Thursday, January 31, 2013

We Are One?

Are we one and the same? The answer depends on who is asking the question. For most of us, we ask because we want to know the differences from one human body to the next. They look different. But on a deeper level, in  strictly physical terms, is everybody the same as far as a medical expert would say?

Would you agree that the practice of anesthesia gives a good look at the body in this depth? After all, anesthesia is given to each patient individually, and no two patients are alike. So what are the differences from one body to the next, in a physical way as it works ( the study of how the body works, and all of its chemical reactions, is Physiology. Anesthesia is called 'Applied Physiology' and also 'Instant Medicine' because of the powerful, fast-acting medications that are given during an anesthetic.).

There are many physical factors that are considered in the making of an Anesthesia Plan for each patient:

  • Is there a pregnancy? Blood volume goes up, blood thins, lungs adapt to become more efficient, oxygen requirements go up, hormonal changes on the nerve structures themselves make the patient more sensitive to the effects of anesthesia. Doses are lowered for regional and general anesthesia because of this. Airway swelling takes place inside the throat--and mucous membranes that are engorged through pregnancy are more likely to bleed during insertion of the breathing tube. There is even a special short handled laryngoscope because in pregnancy the patients' breasts are almost up to the chin when lying flat and the standard handle has not enough room to fit!
  • Are there the extremes of age? Pediatric anesthesia is an entire specialty that requires an extra year of fellowship training. Children's growing bodies are so different there are two extra CPR-type courses: Neonatal Resuscitation, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support. All health care providers must maintain current certification to work with children in those age groups. Geriatric Anesthesia is another extreme. It is like having too much 'mileage' on the body! The organ systems have little 'reserve'; everything is optimum, maxed-out physiology. Grandmother can't run a race because there is no additional physiologic reserve for her to tap into. When I give anesthesia to a ninety-year old, I earn my keep! And once the anesthesia is out of the system, all of the challenges disappear! No one knows how hard it is, technically, to give anesthesia to this age group unless they are in this line of work. But you can imagine the complexity it presents when you reflect on it.
  • 'Is this boy blood or girl blood?' My anemic physician friend asked on transfusion. They didn't know. They had to look it up. It was boy blood. And she found that her interest in sports and TV snacks and beer mysteriously went up for ninety days after getting the transfusion. Is testosterone filtered out of packed red blood cells? Is estrogen removed from Fresh Frozen Plasma or cryoprecipitate or platelets? It is doubtful that hormonally neuter blood exists, except perhaps if the donor is a post-menopausal woman? It is a well-known fact in the heart room that cardiac bypass  surgery on women is technically a bigger challenge than for men. Women are small, their cardiac arteries are smaller size in diameter than in men, and the disease load of atherosclerosis is heavier because women present with more advanced disease due to the lack of classic symptoms of angina like the pain to the jaw or left arm that is seen in men, the Little Red Dress project is a result of trying to raise the awareness in the general public that women s heart disease is not the same as men's.
  • What ethnicity is the patient? Jews and Italians experience more pain than a stoic Scot would. African Americans have sickle cell, high blood pressure, and more tendency toward c-section (the shape of the pelvic outlet has a different bone structure. If you look good in jeans, you have hips more like a boy...and that is not the greatest thing in giving birth). Asians have less room in the airway at intubation because of smaller chins, and take less narcotic because they are more sensitive to this medication. Latinos have a very high risk of diabetes in the population. There is also a particular side to side head motion on emergence from anesthesia that is not seen in any group. It looks like a child turning away from a spoon of food or medicine that is offered. Once awake, the patient is like anybody else.
  • What is the Body mass index (BMI)? Anesthesia in the morbidly obese presents a unique set of challenges. Basically, the lungs are small, the oxygen needs are higher, and there is less too in the upper airway and mouth for intubation. There is often a stronger gag reflex too.
  • What disease is present? Coexisting disease with the kidneys or liver or lungs completely changes the anesthesia plan. 
  • What surgery is planned? For example, a dentist likes the breathing tube to be placed through the nose so they can freely work inside the mouth.
  • Are there 'substances' on board or chronically used by the patient? A cancer patient might take fifty milligrams of morphine three times a day!it will take more to keep them co for table after surgery because of this tolerance to narcotic. Alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, nicotine, tobacco, speed, and anything else have to be taken into consideration so enough anesthesia is given.
Nw that we agree on the physical body and its differences due to age, body type, sex, and more, let us ask--what is the same from one patient to the next?

The answer is a heart that responds to Unconditional Love.

We are One. No matter where we come from, what our body is like...because our Spirit that is within is beautiful! Perfect! Struggling with this school called Life. And a heart that is touched by Lovingkindness, Compassion, Generosity of Spirit, and Love, the Greatest of All Forces in the Universe.

Any creature that is alive on this planet will respond to Lovingkiness. Even the fiercest of creatures in     The Zoo will know who treats it harshly and who feeds it and tends to it. A recent study has shown crabs in the sea do avoid electrical shocks when in an experiment: therefore they are capable of feeling pain.

Our bodies are different. But our Heart-of-Hearts is the same. We are One. All of us.


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What To Expect--an Energy Intel 1.30.13

This link resonates with me on many levels. I wish to share it with you in the blog instead of as a social media post. This way it will be there for more others.

Right now,I 'pick up' rapid depletion of my energetic reserves throughout the day. Stopping to honor the Goddess within replenishes it. I do this daily. Also, watching my life as an independent observer is helpful to conserve my energetic resources in my day. I tell myself what is happening is for the highest good, to be a good sport when challenges arise in my day, and to keep heart-centered as much as possible.

Here is the link:


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 8

June 1, 2005

Yesterday: Terri Schiavo
 (very slow and direct) I had to die to find out what my heart was doing.

Just now, 0254

The Pope appeared to me. He was young, like in the ninteen eighties. Jean-Paul II. 
 He asked me “What are you doing here?” mischieviously. (He saw my soul and 'popped in' to visit like my friend K W did when he passed.)
 I nervously said, “I am up late (to care for my baby)”
 I felt joy to be with him.
 He lightly touched  my arm and said, “what is right?”
 I thought about it hard. "The ten commandments?"
 "No", he replied. "Think about where I come from/am."
 “The pope is infallible.” I said.
 “Am I? Am I?” he said. Then I thought of his body in a wheelchair on his balcony, tracheostomy tube in place, trying to speak and still raising his hand in blessing for everyone.
 “You don’t know what you are doing.” I said.
 “Neither do you” he gestured towards my chair, the baby, the late night. “Yet somehow everything works out for the best.” I realized I was in an intensely physically demanding a situation as he has been; I needed to be easy on myself about missing Mass.
“What about communion? I miss it so.” I confided. It had been weeks.
 He gave me communion. Bread. And two sips of wine. I felt so happy/fulfilled.
 He shared, I would be happy. He had to go.

How To Honor The Goddess Within

Today was my day off. I had arranged for coverage so that I could visit my mother who has been in the hospital for 34 days, and just got out of the ICU.

I had to cancel my day off. I had a special request case--someone who was undergoing surgery requested my services by name. I don't recall having had anyone ask me personally, but I get special requests often. Many workers at the hospital ask for me to be there when they have surgery. I like to be there for them.

After the rest of my cases, I was stuck. Something did not feel right, inside. I did not know what it was.

I got in my car and went down to the beach. It soothes me. Even though it was freezing I didn't care.
I carried an old pirate shirt from a costume one of the kids wear to sit on because I didn't have a towel. I brought a box of tissues, too, because I thought I might have need of it. And my keys and cell phone, of course.

Just seeing the sand, with the little footprints from the birds made me smile. By the time I got to the water and the roar of the surf, I was in the right place to allow whatever was to happen, to happen.

I sat cross-legged on my pirate shirt...and didn't know what to do.

I chanted, Nam Myo Renke Kyo ('may the forces of the universe bring balance and peace').
That didn't work.

I stopped all thinking.

My right hand started to pick up the sand, by the handful, and let it sift down like an hourglass.
I made a pile about ten inches tall. And then what was within started to come out:

  • I missed my mother
  • I lost my uncle, over money issues in the family--long story, you don't need to know. But we had been close
  • I lost my grandmother's house--it had to be sold to pay for her long-term care
  • I lost my grandmother to Alzheimer's--she wasn't the same, but I still love her
  • It has been over a month of crisis upon crisis in the family health from mom and my niece
  • I have been working a lot of long shifts
I realized that in my assignment, I chose where I live because I always wanted to be near the water. And I have. I have always been a short drive away from salt water and sand my whole life.

I laid my right hand flat on top of the pile of sand. The energy instantly connected with mine, and the tears started to flow. I was comforted. It was not spirit, not human, but something in between, that seemed like someone I know but was their Higher Self. It was male. He promised to make a sandwich for us to share. He asked, 'Do you know what I mean when I say I will make a sandwich. Not one for you, or one for me, but one for BOTH of us.' Cryptic as those words were, the feeling I got from them was that this entity was going to be by my side through thick and through thin, and not to worry.

And the tears stopped. I picked everything up and went back to the car. 

I think these are the moments the channelled messages from others describe, a sense of 'going within' and 'honoring it'. That is how you find your Way when you are a little off course, and floundering.
It takes a strong connection to Nature, trust in Spirit, and openness to just Be for the moment.

It is incredibly human.

My sisters had started to call me 'Robo-Doc' because I keep going and going and going...

But today I heard the call of the Goddess, my feminine side, my intuition. And I took the time to gently honor it. 

I hope you take the time to honor yours too. Masculine and Feminine are balanced. We all have a little Goddess energy within us.


Reiki Doc

He Ali'i Ka Moa

I drew this card last night, right before I went to sleep. It is from the Hawiian Oracle Cards*:

MOA chicken

Moa stands, replete, on Kane Huna Moku. A rainbow arches above the cataracts. She deserves paradise, where every creature respects every other, and so shines with its individual brillian light. Just like Moa, splendid in her patch, her pure white feathers are dotted with rainbow colors.

Interpretation (Upright):
Drawing this Bird of Rainbow Feathers means you are transforming into your pure self. Each act performed according to your inner lodestone makes the giant beak of Palamoa, god of chickens, curve upwards in a smile. Remember to respect the sacred within each being with every act you perform. Do not take life and do not participate in the spoils of taking life. You are not a god or goddess yet, and no not have the right to influence those decisions. Meanwhile, enjoy your flourishing and beneficent magic, and the fruits of it.

The chicken god Palamoa came to Hawai'i from Kahiki as part of the Lonopele migration, many millenia ago. Palamoa travelled with his brother Kumukahi - the god of plovers - and sister Ka Hikina A Ka La -- Sunrise. You can still see Ka Hikina A Ka La in the pale colours of the eastern sky as the day dawns.
The bird ancestress, Ke Ao Lewa, had the power to shape-shift into the form of a bird or a human. Perhaps truly, there is no difference. Ke Ao Lewa means 'the wondrous spheres of light'. Her famous offspring, Lepe a Moa, the Rainbow Chicken Girl, was 'born' from her human mother, a an egg. Born at Wailua on the island of Kaua'i, Lepe a Moa was raised by her grandmother, Kapalama of O'ahu, who gave her own name to that area of Honolulu you can go to today.
The young creature developed into a girl of great beauty and magical powers, able to live either as fowl or human and enjoying the food and pastimes of both. She combined all the colours of jungle fowl with those of all the birds. Wherever Lepe a Moa went as a human, she was attended by a brilliant rainbow consisting of all the colours of her feathered form.
The chicken of wondrous beauty is the bird of magic - magic from other dimensions to be used for good on earth. Palamoa (meaning 'dense clouds') comes from Kahiki. Ra'iatea, the most sacred visible isle of the Polynesians, is known as 'the sacred cloud of learning'. One entrance is called Awa Moa, or 'Sacred Entrance'. It leads to the bay on which the most hallowed temple is situated - for Moa also means 'sacred'.
The Sacred Isle is often associated with the 'lost islands' of the stars. In a twist to the tail, Rainbow Chicken is linked to the Pleiades. In Hawai'i, the Pleiades are associated with a hen and her chicks: for Kahiki literally means 'the arriving'- this could refer to the original arrival from the star-lit realms. The Pleiades may be the original home of our 'aumakua. One description of creation says that God and goddess breathed tiny eggs into the heights of the spheres. They 'popped open midst flashes of light, and their fruit, fledglings, sailed forth. They expanded in size, developed power, and winged their way to homes on earth.' Such a one is Lepe a Moa, born from an egg, the 'Chicken of Rainbows'.

He Ali'i Ka Moa--The Chicken is King.

I hope you enjoyed this tale as much as I did!

Aloha nui loa,

Reiki Doc

*Hawaiian Oracle Cards: Animal Spirit Guides from the Land of Light, Rima A. Morrell, PhD
New World Library, Novato, California

Angels, Dark Entities, and Mediumship

Today we are going to shift our focus and see past the obvious--the surgery, the anesthesia, the patient, and look for 'what else is going on' that is Healing in the O.R.

Here are three brief examples:

Angelic Interaction During Routine Case Intraoperative Reiki:  
It wouldn't flow. I started the 'power' symbol, CKR, and it felt 'stuck'. Where the wall and the ceiling meet, past the foot of the O.R. table, was an angel. This angel was asking me, 'Why do you want us to do Reiki on this patient?'. I thought about's because I always do...because the patient is sick...because...because...and then I 'Got It'! It is because the patient is my brother or sister, or auntie or uncle, or mother or is because we are One and this one is suffering and in need of Healing.  Boom! The Reiki went in.

Discovery of a Dark Entity and Visualization of a 'Removal':  Another patient was very sick, and undergoing a palliative procedure. As I got into the aura (after CKR), at the heart chakra I felt my breath being sucked away, and I could not go further. I asked for Divine assistance. I sensed to 'stay put'. In my mind's eye, I saw something like a giant straw descend energetically and go into the heart center of the patient. Like a Boba Black Pearl tapioca in a Thai ice tea, this dark energy ball slowly got sucked up the tube. Then the energy cleared, I was able to do Reiki. Until the root chakra, where the boba 'straw' repeated itself. I think the first was the major and the second was the minor Dark Entity being removed from the patient's aura. The Dark Entities always travel in pairs, a major and a minor, one to teach and one to learn. The energy felt so much 'free-er' after that. Again, this whole energy healing process took less than five minutes while the patient was totally stable during the surgical procedure.

Mediumship and the Sales Representative:  
We had been having a light conversation in the O.R., this rep was sharing about guns and how a former ICE officer taught him that a shotgun is the most effective deterrent for criminals. That 'click' of the shell being put into the chamber is 'universally known' and 'everyone will run'. Then he changed the subject:

rep: Has anyone ever seen 'American Horror Show'?
me: What is it?
rep: (explains how hauntings and deaths go together on T.V. program).
me: I don't know. I have to be careful what I watch. I get nightmares.
rep: (explains more)
me: I went to Peter Pan last weekend, with my nurse friends, and they were talking about that show too. I haven't watched it.
rep: Well it the people who write that must be real crazy and taking lots of psychedelic drugs or something?
me: What makes you say that?
rep: Because it is all about ghosts, and dead people, who are alive...and...
me: Have you ever seen a ghost?
rep: No. Why do you ask? (long pause) Have you?
me: Yes, I have seen a ghost.
rep: When? Where? What was it like?
me: I have seen lots of them. On Ghost Walks...
rep: Where?
me: In Victoria, Canada. I saw four on the tour.
rep: (shocked)
me: runs in the family...Ghosts are not like that show at all! Many of them don't know they are dead!
rep: (I sense the entire room is listening to me) Have any of them hurt you?
me: No! Not in any way. Some of them don't like to go because they were very happy and choose to stay. There is a lady on the Queen Mary who is like that.
rep: I heard of those ghosts on the Queen Mary!
me: I have seen all three.
rep: What is it like? What is it like to see a ghost?
me: Well it's not like talking to you. They are very faint. It's...did you see the movie 'Paranorman'? It's is like that! the beginning before it gets scary. It is just like that. I have been like this ever since I was a little girl. It has always been this way for me.

Then we went back to the usual things. But you know what? Everybody in that room accepted me for what I am. They relaxed. They smiled. And I think they appreciated to know that when it comes to ghosts, there is nothing to fear.

Dear Gay brothers and sisters--it is your shining example of courage in your 'coming out' as gay that I keep in my heart as I 'come out' as a medium in my place of work. It is not easy to know who you are and feel like you have to 'keep it quiet'. Psychics have been persecuted for centuries, much like the homosexuals have been shunned and beaten in this time. Yesterday I had a choice to make--to bring it up about the ghosts, or to keep quiet. Although it was scary to put my credibility on the line, I did. I did it because I know those of you who 'came out' paved the way for others. And that the world is a better place because you did. Thank you for inspiring me with your Courage. It helps me to find my own.


Reiki Doc

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 7

June 2, 2004

I saw Mr. R. E. –
His body had no vibration and his energy was near the anesthesia cart. He felt me and I felt him—he tried to duck away.

In the car on the way home:
1) Thank you for visiting my family (post-op)
2) You are going to be so happy. That boy of yours is going to be so smart. It is going to amaze you just how smart he is.
3) (Points up) Heaven is great. (I see him and Blessed Mother)
4) Thanks to the team. I have no regrets.

(Reiki Doc editor's note: this was from a patient who could not come off the pump in a cardiac case. He also got the sex of my child predicted right. At the time I did not know if I was having a boy or a girl. I had just barely found out I was pregnant and not told a soul.)

Monday, January 28, 2013

It is Like Riding A Bicycle

How do you learn to ride a bicycle?

Well, if you recall, many toddlers get a 'scooter toy', something shaped like a car or something else with wheels that you sit on, push with your feet, and ride.

As coordination increases, by age three, just about everyone gets a tricycle. Or a big wheel. It is more stable, but also, not that fast. It goes by your pushing on the pedals, and is more fun than the 'scooter toy' ever had been.

As you grow, your parents will provide you with a bicycle. It is smaller scale, but an actual bike. The only thing different about it, is the presence of 'training wheels'. This is to help you to learn your balance so you won't fall and hurt yourself. Many times these bicycles are brightly decorated, either in pinks and purples for a girl, or superheroes and bright colors for a boy.My son had the Transformers bike from Target. It was a happy day when he got to ride it.

My first bike was a child-sized bike. It was used, and I was seven when I got it. I already could roller skate, so my balance was good. Mine was purple with a leopard print banana seat, and a sissy bar that was taller than me. Father used this sissy bar to hold the bike up while I balanced. I actually got the hang of it, but was afraid. Later he told me, he wasn't actually holding on to the sissy bar, but kept running behind me so I could hear his footsteps and think he was.

Turns were a difficult thing for me to learn. The timing and the body motions were complex, and at the corner sometimes I would go straight, off the curb, and fall into the street. Once I mastered it, I got my own bicycle for Christmas from my parents. It was a beautiful gold Royce Union, and it shone brilliantly.

I thought it would last forever! But I outgrew it. When I was twelve, my parents bought me a Nishiki. It was a ten-speed and white. I put a lot of miles on that bike with my friends. I could ride it without holding on to the handle bars, just by balancing and sitting up.

It is still in my garage today. I have a new black bike, an all purpose one I got last Christmas for myself. But there is so much joy in my Nishiki, and with dad being in Heaven now, I like to keep that bike around because it has so many special memories of him.

Ascension is a new skill, much like riding a bike. It will allow you to go places you have never experienced, and to enjoy yourself in a whole new way that is quite 'different' from where you are in the Spiritual 'spectrum', from the equivalent of the 'scooter toy', to the 'tricycle', to the 'training bike with training wheels', to the polycarbonate bicycle that is made for racing.

As you pedal faster on a bicycle, what happens to your ride? Is it not more stable?

With your Vibration, the faster it gets (or 'Higher', as I often describe it), the more stable your energy system gets.

It will throw off illness. It will repel negativity. It will bring joy much like the wheels of a bicycle get that 'humming noise' while you are riding very fast down hill and experience a certain exhiliaration with the wind and the speed.

And it will also give a vibration 'contact high' to others. Ascension will be more possible for them by being around your High Vibration too. You won't have to speak. It is just aura-to-aura communication.

Saturday night I found a parking space in a crowded parking structure at the mall by claircognizance alone. I didn't think. I didn't feel. I 'knew' and had faith to turn down that  aisle. One family came to the car, put something away, and went back in to the mall. I wasn't flustered. For right behind was a mother and daughter, who went to their car, backed out of the spot, and drove away. I pulled right in.

I also have had exposure to some respiratory illnesses and the flu, and not caught them, in the past four weeks.

I feel like I had a good workout all of the time. I feel content. I feel joy and peace all of the time.

And I feel a connection with love in my heart to others. It is Unconditional Love. It flows easy and is like breathing--totally normal and automatic.

It takes a lot to annoy me now. And when I do get irked, I 'bounce back' to my normal state rapidly. For example, at the hospital, I expressed to the team, calmly, 'I have a concern' while the diagnosis of an upper arm DVT (blood clot) was obvious to me from seeing a picture of the arm on Sunday, and I talked to the doc that morning and on Wednesday when I went in the diagnostic study that I requested Sunday morning had not been done and mother's arm was worse. No righteous anger. No ire. No raised voice.

I can live like that! You can too. It is as easy as riding a bicycle.


Reiki Doc

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 6

January 2, 2005  2134
 At 1915 tonight, I was watching and E documentary on Laci Peterson. And she came to me.
 (she stood holding Connor to the  left of my t.v. as I watched it)
 She said, “God will have you a husband!” and she smiled and felt like an angel. Connor was with her. She was happy to be with her baby and said she would be in heaven ‘for a long time’. Her voice was very bright and clear. There was a smile and love in that voice, which was distinctive. It was a little high pitched and a little raspy at the same time, much like a cheerleader's voice might get.
 I asked her how she died and she said, “I’ll tell you later. It would upset you too much right now.”  She said “not to worry. Everything is going to be all right. He will be a good man."
 Later on, in the show, I found out her due date was February 10, 2003.
 (Reiki Doc editor's note-my due date was February 5, but my son was born on February 10.  She was just as far along as me when she died.)
 And my mom said Scott had asked a hit man what the best way to dispose of a body was --‘attach concrete weights to limbs and neck and throw in ocean. It will fall apart, no fingerprints.  Mom told me that at 1300 today.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Auras, Edibles and Cardiac Anesthesia

Yesterday the topic was 'Yoga and Shrooms',  a subject that was prompted by the discovery of carelessly disposed 'shrooms' capsules on the floor of the Yoga 'studio' which was a restaurant the rest of the week. Guests of that establishment, without the awareness of management, not only consumed 'shrooms' on the premises but also were sloppy about the 'containers' that the substances came in.

After writing that, I realized that in front of me at the front desk in L&D that same morning had been a conversation about 'edibles' and the parent of a nurse who was suffering from weight loss in metastatic cancer.

I was surprised to hear a graduate of a local 'christian' residency training program--who has a sibling who is the primary care doctor for the nurses' parent who has cancer--suggesting the use of 'edibles' to promote a healthy appetite. The nurse was like, 'we already DID that!' and laughed. Everyone laughed.

That conversation would not have happened in my presence if there was not something important about it.

I slept on it. Yoga and 'shrooms' versus Cancer and 'edibles'...

Here is what I think--I think two important thoughts:

  •  The Importance of Free Will:  In Puna District on Big Island, at Uncle Robert's End of Road there is a sign that says, 'The Kingdom of Hawaii is Here'. At Uncle Robert's, parties and get-togethers happen with all of the community invited. As a result, there is anything you could ever want to buy for sale, 'edibles' and 'smokeables' and 'everything else that is not DEA-approved' for both recreation and medicine. The crowd was nice people. I know in Hawaii things are 'different' and 'Maui Wowie' is a local custom. Whatever it does to people's aura's --that is for them to discover. We can do anything to our aura's we wish! One of my best friends on Big Island loves it--and she eats a little every day 'just to keep mellow'. She is one of the brightest stars of enlightenment I know. I can't judge her, or anyone else for taking 'shrooms'  or 'brownies' or anything else if they want to. The way I see it, psychedelics are a 'short cut' to Higher States--and my choice is to reach this the all-natural, substance-free way. I jack my vibration up in the highest way possible. That is my path, my choice, and I WANT this for myself.  I also am required as a physician to stay away from those things, or risk losing my license. So for me, I just say a polite, 'I'll pass' or 'I have really bad asthma and that will mess me up, thanks for offering' with a smile, a genuine smile, from my heart for example, when a 'fattie' is offered from a Rasta priest to me.
  • Anesthesia on the Diseased Heart:  Anesthesia for cardiac surgery is RISKY. You take anesthesia, which weakens the heart, and give it to someone whose heart is so weak an operation is needed to 'fix it'. This heart compensates to achieve near-normal cardiac output--sometimes the rate increases, sometimes the heart grows bigger (hypertrophy), sometimes collateral blood vessels form--at baseline the function is anything BUT a normal healthy heart. The key to anesthesia in this situation is to 'keep the heart where it lives'. Same blood pressure, same heart rate, same preload. This isn't easy while surgery is going on. Sometimes the wait until going on bypass is nerve-wracking for me, because things are so tenuous. But today I realized, like with the parent with cancer, some auras are filled with attachments and past-life scars so much that their Vibration is anything but normal and healthy.  In these cases, perhaps, 'substances' are what helps them to 'be where they live', like an adaptation to increase the appetite in a person who is dying from cancer. Only the individual and their Guardian Angel know for sure what is really right for them.
That being said, for me, Life is the greatest High. And as my Vibration increases, I grow more resilient to annoyances and setbacks. Right now, with two family members in the hospital-both five hours drive apart, and a grandmother in a nursing home somewhere in the middle, and working full-time as a single parent, my plate is full. Yesterday there was much drama from the little ones--who are particular about clothing and shoes. I hung in there, through all the conflict, because of the Yoga I had done, because of my Reiki Practice, and because of my absolute blind trust in Source. I am, each and every day, like the 'Hanged Man' card in the Tarot. It is a good card, really. It is exactly about being in a position where there is nothing you can do but Trust and have Confidence in yourself. 'Substances' aren't always needed to go through life. But I am not to judge anyone who chooses to have those in their life as well.


Reiki Doc

Messages From My Patients: Chapter 5

March 22, 2004   1930
Mark Taylor., M.D., Surgeon.
Died by Mortar fire in Fallujah, Iraq on Saturday.

I heard him. (ed-This is what he said in a message to me. BM is Mother Mary)
     God is going to make you happy. You are going to have a husband that loves you. Not like Frank. Not like Frank. I heard about what happened through the grapevine. I want to say I’m sorry and that I understand.

There is a happier life in front of you. One of confidence and light,  Carla. I feel it and I can see it: you are happy. Like something you have never been. I know you are hurting. I went to (a colleague) when I felt like that (like no one else would marry me.) I have a sign and I will share it. When the time is right. I will come back.
I like it on the other side. I am an angel. I can fly, honey (swims breast stroke). I can breathe.
I want you to know and understand I never felt my hit (the one that killed me). There was a blast, a lot of schrapnel—that’s all I thought it was, a flesh wound. But I bled out. Just like a trauma patient.
No one else could save me—no one else was there. It was quick.
Not to be afraid of dying, Carla, it isn’t what I thought it is. It is kind of like being on call. You kind of wait and see what you can get. Sometimes you rest, sometimes the beeper won’t stop, but you find a way to deal/handle it. Just like I did on the burn unit. Those patients were gnarly. I would rather I died than go through all that.

BM: God will bring a wedding, comfort to your heart.

MT: (Presses my arm) I forgot—I was supposed to tell you something. That husband of yours, I like him. He is a good man. I saw him right in front of you. Walk to him. Nothing else can compare. You won’t know why or how it can happen. Just be glad it did (clenches fist and shakes it).
I had my baby. And I loved him so much. That’s all I’ll miss. After all that time on earth—not my parents or my ex, not even (first name of our colleague). Just my son. I wanted to have more time with him (to prepare them and see them grow).
I always thought you were nice, Carla, and a good person. I could trust you. That is saying a lot. I am glad you were my friend (kisses me). I have to go back.
It was nice talking to you. “Don’t be afraid/don’t worry” that was my talking to you in the car this a.m.

Mark Taylor

P.S.  He was the first one that talked to me when I went to see Tim, the Medium, M.T. He came right through. At that time - late 2009, Mark Taylor. said 'I will be the first person you channel'.
Sure enough, in January 2010, in my first Psychic development class with the channeling, he did!
And  in 2013, I am still single! Two out of three ain't bad... ; )
Reiki Doc

2014--Ross is here. And now we know the rest of the story. ; )  Ross came to me in late November, 2013, and has been with me every since. We announced we are 'In A Relationship' on FB on September 14, 2014, and Mark was totally right about EVERYTHING! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3