Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Things

Today was awesome!

I had an eight o'clock start, but I came early because I know the surgeon. It was a beautiful day, with quiet working, nice soothing 'spa music' on the radio, and even natural light in the Operating Room. Yes, this one was once a storage area, it was converted to an O.R., so there is a window right over my workstation on the wall behind it. We are four stories up, no one can see in, and we ENJOY a little sunlight.

I had wished for a cash case. I hadn't gotten one in ages. There was one hour of the case as that. It was nice to see the envelope with my name on it, and sign the book where all the cash cases go.

The Grid project is announced on FB and Twitter. It is to Unite the Healers.

Simply gather some things that feel 'right' to you--it doesn't have to be crystals, and certainly NOT on a 'flower of life grid' for it to work. Just something in an area about the size of a paper towel. It doesn't have to be symmetric or professional, just it has to flow from your heart, make you smile, and help you to focus on our cause, to Unite the Healers.

I got off work today (and ate a lunch at lunchtime, too!) mid-afternoon.

It was nice! I ran an errand. I looked at my garden. It made a whole different 'take' on things.

I felt human.

I hugged our California Pepper trees tight, and enjoyed their wonderful smell, too.

We are officially, according to Divine Mother, who speaks to Creator of All That Is (both of them are, actually Divine Mother and Divine Father)--past the 2/3 or 66% 'mark' on the split to new realities.

I can feel the energies lightening, being less heavy, less worrisome, less dull and sticky and dark.

Are we going to see anything different? I don't know.

No one can predict what will happen.

Ross wants me to talk about the bracelets.

I was wearing them and looking at my left arm, and resting on the porch swing last weekend.  I realized each one was sent from one of my Beloveds (I am 'married'--for lack of a better word to describe it. 'partnered' Ross says is a better word). Each one is BEAUTIFUL and meaningful. No one detracts from the other. I can enjoy them all, right there, on my arm...and in wherever I was before I was born here, it is possible to have more than one true love at the same time because Time doesn't actually exist.

To me it's almost like having five separate storylines running parallel, and I get to enjoy each one.

The moral of the story is that love ADDS.

It doesn't detract.

And how it is back 'home', wherever I was from before I was born here, there is nothing to fear, there is no jealousy, there is no conflict--disagreements perhaps but not escalated like they are here--and there is harmony and encouragement to grow.

For those of us who are like me, if I take my first love, Tom, my first husband, Mark, my second husband Frank, and my baby daddy Jared's EXPERIENCES as a soul in relationship with them, and in hindsight, place them side by side for comparison, I am in retrospect removing the influence of Time, and am able to contrast and compare my relationships with them any my soul growth.

So 'There' isn't all that much different from 'here', for those of us who have been in serial monogamous committed relationships...once the Time is factored out. You might not have active relationships with each partner at the same time like 'home', but you get the concept and should be able to adapt to it once this veil is lifted once and for all.


Do I look like I was born yesterday?  (he's enjoying his sense of humor with the Time thing we experience and he doesn't. --ed)

Even a blind squirrel sometimes finds a nut! (he puts his hands to his eyes and gestures like he is a squirrel and found a nut--nom! nom! nom!--ed --BTW he selected this photo of the floating coconut on the sea.)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The couple