Sunday, February 5, 2017

Making Headway!

As I move along after the 'split' into the New Energies, I smile.

The battles are notable; I win.

I haven't won everything!

It's only like I have regained ten percent of my household to organization, but it's stayed and things are starting to gain momentum on my behalf.

I now have a new filing system for all of my billing slips and records from my work, as well as for all the bills I pay for the household. It's right by the kitchen door. The major benefit is now, when something comes in the mail, I have a place to put it.

I am one of those people who has to see something to remember to do it. That's why I get the piles. But now, with the new system in place, it's going to at least keep the piles from growing.

Again, my living room floor looks like a bomb hit it. I'm still working on the financial records from last year. It will 'get there' didn't happen in a day, but I will make my way through it. (the learning in this is that the long, slow hours on OB call, used to let me catch up with all this stuff--I used to bring in crates of it--and since I haven't done OB for two years, I need to invest the time.)

Another 'victory' is that I have an adequate shredder. The old one was flimsy and would heat up. This too prevents the piles. I have to laugh because my old 'system' was to keep sensitive things like credit card offers in a grocery bag and then go set everything on fire in the back yard barbecue with Anthony. The neighbors used to smell the smoke, pop their heads outside to look with concern, see us, and ask 'is everything okay?' We'd smile and say we were just fine, but not explain why we enjoying burning things. (an alternate way to 'shred without a shredder' is my mom's way, you just put all the papers in a bucket of water until they turn to mush).

To keep track, the horrible pile in the bird room of Anthony's old artwork and papers I'd saved, is organized. I also killed many a black widow spider that was in the area. (they really are 'nice'--they just drop, and try to get away. I still kill them because they don't belong in the house. Their venom could hurt us or kill a pet. But I appreciate their shy demeanor, and hope they will thrive someplace nearby but NOT inside my house!).

The front closet with our coats and shoes got organized today. We made room for our coats and our hats. So when we come home, there's a place for things. It's funny, we have six umbrellas for two people! Because we've gone places and needed them so we bought new ones. At least now as they break we have back ups!

My drawer that drove me nuts--actually a whole corner of the kitchen, now has organized pans, plastic storage things for leftovers, small appliances like my waffle iron, and big pans and bakeware.  It makes me glad to look at it and know where everything is.

My desk area, here, where I write, is nice and free again.

I'm far from 'minimalist', but I'm heading in that general direction, and I think it's a good thing.

On Sundays we do the laundry together, Anthony and me. We are all caught up, and THIS week he actually put his clothing away.

I have to make you smile.

Today we missed the Super Bowl because Anthony was grounded.  He got a note from the teacher, didn't think it was a big deal, and tried to get away with it. His father and I grounded him from cell phone, video games, TV, movies and going places for five days--because we want him to 'man up' when he screws up. Not because of the note and the problems at school. But because he tried to hide it, yes?

Well guess what?

He absolutely LOVED being on restriction!

He loved being away from his phone. He said there's too much pressure for him to be a slave to it. Without it he gets to 'just be a kid'.  He noticed without it he 'connected' to me more. And also, there was like, 'what am I going to do now?'--that THIS time, for the first time, he was able to fill.

We played catch.

We took him to the clothing store and bought him a new suit, two ties, two pairs of dress shoes, six pairs of dress socks, two belts, and two shirts. Everything was on sale. He hadn't had a suit for almost three years, and he'd outgrown everything!  (he is a little Rooster year, and LOVES to wear fine clothes).  He was so happy he said he felt like Gene Kelly in Singing In The Rain and clicked his heels and danced with an umbrella in the store.

We got mocha's at Starbucks and planned his birthday, which is coming up.

We had sandwiches at Jimmy John's, and extra pickles.

I made him a new bracelet (blue kyanite round beads and a single clear quartz one).

He read MAD Magazine.

We figured out his laptop has malware on it too. We will make an appointment for him.

I let him watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles while I caught up on the correspondence for the The Loving Embrace of Gaia Shields, and The Ross Bondo Healing Sessions. I have a system and a routine now for the correspondence, and it makes it easier. The Loving Embrace of Gaia shields helps to 'tone down' things that are distractors from lower vibrations (and blunts 'lessons' that are permitted to filter through)...and the Ross Bondo Healing Session is an outstanding thing that isn't available anywhere. He heals YOU. We communicate it to YOU. You get a complete transcript of what transpires with the healing. And for both you get certificates. It's really nice.

The only way to get them is to contact me directly. If it's right for you, and Spirit agrees it's the right thing, we proceed. The best way is The second best way is to private message me on FB on DWR. (if for any reason you do the second way, and I stop communicating, it's because there's a lot of other messages mixed in with your request, and they might drop down the display. Just remind remind remind me and I'll get back to you I promise!)...for people who want to move forward with their healing, I write them down on master lists, and then they don't get lost. Does this make sense?

I'm so proud of Anthony.

We both realized how much time we spend in our lives with our electronic entertainment, by his being 'grounded' today. I'm so thankful it worked out this way.

I'm proud of him too for another reason.  He saw the mason's sign in the lights in the Lady Gaga halftime. Even the two people who made the videos about the hidden things didn't 'get' it.

As a side note, not many people would notice this similarity besides me, but every time I see this:

I think THIS because I look at it every day:

I know the metaphysical significance of the breath, of the spoken word, of symbols, and how the soul is vulnerable through the mouth during an anesthetic (bad things can go in, and my presence there not only is protective of the patient getting 'attachments' while under anesthesia, but I furthermore sometimes go 'in' and 'get things to detach' while I'm at work too).

So the similarity creeps me out.

Anyhow, here's the video Anthony watched with me, where he saw the compass and square in the lights in the back. I also love it because of the names they call Lady's junior high humor at it's best.

It's funny.

I used to watch the show, a long time ago, because I liked the commercials. I've thrown Super Bowl Parties before I awakened.

Then once I early awakened, I watched it and 'fought it' with my friends, bringing Light to all those innocent people exposed to the ritual and symbols without their realizing what was going on.

Last year, even, or the year before, I forget, I did something (work of a spiritual nature) with Katy Perry on a soul level...I blogged it. It was healing her--hard to explain--but important to take the 'steam' out of the rehearsed show on a spiritual level.

Anyhow, this year, I didn't want to give my attention to THEM. I didn't want to be a part of IT. And I enjoyed my freedom of keeping my energy to myself, and not getting frustrated over the 'how can they get away with that?!'

What I DO know that's new, however, is I learned from last night's video that Houston is a horrible--huge huge huge--demand for male prostitutes. And they die. They get cut up into pieces. Like in rituals.

If you ever want to look at the things I watch to educate myself on these subjects, just go to my channel--77Picklehead -- on YouTube and look in the Truthseeking section. 

I won't keep posting them here.

It might become a nuisance, because the few who are interested I'm sure wouldn't mind going there to look at 'the latest' I add to it, and the others who just don't want to know, or aren't 'ready', they probably don't enjoy seeing it here.

What I do know, is THIS is truly my passion, the blogging, the healing, the teaching, the bracelets, and the shields/Bondo work...and I don't even miss sleep when I stay up late like this to write.

I do have to share that this week, I don't have any late shifts! It's a first, and I'm most grateful for this. 
I hope it will give me more time to do the things I am passionate about--as well as perhaps make some more headway in clearing out all my old stagnant 'stuff' that has accumulated in my house these last twelve years raising Anthony and working to support our little family.

Ross selected this image, I don't know why <3


I ask you to watch this:

I think it's important you should know about this film.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple