't the presentation I was going after, it was the new combination of flavors. If I had been alone I would have created something with pumpkin and peach, which I think would complement each other, but may have been too adventuresome. What I resulted was like a pumpkin bread pudding without bread.

The dishes got done, each of us had time to take a shower between the dishes (my job) and the homework (Anthony's job), and Anthony thoughtfully left a little hot water in the water heater for me for my shower!

It's been raining, and I've adored that too.

Every day of rain saves our trees, and saves our island in the street from the horrible makeover to the ugliest mix of succulents I've ever seen (there's a sneak peek on another street in the neighborhood of what the association wants)--and makes our neighborhood look uglier than the landscaping of a Motel 6 on the road to Vegas. It also makes the drought go away, and casts the landscapers and property management companies judgement in doubt. With more water intrusions and less drought perhaps they should have though to provide maintenance to the aging roofs of the association? Hmmm?

Anyhow, this life is not forever, my roof is working thankfully, and the beautiful pepper trees live another day.

Ross asked me this morning what makes me so happy with him these days?  I am most delighted, calm, and in love.

It's the thought of Creator supplying us a chance, Ross and I together, to experience uninterrupted love.

I explained to Ross how here, nothing is guaranteed. Everything changes, and sometimes, perhaps, the more you want to have something to count on, the faster it goes away...

He was astounded at how it looks like that to us incarnate here--he had to struggle to grasp the concept of love being interrupted, but he could see my point and it really opened his eyes as to what we have been going through down here for as long as I can remember in all of my incarnations.

I'll share with you some beautiful things:


I am on my way.

Not with the keys to the car or at the helm of a ship...like for you down there on your planet.

I am on my way with my own Spiritual Lessons.

I am no longer 'stuck' trying to get my Carla out of a tree she had climbed up and couldn't get herself back down...(he chuckles at his alluding to me as a little cat stuck up in a tree--ed)

And I am the FIREMAN!  (he shows his muscles and smiles and is in very good spirits indeed!--ed)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

P.S. Carla, I wish you a wonderful birthday and I want you to hold my hand for the rest of the day.  Now let's go make breakfast for Anthony! Eggs, potatoes, and bacon, just the way he likes! And a little hot chocolate too.